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  • Really Funny

    Who thought about this? It was really great. It was a mixture of funny, exciting and action. Really counting on the upcoming episodes. Really love sarah. Wow, what can i say about her character. Sexy to say the least. Funny but with a little scary drak side I guess. I really hope to see a lot of Katrina the one in episode 4. She's the one will give sarah a run for her money. More involvement by her sister ellie in the future will prove very interesting. Anyways, overall I give it a two thumbs up. This is what series keep me up.
  • Great, funny show and I can't wait for the next season.

    The first season of Chuck blew my mind with it's great cast, great characters. Chuck who feels so out of place trying to be a spy with an intersect in his head, Casey with the great fight scenes that make you laugh, Sarah with the awkward moments when she's with Chuck and Morgan doing the weirdest and funniest things.
    It's got everything you want in a TV show, It's got comedy, fight scenes, hot woman, awkward moments and story twists everything to keep you happy. Honestly it's one of the most original and amazing shows I've ever watched. I can't wait for more Chuck when season 2 arrives.
  • A new shade of creativity in the era of spy operas.

    After figuring out what it is based on, going on will be a pleasure you cannot do without. Intelligently thought story base with a bunch of exciting and new breed of actors and actresses, fun is not the only thing that it gives to me. Levi, Strahovski, Baldwin, Lancaster and of course Gomez match with their charecters so well making the show a must watch! Levi has a charecter I somewhat really find very close to myself. A cool and handsome guy who knows about tech stuff! He is the wildest dream of many girls nowadays. And I envy Harry Tang, he is my idol!
  • This show is extremly funny, well worth watching for an hour every week.

    Josh Schwartz, McG, and the entire writing staff of this show...they are all genius!

    The dialogue is written in a way and the actors say their lines in a way where it seems so unscripted, it is so off the wall. It truly is such a great show that you can't miss.

    Every single role is so well casted, every character is created with such originality. The show is equally serious as it is comedic and full of action.

    Also, you'll catch so many references to American Popular Culture it is hard to keep track. Some are easily noticeable, others only for the pop culture buffs.

    If you check out "Chuck" you won't be disappointed.
  • I cant wait for the second season. It will be brilliant.

    Thought the first season is amazing, cant wait for the second season to start. All the characters are brilliant when will chuck and sarah get together. Awesome is just that. Morgan, if a decent series didn't have someone like morgan then it would be well boring. casey hes a lean mean killing machine. NOT!! hes really a puppy dog!! Sarah, OH MY GOD. need i say anymore, brilliant actress excellent character. Sarah was written for Yvonne to play. Bringing bryce back was never seen, but was an absolutely brilliant little twist. Not even i saw coming (other than reading the episode previous)
  • Nothing gets better than "Chuck"

    This is definatly the best tv series that I have ever watched. The plots are superb and the characters are nothing short of amazing, and the actors really suit the roles of the characters. I am hooked watching chuck, and I really hope that they continue to make more episodes and series' of it. It's so good I have watched if three days straight! Never watched so muc TV before in my life!
    Trust me, before you go and watch Lost, Heroes or Prison Break, make sure you check out "Chuck" first. You will NOT be dissapointed. I can promise you that.
  • A very funny show with a light hearted feel but not at the expense of the serious situations and the drama which at times ARE very tense and tear jerkingly emotional.

    The basic premise of the show may not be all that 'new' but it is the way CHUCK handles its story which makes it good.
    It is funny but not unintentionally. It is silly but because it wants to be.
    AND lastly,
    It is serious and very smart, clearing proving that good writing, polished production and interesting characters played by good actors n actresses make a good show.
    Chuck is literally one of those shows that has gotten more things right than wrong and a show that definitely knows where it is going and how it wants to go there.

    Drama and comedy loving audiences should definitely give this a try but for the spy and action lovers, this is easily a must watch.
  • The main character is awesome, the writing is superb!

    Another show in a long list that I have started watching while in Iraq.

    I have to say that the number one thing that keeps me watching this show is the main character's dialog. While all the other characters perform they lines perfectly, Chuck does his in a way that does not seem scripted at all.

    I especially love when Chuck gets caught in the middle of a spy confrontation. Everyone is busy doing their spy thing while Chuck is just trying to understand what is going on and not get killed.

    I love this show and I can only hope that it can stay successful so that the greedy pot-bellied network execs don't cancel it.
  • Good to see a good show on t.v

    Call me crazy call me silly.
    But i sit and watch this t.v show for two reason it has a co star of firefly in this show and theres hot girls need more to say.

    This show has hot girls who fights and are smart and are not bad actors. I have seen many shows where they try to stick a couple hot girls in a show but they bomb badly.

    Now this show does great in the acting part and is able to keep things simple for the watchers so they don't feel like they have to be smart or anything.

