Season 2 Episode 5

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Life in espionage takes its toll on Chuck and everyone is taking notice. Chuck tries to explain his unusual behavior to Ellie and to the quirky Buy More efficiency expert Emmett Milbarge, but a new assignment only complicates things. After a global terrorist comes searching for Jeff, Chuck is forced to socialize with Jeff in order to find out what role the oddball plays in the mission. Sarah, Casey, and Chuck are all shocked when they discover that the fate of the world and the prevention of World War III rest in Jeff's hands and his ability to play the video game Missile Command, of which Jeff is the reigning World Champion. The designer of Missile Command is found to have also forayed into the command of actual missiles, and he had hid the launch codes to actual missiles within the video game. Chuck convinces Jeff to play an exhibition of Missile Command at the Buy More; however, when Jeff collapses under the pressure, Chuck is forced to play in his stead. Casey is ordered by General Beckman to launch an ICBM to destroy the satellite carrying the terrorist-controlled missiles, while Sarah drives to the TV station from which the terrorists are controlling the missiles. Chuck flashes and learns that Rush's song "Tom Sawyer" is the key to beating Missile Command. After finishing the game and recovering the launch codes, he phones Sarah with the information and the terrorist missiles are stopped. Chuck receives his degree from Stanford after Sarah and Casey use his field experience to supply the remaining needed credits. I love the whole storyline in this episode, it's awesome. I love the fact that it's got Jeff in a lot, due to the fact that he was the best at a game. I love all the Buy More scenes, especially the ones when it's with the whole saving the world from being destroyed. I also love the new character Emmett, what a legend already. He is hilarious, the way he is with the whole Buy More work. I love the interviews with Emmett and then it all comes down to Chuckwho Emmett wants fired. I love the scenes with Chuck and Emmett too. I love the scenes with Chuck and Jeff, and the way Morgan and Lester are worried about both of them. I also love the scenes in the castle. I love the way Ellie feels about Chuck, and the way she talks to Sarah about him. I love the way Sarah gets Chuck his Standford deploma. I love the scene between Sarah and Chuck at the end of the episode. I love the scenes where Casey and Sarah pretend to be from the Nerd Herd. I love the way Emmett becomes the second in charge job, I love him already.

    I just witnesed the funniest episode of chuck the season. The second season is yet to show its great comedy as its first season but now it has. Jeff is highly prominant in this episode we learn more about thie wierd chap and you know what its fantastic. this episode concentrates on just being plain funny there was no character development apart from we learnt about Jeff. Tony Hale's (Arrested Development) new character Emmett Milbarge was a blast, he is a new and refreshing character to the show. the whole episode was hilarously funny seroesly this was great. 9.5 out of 10.
  • Jeff, an arcade game and a pair of drinking pants save the world.

    All eyes are on Jeff this week after a terrorist inquires at the buy more for him, Chuck must get to know Jeff better and find out why this terrorist is after him.

    We find that Jeff was once 'King of Missile Command ' and it seems a code has been put into the final screen of Missile Command that will stop World War 3.

    I have to admit I really really enjoyed this episode, Jeffery is one of my favourite characters after Chuck, Sarah, Ellie & Casey, he's such an idiot it's funny, his montage DVD of Anna was priceless and putting on his drinking pants which resembled a pair of M.C Hammer pants brilliant, but the best part for me was when Chuck took him back to his house to sleep off his drunken state stops Sarah and Ellie then says to Chuck ' ah lady's, you have the brunette and I'll have the blonde @ ( words to those effect ).
  • Rip off of "King of Kong"

    I really liked this episode.... until about a week later when I watched the 2007 documentary "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" and realized they'd just written an episode based on this documentary! King of Kong features a loser guy who had held the Donkey Kong high score championship since 1982. He was the first person who had achieved a "kill screen". The film shows him as scared to compete publicly again for fear of losing his only claim to fame. There's even a minor Mr. Awesome character (who seems anything but Awesome). It also featured 80's music during the movie (though no RUSH).

