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  • Seth Cohen like character mets Alias like spy-world. This equals classic.

    I've been looking for a action/comedy show since I started gettng into T.V. shows. I watched the O.C. and knew that Josh Schwartz meant a good show that was thankfully hilarious, so when I heard he was up to a comedy/action show...I had to watch. I've been in tears of laughter since they started. All the characters are funny and keep me happy to watch. Chuck and Morgan have a friendship that I can totally relate to, so thats a definite plus. I hope that show will last and not get cut off like The O.C. just when it was getting good again. Keep this show alive!
  • Funny, with likable characters and nice ideas, one of my favorites

    After watching the pilot I was not sure what to make of the series. On one hand there was this ridiculous story, where a guy steals the whole CIA/NSA database onto his handy and when he is caught sends it per email(about how many GB are we talking here) to an old college buddy. When that guy opens the mail it is downloaded into his brain. That really hurt...

    On the other hand, I really had a good laugh, the jokes were funny and I liked the characters.

    Now after a few episodes, that feeling has changed a bit.
    Still, there are some glitches in the "logic/physics" department, but only minor ones. But I usually have a good laugh in each show, the jokes are very nice, the characters likable, the acting is good(I am a huge fan of Adam Baldwin since Firefly). Also it is important to mention that the show does not take itself too serious, so a few glitches are probably in order.

    So, if you are not too much annoyed by the pilot story and some other minor glitches, I can really recommend it. It is a light and funny spy story, you won't regret it.
  • One man with all the secrets of the USA and two agents sent to protect him, awesome all the way around!

    I caught the third episode on a replay Sunday afternoon and I couldn't wait to see the first two! I got to my computer and instantly downloaded all the available episodes through itunes. I cannot even tell you how much it was worth it! This show has everything a growing person needs, romance, adventure, spys, and of course cool gadgets! The characters continue to grow and advance from where we saw them at the start of the series, Chuck in particular. I have also noticed the subtle effect that Chuck is having on Sarah and Casy(to some extent anyways). The continual sexual and emotional tension between Chuck and Sarah is a great and I cannot wait to see where it goes. Chucks sister Ellie, captain awesome, and Morgan all add the special; family and friend aspect to the show which is refreshing. Overall the show is awesome and the story line is complete. Anyone can tell that the writers are having a blast with the characters and the world the Chuck opens up. I cannot wait to continue and eventually finish the season!
  • Chuck has made Monday my new favourite day of the week. I look forward to each episode; with its original plot and fresh characters and actors. I love the regular guy needed to save the world. Bringing a nerd into the world of espionage, genius.

    I really love Chuck. The series is really fresh and funny; really entertaining. Zachary Levi has natural talent; his facial expressions kill me everytime. The character Chuck was tailor-made for Levi. Can't imagine anybody else playing him. Love the supporting cast and spy stunts. The potiential love interest with Sarah is riveting to watch. I love the fact that Chuck REMAINS a regular guy and is always himself even though he's a secret spy. Cool beans. We can live vicariously through him and his experiences since viewers can relate to an Average Joe like Chuck. He has so much going on with family life and Buy More co-workers and now he has secret spy missions. I can't wait for future episodes!!! Chuck rocks!!!
  • This is a great premis and a pretty good show...but they are walking a fine line that could go bad very quickly if the producers don't pay attention.

    This really is a GREAT show and a clever premis. Who doesn't love a good "fish out of water" concept? Throw in some great spy stuff, action, and a few goofy nerds and you've got a good show.

    It's good because it doesn't take itself too seriously...most of the time. The show only fails in the moments they are trying to sell something "serious", like anytime the military higher-ups are giving an assignment. These feel like the ultimate LAME moments of the show. Staged poorly and worthless moments that more likeable characters could deliver.

    Overall, the show will be great with some minor modifications. If the network will give it time to mature, CHUCK could become a favorite show of millions.
  • Best news show of Fall 2007! I am head over heels in love with Chuck, both the show and the character.

