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  • Chuck is the best action-comedy show I have ever watched.

    Chuck series has everything I could possibly want from a TV series. It has action, drama, humor, romance and a HOT CHICK. I fell in love with the show immediately from the first episode. The characters are lovable. Chuck works in Buy More, lives with his sister and her boyfriend, Captain Awesome, and spends his free time with his best friend Morgan. Sarah, a CIA operative, has to protect Chuck while he has the Intersect in his head and Casey, a NSA 'killer', has to live in Chuck's neighborhood, which drives him mad, to protect Chuck from Fulcrum, other operatives and even from Sarah.

    This series makes me happy every time I watch it and I really hope it will be on for many more years.
  • Awesome, funny, and plenty of action.

    When I first saw the trailors for this show I thought 'this looks like a show that I would really be in too' but I ended up missing the first few episodes and eventually forgot about it. But 2 years later i find myself addicted to the show, having bought the 1st season on DVD and now awaiting the arrival of season 2 DVD in the UK, I find it constantly funny and entertaining.
    Chuck is a great show and is always full of laughs and also never dissapoints on action, also the show throws in dramatic moments, which i really enjoy. Overall i reccomend this show to anyone who enjoys comedies or action shows, and I cannot wait for the third season.
  • One of the best shows to debut in quite a while

    Chuck has got to currently be one of the best shows in the last couple of years. Chuck only seems to get more entertaining as it progresses, contrary to TV giants such as House and Lost which seem to be on a downhill slope since their respective first seasons.

    One of the best things about Chuck is, under all of the over the top supercomputers and top secret CIA factions there's a genuine humanity in the dialogue. What i'm talking about is of course Chuck and Sarah themselves, there to disprove the stereotype that everyone affiliated with the CIA is an emotionless, superhuman killing machine as so many other movies and shows wish to perpetuate. We even see glimpses of vulnerablility in the ever stoic Colonel Casey.

    So in brief, Chuck = the best thing to happen to TV in a while.
  • Chuck rocks!

    Chuck is the best show on NBC. I love all the antics Chuck gets into trying to save the world. I loved Season 1 and bought it on DVD. John Casey is my favorite character. I can't believe he got a job at Buy More just to look out for Chuck though. If Casey ever has to kill Chuck I don't think he'd have the heart to. It was a total surprise that Orion is Chuck's dad. Never would've thought that in a million years. I hope Chuck and Sarah end up together in the end.

    I wonder how Chuck's new powers will effect the show.
  • chuck: hilarious!!!

    Skepticism was what I felt when I first began to watch the first episode, but the feeling quickly faded and was substituted with amusement.
    Yes, it sounded to me like any other spy-series, but what makes Chuck unique is the twist of comedy. The characters are hilarious and surprisingly funny. John Casey, NSA agent, is my favorite - with his growls and grunts (and the occasional surprising revelations to his life) and makes the program truly entertaining. The script of course is pure genuis, with Chuck's comical facial expressions and tag lines. And of course, the girl. Sara Walker, Chuck's handler and CIA agent, has so many endearing qualities, one of which is her secretive past of being a daughter of a con artist. Delightful and truly entertaining... watching Chuck is definitely a blast!
  • Chuck great series

    I havent seen that much episodes so I dont know everythhing I need to know, but theres one thing I do know: this series is great!
    Chuck is a great show. The show is about a worker on a local store Buy More (parody of Best Buy) who turns out to be an intersect, someone who can see the story of something by just seeing it. The show is great, so funny and has really cool actings. It has great stories and plot lines. Chuck isa really great series, now that most of the good spies series are over, (and the ones that we have are so bad), you cnat miss it
  • If you're a fan of video games and cheesy '80s films, this show is for you. If not, it still works on so many other levels.