    Wish they had credited this documentary if they were going to rip it off.
  • I reckon this episode of chuck was very upsetting

    I feel that this episode of Chuck (chuck vs Tom Sawyer) was quite upsetting with Jeff being famous/a nerd at the game Missile Command. Then he retired from it and started working at the Buy More where he started being a really bad alcoholic and aslo started being a really bad sleeze and not many people liked him. Now when Chuck needs to get him to play Missile Command again to get the codes he says he will do it but when he gets up there he freaks out and is scared that if he plays the game and doesn't beat his old high score people will not like him anymore, so he faints. So Chuck plays the game and he wins the game (missile command) he gets passed the kill screen and he gets the codes. And Jeff says he is happy about it but really he is upset that he didn't get to it instead of Chuck and also Jeff doesn't have that many friends so it was great to see Chuck be friendly with him and it sucks for Jeff that Chuck is better than him at the game. But it was great to see Jeff playing it at the end of this episode and is having fun cause it's sad for Jeff. Also Jeff is very funny too...
  • What happens when you combine a classic game like Missile Commander and a musician like Rush... Pure Entertainment.

    This episode revolves around the buy one of the Buy More employees, Jeff. On a flashback that occured several times through the episode you learn that he was once a champ of the classic game Missile Commander.

    Seems innocent enough until you realize that a secret hidden in the game can save the world. That made Jeff a target because he was one of the few people who could find the code. The final scene has one of the most nostalgic scenes you can find in a TV show. For someone who is a fan of Rush and a fan of old video games I found myself at the end of my seat cheering for Chuck. This episode was great. The intricate plot from the writers, music chosen by the director, actors make the scenes so believable. I had to give this one 2 thumbs up. As a matter of fact I am upping the score from 9.0 to 9.5 because I think it deserves it.
  • The keys to Chuck stopping world war III are Jeff, an arcade game and Rush.

    Chuck has to deal with an efficiency expert and a terrorist cell that has an interest in coworker Jeff. On top of that he faces pressure from Ellie to go through with the plans he made to move forward with his life-the ones he made before he found out that he was still the intersect. The fact that he's hanging out with weird Jeff isn't impressing his sister either. He later discovers that Jeff was once a world champion of an old arcade game called Missile Command and that hidden within the game is a code to deactivate a weaponized satellite which terrorists are using to start world war III. Rather than shoot down the satellite and having it crash land, causing the loss of many lives, Chuck decides to use Jeff to get to Missile Commands mythical kill screen to get the code to disable the satellite. Unfortunately, Jeff caves under the pressure and passes out, leaving Chuck to try and obtain the code himself. Surrounded by fans who came to see Jeff break his old record and with Rush pumping in the background Chuck pulls though, gets the code, saves the city and the world.
    It was a decent episode and it was nice to see Chuck coming up with the plan and doing the saving without a big gun behind him. He is proving to be more than just an asset, and this time he ended up saving the day by being Chuck and not Charles Carmichael. I also liked that Sarah and Casey managed to get him his diploma, he did earn some sort of reward after all the things that he's done and the things that he's been through. The whole thing with Jeff was a bit funny at first, but kinda wore on me as the episode went on. What may turn out to be interesting is the presence of the efficiency expert. You knew that the Buy More crew looked up to Chuck, but it was different seeing them all state how much of an influence he has over them to Emmet. Now Chuck won't be able to take off and join the team whenever he needs to without this guy noticing, and neither will Casey. The episode wasn't bad, wasn't my fave but next week's episode looks awesome.
  • It's all Jeff, well not quite!

    This Episode starts off with a flashback with Jeff he was once a Missile Command World Champion, and had actual hair. The company unleashes an efficiency expert on them, ready to trim the fat from this particular retail body. Chuck flashes on a guy that's looking for Jeff. Now Chuck's got to get close to Jeff and find out why they're connected.

