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  • Would be a 10 if not for Season 4


    Chuck is a great spy comedy and a great idea. One of the only NBC shows that has been on for 5 seasons. I started on season 3, It was AMAZING! But, season 4 was only 'okay.' I just hope that season 5 with everything going on (if you watched season 4, you know what I'm saying.) Does not jump the shark.

  • I great idea initially, but the writers forgot what made this show so interesting and don't seem to know what they are doing.

    For me and my friends - all former Chuck fans. This show started off being wonderful. A geeky wiz kid with two left feet suddenly has all the spy secrets in his head and is needed by those spy organisations. He was a reluctant hero - highly freaked out by the danger he was in - that many people could IDENTIFY with. However after the first season things got confusing. The writers have Chuck interested in Sarah one moment and not the next. He wants nothing to do with spies one moment and is keen to be one the next. He wants to go back to uni one second and not the next. Then half his family turns out to be spies or sought after by spies. Consistancy and an overall plan for this series and it's characters should have been established FIRST. This fly by the pants writing has turned a lot of fans away and is killing the series. It's also turned what could have been a great show into something that many of us can barely stomach.
  • Favorite character would have to be Casey. However, he is more of a support character which is a shame because he is so important in the series.

    An excellent show, good story line, humor and great character development. This show has a few problems however; The action sense are B quality yet the show isn't made for its action but the story, this may be a problem for some people, yet the story and characters make up for this. The worst part about "Chuck" would have to be that a character never just dies once, but die 2/3 times before they are out of the show. However, this does lead to some great twists but after the first 2 seasons this gets old. I watched season 1-4 in 2 weeks, back-to-back it is quite repetitive as are most shows. If you spaced them out over time this is one of the most entertaining shows. Overall this show great, but it has it flaws as do all series.
  • this show keeps getting better, i love the idea of them not being apart of the cia nd doing theirown thing, but im not a fan of morgan having the intersect in the next season, thats chucks thing and i would prefer if it stayed with chuck.

    this show keeps getting better, i love the idea of them not being apart of the cia nd doing theirown thing, but im not a fan of morgan having the intersect in the next season, thats chucks thing and i would prefer if it stayed with chuck. as much as i like morgan asa character i just think it wont be asgood with him as the intersect, please giveit back to chuck. I love ellie as a character she is fun and great and i hope she becomes a bigger part, now her as an intersect that would fun.

    cant wait for the next season.
  • Spies, laughs, fun, intrigue. Suddenly becoming a spy is every one's dream (or nightmare). Chuck lives it every day.

    Imagine, if you will, that you suddenly become thrust into the spy life because you accidentally downloaded government secrets into your mind. OK - so it sounds a little far fetched, but it is darn fun to watch as the accidental James Bond gets himself into, and out off, unexpected clandestine drama. Great cast featuring a set of off-beat Best Buy-esqu workers (if only working at a big box store was so interesting), real spies that are sent to support and protect Chuck and a family that can only be considered "Awesome". In all seriousness, it is a fun show, full of quirky escapades, far fetched but cool stories and the essential love affair. The creators and writers get credit for not drawing out the URST between the main characters (Chuck & Sarah) for ever (like some shows that shall remain nameless). If you aren't watching it, you are missing out on great plots/storylines and good looking folks (Zachari Levi anyone?). Get it together, and get in on the secret that is Chuck.
  • Best all around show on TV!

    Beyond espionage, Chuck is a very clever show with which you will quickly fall in love. The endless Buy More comedy, the spark in Chuck's eye when he looks at Sarah, the brooding stares from Casey and countless other qualities are a mix that is very hard to come by these days. If you like action, comedy, drama, romance or suspense then chances are you will love Chuck.

    Sadly, I barely started watching Chuck not more than two or three weeks ago - Although I am proud to say that I have already caught up! I must admit that this show has been somewhat of a backup for a long time.. While I stayed up to date on all of my favorites with the every-so-often new series, I always said to myself, "if I run out of of good shows I might give Chuck a test run." I truly feel like there are too many people out there who may be telling themselves those same words. If you fit this criteria then I have one thing to say to you: JUST WATCH IT! You won't regret it! =)

    All that said, thank you Josh Schwartz for outdoing the OC with this masterpiece!
  • Great Great SHOW!

