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  • BRING IT BACK MAN Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I have watch two times plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    bring it back
  • NBC please bring it back!

    I wanna watch more Chuck i watched the full chuck over and over again

  • Bring it back!

    Damn I want to see more of Chuck. I've watched it from the begining and to the end. Started to rewatch it in 2013. This TV show IS trully amazing.
  • best tv show ever

    this tv show has it all easy 10 out of 10 for this i only can wish for more episodes to follow last ending was amazing but i want to see more. all the actors in this were amazing no show is better than this ever
  • I miss it so much!

    This show had everything: comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, suspense, family things, romance, moments... It had absolutely everything!! The characters were extremely likeable, and interesting, and funny... This was an end that really stung for me. Also Chuck and Sarah: best couple ever, IMO. I've watched, and still watch, a loooooot of shows, but they definitely were my favorite couple. They had amazing chemistry, and were so in love, that's the main reason why I was extremely disappointed with the end (Sarah forgeting Chuck? Noooooo)... But still... I guess it wouldn't take long for her to fall in love with him again (that's no excuse for the writers :X just trying to be positive). I miss this show a lot!
  • Nerdy Show with a Heart and a Sense of Humour

    Chuck is a light-hearted show that sometimes deals heavier stuff, but is in its essence action-comedy with a big heart. From the opening moments of the very first episode, we care about these characters. Chuck is a love-able, sensitive and courageous under-achieving nerd who gets thrown into an overwhelming situation, and prospers because of his innocence, his big heart and his extraordinary computer skills. The relationships are exceptionally convincing and engaging, while the action and comedy equals that of top-notch films. The show, for the most part, excels in what it tries to do, but doesn't push the envelope in any way. A great series overall.
  • best tv series ever

    Just brilliant, has everything.
  • Chuck is

    the best story about a nerd ever. They're professional not just as spies but actors too.

  • Chuck movie - possibly?

    A movie, would be so awesome...
  • best ever

    best show ever.. it really deserves a movie, even a online movie or something.. the fans and the show deserve it..
  • just an idea not set in stone i'm just thinking out loud

    what if the show chuck got cross bred with the matrix before it ended stupid (matrix) there would be endless possibilities and i'm not saying exactly like the matrix but more chuck like than the matrix, but chuck could do more unbelievable things similar to the matrix just not the fake flying or other such nonsense?

  • Chuck Rules!

    The best part of the show which impresses me is the true humor it creates unlike shows like big bang theory etc. which tries to make u laugh with weird jokes.Morgan and chuck,ur awesome!
  • Ending was not the fairy tale Chuck and Sarah deserved

    I watched the entire 5 seasons once more and man, there isn't any show out there now that packs a punch like Chuck did or even has a great cast with that awesome chemistry. Not even the most popular series like HIMYM, TAAHM TBBT they are all starting to get dull. Unlike Chuck you knew when you we're going to sit down in your chair/sofa you were about to be rocked. Comedy, Action, Romance, Suspense. Not a single minute fell dull. Series like supernatural are still on, for Gods sake what the heck is that, there are not that many monsters you can hunt.

    I really wish a movie or even a 6th season would be great. I mean I'm having sleepless nights with this ending. I seriously can't get over it. I want the fairy tale ending.

    Ultimately I think to wiping Sarah's memories at the end of season 5 and leave us hanging after all those years of support was sort of evil. I think if they wanted a stroll down memory lane perhaps another route could've been taken. I just wish Chuck and Sarah got the ending they deserved. I seriously felt like we were starting back on square one. All those precious memories I cherished from the series.. Gone! The entire meaning of the series has been compromised with that final scene. Where did my 5 years go? That was cold turkey. I think if they would've had a few more episodes I would've loved that "They would fall in love all over again and in the process start remembering EVERYTHING". That would've been AWESOME, hey maybe a "pregnant with triplets" would've been great as well.

  • Fridays are not the same

    First Friday with my favorite spies. Very sad, but still I'm happy for such a great finale. Chuck's finale was totally unexpected, and still can't move on but I'm really happy for all the fans that have written and tweeted. Thanks to the whole cast and crew. It was a great show and my wife and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!
  • Great show, shame about the ending.

    A lot of people are giving the writers flack about the series finale, however, I feel that writers should be commended for doing the best job they could with what they were given.

    The writers tried to make a storyline that was fit for the finale of such a fantastic show. Going with the memory wipe option was a risk that would have probably paid off if the show had been given enough episodes. Unfortunately however they were only afforded 13 so they did what they could.

    What bothers me, a niggling feeling so to speak, is that there was no real closure at the end. Almost as though they expect to perhaps be picked up by another station as with 'scrubs', maybe perhaps a movie. However in an attempt to leave it open it left people wondering what happens with the Chuck and Sarah situation, amongst other things aswell.

    They tried their best and although they may have let us down in the very end, they gave us 5 excellent years of sexy Sarah, geeky Chuck, sarcastic Casey and needy yet loveable Morgan.

    Thank you 'Chuck' for giving me something to smile about for the last 5 years.
  • Loved the show...HATED the ending.

    Chuck was our favorite show ever. It was our happy place where life just seemed good. Then they destroyed it. We both felt sick afterwards and have been thinking about it for 24 hours straight. I can't believe the writers ended the series that way. It made us question what we liked about Chuck in the first place! We're convinced that Shaw or someone took over the writers; or maybe they got a bad intersect and it melted their brains.

