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  • This Show is Absolutly Fantastic, Amazing, Awesome!! One of the best series of ever, no doubt at all about it!!!

    This Show is really great, amazing...
    I have been watching a lot of series through the years, including 24hs, Prison Break, Dexter, Lost, Heroes, House, Numbers, Nip Tuck, Dirty Sexy Money... These are my favorites tv series... And I'm absolutely sure that Chuck it's one of the best of all, in fact, best of ever. I have no doubt about it, no doubt at all. I personally guess that you shouldn't read the summary. Just take it and watch it. It's funny, sexy, very enjoyable, very entertaining. The woman (Yvonne Strahovski), the blond, it's Gorgeous, Sexy, Beautiful, she is absolutely hot...
    The bottom line is: If you haven't watched it yet, listen to me: GIVE IT A TRY.
  • absolute amazing

    Simple 3 words i love it. This is not my kind of genue shows i watch, i usually see mostly science fiction or horror. So i ditch them but I said what the hack i try it and from the first time i saw it. It made me laugh and i`m not easy get that. They play there character perfectly well done job to the actors and the script well written. I just that Monday night rate had drop i just began to see it this month and saw the first and now the second season so don`t blame on the rate it just i didn`t know that there is this serie, I think low PR.. It`s funny and enjoying every episode and need more no i want more so continue this show lovely and thanks
  • Love it! chuck might be my favorite show of the season

    great episode. the roan montgomery character is fantastic. Sarah is steamy hot. the freaks at the buy more still amuse me. Larroquette has great comedic timing. all the supporting cast are also hilarious. captain awesome, morgan, big mike. keep it up!

    My only criticism of this episode is that sarah didn't even think about the fact that chuck would be whacked once he was useless. I also thought that the general and casey played out the whole subplot of Chuck's assasination pretty well. Although general came off as cold, i didn't think she came off as evil or psychotic. maybe that is just me?
  • Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski sizzle!

    Every week that I tune in to watch 'Chuck' I am pleasantly surprised at how witty and fantastically funny the dialogue is.

    The cast achieve such a tremendous balance and they all compliment each other perfectly. The Buy More staff provide a crazy spectacle almost every week and Lester's drunken antics are always entertaining!

    Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski have such fantastic chemistry between them that it is almost impossible not to root for their burgeoning romance, as Chuck and Sarah try to navigate a possible relationship combine with their duties as both the Intersect and the CIA respectively. If these's one show you watch this year make it 'Chuck'
  • This is by far the best show on TV right now. Not only does the cast and crew work well together, the plot and everything going on is perfect.

    Chuck is a show for all. It is not just a "dramady" as it is labeled, but instead is action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, and romance all in one. And what is most amazing, it does all of them well. The action is not Transformers quality, but is still great. The comedy keeps the drama in check and visa-versa. The writers/creators never let it get too serious or too over-the-top funny. The sci-fi is not over the top, but just a little out there. The romance keeps you guessing what is going to happen, just like a love story is supposed to do. Really, there is no better show on TV. I have invited everyone I know to watch the show, and all who have are now addicted to it. I invite all of the readers to watch it and give it a try. You will love it.
  • Chuck is full of explosive fun

    THis show is fun fun fun. The storyline keeps pushing forward. Its EXCITING (have you seen the action scenes they produced, man, they were awesome. those fight scenes were just mind-blowing) its ENGAGING (whew! did i tell about the awesome storyline. the reveals are awesome. See: Chuck vs. the Alma Mater and Chuck vs. the Truth). its FUNNY (geeks rule! Chuck vs. the Pineapple remains to be the funniest) its ROMANTIC (aww, chuck and sarah, and freakin bryce). Its an awesome show! It has all i want for my television series. Season 2 has started and it didnt disappoint! Awesome awesome awesome
  • This is the best show on television, its funny, romantic and just generally so awesome! I love it!! Rock on Chuck

    This is the best show on television, its funny, romantic and just generally awesome! I Love it!!! Rock on Chuck! It embraces light crime stories that arnt to serious and always funny. Having so many small twists always makes the story intense yet funny! The relationship between chuck and Sarah is so cute and seeing it develop every episode is another reason to watch it. Casey provides the perfect balance to the show! With one of our own, and Aussi actress from New South Wales, Yvonne Strahovski does an amazing job! Good work Mate! Keep it up! Keep the show going, love watching it every week. Remi (from Adelaide)
  • Who Doesn't Love Chuck...

