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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • I couldn't sit thru the first 90 seconds.

    This is absolute crap. The worst thing about television is coming to life. After the first 90 seconds, which held no interest whatsoever, I kept watching, hoping for some kind of redeeming quality. Alas, wasted my time. No comedy, no story, this is the reason why I have to wait over and over for TV to finally come up with something. Anybody related to this production should be shot. And I know it wont last more than the first few episodes that the advertisers paid for. When it does die, I will be dancing. The only reason I keep on writing, is I have to do 100 words minimum. What a complete waste of time. Amen.

    Oh and by the way, I tried to give it a 0.1 score, but I wasn't able to. So consider my score a negative number.
  • Not good, not bad

    I had been seeing promos and ads for this show for countless weeks now, and all signs pointed towards me not watching it, which is usually the case whenever I'm oversaturated with marketing for something. However, 8:00 rolled around last night, and I had nothing else to watch or do, so I decided to give this show a try. I cringed a little and came to the brink of changing the channel when I saw the show's director was "McG", a pretentious director with a pretentious name with a penchant for making crap. But I stayed on.

    Chuck has a premise made for a movie, albeit a movie that's been done several times before. Clumsy, awkward, underachieving nerd Chuck accidentally "downloads" a library of government secrets into his head. The secrets were supposedly "encrypted" into a series of thousands of pictures in an e-mail an old college friend had sent him who, unbeknownst to Chuck, was a spy killed by the government (NSA or CIA, not sure which). This is the first of several silly / ridiculous plot devices and inconcievable events that transpire over the course of the next hour. For having so much to do with the intelligence community, the show is suprisingly dumb. A hard drive is considered "beyond repair" when it becomes dislodged from it's casing, and a bomb that could've only been constructed by someone such as the Joker, complete with an obnoxious overkill of C4 and a laptop as a detonator must be disarmed by logging onto a website and downloading a virus. Intricacies like these make the show hard to take halfway seriously, even as fiction.

    However, the humor and action on the show are good, even if the special effects are a bit lame even by network TV standards (unfortunately, every single one-liner and funny moment were played to death on the aforementioned radio and TV commercials, so while it was funny the first time....the 32nd time...not so much). I would consider the action sequences to be the strong suit of the episode; it'll be interesting to see if they keep up the quality of these after the pilot. The acting was decent as well. However, which intelligence agency in their right mind would let someone with that sort of information live their normal life, even if they are under the utmost surveillance? I understand this is necessary to keep the friends and family in Chuck's life an integral part of the show, so I'll give them a pass on this one, but the plausibility of the whole situation is extremely low. I'll check it out again next week. Not my favorite, but not the worst thing on television by far.
  • This episode was very okay.

    I think they made the storyline alright but it needs a lot more action and less drama in order to stay alive on NBC. And Chuck was does he have to be so skinny?. I like this show I think. Their was one scene that lowered my ratings for this episode 1.0 points okay the guy comes and asks about the Digital Camcorder and then Chuck says their's no tape in their and then they turn the whole floor into a dancing floor that scene downgraded the episode (No Offense). So either then that the episode was almost perfect so on a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this show 7 & 1/2.
  • A silly yet entertaining new show.

    This show doesn't want any more than to entertain the viewers by throwing in the silliest story arcs you can imagine. Unfortunately, it just feels incredibly forced at times.

    Make no mistake, this was a pretty good pilot, but it just couldn't make me laugh, I was mostly smiling, but at some of the "big" jokes, I was just staring thinking "oh, is this meant to be fun?"

    Now, on the upside, we have Captain Awesome. Come on, that was the best joke of the whole show. I loved it.

    The main concept is pretty silly. Chuck receives an email which contains a long series of images, goverment secrets basically. By looking at them, his brain accepts the information, and, basically, Chuck becomes aware of everything the goverment is hiding or was hiding.

    Really, the plot itself wasn't memorable at all. It was really cliché. But the characters make up for that. I definitely am tuning in to see more of Chuck, hoping there'll be improvements on the plot front.
  • An okay beginning.

