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  • It has always been my habit of judging a show by what the Pilot showed us. Although I do admit that some shows, I'd give them a second chance with their second episode but with Chuck, this was not the case.

    After the credit was all over and commercials were already pouring on my TV, I was still there sitting on my couch stunned. My jaw suddenly unhinged and dropped to floor. When I regained consciousness I grabbed the remote and started yelling, "What!? It's over? I want more! That was awesome!" This was the best Pilot I have ever seen since House, it introduced the characters but also gave you something to look forward to for the next episode. I remember thinking, "Casey's going to betray Chuck, or not? Hmmm.." It was funny. The action was pretty good and let's all face it, the first time Yvonne Strahovski walked into Buy More we fell inlove.
  • Chuck is the funniest TV series ever!

    Not only has it got a great plot, a fantastic cast, eye candy for us lads and superb scripting, Chuck has to be one of the funniest things I've ever watched. I can relate to all the old school references, film quotes, character names, and props and I can certainly relate to that geeky side too!
    If you like fun packed action, comedy, adventure, cute CSA agents and old films like Star Wars and Back to the future (the episodes have far too many references to note) then this is for you!
    I love it and I'm addicted to it! A must see for everyone!
  • Very good.

    I believe that first impressions count, and this episode did not let down any hype and pre show buzz created by media.

    The episode was all in all good, great balance of humour and action, backed up with a not so bad storyline.

    Because this episode is the most important of the season, it is very important that they pull it off right, and in my honest opinion, I believe they did, it was a good episode, and just enough to hokk me in for the rest of the season.

    It quickly gave us the info we wanted to know, a little about the characters and a little about the storyline, just enough that we werent Lost, and not too much so that it was crammed.
  • Savin' the world at 11 bucks an hour!

    Chuck Bartowski a college washout lives with his sister Ellie and her boy friend Captain Awesome. We first meet Chuck at his Birthday party where as usual he is feeling awkward as all the guests are friends of his sister and doctors who according to his best friend and fellow "Buy More" employee Morgan Grimes says "Don't get our jokes!". We learn that Chuck was kicked out of Stanford University due to an absurd rumor about cheating from his roommate Bryce Larkin, who is now a "rogue" CIA agent. Larkin broke into the joint CIA/NSA computer system called "Innersect" and downloaded it to his PDA shortly before blowing it up. He then sent the data to chuck in an E-Mail with a password incryption in the form of a text based game called "Zork" The password being "Attack troll with nasty Knife". Chuck opens the E-mail and absorbs the innersect into his mind (which we find out later, can store massive amounts of data). Meanwhile Larkin killed by CIA Agent Casey whom is dispatched to LA to find Larkins accomplice along with NSA agent Sarah Walker who uses her feminine wilds to get close to Chuck and get a read on him. In the Guise of a ninja Sarah breaks into Chucks apartment to steal his computer and after a very one sided fight with Chuck and Morgan leaves after the computer is destroyed. She later goes out on a date with Chuck who is unaware of her relationship with Larkin. When the CIA tries unsuccessfully to grab chuck she reveals herself as an agent and calls in for a helocopter extraction. as Casey anSarah quibble over Chuck they realise that Chuck is the Innersect when he "flashes" on the plot to kill a visiting general with a serbian bomb planted by a demolitions expert from said country who chuck saw earlier that day at the "large Mart" store ajasiant to The Buy More. After some inner-agency cooperation and help from Porn star Irene Demova and her computer virus renders the bomb inoperable. So now Chuck the $11 an hour employee of Buy More works to save the world and his friends and family know none the wiser.
  • Josh Schwartz's best to date

    This show is unlike anything else on television right now. It not only combines genres, but redefines it - action/adventure, romance, comedy, and drama, are all combined in the right proportions, with a few significant modifications (eg. the concept of the "nerd" becoming an upper echelon spy). Not to mention the fact that it features a FANTASTIC soundtrack.

