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  • My favourite show!

    Chuck is my favourite TV show...ever!

    I know some people might not see it, but I do. I love everything about it...the comedy, the drama, the action.

    It's everything that a TV show should be and more. I can never wait for the next episode and I'm so so glad there was a third season.

    I don't think there's another cast where everyone is so likable. Each character brings something to the show and they are all funny in their own way too. I'm liking the new direction of season 3, I think after a third season most shows tend to 'mature' if thats the right word...and this is where Chuck is heading :)

    Keep Chuck on air! :D
  • Best show on television, especially recently. The last couple of episodes have just gotten fantastic. I hope it gets another season, i'd miss chuck and the gang.

    I watch a decent amount of shows but this show has taken the top spot. It has the perfect mix of comedy, and action, mixed in with the love story. In just one episode you'll experience multiple different moods. If you haven't watched it yet def watch it, its awesome. Part of the second season i kept watching cause i'm a fan and i can understand why some people wouldn't enjoy it, but the last couple of episodes made it all worth it. Great play on emotions, great chemistry between the actors, and great writing equals a great success. I think captain awesome would put it as simply awesome.
  • I love chuck. It is the only tv show I am actually obsessed with and I look forward to it every monday. I just wish that Sarah and Chuck would just get together already! Take Shaw out of the equation!

    Other than that Chuck is a very great show. This season has been the best and the newest episodes just keep getting better. I think I speak for all of us Chuck fans when I say this; 1. They should have more action scenes where Chuck fights. (I loved the one where he was in Casey's old girlfriend's house kicking those guy's butts!) :) and 2. They should make Sarah and Chuck get together in a serious realationship already! Like make something really dramatic happen like that one episode where they thought they were both going to die beside what they thought was a "bomb" and Sarah kissed him. Also, I don't like Shaw. He needs to defenitly go. They should make Chuck kill him or something. But Chuck needs to stay, it can't be cancelled. It is the best show out there!!
  • Chuck is hands down the best TV show I have ever watched. My entire family is now hooked along with our friends. We don't watch much TV and it is the first show thats ever hooked us. Its a shame it took till the 3rd season to learn about it. LOVE IT!!!!!

    I don't know why I had never really noticed Chuck on comercials but this is seriously the best show Ive ever watched. I have never cared about watching a TV show before until Chuck and I wish this show had more support. I really feel people just plain old don't know about Chuck. I had to be told about it by my brother, who was told by our parents, who was told by my uncle. It has a tough time slot but we now have all our friends hooked on it, but they had no idea what Chuck was when we told them about it. It seems to always be growing in popularity around us and I hope the network supports them and can see they just have a tough time slot. The name Chuck isn't something that pops out at you and as people are watching it they are all getting hooked. I know we didn't start watching Friends or Everybody Loves Raymond until many seasons in and I truly believe this is way better and has much more potential because it doesn't only take place in a house or apartment building lol. It took our friends and family till the 3rd season to discover this show and I hope that the network will see this show really hooks people once they watch it. If the network thinks they can find a replacement for this show they are seriously crazy and I can't there ever being another show that hooks me or my family and friends like this! This show is absolutely the only show I now own on DVD and the only show I have ever told people to watch. I hope there is some way to keep because it has awesome actors and Sara is sooooo hot :) Its funny and has action but is also clean so anyone can watch it. If we ever miss a night of it we watch it on Hulu and its the only show I watch on Hulu. KEEP CHUCK PLEASE!!!!!!
  • With Pushing Daisies, the best new show of this (short) season...