    Well although I haven't seen the second season yet Chuck is an amazing show!The writing is witty but it's not all jokes you get some cool action scenes.And the acting is amazing Zachery Levi is perfect as Chuck and he is very unknown the only big thing before Chuck was the less than perfect sitcom "Less Than Perfect".In which he played a horrible and unlikeable character.In this he is the sweat and cute Chuck!His character is so funny and loveable.While supporting characters Sarah and John are great as CIA and NSA agents to protect Chuck.While Sarah and Chuck's romance is a great storyline and the chemistry between Sarah & Chuck is great.The storylines are also great as the show flows brilliantly from episode to episode.Can't wait to see Season 2 of this hidden gem!
  • We Love the show Chuck it is funny and action packed.

    We Love the show Chuck it is funny and action packed.Our whole family sits down to watch it every Monday night, We Love everything about it. We are glad Chuck and Sarah are getting married, and we hope Grimes and Alex stay together now we need to find someone for Casey, he is hilarious, we think it is funny when he groans or grunts.Keep the show going strong, Please don't cancel the show, I think if you do NBC will lose out big time. Thank you the William's family.I am also glad Ellie and Devin named their baby Clara I have an Aunt named Clara and she is an Awesome person.
  • good show ,but it

    good show , but it needs more adventures and the season should be more longer that .
    i hope that the next season have more adventures than the 4 th season they should have more of troubles from different way not just one Organisation .
    with my best wishes for the next
    good show , but it needs more adventures and the season should be more longer that .
    i hope that the next season have more adventures than the 4 th season they should have more of troubles from different way not just one Organisation .
    with my best wishes for the next
  • Chuck is a MUST WATCH! BUY OR WAHTEVER! SEE THIS SHOW! American TV at its best!

    Cast are brilliant actors/actresses (Adam Baldwin, Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi are the best of the best!) Love the writing and story telling as it never gets boring! i have never found an episode that is boring!. I would recommend this TV for everyone as it appeals to everyone as it has drama, romance, action scenes that blow you away and comedy that is hilarious! I am so impressed on far they develop the characters like Chuck and Morgan.... I a hated Morgan at the beginning of season 1...but by the end of season 3 i loved him!! Also Chuck changes so much during the show (for the better ) This show appeals mostly to nerds, gamers and so on as Chuck is a nerd as well as Zachary Levi. Also the nerds love the romance between Chuck and Agent Walker. The ONLY problem I find as a UK resident NBC seems to only really care about its US viewers and not to the whole world as I find it difficult to watch chuck on UK TV so I have to download from the internet or get on DVD and i find it hard to imagine it would be any easier anywhere else that is not part of the US. I will give Chuck the show itself 10/10 easy...just wish that NBC will let more countries join in the fun as chuck does have a lot of fans outside of the US.
  • Cute show with a lot of charm - but one that needs to change things up a little to make me keep watching.

    Colonel Casey.
    My favourite character, hands down, and I'm not just saying that because I giggle every time he growls. :P

    I really like this show but it has its issues. One of them, unfortunately, is Sarah. I have HUGE problems with her - and not just the actress (whom I don't really like) but the character. She's not very believable as a spy since she's flimsy, undecisive and ... yeah - she's annoying. But I can live with her.
    What I really HATE about this show (and I'm talking huge sighs and "Nooooooo - not again, please. Kill them. Kick them out. Why the eff are they even still THERE?!") is Jeff and Lester.
    If they stay, I'm gone. They piss me off to no end and it makes no sense to have them in the show. They're stupid, dumb, annoying, rude, useless and that's just the beginning. NO ONE in their right mind would employ them - and for a CIA-base? Ridiculous. They'd be public eemies number 1 & 2 in five seconds flat.
    (Did I mention that I HATE them?...)