    This show amazes me at how funny it is. Without fail the show makes me cry of laughter each week. I have already reviewed Chuck on my old user name(efc91) but I felt like reviewing it again after I had saw the entire brilliant first season of this unique show. The Cast: 10
    I have to say the cast do a great job in Chuck. Zachery Levi does a awesome job as the lead character Chuck, nerd herder by day, secret agent by night. Personally I think Adam Baldwin's character Casey is what makes the show what it is. The character brings a lot of action and comedy to the show and is well played by Adam. The entire cast is great though and they all do a great job including Josh Gomez as Chuck's best friend, the lovely Yvonne Strahovski who portrays agent Sarah Walker and Sarah Lancaster is great too as Chuck's sister. There is also an impressive supporting cast that will make you laugh out load.

    Story: 10
    At first you would think that the story is a bit far fetched and it is. This is a comedy not a bloody Sci-Fi or Drama series its not meannt to be taken serously your meant to just sit back and enjoy this very entertaining show. Now your garanteed a great action scene in each episode and that is one of the best parts of this show. We all love a bit of action. Chuck is also filled with a lot of romance this surprised me when I first started to watch the show but it fits in well with the story. Chuck and Sarah's relationship is great.

    Writing: 9.5
    The writers do a great job with this show keeping the action and comedy going each episode and keeping the show fresh. Some of the missions seem a bit silly but that makes the series so fun to watch.

    Overall: 10
    My favourite show of 2008 by far. It was a shame about the writer's strike because we didn't see the shows true potential. One things for sure I can't wait to watch the second season of Chuck.
  • Great show! Keep up the good work!

    Now that everyone has gone through the summer of depressing re-runs and unavoidable reality television, the trickle down of great shows has begun. This one is no exception. Chuck continues to be a smart comedy, surprising story lines, and edge of your seat drama that keeps you an avid watcher. Though you cry out for Chuck to finally make his moves (Quit the Buymore, Kiss Sarah, Etc..), its easy to laugh with him at the choices he makes instead, and hope that next week he'll try something new. Though at some points the show catches a bit of the Peter Parker syndrome (With great power, comes great responsibility), there hasn't been a moment where he doesn't make the right choice simply because he thinks its the right choice. Lets hope this time around he gets the girl, for real!
  • Best new show of the 07-08 season!

    as stated before, this show was my personal fave of the new shows put out last season. the story is very original, in the fact that Chuck is working for the government, but is completely inept at his job, even as he gets more experience at it. Zachary Levi is perfect as our hero, as he is geeky, but adorable. which is what the character is supposed to be. Yvonne Strahovsky is also great in the role as Chuck's protector and love interest. the two are cute together and have a great chemistry. the only character i'm not fond of is Morgan. he can be funny at times, but mostly he is just a pest and i don't understand Chuck being friends with him. all in all, this is a great action-comedy show with a nice romance thrown in. i say give it a try.
  • The contents of a spy secrets' database is downloaded into Chuck's brain, which is one happy smart geek.

    First I must say despite the very much amount of effort put in the idea of the show, its a little stupid, but the show has enough good qualities to make up for the stupidity. The comedy is great which is a result of the guy being in the shoes of a spy and an environment that he hasn't experienced before. The acting is very good,though sometimes Morgan makes me mad and Sarah plays a bit lame. I don't think the main story is really interesting, but it's the individual stories of the show that makes the audience keep on watching. Overall, it is a very fun show and I suggest it to any comedy fan.
  • I can't get enough of Chuck!

    I hadn't read much about Chuck and had no real intention of tuning into the show. I had seen Zachary Levi in 'Less Than Perfect' and wasn't sure that he would be able to pull off another, completely different, role.

    I'm so glad I changed my mind and decided to give it a try! This show is quite possibly my new favourite - I've watched almost the whole season in the last three nights and I'm having to limit myself so that I don't blow through it too quickly!