    At first this show seemed boring and not attractable at all, the jokes never flied. And the show to me was just plain stupid. Towards the end, the show got more intriguing which made up for the horrible beginning. I really thought I wasn't going to like this show but it seemed interesting when the writers put all the cards on the table, I guess I have to watch more episode to see if I really like the show. Sarah is my favorite character by far. Morgan just annoys me. Captain Awesome annoys me as well. Like I said, I have to watch more.
  • interesting little idea! gotta say i enjoyed it!

    thought i should check out this show as a fan of josh swartz! and i wasnt let down! it was so differnt! it was crazy i loved how it all came together!

    god that sarah girl is hot! seriosuly whata hottie! im definatly going to wacth more of her.

    i loved the comedy aspect to the show! made for interesting televsion! i mean it could've been all hi tech and boring stuff but the added comedy and suspense really made up for what could've been a bad show!

    all in all i like dthe pilot episode! totoally differnt fromt eh oc and gosip girl but still ahs that scwarts touch on it!

    chuck actually reminds me of an older seth
  • Interesting and funny enough for a pilot.

    I wasn't planning to watch Chuck, but I read this review that it was a lot like Reaper, so I checked out the pilot. I gotta say I wasn't disappointed, Chuck blends sci-fi, comedy, and action perfectly. I love Zachary Levi as Chuck, he's not that much of a nerd but he just doesn't have anything going for him. It was sad and funny how he kept talking about his old girlfriend Jill. I'm glad to see Sarah Lancaster again, (I haven't seen her since Everwood), and love the new hair color. My favorite character is Morgan, Chuck's best friend. He's gonna have the best lines in the show, I just know it.

    So, Bryce Larkin, Chuck's college roommate, is now a secret agent. When he acquires vital information and he's about to be gunned down, he sends it to Chuck (who he has not talked to in a long time). It's pretty confusing in the beginning but I think Chuck is the right person to have all these information with the way he defused the bomb and everything. Now he's not just a Nerd Herd employee, he's somebody the government wants. I think he's kinda weirded out that all this has been handed to him and he just doesn't know what to do with it.

    In another interesting twist, we find out that Sarah dated Bryce as she longingly look at pictures of the two together in Cabo. That's gonna be juicy once she starts to fall for Chuck.
  • Interesting idea

    The idea of this show sounded stupid at first, but I was somehow intrigued and in the end it turned out be quite funny. The premiere episode was okay, although it was a little hasty from time to time. But I think I'm gonna tune in next week as well to see how the storylines might be developping. I am just afraid that it's fairly predictable what is happening in the future. Girl gets over Bryce. Chuck gets girl. People head out to kill Chuck. Girl kills people. Secrets remain in Chuck's head. He keeps solving cases with girl. The end.
  • Chuck accidentally has government secrets downloaded into his brain. The CIA and NSA each send an agent to retrieve them.

    This was a very enjoyable if a little too much style over substance at times (although that's probably because McG was directing). Also, Chuck may be a nerd but in my opinion (in this episode at least) he doesn't convince quite as much as the trio in Reaper. Basically he has a little too much of an air of confidence about him at the moment.

    The CIA agent Sarah IS gorgeous and it's good to see Adam Baldwin in another genre show after Firefly which he was great in. I liked the character bits more than the story, although the porn virus being used the way it was made me laugh a little, lol, MS-DOS override.

    Sarah and Chuck's date was funny with her and him getting ready and the dancing in the club. The sidekick did what a sidekick was supposed to do and occasionally make you laugh. The actor sounds a little like Seth Green as well which trumped me at first cos I thought it might be Seth Green but in the end, obviously not.

    So interesting start to the season and hopefully the characters and plot will develop well. It helps that on Virgin1 in the UK it's twinned with 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' as well, cos that show is so funny.
  • The Pilot is very good!Funny,interesting and nonsense!Sure,I will see more!

