Season 5 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Zoom

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on NBC

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  • I just zoomed on this season and the intersect told me it's going to be good.


    I have to admit that in spite of my low expectations I was pleasantly surprised by this season premiere! I thought that Morgan having the intersect was going to be a huge disaster but it turned out to add a nice new dynamic to the show - dazzled with a little flavor of old-school Chuck.

    The Good: This episode had plenty of humor; reminiscent of the older seasons. the story wasn't as recycled as last season felt. There was plenty of action and suspense as well.

    The Bad: We missed Captain Awesome, Big Mike, Alex and the General. Hopefully they'll be back soon enough.

    The Ugly: Well, basically nothing except the fact that their assets were frozen!

    This episode started off on a much stronger note than its predecessor, so expect it play out much better as well. Bravo!

  • Season 5 has started


    Great episode, Really great direction on how chuck deals with the lose of the intersect. Ellie's cameo was nice and sweet, Jeff and Lester will always bring de noisy and de Funk.

    Sarah's continued change into a more girl like character is intriguing especially as she can just switch back into super spy mode. I like the idea of avoiding the customary rock period of uncertainity with these kind of shows when they have these kinds of relationship.

    Casey was solid as usual, It is so amazing how serious he can be and still deliver the comedy.

    Finally the Arch, The CIA seems to want Chuck out. Its intriguing how they seem to have such al arge task force with multiple teams working on trying to take down Carmicheal industries. They should present a great threat. I love the idea that chuck is now the brains of the operation. His plans are usually good and this weeks plan was a touch of the old school.

    Finally Morgan, I am sorry but I still cant buy him as the intersect. I just dont see it, for me its more about the logic behind it than the person. I like morgan but Im a logical person and logically speaking there ias no way morgan can peocess that level intel and not have a brain overload and an aneurism.

    I was disappointed by the ratings, I really hope NBC can extend this to a full season or not cancel it all together.