    Another thing. Small, but still: The New Greta. Why oh why didn't she get a bigger role?! Summer Glau ROCKS and I adore her and Adam Baldwin together. (Plus - I kinda wish Chuck would have dumped Sarah for her, because she's just so much more awesome than Sarah will ever be. *grins*)

    Awesome? He's adorable.
    Ellie? Kinda rubs me the wrong way, but she's improved.
    Morgan? He pisses me off sometimes, but he has a big heart. He also has a big mouth so he'd probably need a brainwash...
    Good thing this isn't real life or CIA would have been compromised in less time than it takes for you to say "blabbermouth"...! ;)

    Anyhow: Funny, cute and charming but it needs to be less about Chuck & Sarah and more about the spying. Plus: I wish Chuck could REMEMBER things and not have to flash every time he has to fight. I just find it illogical thathe can remember detailed maps and charts, but he needs to flash for every single fight sequence.
  • Good show that could have been GREAT. SPOILER ALERT

    I love the show Chuck and was excited this year when he learned new abilities. I keep waiting for him to turn into the super spy he is capable of but the writers seem to be dragging it out and because of this and dropping the love interest between Chuck and Sarah and bringing in new love interests for both of them was really a step in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned. I am worried that Chuck is going to get canceled after this season. NBC doesn't seem to care about shows like Life and Las Vegas so why would they keep Chuck? I hope Chuck gets better this year and ends on a high and NBC brings this show back for a fourth season. If NBC decides to cancel this show I hope another network picks it up, are you listening USA? USA network loves characters and Chuck is definitely a character, and this show is worth keeping. I own season 1 on Blu Ray but season 2 is to expensive, as soon as the price drops I will be buying season 2. I sure hope Chuck survives the cuts, especially since they dropped Leno.
  • Simply brilliant! Most like-able cast on T.V.

    Chuck is a show that knows where it wants to be and how to best get there. The light hearted comedy is mixed great with a little action, romance, and one of the most like-able casts on T.V. Every character is well developed and they do a great job of utilizing their talents in making the show work. At times the show can appear cheesy which really only works in the shows favor. It is based of a rediculous idea that could never happen and isn't realistic. Thats why the show has no problems almost poking fun at itself with coments. A much watch from start to finish. Top 3 best T.V. shows of all time!
  • Fairly smart spy spoof. Good for a chuckle and some thrills...

    Well, I just got through watching my first ever episode of Chuck. Not too shabby. Not an all out television classic, but not too shabby. Never mind that the characters involved are all based on standard TV stereotypes of what spies are supposed to be like (in real life, the most effective spies and private detectives are anything but what you'd expect them to be like, that's what makes them effective)this is a comedic spoof of the CIA and what they're supposed to be all about and the stereotype characters are necessary, I suppose, to make the show work. It's a lively, smart, fast paced show with some cliffhanger moments, and all in all, quite watchable.
  • WARNING - This show is addictive to the point where I am sure that it is has to be bad for your health. OVERALL VERDICT - All kinds of awesome!

    I started watching this show with low expectations and with little more than a desire to simply pass a quiet Sunday afternoon with a DVD borrowed from a friend. It is hard to get excited about this show until you have actually seen it; I mean lets face it, this is a show called "Chuck".

    However, I think it is safe to say that I was hooked from the very first episode. Very few shows manage to find that perfect balance between comedy, action and story (in fact I can't really think of any that achieve all three) but Chuck has really achieved something really great. The jokes are funny, the action sequences are exciting and the plot is gripping and imaginative. This fairy tale story of an everyday geek turned Super-spy/Super-hero is brilliantly brought to life through engaging writing and story-lines that literally have you sitting on the edge of your seat with excitement.

    However the shows real success lies in brilliantly written characters that you can't help but love. This show has been perfectly cast and the onscreen chemistry between all of the characters (even the comic relief characters of the Buy More) is really impressive. Whoever cast this show needs a great big pat on the back as there is not an actor in the lineup that does not seem perfect for their character. Zachary Levi (Chuck) is genuinely funny when he needs to be but is also a believable hero character when the show calls for it. Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) is the perfect leading lady who is fully believable as a beautiful ass-kicking spy and at the same time the vulnerable girl who falls for the geeky guy. They are both backed up brilliantly by a sober Adam Baldwin (Casey) and the hilarious side-kick Joshua Gomez (Morgan).