    Another good thing about this is you don't have to watch the whole series to get it you can start watching in the end and still pick up whats happening whats the story line about.

    One nit pick about this show is the fighting it kinda looks like puppets on the strings i would like to see better fighting sequence but for what the show gives out i guess it isn't to bad in the end.

    If your looking for a show with action nerds sci fi romance you should be looking into this show. Its one of those shows people will be talking about in five or ten years. You can't really go wrong with this show.
  • Chuck Bartowski Buy More Employee and all around super spy?? Okay maybe not a super spy but awesome any way.

    I got excited about this show the moment that I saw the previews for it. I'm a James Bond and all around spy fan, so when they actually make a FUNNY version of it with witty scripts, amazing and believable characters and great acting makes Chuck one of the greatest shows this season. I can say enough good things about this show. I love watching shows with new actors that are fresh onto the scene, they seem to want this more then any veteran actors out there.

    Chuck and his best friend Morgan and CIA spy Casey are thee three stooges of our generation. Mixing everything from funny, to sad to hilarious and beyond. They chemistry that they have is something that just seems natural as a neddler in Halo

    The woman of Chuck have more then just a background role, they seem to live and be these characters that they play.

    Chuck is by far my personal favorite for all of tv history.
  • This show is a complete mixture of fantastic nerdy references that combine with super-spyness to make one awesome show!

    I think that someone designed this show specifically for me: a Star Wars loving computer guy. It is chock full of references to some of the best genre things around like: Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Dune, etc. When you combine that with just an average dude getting super computer powers in his brain and forced to team up with an absolutely gorgeous (not to mention AWESOME) super-spy, you end up with a show that most people can relate very well to and can enjoy the humor in.

    I find myself laughing harder and smiling bigger when watching this show than any other in recent memory. It succeeds at walking the line between slap-stick and serious, and I don't want to miss a second!
  • Keep watching, you'll be surprised.

    I caught the first few episodes of Chuck and found myself rather amused. But it was more something I kept on in the background, rather than paid 100% attention to it. I reviewed it as a decent show but I didn't know how I felt about it, my first rating of the show was about an 8. I gave up on the show and wasn't going to come back.

    But then again there are other forces controlling my life. The producer of an audio drama I work for loved Chuck so when I got the chance to check it out again I fell madly in love with the characters and the plot. It's been so well crafted, and it builds so even if you aren't hooked right away give it time, you may well be. I love the light-hearted way they deal with spy stuff as well as the office politics of working in a Best-Buy-type store. The combination of save the world drama with every day comedy blends so well, that is one of the marks of a truly good show. I don't think it will evr hold position as one of the best shows ever, but it's good, better than a lot of th other junk on TV.
  • A new twist on a spy television show!

    Chuck is one of those shows that I really got into from the first episode. Chuck is the reluctant hero who gets thrust into a life of espionage because of the contents of an email. He nervously works through each new event in his life and he is not very graceful when doing so. I like this aspect; it is nice to see a spy that is not perfect.

    The storylines are very unique, each relating to a particular part of what Chuck saw. They keep each episode fresh by balancing Chuck's life in the "Nerd Herd" and his new night life as a spy. His is constantly followed by the FBI and CIA who each have someone guarding him. With the amount of information that was in the initial email, I can see this show continuing for several years (hopefully).
  • Chuck is a show about an underachiever who fate manhandles by downloading all the CIA/NSA secrets into his brain, forcing him into the life of a civillian "spy". A very funny show with some standout performances.

    This show is awesome! Mr. Levi as chuck is multi-talented and somewhat D. Van Dyke in skill set. The music is addictive, the humor fresh...and the action is entertaining. Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame is John Casey The murderous NSA agent slow won over by chuck. Firefly fans will realise that the writers of this show are browncoats too for all the Jayne references. This show suffered do to the writers strike, but returns in its hiatus by being rebroadcast on Scifi on fridays. This is a must see show. Every episode develops these characters more and more. This is a show us geeks can huddle around and dissect for days.
  • Spy shows are far and few when it comes to getting renewals; however, Chuck is one of those shows that can get it for not being too serious on its own part.

    As I said before, spy shows rarely succeed on network television. Few examples exist, such as Alias, but none really go mainstream. Chuck is quite the exception. After watching this season, I realized that this is a spy show that also crosses boundaries. It reaches into other categories; which adds to its survival chances. All the roles are well casted; and, each character is crafted with the right amount of originality, homages, and uniqueness. The development of characters is another accomplishment, as each episode has small changes to each character and their scope also grows. The story lines are both serious and comedic; without losing any importance of either. The show is both serialized and standalone. Watch it to see the progression of the overarching story arc, or enjoy an episode long spy mission. Chuck is one of those shows that has a dualistic nature with a durable cast and filled with hope. It's my favorite new show of this awfully short television season; so, take a watch and get a laugh and/or a thrill.
  • When I first heard about the Computer Nerd who becomes a special agent I thought, "Good another Jake 2.0!" Then I rented the NBC fall preview disc at Blockbuster.