    Chuck is, without a doubt, one of the best shows on television in years... The comedy, the suspense, the chemistry, the acting, the humor - it's all there. Even the opening scene is super funny xD

    I wasn't really looking forward to it when they first announced the show would air, because I was already psyched about Bionic Woman... And that show really sucks... I really can't understand that someone doesn't like this magnificent show... The chemistry between the awesome Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski is just amazing... Joshua Gomez (Morgan) is hilarious... Yes, the spy stuff and a lot of the plots are cliche, but that's the whole point - it's making fun of that stuff... That's why I love it so much... Too bad the writers are striking, and who knows when we'll be getting new episodes again... I'm convinced NBC will bring it back, since Chuck and Life got full season orders, so the only question is: When?... Chuck, come back soon :)
  • Chuck chuck chuck... :)

    This is one of the shows that i anticipate week after week. This show is just really good and i cannot believe that it might be canceled. Knock on wood! The plot in chuck is just so different to every other show and to be quite honest, it is very refreshing. I can't choose between my favorite characters which are Casey, Sarah and Chuck and Big Mike :P. I like Casey because of his sarcasm and all these little grunts he gives in every episode which is entertaining. Now I'm pro Sarah and Chuck, every time they take one step forward they go two steps back! But i have a feeling in the near future they will get together, the writers can't keep them apart forever right? I'm also scared for Chuck, if he takes the intersect out of his head then he might die!!! No! lol but I'm all for saving this show. If people haven't watched it, watch it and don't judge it by the way it sounds, believe me, it's so much more better when you actually watch it. Save Chuck!!!
  • Geek to sheek

    You all know the story... Geek Chuck bartowski gets Goverment secrets downloaded into his brain sent by Bryce who got him kicked out of Stanford a beautiful cia and tough nsa agents are to protect him. Over the almost 3 years of developing this storyline they have made the unimpossibile.... Possible Chuck turned from Geek TO Super spy he is now moving into Sarahs World. The third season has started off with a bang with sarah wanting to runaway with chuck. Then we move to Hannah and chuck. Kristen Kreuk plays a exellent character but unfortunatly she is not going to be there much long its one of those quick relationships exactly like Lou in season 1.

    All together chuck is a Freaking Awesome show and hopefully there is going to be a season 4!!!
    But i dont know how they can develop the characters and the stroyline more because the writers have pushed the boundaries alot and shoved in heaps of guest stars in season 3 so far to keep the ratings up and to keep the storyline fresh but doing that is just going to get boring hopfully they find a way to get chuck back for a season 4 last thing i have to say is... Bring us more chuck!!
  • Chuck is everything that life should be. Chuck is poignant, exciting, beautiful, hilarious, spectacular, and never, ever boring.

    In a world where TV is dominated by the Kardashians (and the like), insane British people, and poorly conceived, poorly acted, and overfunded shows (cough cough THE HILLS cough cough), it is a joy to be able to sit down in my chair, go on the internet, and watch the latest episode of Chuck.
    Now, when I say that Chuck is the greatest show I have ever watched, I want you all to understand what I mean by that. I am not some 14-year-old boy who's finally discovered TV and just loves everything he sees no matter what. I've seen Firefly, Buffy, Dollhouse, Trauma (so sad it's getting axed, but it is helping Chuck so who knows), Eureka, House, Bones, Scrubs, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Arrested Development, Alias, Community, White Collar, Castle, Heroes, Lie to Me, The Office, The Loop, Multiple Star Treks, Defying Gravity, Fringe, FlashForward, Psyche, Better off Ted, Mercy, Dexter, Reaper, Mad Men, the Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, and Life, just to name a few. And while I loved all of those shows (except for Eureka, Mad men, and Sons of Anarchy; there I'm just kind of "meh"), not one of them can hold a candle to Chuck; well, maybe Firefly or Buffy, but they're still only second and third.
    Here's what I like about Chuck: #1 it has Adam Baldwin. I have yet to see him in a movie or television show where I did not just want to BE him (Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, and something else that is escaping my memory); #2 it has an incredibly talented, not to mention flawlessly gorgeous actress by the name of Yvonne Strahovski; #3 Zachary Levi is so innately charming and charismatic that it makes me wonder why lowly creatures such as I are allowed to breathe the same air as him. Now it's this next reason that really makes me love the show: #4 the writing/acting (the first three reasons where just about the actors themselves; this one's about the combination and making of the show). I'm not talking about the fact that they put funny jokes in and have awesome explosions – don't get me wrong, I love the jokes and explosions (what guy doesn't?). I'm talking about how real and lovable the characters are, how well it's written and superbly portrayed that make it so incredibly addictive. No other show keeps me up at night, wanting more and more, needing to see the next episode like a drug. It has been six months and nine days since the last episode of season two, and it will be at least another month and a half until the next season begins (it'll either start in January or March, and I'm so excited to find out which it is) but I am still as excited about it as I was before, if not more so. The characters really seem so real that it's hard to believe that I'm watching a TV show, that it's nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The love between Chuck and Sarah seems so real to me that I wonder how Zachary and Yvonne have yet to get together and start making gorgeous, talented little babies. It's the human element that has attracted me since Ellie first told Chuck to go out and enjoy his birthday party, and it's that same facet of the show that keeps me watching at 4 AM when I have an 8:30 class and a full day ahead of me.
  • Ok the died in the wool Chuck fan is happier again...

