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  • A good show.

    Chuck is a nerdy computer tech who has a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain. Chuck soon finds himself recruited by John Casey, a veteran NSA Agent, for espionage work with his new partner Sarah leading Chuck to live a split life of computer geek and secret NSA missions. He must hide his new secret life from his sister and best friend Morgan. This is a good show because its funny and adventurous. Chuck must save the world from terrorist and rogue agents. Chuck must also find out why he was sent the government secrets. Over all a show worth watching.
  • One of the best shows this new season

    I LOVE LOVE this show.
    its very funny....its got awesome actors.
    and the plot is awesome. i was hooked from episode one.
    im rooting for sarah and chuck. cuz we all know those 2 are just adorable together.
    Casey is one of my favorite characters on the show....and i like how he acts like he hates chuck but really deep inside he adores him.
    Bryce is very hot..and im happy he isnt dead. i kinda guessed from the beginning of the show that he wounldnt be dead.
    I cant wait till chuck starts playing again.
    it has been over a month..this writers stike has got to stop
  • The writer's strike is killing me!

    I love this show! But, I just want the writers to, get tired so they'll want to make money again. I also would like it if the producer's gave the writer's some of the royaltys! The show is great. The idea of a dude with a super computer in his brain is GENIUS! I also want it to come back because the episode was a cliffhanger. What happens next? Bring it back! I also can't beleive that the networks are putting full seasons on the internet. The reason the writer's are ticked off, is because they're not getting any of the online royaltys. Thanks for reading. Good bye!
  • A man with a computer brain?

    I admit I didn't watch the first two episodes. I was worried it was going to be totally lame. When I say the blond bomb shell running around half naked I was sure I was going to gag. But waiting for Heroes to come on I decided to watch it. And then I got hooked. Something about Chucks funny cute character got me to stop and watch. I love the idea for the show. I admit it is a little cheesy and has the feel of Charlies Angels but with only one hot babe but I love the humor. Chucks funny witty personality keeps me coming back every week!
  • A computer geek unknowingly downloaded the whole government top secrets into his brain, after receiving an email from an ex-Stanford friend. With the help of two top government agents (CIA and NSA), Team Chuck Bartowski is saving the world at $11/hour.

    CHUCK is cleverly smacked with action, comedy, and romance. It made its ways to become my best friend on Monday nights; it's something to look forward to at the beginning of a new week. I was hooked by episode 3. Every week, viewers get a little (balanced) piece of everything as the story progresses on our hero's love life that keeps us on the edges of our seats with growing tensions. The cast is a superb bunch. They each share great chemistry with one another (of course, especially Zachary and Yvonne - WOW that breathtaking kiss!), not to mention hot looking bunch. I have to say the writers are very creative with Chuck. There are so many possibilities they can go with in aspects of the Chuck/Sarah relationship and the CIA/NSA behind closed doors. All in all, I'm definitely finding this a truly entertaining show that is worth watching. Fresh faces in a fresh type of show. I would have given CHUCK a complete 10.0, if only there would be more Casey and less of Morgan though. Casey's clever sarcasm is my type of humor!
  • Chuck gets forced into working with agents to take down villans.

    I really like Chuck...there is nothing else like it on tv. I love the play with Chuck and Sara and Sara's struggle with her feelings for Chuck and Bryce. The show is hilarious and heart-breaking and an adrenaline just has it all... Morgan is freaking awesome:) Seriously, I freaking love him... I also love Casey but I can't believe that he got orders to "terminate" Chuck!!! I'm interested to see if he'll actually be able to do it-but I hope he doesn't because I really like the team of Sara, Chuck, and Casey. All in all Chuck is an AWESOME show and I haven't missed an episode:)
  • Review

    I love the mix of drama and comedy in this show. I think this show (along with LOST being my prime example of this) really works well with the new characters that we dont really know from any other show. Baldwin has been in some good shows before, but the rest of the cast is primarly unknown. I think the show has had a few bad epsiodes, but that can be easily understood with a standalone mission by mission epsiode format. Some cases will interest some while others will turn off another bunch of us. I thinkt he show has really stepped up since the "Alma Matter" episode and I think that the show continues to improve week in and week out and I cant wait for it to return from this current hiatus that it's on.
  • This show is one word-FRESH

    Refreshingly new, TV has been waiting for a show like this, it's been a while since a show came out that had such potential, Chuck is that show you start liking after the first ten-fifteen minutes and that's a good quality in show. The plot is unfolding quite nicely, the Bryce twist was amazing and the last episode before Christmas break still has on edge. Since so much has happened in the first half of the first season it has me wondering what's in store for Chuck and is it going to be good or bad? Hats off to you Chuck and best wishes.
  • A female agent meets a super hero male and they fall in love each other.