    I saw this before it originally aired on NBC as part of the blockbuster NBC fall preview DVD along with Life, Journeyman, and a 2 minute Bionic Woman preview. Chuck Bartowski a college washout lives with his sister Ellie and her boyfriend Captain Awesome. He absorbs a secret database of intelligence secrets from a joint NSA/CIA database sent to him from an estranged former friend named Bryce Larkin. He meets CIA agent John Casey and NSA Agent Sarah Walker who protect him from those who want to learn their secrets. Chuck and his friend Morgan grimes work at the Buy More along with an under cover Casey, while Sarah works at a local fast food joint. Now Chuck saves the free eleven bucks an hour.
  • A computer geek gets his life turned around when he downloads a super computer into his brain. What's not to like?

    This show is laugh-out-loud funny, and the humor is original, tasteful, and smart. The lead character, Chuck, is so easy to identify with and he alone makes the show worth watching every week, with the other characters just as interesting. The main draw of Chuck is the comedy. It's just so funny. The plot itself is action packed, but not so much as 24; it is suspenseful, but not so much as Lost; it is romantic, but not so much as Grey's Anatomy. rather, it is an easy, fun show to watch, and very easy to get addicted to. Go Chuck!
  • Mild-mannered nerd becomes super-spy. Who'd have thought that it would be good?

    Confession time: I had thought that the ads for Chuck seemed so lame that I was not going to bother with it. I mean, really, it looked stupid, and I mean Caveman stupid. So I decided to tune in for the last couple secs before Heroes, and never worry about a show I was certain would not last the season.

    A couple of weeks ago, I fell victim to a bought of laziness. I was awaiting a show on a satellite channel, and they had some reruns of Chuck on before the show I was waiting for. I did not feel like changing the channel, so I decided "Ah, a half hour shouldn't be too painful. Besides, now I can justify my disdain for this inferior show."

    I can be such a moron at times.

    The show was fantastic. I laughed alot, and the characters were very endearing. The stories (I ended up watching a double-header) were fun and enjoyable. While it helps to have gotten into the show at the beginning, one is able to get caught up fairly quickly by watching a few episodes. Overall, it was a decent show that has a ton of potential. If you are like me and thought this show to be little more than cannon fodder, give it a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • A really good show.

    Ok well I started watching Chuck around the second episode and that was really cool. I liked how Its a comedy but also has a lot of action. Man, Sarah is so hot, shes one of the things I like about the show. also Zack´s character, Chuck is really good. I especially liked the last few episodes. I would recommend this show to anyone that likes comedy action adventure sort of stuff, like rush hour. About a regular guy that gets mixed in with some wrong stuff and he now has a lot of CIA type of info and you know its cool. LIke the series a lot.
  • Hooked!

    Every moment of this show is hilarious. It feels likes it has been at least a season, when its been about only a dozen episodes because they make every episode so packed with different twists and turns, chemistry between characters AND action! Every time I watch an episode I say to myself "How the heck did they come up with this?" It's amazing! I love all the actors and characters the writers have created. The show has been a little influential also, every time I go into Best Buy or Future shop I'm looking out for bugs(no, not the animal kind) and suspicious-looking people. Hehe, it's not as stupid as it sounds.
  • Another spy's show? Not... exactly.

    First time I heard about this show I didn't give it much credit but I decided to watch the premiere out of curiosity and as it turned out it was a really fun hour. I kept watching it and liked it even more every week. Chuck is like a joke about the elegant and high tech spy world we see on TV a lot. What happens when we put a nerd in the middle of this world? How he manages to be a spy without having a clue how to do it? Chuck, the character, is sweet and fun and brave in his own way and I just want to know what happens next with this guy. Hope the strike doesn't affect this show.
  • The show is centered around Chuck Bartowski a normal every day Tech support guy. His ex college roommate sends him a email that brainwashes him and poof he has all kinds of secrets in his head. A hot spy is now assigned to protect him.

    This show is so great on so many levels. It adds to the shows that are showing nerds some love right now. (I guess modern media is calling them Geeks). I am sure real life Tech support guys relate to him, he even comes equipped with a funny looking little car, just like in real life. It nicely combines Techies, romance, humor and international espionage...who knew they would work together.

    The show moves along nicely with plenty of silly humor especially from Chuck's sidekick Morgan.

    The writers do a great job of throwing little extra story lines with co-workers and family.

    There is the possible romantic tension of Chuck and his protecting agent Sarah, but I hope the writers do not make the payoff too far away or too back and forth.

    Its kind of like Revenge of the Nerds meets James Bond.
  • I really like the show because it reminds some of the old Get Smart that I watched when I was a kid. Yes I am really old! I hope they dont make the sub plot to deep with the relationships. Keep it simple and funny.