  • Chuck will not finish

    Ok may be it was final but I think the series can continue movie series... Because really good, just a problem NBC is not good promeded it. I learnt last week, i watch all 5 season only in 5 days and i start again over... Because it is perfect series I ever seen.
  • Movie

    The series finale shouldn't be the true ending. I want a Chuck movie.
  • I miss you

    It's so sad that chuck has ended, mainly because we didn't really get any closure at the end? "What happened to them..".. I miss the nerdyness, sitting at home giggeling and laughing through every eposide. Is there any series out there that is even some what similar to Chuck? As funny and geeky? Not that I've discovered.. yet...
  • Perfection

    I was recommended by a friend to check out this series and I am forever grateful to him! I was instantly engaged with the first episode and the entire series is amazing. There hasn't been a series that disappointed me. Chuck is a mix of everything you need: action, suspense, romance and comedy. Sarah Walker is a kick ass agent and Chuck is so naive that it's adorable. I was heartbroken when I heard that it would be canceled after it's 5th season. However in regards to its series ending episode, it was perfection. I cried and I thought it was a fantastic way to end the series. A must watch!
  • Chuck

    I understand that ending a series is very much needed if there are no longer stories to be told. But, the ending is quite sad and unsatisfying. I've supported Chuck from the start and I am very much disappointed with the final season.
  • CHUCK 6?

    I was attached to the show... it is a great show with a great cast... I'm so sad it has to end. i hoped there's a season 6, to finish up with a happily ever after.

  • I don't like the ending

    It was introduced to me by a dear friend and I thought it was really cool. When it got cancelled i thought that was the worst but still i loved the show
  • Please revive Chuck!!!

    I really hate it when i finally find something good and it's already cancled!!
  • Please not the END

    I loved the show. I don't know how you could end it that way??? It took chuck 4 season's to get Sarah.. I hope ther will a movie soon letting us know what happened after the Kiss......
  • Emotionally Harrowing and Satisfying

    While I have not finished watching yet - I am six episodes into the fifth season - my opinion of the show is solidly formed: pure perfection. I don't get emotionally invested when it comes to television. Movies, tv shows, it doesn't matter; I watch them, maybe think a little about what I just watched - if the material in question is really good - and that's it. End of story. I move on to something else.

    Chuck is different. It may be billed as comedy, romance et cetera, but don't let that fool you. This is not a show to watch if your goal is to de-stress, unwind, lift your spirits, or just kick back and let your thoughts wonder. This show will at some points turn you into an emotional wreck, really put a damper on your mood, and have you dread the next scene. At other times, you will feel euphoric and brimming with joy. Chuck is masterful at what it wants to do: provoke an emotional response from the viewer. You will cherish every second spent in the wonderful world of Chuck. I am just glad I chose to start watching after all five seasons had already aired. Suspense would be crushing with all the assorted cliffhangers and twists. Be mindful, these are great cliffhangers in a great story. Music too is divine - one of my most played playlists.

    None of the above would be possible without the magnificent cast. Whoever was in charge of casting should have their name etched in gold. Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi are a match made in Heaven. Chemistry between them is amazing, and that is the reason this show is so good. Quips, fights, cold feet, awkward and embarrasing situations, skewed communication, and genuine showing of love and emotions between characters. It's all there, and it's all believable thanks to the great acting skills of these two. To be honest, I'd be perfectly happy watching a show with just the two of them on screen. I really hope Yvonne Strahovski lands another great role on another successful show very soon. She deserves it, and I hope that the fact she isn't American actress doesn't hinder her career in any way.

    Something my girlfriend said while we were watching the show really stuck with me. She said that this was not a comedy, it is in fact a road map of relationships. Every couple will tell you that practically every situation on this show arose in their relationship at some point. Ok, not the spy stuff, unless you indeed work for the intelligence agency. And that is what makes it so great. That and seeing the unconventional ways Sarah and Chuck deal with those bumps on their road to happiness, while bullets, or, more likely; tranq darts are flying above their heads.

    As I said already, I haven't finished watching yet (in confidence, I'm stalling because I don't want it to end), but I sense that they will not get their picket fence house with the red door, and it will all probably end on the ominous note. Even though I'll end up sad if my predictions turn true, this show is probably the best I've ever watched (even more engaging than the Game of Thrones). I am thankful for a great journey, no matter how it ends, and I will return to this show every once in a while.

    Slight edit after finishing watching the show. The ending is perfect. True, it is sad. But it is also a happy one. Things have gone full circle. Memories were lost forever... or are they? Either way, after they get their toes out of the sand, Sarah and Chuck will create new ones, and find their love again. Perfect ending for a perfect show.

    I recommend you watch it and savor every moment. Try to take it slow, if you can. It will last you longer. :)
  • An amazing show

    One of the best shows ever!!

    A mix of action, drama and comedy along with the extremely intense storyline

    creates a magnificent show, cliffhangers, plot twists, its got it all.

    The ending was indeed very sad... but it does grow on you and it makes the show unique!

    Overall Awesome ShoW!!


    Please save chuck I want more of this show it can't end it's not fair. They have to get there house and have baby's pleeeeeeeese more chuck.
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