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  • Please make a 6 th season

    I just watched last episode from the series , and since then i have this feeling of sadness,wich doesn`t go away.The way it ended it`s just something that i would of never imagined,i was just hoping it will all be good.I understand that the producers intetions were to leave it as an open ending , but instead of that it just shattered me appart.

    So like the other here i am asking you to please make another movie,or season.
  • Is the ending should be a real ending?

    Everybody of as - fans of Chuck love this series. There were some weaker moments like in every show but many more moments were amazing. The whole show is amazing(Yes I said is because for me it's still not over!) from season 1 to the last season 5.In every season we have something new, for example: First season - new series.. we could get to know Chuck and every other character.. we could see how the intersect works and also we could see and feel this chemistry between Sarah and Chuck(of course it was present in all seasons).

    In the next every season there was something new.. like Chuck with new intersect and other things which everybody knows because everyone of as watched the show.

    One thing which didn't change was love between Chuck and Sarah. It was from the beginning to the end. Of course, the situation between Chuck and Sarah was changing. They started to be together.. they got married and all other stuff, but they love each other. We remember how many difficulties they and their love had to fight through the whole show to end-up together.

    I remember these 5 years, how much they mean to me.. and if I think about that, that Sarah doesn't remember anything I mean she doesn't feel this love which they were building for last 5 years.. these years mean much less.. . I know the producers think that we can figure the ending out for ourselves but It's not the same.. I would have to see that to believe that Sarah still love Chuck, that she still wants to buy the dream house which she always wanted and move in with Chuck together.. I'd like to see how they talk about children again and every normal things which you talk about when you married.. plans for the future etc.

    This could be fix if we have one more season or movie. I know that the season it's a small possibility that it can come into existence of course it have to move to another network like CW or something like that , but The movie.. it can happen, at least I hope that. If it won't happen I'll still love "Chuck" and I'll still be watching "Chuck" because it's the best series which I've ever watched and when I get to the ending again I will think.. no.. I will know that after that kiss she remember this strong love to Chuck and that she can't live without him.


    At least a movie in which Sarah gets her memories back..........they deserve it, we want it ..........othewise the other seasons have no meaning..PLEASE its a request....we cannot process the final is very sad
  • Im in tears.

    This cant be the end!!! :( what will i do with my self!!! :(((((((( lol
  • It can't be!

    God, it's so sad! When the realization of the END sinks in, it's almost unbearable. I almost cried, you know. It was like a good-buy with a good old friend.

    Brilliant show, beautiful characters (literally, in case of Sarah, yes!).

    Some episodes are better, some (Volkoff-related) are not so good, but all-in-all, probably, the best show I've seen (and I've seen a lot!).

    In tribute to the last season I've re-watched all seasons in a short time, and it was very warm and happy experience...

    Mainly, because I envy Chuck. I have no such a perfect family, no besd/chldhood friend and no "Sarah" in my life... So, watching this and sharing characters feelings created a few happy moments in my life.

    So, goodbye, and many thanks for the show! Hope there'll be something near as good someday.
  • GoodBye Chuck!

    One of the best shows I have watched in a while. It is very sad to see this show ending but as the saying goes; everything must come to an end. Chuck VS GoodBye was beautifully scripted but I also think that Chuck deserved to be entirely happy and have the woman in his life to know and remember all they went thru together.

    KUDOS to the writers, producers, directors and all the actors in the show.

  • So Far But Too Soon

    So sad to see my only true favorite tv show end. Chuck was the only tv show i actually watched, from Pilot right to Versus the Goodbye. I believe the ending was perfectly scripted but i felt it was unfair for the dedicated viewers seeing our Chuck get so hurt throughout the process when he tried so hard to get Sarah from day 1, especially the troubles he went through in seasons 1-3. From fighting over her with Bryce and Daniel too trying his best to get her to commit to their relationship. I just feel Chuck and us (the fans) were robbed of seeing him entirely happy. Even though it shows them both easily sparking up their relationship again with Chuck telling reminiscing stories about how they met & bonded i still feel a little bit unsatisfied. All of it happened so quick, i don't think i will be ever committed to another tv show again. Chuck is number 1 to me.
  • Good bye Chuck!

    Sad, sad day has come. One of my favourite shows has ended. Now I'm crying while loughing - kinda sad ending with a twist: never give up, if you missed something, work hard and you may get it back.

    Although everything fell apart there is room for speculation what may happen next - Chuck and Sarah may work out new reletionship, Chuck has the Intersect back (so spy work, here we come :) ) so ending prepared for us by authors can induce our imagination - use it to make your own end of this terrific story.
  • time to move on.

    I've watched every episode of Chuck and i loved i from the beginning.

    It's sad that the show is over but i couldn't wish for a better ending.

    The show is over but it will still live in our hearts, but like a breakup it's time to move on.
  • Very upset of the ending!!!