    The cast is brilliant. Sarah & Chuck play off each other really well, Casey makes me laugh every time with his sarcasm & Morgan is the perfect clingy best friend for Chuck. Captain Awesome is....awesome! He's a great addition for a laugh now and then! The only character I'm not so sure about is Chuck's sister as I keep thinking of 'Saved by the Bell' when I see her, but I'm sure that will pass in time!

    I'm really glad that the writers have steered away from the usual "Nerds/Geeks are shy bumbling idiots when it comes to real life" with Chuck - his character is written well, the perfect combination of computer nerdiness combined with nervousness, but he's just a regular guy who interacts well with colleagues and family.

    The storylines are fast paced and fun and there hasn't been a bad episode so far (and I'm up to episode 10 as I write this). Sure, you have to get past the whole "wait, hold up, he has a computer in his brain????" craziness, but the writers have pulled it off perfectly!!

    Great show and I hope it keeps going for many, many more episodes!
  • Spies get Funny

    Show likes this about the spy thing combine with comedy makes me remember "Get Smart" you know that show about spies but with the comedy stuff Chuk its excelent like no other show that combines comedy+spy stuff i laugh without sense every single episode one day maybe i died laughing

    Thae cats are awsome and Chuck itself Oh My God its so funny this show its excelent i hope that did not cancel it because today in tghis days the producers cancelled almost everything almost without sense excellent show recomended for those who likes spy stuff with comedy chanrges added excelent :):):)
  • Its definitely different! A good, interesting show.

    Chuck is a very good show. It keeps the viewer interested with all the lovable characters. The title character, Chuck, is a normal computer geek working at at the nerd herd computer store. His simple life is completely turned around when his old friend, a secret government agent, selects him to store thousands of government secrets in his brain. This is done when Chuck opens an email and watches the video displaying the secrets. He doesn't know what he's in for as many organisations hunt him down to obtain the precious data. It is up to agent John Casey and sexy agent Sarah Walker, who chuck later falls for, to keep him safe and enable him to keep his life. Chuck lives with his sister Ellie, and best friend Morgan who is a humorous addition to the show.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the first season's thrills and I cannot wait for the second season.
  • Chuck From The Nerd-Herd... Likes To Save The World After Work!

    "Chuck" hits all the familiar bases of the spy genre: There are secret identities, double agents and not-entirely-plausible technology at every turn. But at its center is the unlikeliest of heroes: Chuck Bartowski, a college dropout who works in tech support at a big-box retailer and the kind of guy who, when asked what he wants to do with his life, says, "I'm working on my five-year plan. Just trying to pick a font."
    We meet our hero as he's trying to sneak out of his own birthday party, thrown for him by his well-meaning but slightly overbearing sister. At the same time, his old college roommate is on the run after downloading a huge database of government secrets. Just before he dies, he e-mails the whole shebang -- to Chuck, who opens the e-mail and sees a blur of images that burn every last bit of data into his brain.
    Enter CIA agent Sarah Walker, the Sydney to Chuck's Marshall. She's sent to track down the database and get it safely back to Washington, unaware that it's not on a hard drive but in Chuck's head. Complications, as they always do, ensue, as she persuades him to ask her out and, wouldn't you know, discovers she actually kind of likes her target. It's a good thing, too, because a National Security Agency operative with far colder blood is also on Chuck's trail.
  • Chuck is an ordinary computer nerd that works in an electronic store, that cluelessly turns into a government agent, fighting off crimes with help from an undercover agent, Sarah and the skilled Casey.

    A hilariously funny action-comedy that keeps its viewers hooked. It's hard not to fall in love with this show, you watch one single episode, and you can't wait for the next. Levi (Chuck) does a great job as an inexperienced government agent, trying to save the world, but always gets rescued by a more skillful agent, Sarah, and the well-trained Major Casey. The viewers can't hold themselves from laughing at the funny jokes that Chuck unintentionally makes. It's just overall a very exciting show that is both fun and entertaining. The storyline is cleverly plotted, and none of us can really get enough of Chuck.
  • A great first season.