    Chuck tell the history about Chuck,a supernerd who have a supercomputer in his mind.In this episode,Chuck discovery that and have too save him from CIA and ASN

    The Pilot is very good,full of quotes about games.The show introduce Chuck,Megan,his crazy friend,his sister and her boyfriend.Introduce too the agents from CIA and ASN,who compete to receive Chuck.

    Capitain Awesome it much "awesome" too me...
    I like about Chuck doing his supernerd work...Its so cool!!

    Maybe,the show doesn't have much relevancy because it isn't a "sensacional" tv show.But for laughs,this have a good history,good characters and a lot of ideas to do....

    Geek to All!!Chuck is a supernerd and a Spie!
  • Funny as well as lots of potential!

    The show has lots of potential and that it also
    Have great writing and a great cast led by Less
    Than Perfect's Zachery Levi as the innocent and naive Chuck. Who works as a clerk for a Best Buy like store. He is shy and just minding his own business. Until he meets someone named Sarah. As he doesn't know it at first but she works for the CIA. After he accidentally unloads all of their secrets in his head. When he goes out on the "date" with her. She reveals herself to him. As the CIA and Chuck are forced to work together. He must lead a double life working for them and doing his "nerd" job.
  • a family version of a sci-fi show, about a computer geek squad employee who ends up with a top-secret computer in his brain.

    Cute, sill, but the characters are likeable overall. Bordering on slapstick, but good for light entertainments, not alot of deep thinking needed. They are of course just setting the premise, and introducing the players. Right now they are rather 2 demensional, and it could go either way. It could get too silly if they aren't careful, but worth watching a few more shows to see how they do. It reminds me a bit of Get Smart somehow, I think almost a characterization of spies, although not as slapstick as that show was. But somehow I kept thinking of it. Can keep the brain rested while preparing for Heroes.
  • "My Name is Earl" meets "Alias."

    the first episode of "Chuck" is allright. the only problem is that the show is up against "Prison Break." So, I don't know what I'm going to do in the next few weeks. At least the playoffs and the world series is coming up. I like the central character, a guy name Chuck who just a nobody working at a Best Buy ripoff with his buddies and a stern boss. then he saw something that got him into big trouble. Then this preety CIA agent who comes into his life and his life will never be the same again. A good start to a series.
  • As lame as the whole setup of this show is, it's surprisingly very entertaining. I was not expecting to like this show based on the promos I've seen, but hey, it's got Adam Baldwin, any show with him is generally worth watching.

    Probably the silliest of NBC's new shows is Chuck, an hour long action-comedy from Josh Schwartz (The O.C.) and McG (Charlie's Angels). This show is about Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) who works at a Buy More Electronics store as the head of the Nerd Herd (think Best Buy's Geek Squad). When he receives an email out of the blue from his old college roommate who's now a CIA agent apparently gone rogue and dead, it downloads all the US government secrets into his head. The CIA and NSA are then at each others throats trying to recover this data.

    In comes CIA agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) who first attempts to steal Chuck's computer while dressed as a ninja, minus much of the stealthiness, and then seduces him to discover the truth. In pursuit of Chuck from the NSA is John Casey (Adam Baldwin) who's more of the shoot first then ask questions type of agent. After Chuck and Sarah are pursued around town by John and other NSA agents, Chuck remembers something important and the three race off to save the day. Now it's Sarah and John's job to protect Chuck as he helps them on missions.

    As lame as the whole setup of this show is, it's surprisingly very entertaining. McG's Charlie's Angels experience clearly shows here during the action scenes of this episode. It's very light hearted heavy action with bomb explosions, car crashes, and rooftop chases. There's hints of a more darker action drama show here but this will likely follow the more spy fun aspect that Charlie's Angels did and never take itself too seriously. And with the setup and support characters, it would be wise to do so.