    I was looking forward to the stoyline of Chack and Sarah getting a house with a white fence with a dog. Then having Sarah having a baby. I think that leaving the show at a hanger like it did was NOT a good move because now Sarah has little to no memories of Chuck and her life, Chuck has the "power" again, Morgan and Alex moving together and Ellie and Devon moving to a new job.

    I mean REALLY end the storyline that you started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasnt NOT pleased at all! I wish that the show was able to keep going. It was our fave. Sad time :(
  • My favourite tv show ends...but not the way I would have liked it to happen

    I loved the season finale because it brought back memories of why I started loving the show in the first place. all the little glimpses of the past and the comedic parts with Morgan really showed that the writers didn't forget how to write a great script! like many others I fell in love with Sarah the first time she walked into the buy more ( Yvonne is sooo stunning, gotta love her).

    Because I started watching chuck when it was near the end of the third season, I just went though the available episodes within a couple days. the show kept me up till 5-6 am because the plot and amazingness of this show were perfect. like many others I was constantly on edge waiting for Chuck and Sarah to get together...and until season 3 episode 12, which was probably the best episode in my opinion, the writers kept tempting our minds to think that its finally gonna happen. anyways getting back to the subject of the finale, at the end of the first half where Sarah says bye to Chuck I finally had that feeling I had all the way through to s03e12. The feeling that you must find out what happens next and see how they get back together!

    Throughout the last hour of my favourite show, they just kept stalling that moment of reuniting the two of them and I was getting anxious because there was like 5 min left and its still not happening :( even though Chuck and Sarah are kissing in the final scene...and even though there were signs that Sarah was remembering things from the still didn't cut it, and I was deeply disappointed. yes we can probably guess that in time Sarah will remember her past with Chuck, and that they will live happily ever after...but since we didn't get to see it ourselves, I feel as though @tvnut77 said it best stating we've been left unsatisfied.

    I will definitely miss this show very much, and am more than likely to watch the five seasons over again some time in the future...but I will always miss the missions and comedy that the cast of Chuck enlightened us with for the five seasons of this great show.
  • Great Show (one of the best!), Terrible Series Finale Ending

    Chuck has always been about fun. It never took itself too seriously and that's one of the reasons it has always been a great show despite the ratings. After watching the show religiously for five seasons I couldn't wait for the series finale and knew it wouldn't let me know. And it didn't...

    Until the end. Sarah losing her memory was a decent storyline to end the show (not my favorite but not the worst idea). BUT to end the series and she still does not remember Chuck, that's just wrong. You can argue that artistically it made sense and it didn't follow the generic tv show path, but since when did Chuck have a problem being generic? This was the worst decision the writers ever made on this show (yes, worse than Morgan getting the intersect). I'll always love the show but that was terrible and will forever leave me unsatisfied.
  • How to keep Chuck and have Season 6

    I have watched this show from Episode 1 and loved it from the beginning. I just watched the finale tonight and was so sad that Sara didn't get her memories back. Poor Chuck! The geeky guy gets the girl and it should have worked out. Why couldn't they have worked a way to where Chuck's dad was still alive and sends something to Sara to bring her memories back? And once she gets her memories back, she goes back to find Chuck?!?! Anyone know how to start a campaign to get this show back? I would love to sign up for that!!!
  • arbie

    Not a writer, but watched the show from the beginning, brought a little reality with fiction. Ended on top. Great show
  • Chuck vs Awsome Show

    I'm lucky that I decided to look at this show, especially I thought before I watched was going to be some sitcom or something. Boy was I way wrong, this show has laughter, action, romance and development. You will never stop watching this show a found myself constantly looking at reruns back to back like I seen it for the first time. Chucks development starts off kind of slow but entertaining at the same time. So, patience is the key here. But really great show and character development.
  • The little show that could.

    I have watched Chuck since the beginning, and it really has been the little show that could. Many times now the show has been on the bubble and thanks to it's loyal following, luck and NOT being on FOX it got the chance Firefly never did. However, to all good things there must be an end. I would rather Chuck end on a high note than see it keep going and stagnate just because it might make a bit more money (Im looking at you LOST).