    I saw couple episodes of it it's not bad i'll admit but could be more original it kinda reminds of the spy who loved me though I never saw it I have only seen 3 episodes it is alright not the best it came out this year but Avatar, Heroes, etc. have came out in 2004, 2005, and 2007 and there popular maybe this might get popular sometime in the future but for now I am not really much of a fan of this. so I give this a 7.8 for now maybe next season or so I will change my reveiw.
  • Chuck is in luck.

    He's in luck because I am a fan. I like the idea about a normal guy being given all this information that he needs clues to get. I also don't think that the friend isn't too bad looking and I am not gay The friend makes the show funny and is the nice comedic back up. I also noticed that this show is probably made more for the audience that I fit into, male teens and young adults. This is because of all the well endowed females scantily clad in all of the episodes. I watch every Friday. Yay Females!
  • A great new show!!

    Edit: December 2, 2007.

    This show is absolutely amazing. I'm rewriting my review because I love this show so much. I haven't been excited to see the next episode of a tv series since the OC days. I love Chuck Bartowski because he's a person you end up rooting for. He's charming, witty, funny, and Zachary Levi does a great job portraying a harmless geek. I love Sarah Walker because her character is so complex and mysterious. Yvonne, where the hell did they find her?, Strahovski is drop dead gorgeous and a great actress. I love John Casey for his sarcastic remarks and his hippy one liners. Adam Baldwin, I hope you found a show that doesn't end up getting cancelled five episodes in the season. I love Morgan Grimes because he is exactly what a geek could find in a best friend: someone to play video games with and be there for you. Joshua Gomez plays Morgan perfectly. I love Ellie Bartowski because she is such a big part of Chuck's life and I would love to have her as an older sister. Sarah Lancaster plays the sister role really well and is very cute. I love Devon(Cpt. Awesome) because he is just plain awesome. Ryan McPartlin, you're probably just as awesome as Captain Awesome himself. I love Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak for creating such a charming show that has a mix of comedy, drama, romance, and action which includes great music. I love the casting directors who casted such wonderful actors and actresses who have great chemistry on screen. I love the writers for making the characters so loveable, and I love Josh Schwartz for bringing Rachel Bilson back on screen because we all know she needs to get more exposure besides the OC because she's a wonderful actress. I hope to see this show grow successfully and it would be a shame if NBC were to never renew this show for another season. Here's to a second season!
  • I can never wait for the next episode!

    Chuck is a truly genuine and original show, that's always filled with many surprising twists and not so surprising, but enjoyable twists. The witty humor from producer Josh Schwartz really shows through many of his characters, especially in Chuck and in Casey. This show has also produced some solid support characters as well, such as the 'awkward' Morgan, the odd Nerd Herd and the 'nemesis' Bryce Larkin. Right now I believe that Chuck is really under appreciated, despite its high quality. Hopefully in the near future this show will win many awards and get picked up in many more countries. We can only hope that it gets picked up for a second season!
  • Forget the review I wrote earlier!

    Please forget about that review I wrote earlier on the show because then I thought it was just okay but now its practicaly one of my favorite shows! I wrote in my other review that it has to improve and that it is just okay and that it wasn't worth getting he season on DVD. I was extremely wrong. The show has greatly improved and it has by far exceeded the mark for me to get it on DVD. Now the episodes are intense and funny and heart-warming in a way. So if you just saw the first couple of episodes and stopped watching it go back and watch it. I'm so happy I didn't give up on Chuck!
  • My new best friend, guilty pleasure

    When I first heard about this show preceding the high caliber Heroes I was a little skeptical. I mean Deal or No Deal did o.k. and that's not saying a lot really, but, after seeing and experiencing this show I'm glad I was wrong.

