Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Savin' the world at 11 bucks an hour!

    Chuck Bartowski a college washout lives with his sister Ellie and her boy friend Captain Awesome. We first meet Chuck at his Birthday party where as usual he is feeling awkward as all the guests are friends of his sister and doctors who according to his best friend and fellow "Buy More" employee Morgan Grimes says "Don't get our jokes!". We learn that Chuck was kicked out of Stanford University due to an absurd rumor about cheating from his roommate Bryce Larkin, who is now a "rogue" CIA agent. Larkin broke into the joint CIA/NSA computer system called "Innersect" and downloaded it to his PDA shortly before blowing it up. He then sent the data to chuck in an E-Mail with a password incryption in the form of a text based game called "Zork" The password being "Attack troll with nasty Knife". Chuck opens the E-mail and absorbs the innersect into his mind (which we find out later, can store massive amounts of data). Meanwhile Larkin killed by CIA Agent Casey whom is dispatched to LA to find Larkins accomplice along with NSA agent Sarah Walker who uses her feminine wilds to get close to Chuck and get a read on him. In the Guise of a ninja Sarah breaks into Chucks apartment to steal his computer and after a very one sided fight with Chuck and Morgan leaves after the computer is destroyed. She later goes out on a date with Chuck who is unaware of her relationship with Larkin. When the CIA tries unsuccessfully to grab chuck she reveals herself as an agent and calls in for a helocopter extraction. as Casey anSarah quibble over Chuck they realise that Chuck is the Innersect when he "flashes" on the plot to kill a visiting general with a serbian bomb planted by a demolitions expert from said country who chuck saw earlier that day at the "large Mart" store ajasiant to The Buy More. After some inner-agency cooperation and help from Porn star Irene Demova and her computer virus renders the bomb inoperable. So now Chuck the $11 an hour employee of Buy More works to save the world and his friends and family know none the wiser.