    After the show two weeks ago I have to admit I was pretty unhappy with where the show seemed to be going. After this episode and looking ahead I have to admit I am much happier at the about face that...ok, we all knew was coming, but I'm glad it's getting closer. I think this thing with Casey will pan out, with him re-instated in full Agent Casey mode, by the end of the season and hopefully they will build on developing some kind of relationship with his long lost betrothed.

    As to Chuck and Sarah, he had to do the whole "Hanna" thing to realize what Sarah means to him and I guess she is going to have to go find out just how much Shaw doesn't mean to her, and to get back on track with Chuck.

    I heard a rumor that we have new writers and, if so all I can say is thank God. Here's to a great episode and hopefully a great next episode.
  • Great show, great cast but writers should not keep messing with the Sarah/Chuck relationship.

    This show has always had and still does have great potential. This season's shows to date have been a vast improvement over previous season because of the more interesting action scenes. However, in my view, it was a big mistake to keep messing with the Sarah/Chuck love relationship. This is a serious detraction. That relationship should become solid and more time devoted to the action scenes and to firming up that relationship. Of course, both Chuck and Sarah should get assignments which causes each of them to occasionally "snuggle up to the bad characters" -- just to keep some occasional tension interest in their relationship. But bringing in different love interests is just a major distraction and should be stopped! The cast is superb and the mask episode had some great action moments; especially the mask switching episode with Sarah and Chuck -- with Sarah fighting for he life above the skylight while Chuck, oblivious to her situation, was floundering around trying to get the mask. Keep up the great action scenes, strengthen the Chuck/Sarah relationship and give more publicity/advertising to this show and it will get a great increase to its already many loyal fans!
  • Chuck Rules

    One of the funniest shows on TV right now. Chuck Batowski (Zach Levi)a computer geek who works at a Buy More electronics store in Burbank, L.A. gets an entire database of NSA and CIA secrets encoded in pictures downloaded into his head. Chuck is protected by CIA agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and NSA agent Major John Cassey(Adam Baldwin). As ussual guy falls for girl and at the end of season 2 it finally looks like they are going to get together but the writers have other plans and in the break between season 2 and 3 they break up when Chuck chooses to become a super spy over running away with Sarah. Chuck goes on missions and the 3 become Gen. Beckman's top team in the fight against an evil secret organisaztion within the US inteligence services called Fulcrum and another group that was introduced at the end of season 2 called The Ring. Full of some of the funniest jokes I have heard on TV and some of the best one liners as we as movie spoofs and some of the best comedy actors(in my opinion).
  • Gets better every season! NO! Every episode! Simply genius!

    Probably my second favourite TV show of all time. I could go on and on about how brilliant Chuck is. It's action packed, funny, stylish, with lovable characters, great storylines and best of all the show evolves from season to season. The music is great, especially the theme tune (Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake), which makes the show feel kinda happy for me.

    Giving Chuck special flash powers which allow him to use skills as well as memories was pure brilliance. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Keep it on the air! Get all your friends to watch! Let's aim for 10 seasons! Hehe

    when this show first premiered i figured it would be over in a few episodes, have a season and then be done for. Recently i started actually watching the show. its amazing, funny, action packed and the characters are so much fun to watch. i thought it was gonna be some average show about a nerd guy who can't get the girl of his dreams it turned out to be alot more than that. the character of chuck has grown so much and changed the dynamic of the show which makes it even more entertaining to watch. its not the same thing in every episode and not the same storyline in every season its different throughout which makes Chuck a rare gem.
  • Chuck Bartowski is a nerdy computer tech who has a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain.Chuck is forced to live a split life of computer geek and secret NSA missions. This show is full of fun, action, a captivating romance & mystery.

