Season 2 Episode 5

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • The keys to Chuck stopping world war III are Jeff, an arcade game and Rush.

    Chuck has to deal with an efficiency expert and a terrorist cell that has an interest in coworker Jeff. On top of that he faces pressure from Ellie to go through with the plans he made to move forward with his life-the ones he made before he found out that he was still the intersect. The fact that he's hanging out with weird Jeff isn't impressing his sister either. He later discovers that Jeff was once a world champion of an old arcade game called Missile Command and that hidden within the game is a code to deactivate a weaponized satellite which terrorists are using to start world war III. Rather than shoot down the satellite and having it crash land, causing the loss of many lives, Chuck decides to use Jeff to get to Missile Commands mythical kill screen to get the code to disable the satellite. Unfortunately, Jeff caves under the pressure and passes out, leaving Chuck to try and obtain the code himself. Surrounded by fans who came to see Jeff break his old record and with Rush pumping in the background Chuck pulls though, gets the code, saves the city and the world.
    It was a decent episode and it was nice to see Chuck coming up with the plan and doing the saving without a big gun behind him. He is proving to be more than just an asset, and this time he ended up saving the day by being Chuck and not Charles Carmichael. I also liked that Sarah and Casey managed to get him his diploma, he did earn some sort of reward after all the things that he's done and the things that he's been through. The whole thing with Jeff was a bit funny at first, but kinda wore on me as the episode went on. What may turn out to be interesting is the presence of the efficiency expert. You knew that the Buy More crew looked up to Chuck, but it was different seeing them all state how much of an influence he has over them to Emmet. Now Chuck won't be able to take off and join the team whenever he needs to without this guy noticing, and neither will Casey. The episode wasn't bad, wasn't my fave but next week's episode looks awesome.