    I hope it will be a season 6 of the chuck

    i loved dont stop the series
  • croatia

    I hope it will be a season 6 of the chuck, it is one of the best series that I watched, I make a season 6

    You're the best
  • The best

    I have seen and reseen all of the chuck episodes and i wish that this show would go on longer. it truely is the best show ever. Keep it up chuck.
  • bartowski

    i never tire of watching "chuck" my favourite .
  • Simply fantastic

    Chuck is truly unique in the fact that it combines comedic elements with fantastic action sequences seamlessly. It is a show which pretty much has it all: gripping story lines, brilliant acting, blend of lighter and serious moments and i have to mention the nice soundtrack throughout the show. The actors fit their roles perfectly and in particular i love the chemistry between chuck and sarah. I am so glad that this show got its fifth season allowing writers to nicely wrap up the story and i just hope that the show keeps on delivering entertaining episodes in the coming weeks.
  • diss...apointed!

    honestly the story is going down the drain ... they should try to change the setting instead of changing or developing the characters too much... morgan should always be morgan... he shouldnt be the intersect cause he aint no chuck bartowski if you know what i mean... build the character in a way that some should not replace the lead character and i wouldn't mind if Eleanor and captain awesome become spies too...
  • Morgan should not have the intersect! It was ment for chuck to have!

    I hate that chuck lost the intersect! If it was me and i lost it i would feel like theres a part of me missing. You can tell he's upset that morgan has it now. I really do hope that Chuck gets it back cause if he dont then it ruins the show pretty much. I hate that morgan has! I just hope that chuck gets the intersect back!
  • This is simply just a great show, with great actors and a great script! This is my favorite show of the moment. And i hate it that season five is the last one. I hope that NBC decides there should be a movie. I am also curious how the show will end.


    I have loved the show since i saw the episode. A great click between the cast and of course THE beautiful Yvonne Strahovski. Man i love this show! Atleast we got an fifth season and the episodes are getting beter every week. I also hope that Chuck gets the intersect back, nut i don't think that will happen.

  • season 5 really ruins the show, morgan having the intersect is like the worst twist possiblethe only reason this show gets a 4 is because of that, thanks for ruining a nice show.


    season 5 really ruins the show, morgan having the intersect is like the worst twist possible.

    at the beginning of the show it's made very clear that chuck was special in some way and was one of the few people that could handle an intersect being uploaded in their brain.
    now because some dork steals a pair of glasses among chucks personal belongings he gets the intersect.
    suddenly anyone can handle an intersect upload?
    I really hate twists like that where someone gets something special because he cannot keep his hands of other people's property!

  • Stranded on an island and Can only watch one tv show forever, it would be Chuck.


    This series was so good and I really fell in love with it. It was funny, it was corny, it action packed, and when things got serious, all jokes aside, those moments were so emotional. I can relate to Chuck in a sense, and Sarah just makes things hot, sexy, and her acting is great. Got me to cry a few times. And the relationships in this show go so well together. Really sad to see it ending, but I had a great 5 years watching.

  • Easy to watch


    Chuck is a colorful spy/geek comedy. It is very easy to watch, the tone is pretty light, the action scenes are always super funny and the characters are adorable.

    I think last season 4 was kind of a disappointment since Chuck and Morgan settled to some kind of 'boring lives', whereas their struggling to be 'cool' was plenty of fun. The finale gives us great hope for next season though.

    And of course, this series is way different than other spy shows because of its amazing recurring role cast. Thank you Jeff, Lester and Big Mike to make us laugh a bit more at each episode!

  • Chuck has been losing fans and viewers since early in season 3. Making Chuck anything but a geek who needed saving by Sarah was a mistake. Outsourcing the intersect to a private company was a bigger one.


    Morgan's role was comic relief and to be a contrast to Chuck's genius potential. Giving Morganthe intersect makes a mockery of it and its value. The intersect'svalue iswhat the 1st 3 seasons were based upon. I always thought the worst storyline was Sarah's disreputable past - please don't screw her up worse this season. Her loyalty and devotion wouldn't have flowered with her background.

    Chuckis a comedy which was loved when it wasat its satiracal best. There is a reason it has lost its buzz and audience; that reason is the way the show has changed. I love Chuck but wouldn't if seasons 4 (and 5 so far) had been the first two.

  • Going off the rails in slow motion...


    Firstly, dpn't get me wrong totally loved this show when I first caught it (I was in Honkey at the time and only saw S1, ep 3). Was small but had big potential. Sorry to say it has been slowly going off the rails over the past few years to my disappointment/

    Love Morgan, big Mike, the two geeks, Ellie and Awesome. These are all excellent backgroung characters but I think bg characters without any direction. Trus, there is a secret in the mix which usually counts for deficits in plot but sadly we are waining our interest, feeling like strunbg along GF/BFs in a sadly downward spiral.

    OK, yes it's fine to bag something out without suggesting any possibilities for survival. It's easy. It's like throwing stones at a greenhouse. A very big one. But I don't critisise lightly.

    Apart from the kick up the ass this show needs it also needs new characters to stir the pot a bit more. Plus Sarah needs to disappear for a good stretch of time -- let's say a season -- to try to bring back the balance between Chuck being a nerd (albeit a loveable one) and a spy (albeit an unbearably unappealing one).

    Don't get me wrong, I loved the series early on but am losing touch with it and fast. Casey is still awesome, Baldwin rocks the only boat in this series as far as I am concerned.

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