    I was not expecting to like this show based on the promos I've seen, but hey, it's got Adam Baldwin, any show with him is generally worth watching. With what looks to be a decent back-story to explore, just why did Chuck's old roommate and associate of Sarah blow up the super computer and send it all the Chuck, and how well did Sarah and said roommate know each other, this show has promise. I'll certainly be making to a point to check out this show this season.
  • Chuck gets an email from an old college buddy and winds up having CIA and NSA secrets imprinted on his brain

    I decided to try this show out because I needed something to watch on Monday's. I occassionally flip on dancing with the Stars but i am not a Heroes or Prison Break girl so I decided to give this one a shot. I thought it was pretty good, not as good as the reviews said it would be but I think I will give it another try next week. I liked all the characters but the only problem I had with it was that I didn't love them. I think I will have to see if I get caught up in the story before I decide whether or not I will make this a permanent addition to my TV favorite shows.
  • think Jake 2.0 but without the super powers and better action sequences-- and it doesn't take itself half as seriously

    think Jake 2.0 but without the super powers and better action sequences. The scenes with CIA agent Bryce Larkin are pretty tight. The other stuff is also movie quality. And then there are some decently comical moments mixed in to keep you grounded into yet another slacker turned somebody story (see also "Reaper"). As cliche as that is getting-- this one works for me and I am looking forward to seeing more of this series once it comes out (found a preair torrent to give the review this early).
  • Strong Start

    Chuck starts off with a bang and a very well put together pilot. The show centres around Chuck Bartowski who revives an e mail from an old college friend. This email happens to contain all of the Governments data and secrets All throughout this Pilot episode Chuck is being tracked down my two rival agents. Okay so the premise is a little absurd but you don't really care all that much as the show is incredibly fun and charming. The character of Chuck is instantly identifiable and likeable with all the others seeming very intriguing. The pilot of Chuck has succeeded in its mission and sold me on the series unless they seriously mess up I can see this becoming a favourite, Bring on episode two.
  • Stupidly funny

    I liked it. I admit it-it was funny. It made me laugh...even though most of the jokes were stupid. I wish I could say much about the action...which was so laughable I don't see how any action fan wouldn't be laughing. Overall, I will watch the next episode, hoping it will be as great as this first episode.

    I like the performances, I believe everyone did a great appearance in this. I like Captain Awesome, i find him funny. I also like the CIA agent, though I have no opinion on the NSA agent since we barely see him. A great way to begin a series.
  • Not half- bad...

    Somebody give this show a chance---and by somebody I mean NBC. It wasn't half- bad but it has room for improvement. I was glad to see a positive bro-sis relationship, loved to see Adam Bladwin back as a get my point, and Chuck was just adorable and believeable too. I would get rid of the best friend- annoying and way off kilter and I don't like the Spy Girl- Sarah?... I am for one looking forward to Bilson guest starring and the whole spy thing being revealed. Classic shout outs are also worth two thumbs up! Hopefully this show will make can only hope.
  • Not bad, hopefully will stay creative and not become formulaic.

    I like the pilot, though the ending was predictable. This is a show that has potential. Though it could become repetative very easily, only time will tell. The character of Morgan is kind of annoying, hopefully more can be done with him in the future. Honestly, I thought Captain Awesome provided more comic relief then Morgan did. And all he ever did was comment on how awesome or not awesome everything was!

    Chuck is perfect. Just the right balance of fear, and amazment. Like someone living inside a video game. It'll make an interesting balance too between occasional hero, or victim / person in distress.

    Sarah's facinating. A beautiful woman who must protect Chuck, with plenty of romantic tension. Throw into the mix that she had feelings for the man who sent him the images. Throw in again that this man once stole Chuck's previous girlfriend, so obviously, they attract similar women. I smell good storyline!

    Don't know enough about Ellie yet. Hopefully as the show goes on, there will be situations where Chuck has to hide stuff from her, or she'll be in danger, or just more will happen with her.

    I'm watching this show because of Adam Baldwin. First of all, I hate the hair. He needs a haircut. I like the tension between John and Sarah and I look forward to more of that. But what I really can't wait for is to see John working at the Buy More, and being trained by Chuck!