    An amazingly funny and sweet series about a nerd having to do spy stuff is a story that kept me watching every episode of the first season. The main character Chuck is played by the talented Zachary Levi, and it didn't take long for him to win over every viewer that watched the series. It's interesting to see how Chuck is forced to switch between his normal life and the spy one. Chuck's family includes his sister, played by the hot Sarah Lancaster, and his friend Morgan, who is also able to keep the viewers interested in his shenanigans. The other part includes Sarah, the amazingly hot, easy on the eyes agent, and the other agent. Even though it may seem that 13 episode isn't enough to fall in love with the series, this one has easily won me over and I can't wait to see the next season. Bring it on.
  • Chuck is a great show that I absolutely don't regret on watching!! 5 starts;)

    Chuck is one of my new favorite shows!! it's both exciting and fun. Chuck is a "nerd" working at the buy more-nerd herd... he has the whole interesect of the government in his brain, and the two people to watch him, is John Casey and Sarah;)
    There's actually nothing I dislike about this show!! everything is just great.. maybe that has something to do because the creator Joss, also is the creator of my other favorite show; Gossip Girl..

    My favorite characters in order are: Sarah, Chuck, Devon:P, Casey, Ellie, Morgan, Bryce...
    oh x) and Anna is just too weird and sweet!! haha..

    I love how each episode is mixed with both action and fun:D and all the crazy workers in Buy More are just too funny xD lol..
  • Nerd Herders of the world unite!

    Chuck begins with a computer geek named Chuck, receving an email, and when he opens this email all of the governments secrets are downloaded into his brain. Enter Sarah and Casey, one CIA and one NSA, whose job it is to protect Chuck and the information which his brain holds. Cue great action sequences, and some absolutely hilarious one-liners from Chuck, and what you've got is an excellent show which puts a unique spin on the usual run of the mill spy shows. Chuck is a brilliant show, with an excellent cast, and even better writing. An absolute gem. In fact, go sit down and watch it. Now.
  • A great blend of the ordinary and the extreme...

    Chuck is fun to watch! Don't over analyze whether or not the plots could ever really happen. Don't take the bad guys too seriously. Don't forget that this show is meant to entertain, and it does! Poor Chuck is trying to balance his life as a Buy More Nerd Herd tech with being the depository for all of the spy secrets in the world. His "partners" from the NSA and CIA are dedicated professionals who can't accept that Chuck has these secrets in his head. John Casey, brilliantly portrayed by Adam Baldwin, makes Dirty Harry look like a pacifist! Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, is a little more restrained and is truly concerned for Chuck's well-being. Chuck's friend, Morgan Grimes, is a hoot! This poor guy can't catch a break either at work or with his love life. Chuck is fun to watch!
  • This is a hilarious show! The type of humour it uses is unique and makes Chuck stand out from most of the other shows on Tv.

    This is one of the few TV shows that I can truly say I find most of the main characters funny. For example, when the agent watching Chuck walks out of the shop and then stops for a second saying "By the way ... lady, your salami is delicious."

    Chuck is so cut and dry and literal sometimes while remaining fresh and unique through out each episode. It's a light show that is great to relax and laugh at more than anything else. It's just a lot of fun and it doens't try to force itself to be more than that.
  • This is a show for Geeks all over the world, and as a geek I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

    one of the best show new and original and is the best comedy drama. the rest of this review will be random words.

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  • Great new show! Exciting and fun and kinda quirky!

    I happened upon this show while flipping through the channels checking out the new fall line up back last fall. I kept going back to CHUCK ever commercial break. I enjoy the quirky, crazy drama this show brings to the other dramas out there. I was dissapointed when the show didn't come back on after the writers strike early in 2008. I am so looking forward to the second season of CHUCK where I hope to see more crime fighting inside the "Buy More" and the hotdog place next door. I also like how close Chuck and his sister are, and how they include Morgan in all their family togetherness time. Great show, eventhough I get teased for watching it, I'm a sucker for silly shows!
  • It's a show about a lovable computer nerd with government secrets lodged in his head who along with a stern FBI agent and a CIA who is undercover as his girlfriend, saves the world one flash at a time.