    I am head over heels in love with Chuck, both the show and the character. If you haven't seen it, Chuck is about this lovable nerd whose former roommate from college that ruined both stole his girl and got him kicked out of school turned spy and sent him all of the NSA and CIA's secrets. Said secrets are now downloaded into Chuck's brain and the NSA and CIA are both tracking him undercover and using him to catch baddies all while trying to live his normal life working in the Nerd Herd at a pseudo-Best Buy. It's a complicated plot, but it is very well done. And of course, Chuck has the required hot chick for Chuck to have sexual tension with (the CIA agent), the tough guy foil (the NSA agent played by Adam Baldwin - one of my favs) and the dorky best friend who doesn't have a clue (and I adore Morgan almost as much as I do Chuck). Watch it, TiVo it, do whatever you need to see this show. I can't decide if this is my favorite new show, or my new favorite show. But I'm worried because there is an unsettling trend of canceling shows I love, so fingers crossed that Chuck makes it.
  • Like watching a great movie every week.

    This one made my "Must Watch Fall 07" List mainly because of the plot. I enjoy shows that are more than just Soap Operas with good writing. I like a little touch of the Supernatural or Unusual. After seeing the pilot for Chuck I was blown away at how good this show is. The sharp colorful visuals, and the good balance of comedy and action are the kind of things you expect from a great movie with a gigantic budget and yet each Chuck episode manages to pull this stuff off so far. I also like the actors and their characters quite alot, except for Chuck's friend Morgan. I think the character is good, but the actor comes off as annoying. However that is just 1 negative point among many positive. Oh, and I guess the head of the NSA and the head of the CIA being together on the conference calls is kind of lame too, but oh well.

    Chuck is a good mix of action and comedy, i like a lot of things about this show from Morgan the completely dependent and frankly Chuck obsessed friend to the predictable replys from Captain Awesome along with the inter agency squables from Sarah and Casey, the storys flow nicely and the little flashes of info that are triggered when he see certain images or hears keywords is a interesting way to reveal that episodes plot as the story unfolds,
    Overal Chuck is a great show with lots of potential its well acted, well directed and has a good look and feel to it.
  • One of the best new comedies out this season!

    Chuck was relatively unknown to me until I saw the ads and publicity it was getting. In my opinion Chuck has got to be one of the funniest shows on television at the moment. The scenarios Chuck finds himself in, his reactions to them as well as the antics of best friend Morgan make an enjoyable viewing experience. Chuck is a geeky, comical computer Technician at the local Buy More, his life takes a total change one day as he is told that he has a whole database of government secrets downloaded into his brain. NSA agent Casey and undercover CIA agent Sarah are assigned to protect Chuck and complete missions with him.

    All of a sudden Chuck finds himself solving major problems and is involved in important spy missions. As well as his spy missions Chuck is still working his day job at the buy-more under the supervision of agent Casey and Sarah for $11 bucks an hour.

    If an original, hilarious programme is what you're looking for then give this show a chance, watch it!
  • An interesting and exciting show!

    The Show is about Chuck Bartowski, who leads a rather inconspicuous life. At his birthday he receives an E-Mail from his old friend Bryce Larkin, who works as a spy. As Chuck opens the E-Mail secrets of the government are saved on his brain. Since there is no back-up, the secret organizations NSA and CIA send their agents (John Casey and Sarah Kent) to recruit Chuck. Now Chucks whole life changes because he has to be a secret agent.

    I really like this show! It's one of my favorites from the new shows of this fall season. In my opinion Chuck is very likeable and also his friend Morgan. They achieve that this drama-based show gets an influence of comedy and I really appreciate that.
    The Story is well written and the choice of the actors is also very good. Since it is an interesting and exciting show, I hope that Chuck won't get canceled so soon.
  • Chuck is a fun show.

    This is something new on TV right now. Chuck has accidentaly down loaded a bunch of top secret information sent to him by an old college buddy. Now he is being watched over by a gorgeous CIA angent and a very surly NSA agent. I was hooked after the first episode, there are some great characters, not just chuck. Adam Baldwin is great as Agent John Casey, he is so great at being the tough surly guy. Joshua Gomez is so funny as Morgan, Chucks best friend, the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so funny: The Morgan door. The ensemble cast is great, they managed to put a fun group of people together, the finished product is really good!
  • A very witty and original show

    Chuck has defiantly grown on me this last few weeks with it's nerdy mixture of humour and day to day spoofs which make this show worth watching. Chuck a talented underachiever receives an email which automatically downloads a database of government secrets into his brain, then with the help of two security rivals fight over who will take ownership of him. Zachary Levi who plays Chuck, is right for the part with his charm and huour plays a completely different role as to Kipp in Less Than Perfect.

