Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • You get the overview of the series in the pilot episode, it more or less tells you that this is definately going to be a good series to watch, especially with the combination of the characters, the situation etc.

    The first part of the pilot, sees it flicking between LA and DC, introducing the main plot aspect of the series. In LA, we have Chuck going through the motions of a birthday party, reminiscing and being full of self pity. Whilst in DC, we have Bryce, activating devices, emailing the results, blowing up things, killing agents and trying to escape.

    At the end of the party, after finishing a console gaming session with Morgan, opens up his email received from Bryce and starts to receive image after image, we see him hypontised by the event and time passes by in the background until the sun comes up and Chuck ends up fainting or passing out. He doesn't know it yet, but he's now got the secrets database in image format, planted in his brain for safe-keeping.

    Back in DC, the NSA and CIA are ordered to work together, to protect the secrets, thus setting up the "babysitting" scenario.

    Chuck and Morgan go into work, chuck is still a little bit queasy, after his night and a couple of times where he had flashbacks to certain images, like which road to avoid going to work. Then later on in the store where they work, he gets a tv announcement of a general coming to LA, he gets a flashback, an image enters his brain.

    Sarah (CIA Agent) pretends to be a dim-whitted customer who has a problem with her phone, whom Chuck helps out, she tells him to call her sometime for a date. She later goes back to the store, after dressing up as a ninja (no idea why but was funny) in order to steal his pc from his house, asking why Chuck hadnt called for that date. She's only got 12 hours to find the database we find out.

    Chuck and Sarah go out on a date. They are spotted by Casey, there is a car chase, which results in both agents, weapons drawn and in a stalemate over who has property rights of chuck, too funny really. The ice is broken by Chuck who has flashback of more images in a sequence, manages to put them all together and gets both agents to help him stopping the assassination of the general, as they disarm a powerful bomb in a posh hotel.

    The agents still argue who who is in charge, but Chuck tells them that he is in charge of himself, or so he is led to believe.
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