    If I had to find a flaw in this show it would have to be the will-they-wont-they relationship between Chuck and Sarah that dominates the first two and a half seasons. I am not a fan of will-they-wont-they relationships in general as they are always drawn out past the point of simply creating tension and to the point of interfering with the progress of the show. Unfortunately the same is true here, however the silver lining is that the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah is genuinely engaging and the story line never truly sours the show.

    Overall this is must watch television but I do stand by my warning that you need to beware that you may very well become addicted to this show. It can be almost painful waiting for the next episode and the constant fear of cancellation that seems to have loomed over the show since the first season is horrible to bear through. But please do watch this show, your in for a treat.
  • I will put this show with my Firefly season...

    I love chuck i have been into this programme since its first episode with winning the day through a Porn websites to meeting are sexy spy Sarah and funny man morgan, i have to say it's my best programme to watch weekly... As many have said before hand its a show with everything in Games, Lovely Women, Funny charactors, Funny episodes and many many more. Chuck dose remind me of Firefly in soom way, with it's shows charactor and writing nearly getting canceled which thankfully chuck has managed to bounce back off and came back better. The show has had it's ups and down through out episodes and what programme hasn't. But Chuck got saved through fan's, so it shows how much we are dedicated to this brillent programme.

    If you still haven't heard or decided to watch Chuck please do, your missing a brillent programme and we dont want another firefly canceled to happen.
  • Great first and beginning second season, but this show is really starting to get on my nerves.

    I have to say, after two seasons of watching (and mostly enjoying) this show, the lead character, "Chuck" is really starting to grate my nerves. It reminds me of a character from a television show a few years ago, similarly named with the lead character's first name, "Ed". While at the beginning of each show these two characters quirky (somewhat naïve) personality are endearing, neither has seem to grow from their experiences on the show and by Season Two, both characters start becoming rather annoying.

    You would think that after two years of facing "life and death" scenarios that Chuck would have developed some sort of confidence. Instead towards the end of Season Two, he's still the same bumbling and "scared of his own shadow" character that we first met at the beginning of Season One. It's sad, because throughout the show we are given glimpses of what his character could (and in my opinion) should evolve into. When he saves all of people from the deadly poison gas and then saves Sarah's life, when his ex-girlfriend is just about to kill her, I almost stood up and cheered. Then within two episodes, he's back to his same old wimpy self, who's afraid of his own shadow. I'm not saying that Chuck needs to evolve into some James Bond-like character, but please, let him evolve to have a little back-bone and dignity.
  • Has its moments but lately has lost its premise

    Loved the first season, but lately has abandoned its premise. When it started, Chuck was about a hopeless geek working in a "Best Buy" type store when he was accidently pulled into the spy game when his cooler friend sent him classified files which are now in Chuck's head. To protect him, the CIA sent a gorgeous spy and a another spy (Baldwin) to protect him. The girl took the cover as his girlfriend and Baldwin played the part of an employee at the store.

    There was alot of comedy in the first season as Chuck played on the nerdiness of Chuck with the way out of his league spy girlfriend and Baldwin as the bad-ass spy reduced to minimum wage to protect hapless Chuck. Chuck was funny as an incompetent wayy over his head with the spy game and the girl.

    However, the new season has Chuck as a cool spy now only pretending to be a nerd now that he had a "Matrix" like training session. He now looks like a good looking guy pretending to be a nerd (like Superman). The girl has fallen for him, but the show wont consumate the relationship because its a TV staple that once the characters "do it" the sexual tension is gone and the series goes downhill.

    The show has gone to too many great lengths to keep them from getting together, and its getting stale. The show also relies on too many guest stars with beautiful women for the geeks at the store to pine over.

    They should just drop the store angle and have it become a regular spy show, since Chuck is no longer about a nerd over his head.
  • Show bout a guy who works at an electronic store while working undercover to becoming a full fledged spy.