    I love the mix of comedy, reality, and fantasy that goes on through the entire show. Chuck is probably one of the funniest characters on t.v. and you can't help but to like what he's all about. New comer Yvonne Strahovski is as brilliant as she is beautiful and I'm hoping to see more of her even outside the shows boundaries. Adam Baldwin, well there's no need to go there, one of the best talents television has since over the last decade. After hearing of the show being picked up for a full seeing I'm am looking forward to a new favorite to add to my list for years to come.

    Great work NBC!
  • A spy show that can't be taken too seriously. It's like a modern day Get Smart. Spy capers with comedy & romance mixed in. And who doesn't LOVE Chuck?!

    This episode starts where the last 1 left off. With the discovery of Bryce! Sarah's ex-love & partner & Chuck's ex-friend & nemisis. Bryce is awakened to insist that he is still 1 of the good guys & not a rogue agent. Chuck flashes on Operation Sand Wall & believes Bryce is on the level. Chuck is trying to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with his friends & family when Bryce shows up. Chuck tells Sarah that Bryce is in his bedroom. She goes to talk to him & he kisses her. Chuck sees them kissing & is sad. Poor, cute, Chuck! Bryce escapes only to be shot, in the vest, by Casey, the male agent. Bryce tells them all that the bad guys are after him because they believe He is the one that has the downloaded gov files in his brain. He wants to turn himself into the real CIA. Chuck suggests doing that at the Buy More store where he works as a computer fix it geek. The bad guys show up instead & mayhem insues. The store is cleared & Casey shots it out with the bad guys. Sarah & Bryce show up just in the knick of time to save the day. Bryce tells them that the CIA want him to go back under deep cover to get the bad guys so Bryce would offically be dead & moving on. Later that night, Bryce calls. He's going to ask Sarah to go with him but at the same time, Chuck calls. Who's call will Sarah answer? I bet she'll chose Chuck, she's already begun to fall for him & the show is called Chuck afterall!!
  • Chuck is a new comedy with a bit of action and drama mixed together for a fun show to watch by everybody.

    Chuck is a very smart man who was on his way in making a name for himself when he gets kicked out of Stanford and now has to work at Buy More as a computer repair man and live with his sister and her boyfriend. Chuck gets a mysterious email from his old friend Bryce and opens it to discover he downloaded a NCI database of all their secrets. Now Casey and Sarah are both watching him and using his information to get the bad guys and save the day. However, it is not easy when Chuck is not trained in being a spy and gets into more trouble than he realizes. Trying to have a normal life in hard enough but when you have to work for the government and can't tell your sister or best friend must be hard. Sarah and Chuck are cute together and it having to have a fake relationship is easy to do when they both like each other. Will they ever go on a real date is what everybody wants to know. Casey is great in this new show and you want to hate him for all the things he puts Chuck though but you can't. I hope Casey now considers Chuck his friend and won't be able to cancel him if he ever gets the green light from his boss. Chuck is a terrific show and great cast. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Has only gotten better and better...

    I have to admit that the only reason I started watching Chuck was primarily because of Yvonne Strahovski, aka Sarah Walker. As a guy how can I ignore a show with in my opinion one of the most beautiful new actresses in Hollywood. A

    Anyways, the more I watched the show the more I started to enjoy it for the show itself. It's not your typical serious CSI, detective type show that tend to be very successful, it adds in more elements.

    The humor/comedy help make it a family show as well which caters to an even larger demographic I feel. It has something for everyone really and I hope it sticks around for a long time.
  • Good but getting a little stale

    It seems every week the episode is the same. Chuck flashes, Casey and Sarah try to capture the bad guys, Chuck gets caught in the middle, and Sarah and Casey rescue him. Bad guy then goes to jail/gets killed. And somewhere during the episode Chuck is at Buy More talking to Morgan. For the love of God could you please change things up a bit? And the episode this past Monday with Bryce being raised from the dead? Very, very predictable. As that coming when they showed the previews last week. Hopefully when this writer's strike is over they will come up with better material.
  • A great mix of action, comedy, and drama.

