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  • After tuning in because of preview hype, I was pleasantly surprised by Chuck. The humor, characters, and silly storyline were consistent throughout. Give this one a chance.

    I wasn't sure if this would fall into genuinely funny for me, but the previews had me interested. To my delight though, I found myself instantly amused by Chuck. Chuck is a computer nerd to the core, but pulls it off with his naive cuteness. He seems to not have much going professionally or personally in his life. However, he has an endearing relationship with his sister, Ellie, and a good best bud in his friend Morgan.
    After receiving an email from his former college roommate, we realize that Chuck, although he initially isn't aware of it, has just mentally absorbed a bank of government secrets. Next, he finally ends up with his first date since his freshman year in college. The show really hits full-on fun when Chuck must deal with both scenarios that are obviously out of his league. To top of the new excitement for him, he finds himself being chased undercover agents because of his secret mental database. After some amusing physical comedy when he is on the run, his date comes to his aid and he learns that she is an agent, as well. The characters are great. The writing is action filled and funny. And in the end, I found myself wanting to know what is next for Chuck.
  • Lots of potential!

    The show I think has lots of potential as well
    As great writing and a great cast with mainly twenty somethings in the show. Led by Less than Perfect's Zachery
    Levi. As the title character of a Best Busy store like clerk who's life changes forever when he accidentally downloads all of the CIA's top secret information. As a woman named Sarah walks on in the store as the two get acquainted. Acquainted enough for a date as the shy Chuck gets his first date in years. Unbeknowest to him at first, she is actually an CIA agent. As first, the CIA wants to kill him. But find him very useful. He is forced to work with them while maintaining his job at that store. Can't wait to see much more!
  • Chuck, Chuck, Chuck.. Awesome!

    Chuck is just awesome, the show which revolves around Nerd herder "Chuck" has a mix of action/adventure/sci-fi, comedy and a touch of romantic love. It is impossible for me not to like Chuck.. I really think that NBC has stumbled upon a gold mine with Chuck, I don't see this show failing very early, the actors and actresses are really professionals at what they do, and Chris fedak, Josh Schwartz and McG are all awesome producers, so i wouldn't expect less than perfect!

    Go Chuck! I will be sticking with this show for a very long time... Cant wait for the followup episodes to come!
  • Chuck's ex-room mate is a CIA spy who hasn't been in touch with him since leaving college. While Chuck is embarrassing himself at his birthday party,room mate sends him an encrypted email. A tale of confusion ensues and Chuck unknowingly has the answers.

    All in all, an entertaining pilot leaving you wanting more!I must say, before I watched the pilot I thought it was going to be same old same old. I also thought Gossip Girl (by the same maker) would be better, but I can admit when I'm wrong! This show was funny, it had action and I think this genre is lacking in the series stakes. It was like the Bourne films for tv. It's not the most original idea, as it's been done by films before but I am intrigued to see what will happen in future episode. I hope it doesn't lose the humour and pace of the pilot, just because he's got a clue as to what's going on or it turns out to be a routine remembering something and chasing it. I guess they have to think of something new later on because those memories are bound to run out at some time and then what? Although, I can see his sister and friends finding out and they can play that whole thing out........
  • The pilot episode of Chuck did leave me wanting to watch the next addition but is it going to get any better?

    Although the pilot episode was entertaining, action-packed, and lightly amusing I'm not sure how long the actual concept will remain of interest.
    A nerd gets his brain infused with CIA secrets by a friend with whom he used to attend University. But these secrets make no sense to him; who's good and who's evil, who's lying and who's genuine?
    Once these secrets are exposed, what's left for the show? Geeky Chuck is not going to become a great spy over night and it's not really funny that he's a computer nerd and accidental hero.
    I hope to see better from future episodes and will be tuning in to find out.
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