    Chuck (Zachary Levi) epitomizes the typical Josh Schwartz show's resident nerd - armed with an arsenal of obscure references, decked out in (for lack of a better phrase) geek chic, and just waiting for the right girl to come along (see also: Adam Brody, Penn Badgley). In fact, Chuck beats out Lee Pace's Ned (Pushing Daisies) in terms of likeability - by no means an easy feat. Definitely a 10 in my book.
  • great episode

    This is a really funny show. Chuck, an average geeky guy accidentally receives an email from a college roommate. when he wakes up, his life starts to change when government agents come after him. It's a really great episode, it keeps moving from scene to scene. The humor feels good that you don't have to take it so seriously. This season starter begins with the right tone, I'm really loving this show. The CIA and NSA do stuff seen in other shows, but there's a funny twist in this show. This episode introduces most of the main characters, it's really good, I can't wait for more chuck episodes.
  • Pilot episode!

    What a great show! Chuck is definitely one of the best shows of the 2007 – 2008 season! When you have a show that has a great story, humor and action all in one and done very well you have a great show. The pilot introduces Chuck, the main character, his sister, his best friend, the FBI agent and the NSA agent. Basically Chuck is sent an email from his old college buddy with all of the FBI and NSA secrets in it and in a form that all Chuck has to do is watch the screen and the information is downloaded to his brain. After the government finds out that an email was sent, from whom and to where they track it down to Chuck. The FBI send their guy (Baldwin) and the NSA send their woman and after that everything in Chuck's life is turned upside down.
  • Now I know why I was so excited for Chuck

    I now, exactly know why I was so over-excited for Chuck over the last 4 months, This is one of the most informative, action packed series premiere I have ever seen, it was totally crazy. Normally every pilot episode is boring, but Chuck was surprizingly VERY interesting. In no time whatsoever, we had car chases, karate chops and Chuck trying to seduce women lol. Chuck and Morgan are both very hilarious, they basically make the show worth watching. To draw closer to a cinclusion, Chuck: The Pilot was amazing, will definately be tuned in for Chuck Vs The Helicopter next week!
  • Well done. Best new series of the season!

    I really enjoyed this. It plays out like a movie. Good storytelling although the premise is a bit of a stretch. Good acting, a certain warmth to the characters, great sidekick, jokes that work, the whole ball of wax. And I like previews at the end! This is simply good old-fashion tv when producers, directors, talent, et al, knew what they were doing and were hired based on genuine capability.

    I like that the main character works at a warehouse store like Fry's. I guess that's becoming the in thing because they did that with the 40-Year Old virgin.

    I look forward to the next episode. PS - I think it's way better than convoluted Heroes!
  • Very interesting.

    Very interesting show. The special effects can sometimes seem really cheesy, but otherwise the action and comedy are well though out and great. Funny storyline which is well written and worth watching the hour for. NBC really has an impressive schedule for Monday this year after watching all of my Monday recordings it takes me 4 hours to completely watch all of my shows from 7pm-11:30pm. These shows include How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Heroes, Journeyman, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed all of these shows and the three new shows, Chuck, Journeyman, and The Big Bang Theory are both really great.
  • What a way to begin a series!

    Chuck is a typical nerd who is unlucky with girls. But, when an old friend of his sends him an email out of the blue, chucks life is about to change forever. chuck decodes the message and downloads a load of pictures into his brain, each picture having a hidden message inside. chuck meets a blond girl named Sarah who goes on a date with him, but ends up fighting with another agent, John, over Chuck., But chuck then remembers that a bomb will explode soon, unless he can stop it! Chuck stops it by searching for porn! lol I am now hooked
  • "don't freak out"

    Chuck receives an email from Bryce, an old roommate and friend who is a rogue government agent. The email contains government secrets which are downloaded into his brain. The CIA and the NSA both want to get the data back, so they send their agents Sarah Walker and John Casey to retrieve the data.
    I have heard about Chuck from all my friends telling me it is amazing, and well it is. This episode really set the tone fro Chuck, which is amazing. Chuck and Morgan are so funny. And I think Chuck is really cute. This show is really exciting and funny. All in all, a great start for Chuck can't wait to watch the rest.
  • Well written.