    Chuck is like a gay cop. He wants to save everyone. His martial arts is unrefined and sloppy and can only be used when he flashes which works occasionally. His dream is to be a full fledged spy because he has an intersect ingrained into his head which makes him a bad guy scanner, but here is where it gets all sesame street, in his world spies handle information, look cool, dress cool, have cool names, but do not kill people. His co-workers at the electronics store are all old and weird with no ambitions to move forward life and his sister has too many issues about leaving him alone even though he's old enough to take care of himself. Chuck finally gets a girlfriend named Hannah and things look really good for him and after sleeping with her he gets an epiphany that he still loves Sarah and breaks up with her on the same night she was going to introduce him to her parents. Overall Chuck is a loser who not purposely relies on everyone else especially John Casey to handle his dirty work for him most times and hopes and prays for a life with Sarah who he will never get with. The only well written scene I recall is from the first episode of the third season when Emmett Milbarge was shot in the eye for calling the bad guy names. Turn else where for action/comedy.
  • They ruined it :(

    This used to be one of my favorite Monday night shows. Little by little they've ruined it. Now that the brother, sister, brother in law, and short co worker guy all know Chuck is a spy, well, the fun is gone. What's the point? The spy part of the show was never all that great, but the interactions and secret keeping between characters made it kinda fun. The short co-worker who is now turned a spy himself, and become Chuck's sidekick, is so annoying to watch that I fast forward through the scenes that include him. He's getting to much air-time now and I find myself fast-forward this show into oblivion.

    Now that they've exhausted the long-lost-father storyline, I see they're moving onto the long-lost-mother.

    For any fans of this annoy-fest still left out there: enjoy it while you can, it'll flop this season and depart to the land of TV-obscurity ;)
  • The character chuck does not really evolve with his age and the running of the show. He still screams like a little girl when he sees a gun.

    Chuck was one of mine favorite show to watch, until now.

    The character chuck does not really evolve with his age and the running of the show. He still screams like a little girl when he sees a gun. He still lies a lot about everything to everyone. I just wanna say grow a pair. Sarah and he are both spy's so you would think they could handle critics and the truth. Surely lying is the nature of a spy, but with each other be real and handle it together. Fight the battles together. The walking on ice around each other and lying your head off routine is getting (c)old. I would just love to see Chuck grow up to be a real man and to lose his failure @ college boy wings. I love the show and all the characters, just let them evolve with the running of the show. 3 seasons screaming like a little pig is just enough.
  • strange cult-like fanbase

    chuck innoviately blends drama, comedy, and action into a 45 minute show. zac levi is the perfect hollywood nerd: funny & self depricating, yet still invariably gorgeous with one of the best smiles around. chuck is living the life with a beautiful girlfriend and an awesome job, making this show the perfect projection foder for nerds' fantasies. chuck has a large 'nerd' fanbase, the nerds love to live through the characters and consequently support this show to the end. i don't know any casual chuck watchers; this show has something about it that makes people obsessed. like firefly, i can see riots breaking out if this ever gets cancelled.
  • Rated 9.5 just because perfection is impossible.

    I have watched over 300 shows in my adult life. For me it is one of the best kind of entertainment. Of course it comes with great disappointments too. At first I was hesitating to watch Chuck. The main reason was the fact that the show was focusing too much on the romantic or not relationship of Chuck and Sarah. To tell you the truth I did not like it at all at first. I mean, a lovable character like Chuck being thrown around by a hot blond spy was annoying to me.

    It took me 4 efforts in 2 years to finally start watching the show. And the main reason I did finally watch it, was the fact I had watched almost every other watchable show out there. Everything from Flying Circus to Deadliest Catch.

    And boy, was I in for a big surprise. This show is one of the 10 most entertaining shows I have ever watched. It is not the best comedy, not the best action, not the best drama. But it is so good in all these things that it actually becomes an overall winner hands down.