    Chuck is a sweet lovable computer nerd whose life was derailed by a betrayal in college that still stings. He lives with his loving sister who along with her boyfriend Captain Awesome are doctors. He and his best friend Morgan live a relatively boring existence working for a chain electronics store until one day an email from the past makes him the government's secret weapon, and prized possession. To ensure his safety, two federal agents are assigned; a dour FBI agent Casey who may have some anger management issues, and the beautiful CIA agent Sarah who seems to be more than just his pretend girlfriend.
    This show has plenty of action, fun, laughs, heartwarming moments, just a touch of romance and a great cast.
    Definitely one of my favourite shows and as soon as I finish watching one episode I can't wait to see the next one.
  • Chuck Bartowski, a nerdy computer tech who has a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain. Chuck soon finds himself recruited by John Casey for espionage work with his new partner Sarah-leading Chuck to live a split life.

    I love this show and I am glad I caught it when it was airing. I can not wait until the new season come on because this is a great series to watch when nothing else is on. It very funny to watch. If you need something to make you laugh or want to watch something with a little bit of romance in it then check out Chuck because this series have both. I was glad to see it when it was airing and hope to caught it when the new season airs on television. To anyone curious about this show I suggest you try to find it and see if it your kind of show.
  • Chuck is a recent show in my life but has already a VIP place on it.

    As I am a Portuguese, what you might know if you have already read other of mine reviews or just by perceiving my lack of talent to write in English (believe me and really better at Portuguese), the show only came to me a couple of weeks ago.
    I saw the Pilot in the local television and now I'm watching them all.
    Today I hope to watch Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover and Chuck Versus The Marlin.
    I guess it'll be cool and I'm really excited about that.
    But with the eleven first episodes I've already understood that Chuck is a fantastic mix of funny and a great great depth investigation about true love.
    Complex and funny.
  • A show with suspense but funny, lovable characters and an amazing story line.

    I really like this show because unlike other spy/forensic shows it's mostly funny. The characters won my hearts because they're all different. Chuck is one of my most favorite characters on TV. He's so cute and charming. What makes it so interesting are the stories behind the people.

    Personally, I love spy stuff. I loved Spy Kids back in the day. I loved reading Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. Chuck is like a mixture of all of those, PLUS comedy!

    The concept behind the spy and the everyday norm was outstanding. Here I am to give praise to Chuck and to say it's a really awesome TV show. :)
  • A spy show with a funny twist!

    I love the spy genre, and Chuck is up there among my personal favourites. It is a spy based drama, but it is hilarious, and the characters are all well developed. What's more is that each episode reveals a little bit more about Chuck, and how and why he downloaded a top secret government file into his head. Yes the premise is a little far fetched, but when you go beyond that, this is a terrific show. Maybe it is a little too light for the hardcore spy genre fans, but I love a good comedy, so this a perfect mix of action and comedy, mixed into one show!
  • Needs More New Episodes!!

    Ever since I saw the first episode I loved Chuck. The fact that chuck is about a guy who works at a buy more store and then becomes a spy overnight sounds like a great story for a tv show to me. It also mixes Action and comedy into each episode, and I really like that. The only thing Chuck needs,
    is that it needs more new episodes. The last new episode they aired was in January, 5 months ago! Other than that, chuck is an entertaining show that you should give a watch if you haven't seen it yet. That's my Review, Thanks for reading. -anderson587
  • Lovable characters make this show an instant classic.

    When i first saw chuck i was cautious because over the past few years i have seen many shows come and go just when you start to get into them.

    Luckily for me the rest of the world loves chuck too. Serious its the characters personalities that drive this show forward. Chuck himself stands out as one of the most charismatic and down to earth personas i have seen on tv (for this kind of show anyway) and it really works. The supporting cast are all extremely well played too... its just like a family on screen.

    plus its great to finally see Baldwin with a major role in a show that isn't getting canned.

    I like how the show has managed to iiintergrate the plot elements and keep the sense of fun about the show and i realy hope that they can kep this for a long while before the arcs start to overwhelm the show and it enevitably gets darker.

    I shall certainly be giving this show my full attention for it second season and hope that it continues to impress.
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