    Chuck is a huge nerd. Really. He has a TRON poster in his room. But his personality and nervousness under pressure is irresistible, making him a great star character for a great show. Chuck takes place in Burbank, California, largely inside a 'Buy More' electronics store, or a re-imagining of a Best Buy. The plot surrounds Chuck Bartowski, who was kicked out of Harvard by his roommate, with only twelve credits left to graduate. (This roommate, Bryce Larkin, also stole his girlfriend.) Since then, he has worked at the Buy More with no other plans for the future, all his optimism for a great, significant life gone. But then the twist comes in to play. One day, Chuck receives an email from Bryce, with a level from one of their old text-based computer games attached to it. As he beats the game, a super-high-tech, fast-paced slideshow of top-secret images flashes onto the screen, uploading the CIA/NSA supercomputer into his brain. He later finds out (from a rather beautiful CIA agent named Sara) that he is the only remaining supercomputer, or 'Intersect', in the world. From then on, he is able to cross-reference the intelligence of the CIA and the NSA in order to figure out what evil schemes are taking place. While this all seems complex, it is all summed up swiftly, efficiently, and gracefully in the Pilot episode. Plus, the humor and the story only get better as the show goes on. It has wit, charm, and plenty of movie references to boot. Watch it.
  • It appears to be a new spin on the Jake 2.0 series, which I liked. It's humorous and entertaining with a twist of spy-work.

    Just about everyone enjoys a good spy thriller like James Bond, and lots of people enjoy comedy and love shows. Take all three and roll them up into an hour and you've got Chuck. It's about a guy who gets information dumped into his brain that he recalls whenever he sees a particular item or individual. He's not a super spy and has no other abilities other than that. Though he is learning from his two government (CIA & FBI) handlers and at the end of season two he gets another dump from the computer and apparently knows kung-fu now. Might be stretching it a little bit for me, because I like Chuck being the not-so-tough computer geek. It adds to the charm and humor of the show. Hopefully the writers wont goof this good chemistry up by trying to make him into a super-spy.

    Definitely worth a look if you haven't seen the show and I plan on watching the third season when it arrives.
  • The best show ever! I can't believe this show was in the midst of being cancelled!?! I guess NBC just got stupid for a moment there. More power to Chuck; cast AND crew!

    Once in every chapter of your life a good show comes along and makes your day. For me, in high school it was Baywatch, thank you running beautiful life guards. In college it was an anime called Slam Dunk and House MD. And now, in my adult days, on Monday nights, Chuck was there. It's a very cool and brilliant show, and this is from a fan who doesn't spend his days glued to a PC playing World of Warcraft 24/7. I'm the kind of guy who likes to go out and have a drink and hit on girls, you could say i'm the other half of Chuck fans. Chuck truly is amazing and this is besides sexy secret agents. The story, the comic performance of the entire cast, the drama.. EVERYTHING. It's truly amazing. The writers are brilliant. Thank you NBC for renewing Chuck. I'll make sure to send you a cake or something.
  • I discovered Chuck last year rather accidentally and all I can say now is: i love this show! But what is it that makes this show so awesome? I'm gonna tell you…

    I discovered Chuck last year rather accidentally and all I can say now is: i love this show! But what is it that makes this show so awesome? I'm gonna tell you…

    Chuck is a great combination of different genres it contains Action, Comedy and Romance. Well, one could say now there are other shows fitting that profile too but there is one thing that definitely makes Chuck outstanding - it doesn't take itself too serious in any way. And I think thats the one condition that has to be fulfilled by the viewer to like this show: don't take it too serious either.

    Chuck is a normal nerd working at a Buy More. His job is all about PC in the Nerd Herd section. His life is pure routine and probably quite boring until he receives an email from a former fellow student. With opening it he is about to change his life in a way he never would have dreamed of…
    The email contains a file with high classified information from the CIA called the ‚Intersect'. While watching all the Information passing by his eyes he kind of absorbs them automatically into his brain so that every single information from now on is stored in his head. Ever since flashing up when something in his view matches with his stored information. The real problem is that this particular ‚Intersect' was stolen and destroyed so that he has the last ‚Intersect' in his mind. When the CIA finds out they sent two trained agents - Agent Sarah Walker and Major John Casey - to protect him from any harm and thats exactly where his story begins.