    As with all pilots that show started off slow and we were all left as to where the show might be going but it's full steam ahead on the U.S Chuck.
  • The stressful life of a computer tech.

    I felt a strong connection within the first minutes of this show. Chuck trying to escape from his own birthday... yeah can understand that. I try to hide with a few good friends every year as well. Anyway, back on topic. I have to admit that I started to watch the series as I saw Adam Baldwin on the list of the cast (I loved him on the Firefly show). A show like this is difficult in my opinion. It is so easy to slip and fall into stupid lame joking and overdoing all the cliché things that comes with the whole nerd/spy thing. But the crew manages to keep the series on track. Lots of great geek moments with good timing on the jokes, action that is funny without becoming silly and telling the story at a good pace are the key to keep the viewers attention.
    Another big thank you goes to those responsible for the casting here. It is very important that the chemistry of the crew works for a show like this and by god it does here.

    All in all a great show that seems to get better and better.
  • It gets better with every episode

    It gets better with every episode, has hot women all in the show. His buddy at Buy More is like my best friend, i like this show, and i look forward to it every Monday,Not Heroes. This is is pretty creative in how they set the show, how they put the pilot out there, you know people like this show because they have a new intro to the show. Just like 'til death this show always makes me laugh. And how they compare the Nerd Heard and Buy More to Geek Squad and Best Buy is great, I like this show.
  • Love it. I'm happy to have a show like this to follow up on. XD

    Out of all the new series I would have to say this is my favorite. I laugh so much when i watch this show. The cast is perfect, my only problem is Chuck's friend, I don't like him. But the rest were casted to perfection. I love it how Chuck stays like Chuck, he doesnt go all spy and whatnot on us. I hope that he will continue as he is.

    My only concern is if the writers will be able to keep the show going without letting it 'drag' on. If the plot will change or if it will be him, Sarah and Casey fighting whoever forever. Well, in conclusion I think this show is great! XD
  • I love this show! it's exactly what i needed! FANTASTIC.

    This show is awesome! exactly what i was looking for! the whole cute, yet intelligent main character. He's so lovable! And so is his funny, outspoken friend...perfect! And the whole evasive relationship between Chuck and Sarah. This show makes me laugh so hard! I totally was not expecting it after reading the plot. This is definitely the only show this year that i'll be roooting for! It has really improved over the first three episodes, and it's such a show for everyone! The plot could probably get very messy though...let's just hope that the writers can keep up the good work.
  • Chuck, a regular guy who works at an electronics store.All he does is fix computers until... and old College roomate who works for the CIA sends him an e-mail.It contains all top which goes to his brain.He now has a super computer in his brain.

    I liked this show from the beggining. I gave it a chance because I was waiting for Heroes to start and ended up loving it. I like the comedy in it and the fact that hes in the Nerd herd in Buy More,just like the Geeks Squad in Best Buy. I think it has the potential to be a hit show, and i think its a little different from some of the other shows that are out there. I like the weird guy who is always following him though i can't remember his name. He's a funny character that goes overboard with his surveillance of Chuck.
  • An underachieving niced guy accidentally downloads the sole copy of secret CIA intelligence into his brain.

    If Monday night is "revenge of the nerds" night as a recent item in my local newspaper indicated the lead off series is Chuck. When Chuck receives the CIA's most secret information is he hustled off to Guantanamo for intense interrogation? No, in Josh Swartz (THE OC) world, he is assigned a beautiful CIA agent who acts as his girlfriend and a NSA thug who keeps an eye on his counterpart (and their new top asset) as well as acting as a bodyguard for Chuck.
    Zachary Levi plays chuck who is supposed to be a nerd but is out shown in that by Joshua Gomez as Morgan who provides a comic foil for Chuck. Yvonne Strzechowski as the beautiful blond CIA agent provides sexual tension for Chuck as well a mean karate kick or two. The addition of Sarah Lancaster (Everwood and what about Brian) as Chuck's big sister brightens the scene and provides Chuck with a character it interact with and discuss his trial and tribulations without revealing his biggest secret.
    Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Serenity) as the NSA officer rounds out this barely functional team guarding our Nation's security. With everything said, this series deserves a chance. The characters interact in mostly predictable ways but the acting is believable and the scripts generally save a surprise for the ending.
  • Excellent

