Season 2 Episode 5

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Life in espionage takes its toll on Chuck and everyone is taking notice. Chuck tries to explain his unusual behavior to Ellie and to the quirky Buy More efficiency expert Emmett Milbarge, but a new assignment only complicates things. After a global terrorist comes searching for Jeff, Chuck is forced to socialize with Jeff in order to find out what role the oddball plays in the mission. Sarah, Casey, and Chuck are all shocked when they discover that the fate of the world and the prevention of World War III rest in Jeff's hands and his ability to play the video game Missile Command, of which Jeff is the reigning World Champion. The designer of Missile Command is found to have also forayed into the command of actual missiles, and he had hid the launch codes to actual missiles within the video game. Chuck convinces Jeff to play an exhibition of Missile Command at the Buy More; however, when Jeff collapses under the pressure, Chuck is forced to play in his stead. Casey is ordered by General Beckman to launch an ICBM to destroy the satellite carrying the terrorist-controlled missiles, while Sarah drives to the TV station from which the terrorists are controlling the missiles. Chuck flashes and learns that Rush's song "Tom Sawyer" is the key to beating Missile Command. After finishing the game and recovering the launch codes, he phones Sarah with the information and the terrorist missiles are stopped. Chuck receives his degree from Stanford after Sarah and Casey use his field experience to supply the remaining needed credits. I love the whole storyline in this episode, it's awesome. I love the fact that it's got Jeff in a lot, due to the fact that he was the best at a game. I love all the Buy More scenes, especially the ones when it's with the whole saving the world from being destroyed. I also love the new character Emmett, what a legend already. He is hilarious, the way he is with the whole Buy More work. I love the interviews with Emmett and then it all comes down to Chuckwho Emmett wants fired. I love the scenes with Chuck and Emmett too. I love the scenes with Chuck and Jeff, and the way Morgan and Lester are worried about both of them. I also love the scenes in the castle. I love the way Ellie feels about Chuck, and the way she talks to Sarah about him. I love the way Sarah gets Chuck his Standford deploma. I love the scene between Sarah and Chuck at the end of the episode. I love the scenes where Casey and Sarah pretend to be from the Nerd Herd. I love the way Emmett becomes the second in charge job, I love him already.