    Looks good.
  • Grows on you

    I have to admit I was not planning to give this show a look at all. Since I have nothing to watch at 8pm est on Mondays I figured what the heck. I watched for about 10 minutes when they show began to grow on me. I know the concept is not believable but:

    1. It's a comedy
    2. The Characters are great and very likeable

    on top of it all Chuck gets this strange email from a person he hasn't heard from in a while and has all the Goverment secrets in the email which flash before Chuck's eyes. He slowly remembers these things and is tracked down by two agencies who for a moment want to kill him. Then Chuck decides to defuse a computer bomb with the new computer virus. All in sll I'd say a success in the first attempt and I will be back.
  • Sure, at times the show seems to be filled with loopholes and confusion, but don't let that keep you from watching this quirky and superb one hour comedy, the first member of that genre that actually consistantly got me to laugh.

    During the offseason, NBC had really been pushing Chuck to the fan base, so needless to say, I was pretty excited. I tivoed it and watched it two hours later, and all I can say is wow. The thing about Chuck, is that it doesn't take itself seriously at all, but instead wants to take a stereotypical action film, but instead make it into a quirky comedy. And it hits on all angles. Now, it is not without concerns. There are some minor loopholes about how Chucks info will stay updated, but yet none of that matters. This is not a show that is meant to be a perfect spy flick, but instead almost make fun of it. But the main reason to watch Chuck is that its cast is absolutely amazing. Chuck and Sara are too great up and coming actors, and the sister (and of course Captain Awesome) also brought their own laughs. So definitely tune into the pilot, and you'll likely be as hooked as me.
  • This show's pretty good!

    With all the new show's coming out in the fall, Chuck stood out. I really liked it. I think it intorduced all the people who are going to be in the show well. And it explained everything about how chuck got his powers pretty well. I'm glad for that, sometimes the show writers skip over little nuggets like that. I really like Chuck's charector. I think it's brialliant haha. I like the whole Nerd vibe going on hehe. I think this episode was very very well written, and I cant wait to see how this series plays out. I hope it does well.
  • Man works at store, man get's email, man knows goverment secrets.

    If you can put aside the incredible ripoff of a current electronics retailer, and their techincal support people, then you will love the show. Very funny, non slapstick, intelectual humor. Good action, acting, and well written. Actors are bang on, and show really nice chemistry. While some may not appreciate the little parts of the show that make it work. The average computer nerd, electronics geek and definitely the online game play will get a huge kick out of the show.

    If you like computers, watch the show. If you have ever been to a yellow and blue store, bought a computer, and had a guys show up in black an white bug, watch the show.

    I like the show, and I hope it lasts.
  • I was unsure of this show which doesn't feel terribly original, but the characters themselves are quite good.

    With the exception of Adam Baldwin, whom I loved on Firefly, I haven't heard of any of these actors. Sometimes thats the best way to see a new show, as Chuck and his nerdy friend are quite fun. The caring sister is nice, and her boyfriend is very steryotypical, seemingly pulled right out of Scrubs. The hot agent and Mr. Baldwin who come looking for Chuck are all right in their roles, but the real stars that make the show fun, so far, are Chuck's fellow employees. A Nerdy bunch indeed, yet with fun rivals and silly antics, particularly his best friend. The action is well done, and the memory download is typical, but overall the cast seems to fit well, and I can see potential here. The pilot is always jacked up, so hopefully the stories and characters can continue as well as they have in the first episode.
  • A great start

    Chuck Bartowski is an average computer geek until files upon files of government secrets are downloaded into his brain. He is soon scouted by the CIA and NSA to act in place of their computer. Chuck's Pilot episode is fast paced and exciting, the writers did a great job setting the tone to the series. It showed plenty of potential. I thought that the premise at first sounded weird and far fetched but when you realize this show isn't about realism it easy to forget. I noticed a lot of use of music in the episode which in my opinion can lead to a bad thing but in the Pilot the songs fit perfectly, I have always liked the songs played on this show.
  • A good way to set up a new show, and a good example of what will be.