    Chuck receives an email from Bryce, an old roommate and friend who is a rogue government agent. The email contains government secrets which are downloaded into his brain. The CIA and the NSA both want to get the data back, so they send their agents Sarah Walker and John Casey to retrieve the data.
    I have heard about Chuck from all my friends telling me it is amazing, and well it is. This episode really set the tone fro Chuck, which is amazing. Chuck and Morgan are so funny. And I think Chuck is really cute. This show is really exciting and funny. All in all, a great start for Chuck can't wait to watch the rest.
  • "Oh my God, I'm gonna die" - Chuck

    Chuck Bartowski is an average computer geek until files upon files of government secrets are downloaded into his brain. He is soon scouted by the CIA and NSA to act in place of their computer. I think that this episode is a fantastic start to the series, really setting the tone of things to come, there is a great blend of comedy, action and drama here. The writing here is very impressive because it is hard to introduce a show like this with it's odd plot but the writing quickly explains how Chuck gets the secrets in his head. The introduction of the characters also fit in perfectly. Most of the episode there is the use of music, I liked this but it gets toned down in later episodes. The pilot shown a lot of promice in the show, this would soon be delivered.
  • Chuck mixes a spoonful of Alias, with a dash of Friends, and a hint of The OC to serve up a satisfying dish of a show!

    I now have a favorite show to watch in between episodes of The Office and Heroes. That show is Chuck. The clever mix of action, humor and drama, make this a very promising series. Chuck Bartowski is the stereotypical uber-nerd working for the "Buy More", a hilarious parody for Best Buy. He has an otherwise 'boring' life; a best friend, Morgan; a super-hot sister, Ellie (and her Herculean boyfriend, the aptly named "Captain Awesome"). Chuck's life is suddenly turned upside down when super-spy in disguise, and ex-roommate/rival, Bryce Larkin sends him an encrypted e-mail containing the "Intersect"(a super computer that contains all of the nation's secrets which are encoded into images). The CIA and the NSA send out two of their field agents, the super hot Sarah Walker and the hilarious assassin John Casey, to intercept Chuck and see what has become of the Intersect. Chuck gets his first real challenge and disarms a bomb with a virus that lurks around in an adult website. Classic witty writing, in a fresh, original package.
  • This new show has a perfect mix of comedy, drama, and action. I love it!!!

    When it first came out with previews I thought it looked interesting then as it got a little more detailed I wasn't so sure about it. So I watched it and I really enjoyed it. Chuck was an average nerd who marched to his own beat. Not for long, his old buddy Bryce sent him all the governments' secrets and his life just got a whole lot more interesting. His friend Morgan is very funny, a nice touch. His sister and her boyfriend are all right but I think calling her boyfriend Captain Awesome is a bit weird. I like Sarah a lot; I liked her mysterious ways in the beginning and her action skills towards the end. The secrets look interesting so I have a feeling this show can go far.
  • Chuck acciedentally downloads some government secrets into his brain. Great episode to start the season.

    This is a great episode. it is also is my fourth favorite episode of the season and a great season pilot. chuck accedentally downloads government secrets into his brain and is thrown into a new, more deadly, world. Almost immediatly it tells you info about everything that goes on later and introduces characters in a funny and good way. It also quikly shows how much trouble hes in when the NSA sends the funny cold blooded killer Casey to catch him and the CIA sends Sarah to get him first. With good humor and great action, plus a good storyline, my only complaint is that the downloading of government secrets into his brain is to unrealiliztic. other than that it is a great episode.
  • something special

    most of the time i tend to be somewhat carefull, some series have looked good on paper but suffered on the screen

    this pilot delivers, it is that simple, the balance between humor, action and drama works.

