Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • A good way to set up a new show, and a good example of what will be.

    When I first heard of the show Chuck, I thought it was going to be silly. A computer geek/nerd who becomes some kind of spy? I mean, how silly is that? But with some good reviews (and Adam Baldwin/Jayne in the main cast) I thought I at least had to try it out. I was not disappointed. The pilot episode did a good job in introducing the characters and the main storyline to the viewers. It has somehow found a right middle between over the top and just plain funny. In my opinion, a large part of this is the character of Chuck, a lovable nerd who steals your heart immediately. When he gets that e-mail from his college "buddy", his whole world changes. He is just like so many others, and that makes him so easy to relate to. Some of the other characters are still stuck in their clichés (the tough guy, the embarrassing friend), but I have no doubt that this will change over the course of the season. Also, the use of Captain Awesome as stereotypical character shows that the show is not afraid to poke fun at itself. Overall, a good show that I am going to enjoy catching up on.
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