    It turns out that the designer has hidden a code on the last level of the game that gives access to a real missile defence system orbiting the world, and only one man can get that code for them. Can Jeff get the code out of the game, afraid not! Chuck steps up to the plate and delivers the code, not the Best Episode but still had some comic moments.
  • Jeff carrying a whole episode just didn't work for me in the least.

    It's not that Jeff isn't funny, he is really but to carry an entire episode like that? I can't really say it worked. At all actually. They have so many better options if they wanted to go down that road. Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, Lester. Any of them would have worked better then Jeff. Again it's not that he isn't plenty funny but I just don't think he is nearly funny enough to carry an entire episode especially when it means that we don't get to see much more of the other secondary characters. They had been doing so well integrating them in but this episode kind of pushed them aside to focus it all on Jeff. It also felt kind of filler-y, I realize not every episode can be giantly important or revealing but after the last four episodes it just felt very lack luster and very unimportant to the series as a whole.

    However, the Chuck and of course Sarah stuff was great as always. Zach always manages to do so much even with the smallest and quickest of scenes. He is hysterical and amazing at the heavier more dramatic stuff too. When he was James Bond-ing it around the Buy More I was cracking up. Yvonne was fantastic is this episodes fight scene, totally believeable. That last scene was extra sweet. Sarah was amazing for doing that for Chuck and he totally deserves it, he finally has his degree from Stanford! So awesome!
  • Well this is the first episode of the season that has been a little bit of a let down.

    Well this is the first episode of the season that has been a little bit of a let down. It got too far fetched and wasn't as charming and witty as it usually is. Playing a video game to get some codes to a satellite? Come on, who puts a code to a satellite in a video game? Who does that? It just got a too silly there toward the end It had several good moments worth mentioning though.

    I love Tony Hale(Arrested Development) as Emmett Milbarge, a guy who is sent by Buy More to improve the employees at the Burbank branch. I thought he was perfect in the role. He was very subtle with his performance, just as he was on Arrested Development.

    I also really like the montage toward the end when it was cutting back and forth between Chuck, Sarah, and Casey. It was a great example of good editing and it made for a very fun scene.

    I haven't mentioned this yet and I've been meaning to. One thing that they are using to great effect this season is the soundtrack. Not the score, but the awesome tunes they have been incorporating into the episodes. Like "Do You Believe In Love" by Huey Lewis And The News, when Ellie and Awesome come home in Chuck Versus the Seduction. Or "Hip To Be Square" and "Power Of Love" also by Huey Lewis And The News, both used in the season opener. I loved all the 90's music in the last episode too.

    Even though this episode was a little disappointing, I'm super excited for the next episode and still a big fan of the show.
  • Not what I've come to expect.

    I was actually disappointed with this episode. I don't know if it was the fact that Jeff was so involved or the fact that Ally resorted back to her overprotective smothering of Chuck or Chuck bonding with Jeff. To me it just seemed to be little laugh track. Or maybe it was a laugh track I just didn't get. I was never into video games. But the end of the episode I was still trying to figure out the purpose of the efficiency experts presence within the episode. Overall I think the only thing I appreciated about this episode was a great RUSH tune.
  • One of the best written episodes

    This episode shows us a different role of chuck in Helping a Japanese business man firm to built a computer game.
    Actually, The thing about Chuck that i love mostly is the combination between the whole characters and the variety in choosing them. For example, Casey represents the firm, strong, yet good hearted agent who is serious about his work yet deeply likes chuck. Sarah is a cute, strong and efficient CIA agent who loves chuck and just cant do anything about it. Morgan's relation with chuck is a thing i love about this show, it's just the best friend relation you can see. Chuck's sister is like a mother to him she takes care of him and shares all his moments. Her Fiance, is a funny yet supporting actor that likes chuck and treats him like a brother.

    Chuck himself is an adorable character that is funny, sensitive and intelligent. I think this series should rule over the tv and for those who dislike it... i think you should think twice.