    Zachary Levi manages to get the right about of geek in his performance (Joshua Gomez does freak me out a bit)

    our favourite bladwin does his " i am mean thing" like in firefly and i won't deny that Yvonne Strzechowski is both good and very easy on the eyes

    still have to see if they can keep doing this on a week to week basis but nice start
  • You get the overview of the series in the pilot episode, it more or less tells you that this is definately going to be a good series to watch, especially with the combination of the characters, the situation etc.

    The first part of the pilot, sees it flicking between LA and DC, introducing the main plot aspect of the series. In LA, we have Chuck going through the motions of a birthday party, reminiscing and being full of self pity. Whilst in DC, we have Bryce, activating devices, emailing the results, blowing up things, killing agents and trying to escape.

    At the end of the party, after finishing a console gaming session with Morgan, opens up his email received from Bryce and starts to receive image after image, we see him hypontised by the event and time passes by in the background until the sun comes up and Chuck ends up fainting or passing out. He doesn't know it yet, but he's now got the secrets database in image format, planted in his brain for safe-keeping.

    Back in DC, the NSA and CIA are ordered to work together, to protect the secrets, thus setting up the "babysitting" scenario.

    Chuck and Morgan go into work, chuck is still a little bit queasy, after his night and a couple of times where he had flashbacks to certain images, like which road to avoid going to work. Then later on in the store where they work, he gets a tv announcement of a general coming to LA, he gets a flashback, an image enters his brain.

    Sarah (CIA Agent) pretends to be a dim-whitted customer who has a problem with her phone, whom Chuck helps out, she tells him to call her sometime for a date. She later goes back to the store, after dressing up as a ninja (no idea why but was funny) in order to steal his pc from his house, asking why Chuck hadnt called for that date. She's only got 12 hours to find the database we find out.

    Chuck and Sarah go out on a date. They are spotted by Casey, there is a car chase, which results in both agents, weapons drawn and in a stalemate over who has property rights of chuck, too funny really. The ice is broken by Chuck who has flashback of more images in a sequence, manages to put them all together and gets both agents to help him stopping the assassination of the general, as they disarm a powerful bomb in a posh hotel.

    The agents still argue who who is in charge, but Chuck tells them that he is in charge of himself, or so he is led to believe.
  • Great Pilot! Comedy! Action! and Romance!

    This was a really great Pilot! Pilots are hard because you have to show character, set the plot, and tell people about the characters history. I really liked the idea of a supernerd who is a spy but has no clue what he is doing. I hate how all the action spy movies have a leading man who is the best agent ever and never gets hurt. Bryce seems like that kind of spy at first because no one can touch him but that changes. I also like Chuck's friend Morgan. Morgan is hilarious and really helps the show. I also like how Chuck lives with his sister because then his family is more involved with his life. If his sister lived somewhere else then we wouldn't get to see them interact as much. I also like how Chuck's sister seemed to plan Chuck's party for him because that seems like what a big sister would do. She even chooses his outfit. Also I love Chuck's car! This show is great and I hope the writters strike doesn't affect it much.
  • Pilot episode

    What does one do when about to be gunned down but send an email to an old friend who hasn't a clue what to do with it! The email contains all the government secrets which sends the FBI and NSA after our nerdy friend Chuck. Chuck (played to the hilt by Zachary Levi) Bartowski's life just got turned way upside down. But he seems to be able to deal with it fairly well right off the bat. The show has comedy, action and of course, romance written in it and it is surprisingly good. This show looks to be a keeper.
  • A great start

    Chuck Bartowski is an average computer geek until files upon files of government secrets are downloaded into his brain. He is soon scouted by the CIA and NSA to act in place of their computer. Chuck's Pilot episode is fast paced and exciting, the writers did a great job setting the tone to the series. It showed plenty of potential. I thought that the premise at first sounded weird and far fetched but when you realize this show isn't about realism it easy to forget. I noticed a lot of use of music in the episode which in my opinion can lead to a bad thing but in the Pilot the songs fit perfectly, I have always liked the songs played on this show.
  • A good way to set up a new show, and a good example of what will be.