    Comedy, Action and very sexy woman! What else could you want from a show? Good actors? This has that as well. Its different, action packed, funny and the woman in it are so HOT. I can see great things from this show but as I have experienced in the past that counts for nothing and I can see this show falling at 5, if it even gets that far. They take away all the best shows. If anybody cares for good tv they will stop watching reality tv Sh*t and tune in to this, we might just get a full season yet.
  • Redefining the sitcom as we know it.

    This is a comedy first and foremost. Comparisons to other drama shows are irrelevant because that's not the premise of the show. When you think of sitcoms, what do you visualize? People hanging out in an apartment, house, work, or restaurant, making (occasionally) witty comments about life while having various romantic escapades. That pretty much defines every sitcom ever made. But what if the life the characters were leading was slightly less common?

    Two new shows this season wondered that same question. Chuck and Reaper. Make no mistake, these are sitcoms, even if they don't fit into the half-hour format or fall into the standard cookie-cutter sitcom routine. Unfortunately, many viewers get it in their head that a show has to be a certain way if its an hour long or contains a lot of action. Thus, many viewers go into the show with the wrong expectations and leave disappointed.

    We should applaud the brave producers and networks who throw aside the conventions and dare to try new things. Put away your preconceived notions, open your mind, and try to see the show for what it really is: a comedy with a splash of action/adventure.
  • great show

    I'm impressed after seeing the first episode. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the season. I feel this show will become a big hit. I really love the humor shown in the show. It's nice to see a comedy that I actually care about watching. Chuck is an excellent character, he's an ordinary guy that gets entangled in the world of espionage. It's a great hook. The agents themselves look serious, but you don't have to think about how accurate real spies are since this is a comedy. Spies are made to look smart with some james bond like qualities in them. It's really entertaining. It's a great show.
  • With "nerds" now being commonplace in today's pop culture, it was only a matter of time until a show came along to demonstrate that.

    Computers, underground government secrets, blatant references to Best Buy... it was only a matter of time before a show like this came around.

    Chuck is your average graduate student working at the tech help center of a computer store when he inadvertently acquires the government's secrets in one nifty e-mail attachment. Choas can only follow. So far, "Chuck" seems like a pretty average, yet enjoyable, new show, that reminds me of previous "protagonists without a clue" characters such as Inspector Gadget or RocketMan. Similarly, some of the jokes, mostly delivered by the sidekick of the series, are pretty standard and expected, but that certainly doesn't make the show downright un-viewable.

    Aside from the clueless factor, the second thing that drives this show is the interaction between the straight-laced agent, Chuck, and the potential love interest and other agent. With all of them arguing over what to do with the information now stored inside Chuck, the results are your basic sitcom stuff.

    But what really drives this show (supposedly, based on the two episodes shown) are Chuck's little brain flashes, with the help of his recently gained information. With that, the trio try to stop crime before anything major happens.

    While not a complete work of genius, "Chuck" is a nice little sitcom/drama that's enjoyable. My one gripe about it is that it's an hour long; I personally think sitcoms should be 30 minutes tops.
  • Surprised me on how good it was...

    I wasn't even thinking about watching Chuck, but it was the only thing on at the time. I sat down and watched it, and I was astouned on how good it was! I love the whole 'Chuck has the whole world in his head' type of thing too. I can see this being a movie more than a TV show, but if we can get more episodes that explains the mystery, I'm all for it. I love how Chuck and Sarah have a love/hate relationship, and I loved the family dinner scene in the second episode, it made me crack up. Overall, I can see myself watching this show for a long time, depending if it lasts that long. Great show, and I would recemend it in a heartbeat.
  • Chuck is basically about a guy getting accidently wrapped up in a top priority government project, its a great blend of action/comedy its worth watching

    I wasn't all that sure about this show, My friend really thought it would be good so I told him I would give it a shot and with a few minutes of the pilot I was hooked. Chuck is the type of show you can't take too seriously but if you just set back and watch it you'll really enjoy it. After only two episodes I believe the future is bright for Chuck, and I hope NBC realizes that and gives this series a great chance, which I believe they will there not FOX. I really believe chuck will be in my tv lineup for years to come.
  • Above and Beyond the Call of Techno Duty

    Nice little remake of Jake 2.0, with excellent eye candy. Hope they keep Sarah Lancaster!