    This is the best action comedy show ever. The story line will keep you captivated, from the hilarious incidents at the buy more where chuck works involving his co-workers and his best friend morgan, the hilarious incidents on NSA missions (chuck always is asked to stay in the car: but that never seems to be a good idea, :-P), the story & mysteries of chuck's past & future, the always angry casey (adam baldwin) & specially the love & On again/Off again relationship of chuck and sarah, will keep you hooked through all episodes. Its a joy to watch each and every one of them.
  • The Best Show On TV

    Chuck has a great mixture of comedy and espionage, great characters, tremendous writers and actors who have been perfectly selected for their characters. I love this show. Everyone I gave Season 1 DVD set to and asked them to watch are all hooked now, this show is infectious, catch it! The writers have a great way of keeping you interested in two story lines, one at the Buy More with Morgan , Jeff, and Lester, and the spy game with Chuck, Sarah, ans Casey. And don't forget the beautiful Ellie and Awesome for the reality side of Chuck Bartowski.Oh and Yvonne is the new Sydney Bristow, without disguises, absolutely stunning!
  • Chuck's got it all !!Please keep it on air!!

    My friends and I absolutely LOVE it !!! It's very entertaining, it has it all, fun, action, romance, everything !! It's one of the best things i've seen on tv, we never miss an episode. Unfortunately, we are still on the first Season here.. :( , but who knows? if you keep it on air, they might bring the rest of the Seasons too in the near future :) There are really really worst shows out there.. Please,please,please, don't cancel it !! Don't do this to us, only if you want to disappoint millions of fans around the world. :(
  • Fantastic.

    Chuck is a rare gem which is thankfully recurring. Simply put, chuck is great. whether its the ridiculous plot lines or the brilliant one liners. One of my theories about why its so funny is because it embraces the cheseness of most espionage media, and uses it to its advantage. Because the spy comedy pool has rarely been used it allows the show to remain fresh with out a brand new main character, or amnesia, ever second episode. And the cast is just enthralling. Even though the cast is primarily fresh blood they still found the best actors for the job. And the characters are are just so imaginative, the writers are pure genius.
  • My new best friend.

    Pure awesomeness. Season 1 was fun and had a major cool factor, but season 2 took it way further with the depth of the story. So many plot turns. Just when you think you know what's going on they throw you for a loop. There are a lot of great recurring or guest characters that helped things along. So many familiar faces and each one of them brought a lot to the show and became a memorable character, even the one episode appearances. It also has some real quality writing, including character development. I cant remember the last time I felt this attached to the characters in a show. I feel as if Chuck is really out there somewhere, saving the world. And its a wonderfully perfect combination of action and comedy that I didnt know was possible. Action/comedy often comes off as cheesy, but for Chuck it just makes it feel more real, because life is just funny sometimes.
  • Don't even think about changing the channel!

    One may say that this show has a totally ridiculous premise. How can one person possibly retain all these top-secret information just by watching a video mail overnight? When you think about it, you're most probably right. But IF you think about it, you end up missing out on all of the fun and the zaniness this show has to offer. IF you think about it, then you won't get the chance to enjoy a break from the depressing reality that is your life.

    Chuck is an amazingly entertaining series about an unassuming, geeky guy whose normal life is suddenly turned upside down with just a click of his mouse button. From a mundane 9-to-5 job as part of the Nerd Herd in Buy More, Chuck Bartowski is now confronted with a life of espionage, secrecy, life-threatening adventures, and hopefully, a life of bliss with a stunningly beautiful CIA agent named Sarah Walker.

    Even as the show revolves around the now-unpredictable life of Chuck, several quirky characters surround him. There's his clingy and sometimes annoying best friend Morgan, his nutty co-workers Jeff and Lester, his uber-sweet and lovable sister Ellie and her quirky boyfriend Captain Awesome, and the over-protective, stern-looking, and unintentionally funny NSA agent Casey.