    When I first heard of the show Chuck, I thought it was going to be silly. A computer geek/nerd who becomes some kind of spy? I mean, how silly is that? But with some good reviews (and Adam Baldwin/Jayne in the main cast) I thought I at least had to try it out. I was not disappointed. The pilot episode did a good job in introducing the characters and the main storyline to the viewers. It has somehow found a right middle between over the top and just plain funny. In my opinion, a large part of this is the character of Chuck, a lovable nerd who steals your heart immediately. When he gets that e-mail from his college "buddy", his whole world changes. He is just like so many others, and that makes him so easy to relate to. Some of the other characters are still stuck in their clichés (the tough guy, the embarrassing friend), but I have no doubt that this will change over the course of the season. Also, the use of Captain Awesome as stereotypical character shows that the show is not afraid to poke fun at itself. Overall, a good show that I am going to enjoy catching up on.
  • The Nerd Herds very own Chuck Bartowski is in for a life of excitement when government secrets become locked in his brain.

    I must admit I had never thought much of this programme when it was on, but I should never trust just what I see in trailers as they can often disappoint. I was amazed by how different the show is and there is never a dull, uninteresting moment. Chuck (Charles Bartowski) lives with his sister and her boyfriend in L.A. On his birthday he receives an email from an old buddy, Bryce Larkin, an agent for the CIA who's dying moments was to send Chuck the governments secrets via subliminal messages within pictures. Unfortunately for Chuck he views all this information and gets random flashes of information after seeing something to trigger them. Now the CIA and NSA are after him and he must team up with them and help them do their jobs while they protect him from all others who desire what he knows. Chuck is clearly a man who is not into danger and freaks out a lot, which makes the character all the more interesting to have as the lead, because he would constantly be in some sort of dangerous situation, and somehow manage to cope with that side of his life and also not letting his family know what is going on. I love the moment in the car chase when they go down some stairs in the nerd herd car and pass some kids who reply "woah computer emergency". Overall it had been an incredibly interesting pilot to the series, certainly showing that it won't be a disappointment. It becomes slightly addictive when you need to know what's going to happen and whether Chuck will ever get out of the situation, which clearly won't happen.
  • Meet Chuck

    Great show to a fantastic new show.

    We Meet Chuck a computer geek, it's his birthday and his big sister Ellie is throwing it for him Chuck wants to get away from this his sister is trying to set him up a girl.

    Bryce Larkin (C.I.A agent) then appears being chased by agents he ends up sending Chuck government secrets before being shot.

    Chuck later open his E-Mail and gathers all in the info into his brian. When at work a blone approaches him and asked him to fix her phone then later ask him out for a date.

    We meet Sarah a fellow agent, while on their they date are being tracked by other agents Chuck has no Idea what's going on. Sarah sees the NSA agents and she makes a run for it with Chuck, Sarah starts asking him questions about Bryce he evantually tells her and that his been getting images in his brian. Chuck and Sarah end up on the Roof, Casey (NSA Agent) catches up with them. Chuck explains how he sees things and remembers things he shouldn't and Casey and Sarah realize that all of their secrets that had been in the Intersect are now in Chuck's head. Chuck tells them that a bomb is gonna go off, the 3 of them quickly set of trying to avoid it from exploding.

    Sarah and Casey have now gone undercover to protect Chuck, Casey ends working in the same store as him and Sarah opposite. A Great Start.
  • It has it's moments.

    The whole premise is silly but the show will have a following. I liked the first episode and will watch a few more until I make a final decision. I must agree that it is better than some of the other manure the networks have flung our way in the past, we will see how this one plays out.
    It has some potential but in my opinion will not run for multiple seasons, not enough basis there.
    Thinking on some of the other shows, it has more potential than most of the lineup offered by NBC, the Bionic woman is not that great and the network canceled Crossing Jordan again, maybe someone there will open their eyes and look at their rating.
  • Good, But Doesnt Trounce Prison Break...

