Season 2 Episode 5

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • Jeff carrying a whole episode just didn't work for me in the least.

    It's not that Jeff isn't funny, he is really but to carry an entire episode like that? I can't really say it worked. At all actually. They have so many better options if they wanted to go down that road. Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, Lester. Any of them would have worked better then Jeff. Again it's not that he isn't plenty funny but I just don't think he is nearly funny enough to carry an entire episode especially when it means that we don't get to see much more of the other secondary characters. They had been doing so well integrating them in but this episode kind of pushed them aside to focus it all on Jeff. It also felt kind of filler-y, I realize not every episode can be giantly important or revealing but after the last four episodes it just felt very lack luster and very unimportant to the series as a whole.

    However, the Chuck and of course Sarah stuff was great as always. Zach always manages to do so much even with the smallest and quickest of scenes. He is hysterical and amazing at the heavier more dramatic stuff too. When he was James Bond-ing it around the Buy More I was cracking up. Yvonne was fantastic is this episodes fight scene, totally believeable. That last scene was extra sweet. Sarah was amazing for doing that for Chuck and he totally deserves it, he finally has his degree from Stanford! So awesome!