    When I first heard of the show Chuck, I thought it was going to be silly. A computer geek/nerd who becomes some kind of spy? I mean, how silly is that? But with some good reviews (and Adam Baldwin/Jayne in the main cast) I thought I at least had to try it out. I was not disappointed. The pilot episode did a good job in introducing the characters and the main storyline to the viewers. It has somehow found a right middle between over the top and just plain funny. In my opinion, a large part of this is the character of Chuck, a lovable nerd who steals your heart immediately. When he gets that e-mail from his college "buddy", his whole world changes. He is just like so many others, and that makes him so easy to relate to. Some of the other characters are still stuck in their clichés (the tough guy, the embarrassing friend), but I have no doubt that this will change over the course of the season. Also, the use of Captain Awesome as stereotypical character shows that the show is not afraid to poke fun at itself. Overall, a good show that I am going to enjoy catching up on.
  • The Nerd Herds very own Chuck Bartowski is in for a life of excitement when government secrets become locked in his brain.

    I must admit I had never thought much of this programme when it was on, but I should never trust just what I see in trailers as they can often disappoint. I was amazed by how different the show is and there is never a dull, uninteresting moment. Chuck (Charles Bartowski) lives with his sister and her boyfriend in L.A. On his birthday he receives an email from an old buddy, Bryce Larkin, an agent for the CIA who's dying moments was to send Chuck the governments secrets via subliminal messages within pictures. Unfortunately for Chuck he views all this information and gets random flashes of information after seeing something to trigger them. Now the CIA and NSA are after him and he must team up with them and help them do their jobs while they protect him from all others who desire what he knows. Chuck is clearly a man who is not into danger and freaks out a lot, which makes the character all the more interesting to have as the lead, because he would constantly be in some sort of dangerous situation, and somehow manage to cope with that side of his life and also not letting his family know what is going on. I love the moment in the car chase when they go down some stairs in the nerd herd car and pass some kids who reply "woah computer emergency". Overall it had been an incredibly interesting pilot to the series, certainly showing that it won't be a disappointment. It becomes slightly addictive when you need to know what's going to happen and whether Chuck will ever get out of the situation, which clearly won't happen.
  • Meet Chuck

    Great show to a fantastic new show.

    We Meet Chuck a computer geek, it's his birthday and his big sister Ellie is throwing it for him Chuck wants to get away from this his sister is trying to set him up a girl.

    Bryce Larkin (C.I.A agent) then appears being chased by agents he ends up sending Chuck government secrets before being shot.

    Chuck later open his E-Mail and gathers all in the info into his brian. When at work a blone approaches him and asked him to fix her phone then later ask him out for a date.

    We meet Sarah a fellow agent, while on their they date are being tracked by other agents Chuck has no Idea what's going on. Sarah sees the NSA agents and she makes a run for it with Chuck, Sarah starts asking him questions about Bryce he evantually tells her and that his been getting images in his brian. Chuck and Sarah end up on the Roof, Casey (NSA Agent) catches up with them. Chuck explains how he sees things and remembers things he shouldn't and Casey and Sarah realize that all of their secrets that had been in the Intersect are now in Chuck's head. Chuck tells them that a bomb is gonna go off, the 3 of them quickly set of trying to avoid it from exploding.

    Sarah and Casey have now gone undercover to protect Chuck, Casey ends working in the same store as him and Sarah opposite. A Great Start.
  • It has it's moments.

    The whole premise is silly but the show will have a following. I liked the first episode and will watch a few more until I make a final decision. I must agree that it is better than some of the other manure the networks have flung our way in the past, we will see how this one plays out.
    It has some potential but in my opinion will not run for multiple seasons, not enough basis there.
    Thinking on some of the other shows, it has more potential than most of the lineup offered by NBC, the Bionic woman is not that great and the network canceled Crossing Jordan again, maybe someone there will open their eyes and look at their rating.
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