    I liked the pilot, but there isnt much of anything here that is going to make me watch the show over Prison Break at the Mondays at 8:00 slot. That being said - I did think the pilot was good, with a couple of weird spots here and there.

    I think the show would be just as good without the lame attempts at comedy. Alec Baldwin is plays a very good detective (I know him from his work in Daybreak where his role was almost the same exact thing) and I think he is a great addition to the show. I like the two women in the show- Chucks bomb sister in Sarah Landcaster and then his date which turns out to be a CIA agent who was dating Bryce, the man who sent Chuck this information in the beginning of the episode.

    I loved the drama and loved the action adventure, but I only laughed once throughout the entire episode. That point being when Chuck was about to begin defusing the bomb and his cell phone went off, classic. Overall, solid pilot I just question the writers choice to make the show somewhat less appealing by adding bad comedy.
  • A fine example of what all pilot episodes should be.

    First of all, I must say that if I knew the show was from "The O.C." creator I probably wouldn't have watched it already or would at least have taken a longer while to do it. Not because "The O.C." wasn't a good show, but just because it wasn't my favorite storyline. Fortunately, though, all I knew from the show is that it's a comedy about espionage and would tell the tale of a nerd who bumped into a series of government secret files. And that was all I needed to be hooked.

    However, there were some surprises the pilot brought, that added to a storyline I already liked, made me enjoy it even more. Like the way Chuck doesn't bump into the files - he receives them, although why is still a mystery -, or the very way everything is done (images full of encrypted messages and so on).

    The characters were another enjoyful part of the episode since all of them had just the right timing, like Sarah, Ellie, Bryce, Morgan, Casey and the "Captain". Morgan definetily stole some scenes in my opinion. And Chuck... I just already like the guy. The scene in which he almost throw up in the bomb he just defused. "Awesome!"

    I think it's too soon to say anything about the future of the show, but it surely had a great beginning. The production and, for certain, the work of McG as director have to be praised because the whole impression I had is that I had watched a movie and not a pilot episode. And I'm not talking about a TV movie!

    The ending scenes are something to be praised also. Not only they make a very short and concise sum-up, they bring new questions (left unanswered, of course) and introduce what surely we'll be once of the show's greatest comic reliefs: Casey working undercover with Chuck.

    Stay tuned!
    I surely will!
  • Man works at store, man get's email, man knows goverment secrets.

    If you can put aside the incredible ripoff of a current electronics retailer, and their techincal support people, then you will love the show. Very funny, non slapstick, intelectual humor. Good action, acting, and well written. Actors are bang on, and show really nice chemistry. While some may not appreciate the little parts of the show that make it work. The average computer nerd, electronics geek and definitely the online game play will get a huge kick out of the show.

    If you like computers, watch the show. If you have ever been to a yellow and blue store, bought a computer, and had a guys show up in black an white bug, watch the show.

    I like the show, and I hope it lasts.
  • I was unsure of this show which doesn't feel terribly original, but the characters themselves are quite good.

    With the exception of Adam Baldwin, whom I loved on Firefly, I haven't heard of any of these actors. Sometimes thats the best way to see a new show, as Chuck and his nerdy friend are quite fun. The caring sister is nice, and her boyfriend is very steryotypical, seemingly pulled right out of Scrubs. The hot agent and Mr. Baldwin who come looking for Chuck are all right in their roles, but the real stars that make the show fun, so far, are Chuck's fellow employees. A Nerdy bunch indeed, yet with fun rivals and silly antics, particularly his best friend. The action is well done, and the memory download is typical, but overall the cast seems to fit well, and I can see potential here. The pilot is always jacked up, so hopefully the stories and characters can continue as well as they have in the first episode.
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