    Every episode is packed with brilliant action sequences comparable only to a Bond movie or an hour in the life of Jack Bauer. Well, maybe not. But it provides much excitement and exhilaration that one cannot simply get enough of. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You don't need to think about it. Chuck will do all the thinking for all of us -- in a flash.
  • Chuck is a great Comedy Show on TV...

    Chuck can only be described with Terrific cause it is so funny, with Chuck being so protective of Sarah and saying the funniest things to Casey and her about her. Also I feel that Chuck should be just like Casey and Sarah and also Chuck should try and learn how to use a gun.Also I want Chuck to like someone else than Sarah to make Sarah jealous. Also Chuck should be trusted more by Casey and Chuck should also leave the Buy More or become Manager or Asistant Manager and should also get a place of his own. Also if Chuck moved in with Casey it would be really funny cause Casey doesn't really like Chuck that much. GO CHUCK
  • Keep CHUCK on the air!

    My wife and I enjoyed this show very much. When we knew we would not be home, we would record it and watch it when we could. We have enjoyed all the trouble Chuck has gotten himself into and the way Sara always saves him since day one of the show. We enjoy the strange romance both Chuck and Sara have between each other. We like all the action that take place in the show. Is CHUCK going to be on for another season????? We have not seen anything on TV saying it would be on. PLEASE keep this good show on the air!!!!!!!!
  • Chuck is the best action-comedy show I have ever watched.

    Chuck series has everything I could possibly want from a TV series. It has action, drama, humor, romance and a HOT CHICK. I fell in love with the show immediately from the first episode. The characters are lovable. Chuck works in Buy More, lives with his sister and her boyfriend, Captain Awesome, and spends his free time with his best friend Morgan. Sarah, a CIA operative, has to protect Chuck while he has the Intersect in his head and Casey, a NSA 'killer', has to live in Chuck's neighborhood, which drives him mad, to protect Chuck from Fulcrum, other operatives and even from Sarah.

    This series makes me happy every time I watch it and I really hope it will be on for many more years.
  • Awesome, funny, and plenty of action.

    When I first saw the trailors for this show I thought 'this looks like a show that I would really be in too' but I ended up missing the first few episodes and eventually forgot about it. But 2 years later i find myself addicted to the show, having bought the 1st season on DVD and now awaiting the arrival of season 2 DVD in the UK, I find it constantly funny and entertaining.
    Chuck is a great show and is always full of laughs and also never dissapoints on action, also the show throws in dramatic moments, which i really enjoy. Overall i reccomend this show to anyone who enjoys comedies or action shows, and I cannot wait for the third season.
  • One of the best shows to debut in quite a while

    Chuck has got to currently be one of the best shows in the last couple of years. Chuck only seems to get more entertaining as it progresses, contrary to TV giants such as House and Lost which seem to be on a downhill slope since their respective first seasons.

    One of the best things about Chuck is, under all of the over the top supercomputers and top secret CIA factions there's a genuine humanity in the dialogue. What i'm talking about is of course Chuck and Sarah themselves, there to disprove the stereotype that everyone affiliated with the CIA is an emotionless, superhuman killing machine as so many other movies and shows wish to perpetuate. We even see glimpses of vulnerablility in the ever stoic Colonel Casey.

    So in brief, Chuck = the best thing to happen to TV in a while.
  • Chuck rocks!

    Chuck is the best show on NBC. I love all the antics Chuck gets into trying to save the world. I loved Season 1 and bought it on DVD. John Casey is my favorite character. I can't believe he got a job at Buy More just to look out for Chuck though. If Casey ever has to kill Chuck I don't think he'd have the heart to. It was a total surprise that Orion is Chuck's dad. Never would've thought that in a million years. I hope Chuck and Sarah end up together in the end.

    I wonder how Chuck's new powers will effect the show.
  • chuck: hilarious!!!

