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Did you cry in the final two episodes ?

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    [1]Jan 28, 2012
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    After drying my eyes from all the tears that flowed watching the last two episodes, i feel like there should be a topic for what should of happened and a way of continuing chucks story if any fans feel the need..

    Everything was fine epic even till the end...

    The should of made a third part to the final episode to really rap things up and give fans what we want... seeing casey reunite with gertrude, seeing morgan and alex get married, chuck and sarah back together and 100% with a baby on the way...

    So starting the ball rolling here

    After the credits rolled out,

    Sarah stops kissing chuck and looks into his eyes and says; Morgan was right...

    Chuck smiles and they watch the sunset together....

    the following day chuck gets a text from beckman asking him to get to castle asap...

    Once in castle beckman asks chuck about the intersect and he says; i'm done with the spy life you should suppress it....

    Beckmans says: the last suppressor was hidden by decker no one know where he hid it... but we have a lead once it checks out we'll be in touch....

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    [2]Jan 28, 2012
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    I think the ending was almost perfect as it was. I applaud Fedak and Schwartz for not falling into an easy resolution with Sarah's memory. To me, it's VERY clear that Sarah IS still in there, that those memories aren't gone forever, and with time and Chuck's help she will remember on her own. There were too many small details she was remembering throughout the finale; The name in the doorframe, how to properly position the cups in the Wienerlicious, (show of hands, who's going through Season 1 to see if that's really where she stacked them?) Irene Demova, and ESPECIALLY the beach. She KNOWS these things, small little details she wouldn't have gotten from her mission logs, and more important of all, things that Chuck didn't TELL her about. The recovery may take some time, but I think they intended to show that Sarah WILL truly recover her memory.

    The one thing I would have changed would have been to do more with the different departures of the cast. Awesome and Ellie leaving for Chicago could have been played for much more, such as their decision to join Doctors Without Borders back in Season 3. Casey's conflict over whether to stay with Carmichael Industries, go back to the NSA, or follow Verbanski as he ultimately decided could have received more focus. I know this was probably affected by the brevity of the season and these conflicts might have gotten more attention if the season had been a full order, but it was the one thing I think was REALLY missing (I STILL wish we found out whatever happened to Jill, considering her importance to the background of the series, but that's a minor quibble).

    I like that it ended on an open note. It implies that Chuck's adventures aren't quite over yet, while still giving closure. In fact, it's a perfect coda to the series's external history as well.

    I know the road was a rocky one at times between the fans and showrunners, but I can't imagine a more perfect and appropriate ending.

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    After 5 years, I would have liked a bit more closure to the story. How I would have ended would have either served as a lead in to a new mystery or a final closure. The way it ended makes it seem like Chuck is not on top like he should be. The whole season was about him and Sarah having the normal life. No more spying and having a family. Now, he barely has Sarah and he has the Intersect in his head again.

    1. Chuck uses the intersect, his own computer skills, his fathers research, and the Buy More Nerd Herd to create a new program which accesses the lost memories in Sarah. He tests it on Morgan and both of them are restored to normal. Hartley could have returned to help him, risking being captured so as to repay Chuck for helping him.

    2. Chuck finds a program left for him by his father which describes how he knew of the potential memory problem and he left behind a means of restoring the memories.

    3. Chuck shows Sarah the picture of the house with the drawings they made and it triggers her memory to be restored.

    4. A mysterious figure or spy enters the apartment and restores Sarah's memories. This leaves Chuck and Sarah trying to find out who the person is and how he knew of the intersect project. This would have led to another season.

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    [4]Jan 30, 2012
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    The ending was great and (I hope) left a little leg room potential for a special or a movie

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