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It's time for the what is chuck missing game.

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    [1]Mar 12, 2011
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    Well I've been watching the first couple of seasons of chuck again and was wondering what you think chuck is missing from the current story.

    for me I see a few various things that make this season feel very different from seasons 1, 2, and several episodes of 3.

    One thing is we're getting to many missions and Castle time. I miss the Buy More hilarity the thing that kind of gave the show that "the Office" Edge.

    Jeffster was a funny Idea In season two but gained to much wind in season three Jeffster might be funny and cheaper for them to do covers to the classics, but what happened to the rest of Buy Moria

    What happened to the fact that there are still a few people who don't know Chuck is a spy, and still has to work at the Buy More.

    I also miss the conflict from the first two seasons. I know chuck is in love with Sarah, and Casey has become oddly timid But I say throw an explosive in their way that might actually cause not only a good story run but also a more harrowing adventure.

    Again these are just a few random and repetitive thoughts in my head so I'd Like to hear what you guys might like to see?

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    [2]Mar 13, 2011
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    Nothing is missing for me shows great what should be removed imo is jeffster they mostly ruin the show now because most of the other characters have changed for the better and these two trolls are getting worse. comic relief can be done better and more effectively with out them.

    morgan and casey can certainly do that.

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    As for the Buy More issue, it's probably a budgeting issue. Since Chuck's never been such a success ratings-wise, they don't really have the budget to keep all of the background character in every episode, which is why sometimes you'll only see Jeffster, sometimes Big Mike, and sometimes Ellie and Awesome. They simply don't have the money for everyone to be in every episode. This leads them to focus more on the main characters and it makes it harder to interweave the Buy More plot into the main plot.
    As for the comedy of Jeffster, I feel like it differs from person to person. I feel like they're just as funny as they have always been.
    The fact that more people have found out about Chuck I feel is a good thing for a few reasons: firstly, it gives the show a little credulity, in that it would be near impossible for an average Joe Schmo to keep such a thing a secret forever. He's bound to slip up. Secondly, it has led to some pretty comedic situations and I overall enjoy the fact that so much of the Chuck characters now know he's a spy.
    I do somewhat miss the conflict from the first seasons, but I like the fact that Sarah and Chuck are now together (no more angst) and I love the occasionally insightful Casey. The new Casey-Alex-Morgan relationship is my favorite part about the show.

    But yeah, the show has changed a lot over the years. It's not all been for the better, but I like where it's wound up overall. I feel like a lot of this might just be nostalgia for the old days when Chuck was a new concept for a show and was all exciting and new, and we're just viewing history through rose colored glasses.
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    [4]Mar 18, 2011
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    Okay my brain is still racking itself on whats wrong with the fourth season

    I could hand it to the writing not being as funny when it should be or as serious when it needs to be, and it's true the writing has only shown it's greater colors a few times this year.

    Now I know someone wrote about money issues, it's great to give the excuse that the show is being damaged by the economy but the main credit cast still has to paid regardless if they are in the episode. and big mike seems to be the only main credit character that is not in the show as often.

    And the voiceless Extras of the Buy More they might be mute characters but they need lines to get any special pay beyond that of a regular extra screaming from a gunfight in the next scene.

    And yes money Might be the problem but if they get anything from the DVD sales then they have something, and if subway is still making product placement within the show they still have something.

    Now it might not have been smart to give the buy more a total overhaul. That probably cut into their budget like crazy.

    I loved this past episode Shedding light on a new enemy and Revealing that Ellie is also Important to the spy game. Maybe she can make the Intersect trigger more easily for chuck while keeping his sanity in tact, or not having to be a cold blooded killer to use the intersect to it's full functioning potential. Although chuck's flaws are what make him great and even greater than most other spies.

    After Chuck versus the A-team If they don't finish some of the story Arc this year it would be awesome to see a season 5.

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