    Skepticism was what I felt when I first began to watch the first episode, but the feeling quickly faded and was substituted with amusement.
    Yes, it sounded to me like any other spy-series, but what makes Chuck unique is the twist of comedy. The characters are hilarious and surprisingly funny. John Casey, NSA agent, is my favorite - with his growls and grunts (and the occasional surprising revelations to his life) and makes the program truly entertaining. The script of course is pure genuis, with Chuck's comical facial expressions and tag lines. And of course, the girl. Sara Walker, Chuck's handler and CIA agent, has so many endearing qualities, one of which is her secretive past of being a daughter of a con artist. Delightful and truly entertaining... watching Chuck is definitely a blast!
  • Chuck great series

    I havent seen that much episodes so I dont know everythhing I need to know, but theres one thing I do know: this series is great!
    Chuck is a great show. The show is about a worker on a local store Buy More (parody of Best Buy) who turns out to be an intersect, someone who can see the story of something by just seeing it. The show is great, so funny and has really cool actings. It has great stories and plot lines. Chuck isa really great series, now that most of the good spies series are over, (and the ones that we have are so bad), you cnat miss it
  • If you're a fan of video games and cheesy '80s films, this show is for you. If not, it still works on so many other levels.

    Chuck is a huge nerd. Really. He has a TRON poster in his room. But his personality and nervousness under pressure is irresistible, making him a great star character for a great show. Chuck takes place in Burbank, California, largely inside a 'Buy More' electronics store, or a re-imagining of a Best Buy. The plot surrounds Chuck Bartowski, who was kicked out of Harvard by his roommate, with only twelve credits left to graduate. (This roommate, Bryce Larkin, also stole his girlfriend.) Since then, he has worked at the Buy More with no other plans for the future, all his optimism for a great, significant life gone. But then the twist comes in to play. One day, Chuck receives an email from Bryce, with a level from one of their old text-based computer games attached to it. As he beats the game, a super-high-tech, fast-paced slideshow of top-secret images flashes onto the screen, uploading the CIA/NSA supercomputer into his brain. He later finds out (from a rather beautiful CIA agent named Sara) that he is the only remaining supercomputer, or 'Intersect', in the world. From then on, he is able to cross-reference the intelligence of the CIA and the NSA in order to figure out what evil schemes are taking place. While this all seems complex, it is all summed up swiftly, efficiently, and gracefully in the Pilot episode. Plus, the humor and the story only get better as the show goes on. It has wit, charm, and plenty of movie references to boot. Watch it.
  • It appears to be a new spin on the Jake 2.0 series, which I liked. It's humorous and entertaining with a twist of spy-work.

    Just about everyone enjoys a good spy thriller like James Bond, and lots of people enjoy comedy and love shows. Take all three and roll them up into an hour and you've got Chuck. It's about a guy who gets information dumped into his brain that he recalls whenever he sees a particular item or individual. He's not a super spy and has no other abilities other than that. Though he is learning from his two government (CIA & FBI) handlers and at the end of season two he gets another dump from the computer and apparently knows kung-fu now. Might be stretching it a little bit for me, because I like Chuck being the not-so-tough computer geek. It adds to the charm and humor of the show. Hopefully the writers wont goof this good chemistry up by trying to make him into a super-spy.

    Definitely worth a look if you haven't seen the show and I plan on watching the third season when it arrives.
  • The best show ever! I can't believe this show was in the midst of being cancelled!?! I guess NBC just got stupid for a moment there. More power to Chuck; cast AND crew!

    Once in every chapter of your life a good show comes along and makes your day. For me, in high school it was Baywatch, thank you running beautiful life guards. In college it was an anime called Slam Dunk and House MD. And now, in my adult days, on Monday nights, Chuck was there. It's a very cool and brilliant show, and this is from a fan who doesn't spend his days glued to a PC playing World of Warcraft 24/7. I'm the kind of guy who likes to go out and have a drink and hit on girls, you could say i'm the other half of Chuck fans. Chuck truly is amazing and this is besides sexy secret agents. The story, the comic performance of the entire cast, the drama.. EVERYTHING. It's truly amazing. The writers are brilliant. Thank you NBC for renewing Chuck. I'll make sure to send you a cake or something.
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