    Though we've seen 'everyman' nerd transformed into glamorous espionage agent / super hero repeated over the years, it's nice to see another version.

    Can they keep this together?
    Time will tell...
    But it might devolve into slapstick farce if they don't keep disciplined.
    The most important feature is the evolution of Chuck, and his relationships with family and friends.

    Ultimately, this is escapist fare for the underachievers in the audience, who only wish that they could have it all, despite what fate has dished out to them.

    There ARE real amazing lives in the retail of consumer electronics, let's keep them flying!

    Nerds RULE...
  • Great show. and the characters are awesome. also good plot.

    This show has a good plot. even though zachary doesn't look much like a nerd, he plays one well. The guy who plays Morgan makes me laugh. This is a really funny show with drama, action, romance, adventure, and comedy. I just wanna know how all that stuff got stuck in his head. I mean shouldn't he be able to forget it. but thats what i like in shows. - shows that make you ask questions. then you'll wanna know what happens next. kinda like a book. The plot is amazing. How could they have came up with that. I would have never thought of something as crazy as this. but the funniest show. i laugh all the time every episode so far.
  • I think this is a great new show. Funny, adventurous, a little suspensful in parts.

    I really do love this show. The main character "Chuck" is just so different from the normal cast of characters that have been appearing in recent years. He stays a panic-e nerd throughout the first few episodes. I guess what im trying to say is that he stays a normal person. He doesnt suddenly know how to fight the bad guys, their not training him to be a spy, and he still acts like his geeky self. very cute i must add.

    I dont know if what ive said makes sense, it sounded better in my head. I just think this is a unique show with great possibilities and i hope it just gets better.
  • Quite interesting

    A show about a thirty something loser who winds up with the enitre database for the CIA and NSA, what a concept. I watched the season premire and thought it was very funny. I love the way they spoofed Best Buy and the other big box stores. I'm really anxious to see if this show has got what it takes to be a break out hit. I've always enjoyed Adam Baldwin's talent as an actor. And I was pretty impressed with the other actors as well. When I first heard about the show the first thing I thought of was UPN's ill-fated Jake 2.0. Another show that I really liked. But when Chuck finally aired I realized that while there are a few similarities between the shows, there are also enough differences to keep Jake out of the back of my mind while I watched it.
  • I wrote this show off at first, but decided to check it out. I'm really glad I did. One of my favorite new shows so far this year.

    I read about this show, and really had little interest in it. The premise seemed a bit lame. However, after seeing an extended behind-the-scenes type feature at the theater, and laughing a few times, I decided it was worth the hour to check it out. (Plus, the girls were hot.)

    I'm really glad I did. The show is hilarious and has a good amount of action in it. Plus, the store names show the show isn't trying to take itself too seriously. The "Nerd Herd" (Geek Squad) from "Buy More" (Best Buy) electronics store, which is next door to "Large Mart." (Costco) Each one got a small chuckle out of me.

    His friend, Morgan, is a major source of the hilarity for me. A bald guy named "Harry," his Converse "Chucks" and many other little points made me laugh. These are what make this one of my favorite new shows so far this year.
  • Interesting, Charming, Witty, and Action packed.

    Chuck was a show I took a flier on, and I was very surprised to find a charming show with action, great wit, and a story that held my attention for a full 60 minutes. Chuck started out of the gate fast and definately ended with a bang. I will continue to watch this orginal show. Thank god for something that isn't a copy for once! Go CHUCK! Chuck is a a guy that we can all root for weekly, hopefully enough people find this show so that it may continue and not be canceled as I would find that a great shame as again this show was GREAT!
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