Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Meet Chuck

    Great show to a fantastic new show.

    We Meet Chuck a computer geek, it's his birthday and his big sister Ellie is throwing it for him Chuck wants to get away from this his sister is trying to set him up a girl.

    Bryce Larkin (C.I.A agent) then appears being chased by agents he ends up sending Chuck government secrets before being shot.

    Chuck later open his E-Mail and gathers all in the info into his brian. When at work a blone approaches him and asked him to fix her phone then later ask him out for a date.

    We meet Sarah a fellow agent, while on their they date are being tracked by other agents Chuck has no Idea what's going on. Sarah sees the NSA agents and she makes a run for it with Chuck, Sarah starts asking him questions about Bryce he evantually tells her and that his been getting images in his brian. Chuck and Sarah end up on the Roof, Casey (NSA Agent) catches up with them. Chuck explains how he sees things and remembers things he shouldn't and Casey and Sarah realize that all of their secrets that had been in the Intersect are now in Chuck's head. Chuck tells them that a bomb is gonna go off, the 3 of them quickly set of trying to avoid it from exploding.

    Sarah and Casey have now gone undercover to protect Chuck, Casey ends working in the same store as him and Sarah opposite. A Great Start.