    When I first heard the premise of this show I wasn't very intrigued. A computer repairmen turned spy? I just didn't think it would be interesting. I was pleasantly surprised, Chuck is turning out to be my favorite new show of the season. Its the perfect combination of action spy thriller, and comedic drama, probably closer to comedy than drama. The action scenes are very well done and remind me a little bit of Alias. The comedy writing is impressive, the witty one liners are great, and Morgan makes the perfect slacker sidekick. I can't wait to see where this show takes us.
  • Lovable computer nerd's brain gets turned into a secret government super computer and helps agents with missions.

    This show makes me happy! I love it! I jog to this show every monday at the gym... I swear it makes 4 miles seem like nothing cause I enjoy it so much. It is just plain likable! I REALLY hope it gets picked up for a full season and then a second one. Because it just makes me happy. :) I'll watch it, buy it, or whatever... just keep it!!! Please NBC!! Everyone loves a good spy comedy! Levi is perfect for the roll and makes Chuck a really likable guy that anyone would like to know. You are always rooting for him... and I will be till the future of this show is secure!
  • Chuck has fast become my favorite TV show, pulling at my heart-strings every episode and keeping me addicted.

    First watching Chuck, I felt like I'd been here and seen this. It was a lot like Alias crossed with Jake 2.0, but with a new twist. Chuck is a lovable character, along with his best friend Morgan, anything can happen and for Chuck everything does. After an email from his ex-friend Bryce, Chuck has the intersect downloaded into his brain, he essentially becomes the most important thing to America's secret services. Two agents from the two agencies are set to handle Chuck.

    What follows is 'everything that can happen, will happen, and right when it shouldn't'.

    Chuck's personal life suffers the most with his new double-life, and this is the hard part. The shot of both sides of Chuck is what makes this show a must watch, it brings out a sense of reality that seems almost unreal.
  • Amazing Stuff!

    Chuck is about young spies destined to save anyone in need. It's chock-ful of comedy, romance,action, and even more humor. The actors are absolutely sensational and they play their parts extremely well. Chuck is a computer geek that came upon goverment information...and it got downloaded into his brain. Lol. He is an undercover spy that has a "gift" to help him with that certain job. Undercover job equals undercover relationships. At the beginning Chuck and his other half (well, she better be his half later on, at least) Sarah are in the course of having an undercover love life (for the sake of their spy job, of course.)Well, I gues I shouldn't spoil it for you, but trust me. WaTcH ThIs to keep the ratings up! The best show this channel has had in a long time, imo.
  • Chuck is awesome! Makes a great start to the week

    Chuck is my favourite TV series, probably of all time. I consider myself a bit of a nerd, so something celebrating nerdom (for want of a better word) is absolutely fantastic!

    I love the humour of the show, the action adds a nice touch (although the whole serious spy nature of the series is always being underminded - computer stealing ninjas? - I think it suits the character of the series better) and I lovelovelove the characters! The characters are for the most part hugely endearing, and it's just the way that the whole series is so unlikely in its combinations (nerd hero + spy?) that makes it a really light hearted and fun series to watch.

    To put it in Devon's words: Chuck is awesome!
  • Great stuff.

    "Chuck" is a terrific new show that, I admit, was a little slow in the first episode. Since then, it has really picked up. The show wonderfully mixes in comedy and action, making us laugh with the subtle jokes and sit at the edge of our seats in anticipation of where the action will take us.

    Yvonne Strzechowski is likeable (and hottttt) as Chuck's pretend girlfriend/spy, while Adam Baldwin keeps us laughing with his little quips about Chuck. Even the mini sub-plot of Morgan and company in the Buy More can be entertaining at times.

    "Chuck" is an entertaining hour of television that deserves to get picked up for another season (and another after that...). Watch it while you can!...if the writer's strike ruins television, you'll have regretted missing "Chuck" (strike as of Nov. 2007).
  • This show is just great. Total awesomeness.

    This show is one of the best new shows of the fall. It combines smart, sexy, and comedy along with romance and mystery. Its sort of like a "dramedance". If you like comedies with drama and romance intertwined, you'll love this show. It is about a character named Chuck who works with the CIA and NSA to catch terrorists and stop major disasters. The CIA agent, Sarah Walker, is smart, sexy, and tough and is also developing a relationship with Chuck. Casey, an NSA agent, is a tough, smart-talking, sour tounged, sarcastic agent who is always on the lookout. I think this show is great for anyone who loves mixed show, like Boston Legal.
  • Chuck is a witty comedic drama written intentionally (and effectively) over the top and unbelievable.