    I really like the show because it reminds some of the old Get Smart show that I watched when I was a kid. Yes I am really really old! I hope they dont make the sub plot to deep with the relationships between. Keep it simple and funny. I really like the show because it reminds some of the old Get Smart that I watched when I was a kid. Yes I am really old! I hope they dont make the sub plot to deep with the relationships. Keep it simple and funny. I really like the show because it reminds some of the old Get Smart that I watched when I was a kid. Yes I am really old! I hope they dont make the sub plot to deep with the relationships. Keep it simple and funny.
  • A good show.

    Chuck is a nerdy computer tech who has a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain. Chuck soon finds himself recruited by John Casey, a veteran NSA Agent, for espionage work with his new partner Sarah leading Chuck to live a split life of computer geek and secret NSA missions. He must hide his new secret life from his sister and best friend Morgan. This is a good show because its funny and adventurous. Chuck must save the world from terrorist and rogue agents. Chuck must also find out why he was sent the government secrets. Over all a show worth watching.
  • One of the best shows this new season

    I LOVE LOVE this show.
    its very funny....its got awesome actors.
    and the plot is awesome. i was hooked from episode one.
    im rooting for sarah and chuck. cuz we all know those 2 are just adorable together.
    Casey is one of my favorite characters on the show....and i like how he acts like he hates chuck but really deep inside he adores him.
    Bryce is very hot..and im happy he isnt dead. i kinda guessed from the beginning of the show that he wounldnt be dead.
    I cant wait till chuck starts playing again.
    it has been over a month..this writers stike has got to stop
  • The writer's strike is killing me!

    I love this show! But, I just want the writers to, get tired so they'll want to make money again. I also would like it if the producer's gave the writer's some of the royaltys! The show is great. The idea of a dude with a super computer in his brain is GENIUS! I also want it to come back because the episode was a cliffhanger. What happens next? Bring it back! I also can't beleive that the networks are putting full seasons on the internet. The reason the writer's are ticked off, is because they're not getting any of the online royaltys. Thanks for reading. Good bye!
  • A man with a computer brain?

    I admit I didn't watch the first two episodes. I was worried it was going to be totally lame. When I say the blond bomb shell running around half naked I was sure I was going to gag. But waiting for Heroes to come on I decided to watch it. And then I got hooked. Something about Chucks funny cute character got me to stop and watch. I love the idea for the show. I admit it is a little cheesy and has the feel of Charlies Angels but with only one hot babe but I love the humor. Chucks funny witty personality keeps me coming back every week!
  • A computer geek unknowingly downloaded the whole government top secrets into his brain, after receiving an email from an ex-Stanford friend. With the help of two top government agents (CIA and NSA), Team Chuck Bartowski is saving the world at $11/hour.

    CHUCK is cleverly smacked with action, comedy, and romance. It made its ways to become my best friend on Monday nights; it's something to look forward to at the beginning of a new week. I was hooked by episode 3. Every week, viewers get a little (balanced) piece of everything as the story progresses on our hero's love life that keeps us on the edges of our seats with growing tensions. The cast is a superb bunch. They each share great chemistry with one another (of course, especially Zachary and Yvonne - WOW that breathtaking kiss!), not to mention hot looking bunch. I have to say the writers are very creative with Chuck. There are so many possibilities they can go with in aspects of the Chuck/Sarah relationship and the CIA/NSA behind closed doors. All in all, I'm definitely finding this a truly entertaining show that is worth watching. Fresh faces in a fresh type of show. I would have given CHUCK a complete 10.0, if only there would be more Casey and less of Morgan though. Casey's clever sarcasm is my type of humor!
  • Chuck gets forced into working with agents to take down villans.

    I really like Chuck...there is nothing else like it on tv. I love the play with Chuck and Sara and Sara's struggle with her feelings for Chuck and Bryce. The show is hilarious and heart-breaking and an adrenaline just has it all... Morgan is freaking awesome:) Seriously, I freaking love him... I also love Casey but I can't believe that he got orders to "terminate" Chuck!!! I'm interested to see if he'll actually be able to do it-but I hope he doesn't because I really like the team of Sara, Chuck, and Casey. All in all Chuck is an AWESOME show and I haven't missed an episode:)
  • Review

    I love the mix of drama and comedy in this show. I think this show (along with LOST being my prime example of this) really works well with the new characters that we dont really know from any other show. Baldwin has been in some good shows before, but the rest of the cast is primarly unknown. I think the show has had a few bad epsiodes, but that can be easily understood with a standalone mission by mission epsiode format. Some cases will interest some while others will turn off another bunch of us. I thinkt he show has really stepped up since the "Alma Matter" episode and I think that the show continues to improve week in and week out and I cant wait for it to return from this current hiatus that it's on.
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