    After a dozen episodes even the annoying Chuck Sarah relationship became interesting and it actually made me want to watch more. Made me desire a resolution to this matter. Normally I hate soaps and dramas. For me it usually is just a waste of time and a repetition of real life unpleasant situations. I have a real life, no need to watch it on TV.

    You see, the characters of this show are just awesome. The chemistry between the actors is comparable to top notch lovable shows like Stargate SG1/Atlantis or Firefly. A bunch of lovable characters that you would love to be a part of / get involved with / care about them. Very very few shows have that kind of chemistry. And it is that chemistry that almost completely eradicates the negative results of the tiring relationship between Chuck and Sarah.

    The action is pretty good too and quite enjoyable. And the comedy balances astonishingly well with the action. It does not get silly and it does not get out of synch. This is an extremely enjoyable show with a hugely lovable set of characters and actors. In reality that is all that is needed for a show to be really great. It is not the great plots, special effects, great acting. A show is an invitation into another dimension of reality, a universe beyond ours, a story that should be well told. Chuck is by no means epic. But it is epically enjoyable and consistently enjoyable. It is hard to find a bad episode of Chuck. The plot constantly changes the life of the characters and even their main function in the plot, making it actually quite an interesting show to watch too. Even addicting, I would say.

    It is simply one of the best shows ever. I consider myself lucky for being able to enjoy it. Congratulations to all the people that make it happen.
  • chuck is awesome

    chuck is awesome i want to see the next episode i just love it the chemic between sarah and chuck is amazing i hope they make a season 5.
    i realy want to know what is going to happen wish it was already on dvd i hope they keep on doing the good work i can't wait for the proposal i hope he is go i hope sarah is going to get out soon together with mam bartowski i really think she is good now i'm just typing noncence to get the 100 words the only thing i want to say is i love chuck !!!!
  • The best show you're not watching!

    It's an amazing show that never disappoints. I'm a tough critic too, but Chuck always reminds me why I love television. Great Characters, a really likable protagonist, good plot lines, amazing chemistry, and witty dialogue. People have complained about the Chuck and Sarah finally getting together, but it had to happen eventually, and I think it's been handled waaaay better than Jim and Pam. I hope it lasts for many seasons cause for me it has yet to run it's course. What drives me nuts is it always teeters on cancellation, and the fact that in order to avoid it during one season it had to become Subway's whore, and now I'm forced to sit through a fifteen minite subway ad during the show. But really that's my only gripe.
  • I can't get enough Chuck!

    Chuck is the best new series on television this season. Honestly, what's not to like about this show? It has just about everything you ever want in a series.

    I really wanted to watch Chuck when I saw the previews during the summer but I decided to pass after I saw it was head to head against Prison Break. Luckily, Prison Break got boring and bland for me and I decided to switch over to Chuck. I instantly fell in love with this show and I haven't looked back since.

    Zachary Levi (Chuck) plays a very convincing 'nerd' and his absolutely hilarious. Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) plays a fantastic CIA agent and is a rare find. Her combination of beauty and acting really makes the show that much more interesting. Adam Baldwin (Casey) is just fantastic. If he were my neighbor I'd p*ss him off just to see what would happen.

    If you haven't watched Chuck yet, I would highly recommend this show. If you're only going to watch one show this season, watch Chuck. I use to dread Mondays, but because of Chuck, I now look forwards to Mondays.
  • A well written show with a very talented cast that makes each episode a joy to watch.

    So what is Chuck about? Why should you watch it?

    Chuck in essence is a story about a nice decent guy who remains a nice decent guy despite the complications that fate seems to be constantly injecting into his once dull existence. But instead of just a comedy, drama or action, it's a mix of all three flavored with romance in a somewhat oddball lovable mix.

    This is one of the more original, creative, and well thoughtout shows on TV today. The attention to details in characterization and plots are deserving of merit. Add in a cast of up and coming actors Zach Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, who have all the markings of future stardom in their future, and you have a show that is enoyable and captivating.