    Chuck is great. There's a great mix of everything in this series written by the guy behind The OC. Josh Schwartz has taken everything that worked well in the The OC and put it into Chuck. Imagine Seth Cohen with his own series and this is what you get. Car chases, attractive girls and an over-the-top plot have been thoughtfully and carefully blended together to make for ingenious comedic tv watching. An everyday nerd working for the government with one hardball watcher and another watcher who he is developing a love interest for (and it doesn't go unreturned). A repetitious plot made better- and funnier.
  • Chuck is about an average guy named Chuck who works at Buy More's Nerd Herd. Chuck checks his email and opens a message from old college buddy Bryce Larkin. When he opens the email, goverment secrets are dowloaded into his brain.

    One of the best new shows of the year! A definite must see. I personally set my Tivo to record every episode. Chuck is full of humor like Chuck ordering Sizzling Shrimp and having it delivered to their stakeout car. Chuck is full of great characters like Chuck's geeky best friend Morgan, his supportive sister Ellie and her boyfriend Captain Awesome, and the mysterious government agents Casey and Sarah. Chuck has a job fixing computers at a store called Buy More, which is just like the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Their is a new villian every week. Chuck gets better with each episode.
  • Chuck receives an e-mail containing all the NSA/CIA secrets. After opening it, all the information is downloaded into his mind. Protected by gov't agents, he tries to cope with the pressures of being a hero, and protecting his family by keeping it secret.

    This show was recommended to me by a friend, and while on a long business trip, I started watching downloaded episodes. I was hooked from the very start. The show entertains by mixing a variety of comedy, drama, and action/adventure. For me, every character brings something to the table. Chuck is very likeable, and I find myself pulling for him to make more of himself every week. Sarah Walker (CIA Agent protecting him and posing as his girlfriend) is a lethal combination of beauty, brains and fighting skill. Major John Casey provides dry humor through his raw style and repeated anger towards his cover as a Buy More salesman. Ellie, Chuck's sister is sometimes annoying to me, but, very easy on the eyes, so therefore tolerable. I really like his best friend Morgan. He takes the slacker mentality to a whole new level. I also like Captain Awesome. His comments are often ridiculous, and funny as he adds the term "awesome" to almost every phrase he utters.

    I think that what makes this show great is that it refuses to be completely serious. Chuck provides comic relief to Sarah and Casey's situations. Morgan finds a way to provide comic relief to Chuck's situations. Also the car chases, the fight sequences, and the beautiful women keep me on the edge of my seat. Also the romantic tension building between Chuck and Sarah is fun to watch. There is hope out there for the Nerds of the world.

    So far my main concern is that it doesn't have the viewership to be picked up for a full season. The writer's strike also puts this show in jeopardy of losing momentum. I hope that doesn't happen. This show is quickly moving up to my favorite. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that you check out the Pilot. If that doesn't sell it for you, I don't know what will.
  • The good idea of this TV Show is the main characotr that have an important state secrets whom makin him important for the states power.

    I think that charactor ''Chuck'' should change a bit ,He should be more self confident and start taking moves with Sara, He realy fell for her Ithink he should go on tnd get her.
    And when one of Chuck friends will found out about is new job as a spy.

    he is cool but is charactor has a totaly geek its not right ,
    but him dating Chuck sister Eli its not right either,
    hope its just an idea ran throw my mine beacuse she is totaly HOT!!

    Casey i belive we about to find out that he is with the bad guys i don't know why but i got this feeling =[
  • Seth Cohen like character mets Alias like spy-world. This equals classic.

    I've been looking for a action/comedy show since I started gettng into T.V. shows. I watched the O.C. and knew that Josh Schwartz meant a good show that was thankfully hilarious, so when I heard he was up to a comedy/action show...I had to watch. I've been in tears of laughter since they started. All the characters are funny and keep me happy to watch. Chuck and Morgan have a friendship that I can totally relate to, so thats a definite plus. I hope that show will last and not get cut off like The O.C. just when it was getting good again. Keep this show alive!
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