    Each night we are drawn into Chuck to watch a good guy win the day not because of superpowers (which in a sense he does have in the form of the Intersect), not because of any 007-like gadgets, and not because of worned out time-travel story plots. Instead Chuck saves the day by his inate decency and intelligence, albeit in a quirky manner. Even though he has the Intersect in his head, his "superpower" is what usually gets him into the mess which he gets out of by what he had and what he was before he became the Intersect.

    The story also draws you in because of Chuck's romance with Sarah who is not just any girl, but a beautiful super spy who began the series as a somewhat cold-blooded CIA agent only to have her icy heart melted by Chuck not because of the Intersect, but because of who he is at his very core. How many of us would not want to be admired if not loved because the character of our heart instead of the flaws of our appearance?

    Chuck is also about growth. But growth without cynicism or sacrificing the desire to be decent and good. Chuck is about becoming more than what we were without being corrupted by the temptations of power, money, and all the things along the journey of life. We cheer Chuck and Sarah on because it makes us feel good and even though that may sound sappy, I'll bet deep down some part of you like sappy but is just afraid to admit it - don't worry, we won't tell ;-)
  • I don't think i've ever been so excited about a show like that ever since Stargate Sg-1. It's viciously funny, the action is amazing, the drama is mind-blowing and the romance it's like any other. Basically, there's no way this show doesn't deserve a 10.

    It starts with your traditional geek or nerd, chuck, who has no talent of being a spy, The typical guy you would think to have problem in a gym class when suddenly one day a friend of his who is spy sends him some high-tech technology that has all the secrets that the government have and once you look at it everything uploads into your brain. You become like a computer and can retrieve any of those secrets at will, it's the intersect as they call it on the show. So the government finding aware of this send two of their best agents to protect chuck, but also in the end they end up working with him so they can stop some bad-guys. It's not so as exciting as i am trying to describe it here but believe me, it's amazing.
    What sets chuck like any other spy show, it's that it always keeps you to want to watch more. It's not boring because any government show or anything like that are usually boring. Alias, although i totally love it, it was boring sometimes because of all the seriousness that draws within the show. At one point you just wish it could get a little more humorous. And the romance, for a guy it's the first time i ever been excited about any romantic. It's just that they have such a good chemistry together to the point you think it is actually real. I won't say who is "they" exactly, not to spoil it but it will be quite obvious from the first episode. Chuck again is amazing with amazing performance from the characters and i would recommend it to anyone whether you're the comedy type, action or romance.

    Season 1 was so amazing. I was totally hooked. "Couldn't take my eyes off it" - Hooked. Then Season 2 became a bit boring. But, oh man, Season 3 is back with a BANG!

    Sarah is so beautiful. And every mission is awesome. If you love Chuck, then do something to make the ratings go high. Otherwise, they will cancel it right away.

    Anyway, Good News folks. Chuck's been renewed for 4th Season. And I can tell that it's gonna be awesome too.

    But what if they wanna cancel it after 4th Season? So, I'd just say, (beg actually) to SAVE CHUCK!
  • One of the best shows on TV, once you get past all the sappy melodrama.

    Chuck has gone through a number of changes over the years. It went from an action comedy about an untrained nerd trying to become a spy, to an action-packed comedy-drama about the relationship between Chuck and his friends. And now it's an action comedy about a bad-ass super-spy kicking ass and maintaining relationships with his friends and family.

    My main concern with Chuck is wondering how long it can go on before it becomes stale. It's clear at some points that the show is repeating itself, with Casey being fired from the CIA and then coming back shortly after, among other things.

    The show's biggest problem is all the sappy melodrama. There are times when the show is too dramatic, mainly with the relationship between Chuck and Sarah.

    Fortunately, the current season seems to fix this issue, based on the first episode. The drama is still there, but there's not nearly as much of it, with the show going for a more comedic tone.

    The acting in Chuck is top-notch. The characters are funny but believable, and the casting is perfect. All of the actors here were pretty much made for these roles, especially Adam Baldwin as Agent Casey.

    All in all, I love Chuck. It's a fantastic show with lots of humor and action. It's also got a great cast of characters and sharp writing. If you're not watching it already, then you're missing out on one of the best shows on TV,
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