    Every episode some bad guys show up and Chuck identifies them by chance so that he and his team can do something about it. But while there is an ending story in every episode itself, the show developes quite a huge story about real reasons the ‚Intersect' was stolen in the first place.
    Nevertheless, who would have thought, Chuck developes a crush on Sarah - well who wouldn't? ;) She's really gorgeous in her role but gives Chuck quite a hard time…

    So that was a short summary of the most important facts of Chuck - please don't blame me if I forgot something ;) but there are way to many things I wanted to tell, just kept myself from telling too much.

    I hope some of you guys take a closer look at Chuck, it is really worth the time!!

    Having watched the final episode of chuck I can only applaud the network for green lighting a third season. The wow ending to season 2 has opened up a world of opportunities to move the character forward - will chucks personality change now? how will casey relate to the change? Only 13 episodes but better than nothing - worried about cut backs though - hopefully jeffster remain intact and continue their journey to musical greatness!The most important thing for fans now is to keep the campaign for Chuck going...Buying the dvd, writing to the network,encourage new people to watch this show! If we all get 5 people to start watching it the show will get a chain reaction of new viewers. The great thing about Chuck is that once someone watches it they will be hooked and will thank you for the recommendation! The campaign for season 4 starts now...
  • Geektastic!

    What can I say about Chuck? Chuck is amazing, and I'm not just saying that. The incredible story mixed with the geekness and the action, makes for an incredibly hilarious TV show, which is fun for all the family. Quite possibly the funniest show on TV today, Chuck mixes the blatantly hilarious physical comedy from the likes of Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez, with the incredibly dry humour played exceptionally well by Adam Baldwin. Chuck has everything anybody could ask for in a TV show, and yet it still all parts in a stable equilibrium. Chuck is quite possibly the funniest show on TV at the moment.
  • This is the best show on TV!

    Chuck follows a Computer Nerd Who has all the government secrets on his brain! He is assigned two government agents to look after him Sarah and John (Casey). He flashes (bursts of info brought on by certain images) regularly and the three of them have to go after the bad guys he flashes on an save the world. It has something for everyone Comedy, Action, Romance and Drama. It can be watched by anyone and anyone who watches it is bound to love it. Go on give it ago. If you love it you might decided to help save it go to and find out how to get it a third season!
  • This is one the greatest shows I have ever seen on NBC!!!!!!!

    I absolutely love this show! Anyone who does not like this show needs to think again. CHUCK is about Chuck. That is it. The entire show is about Chuck (who is totally incredible), the Intercect. The Chuckster is a sexy beast that wears chucks and works at the Buy More, a parody of Best Buy. he is a member of the Nerd Herd, a parody of the Geek thingy from Best Buy.
  • When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, his former college friend turned CIA recruits him as a secret agent, all while keeping him out of evil hands.

    When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. Now, the fate of the world lies in the unlikely hands of a guy who works at a Buy More Electronics store. Instead of fighting computer viruses, he must now confront assassins and international terrorists. With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey (Adam Baldwin, "My Bodyguard") of the National Security Agency resumes his responsibility of protecting Chuck. Casey's partner is the CIA's top agent (and Chuck's dream girl), Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski, "Gone"). They try to keep him safe by trading in his pocket protector for a bulletproof vest.
    Also starring are Joshua Gomez ("Without a Trace") as Morgan Grimes -- Chuck's best buddy, Sarah Lancaster ("What About Brian?") as Chuck's ever-supportive sister Ellie, and Ryan McPartlin ("Living With Fran") as "Captain Awesome," Ellie's fiancé. Chuck's Buy More team consists of Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence, "The Pursuit of Happyness") and the Nerd Herd, which includes Lester (Vik Sahay, "Time Bomb"), Jeff (Scott Krinsky, "The O.C.") and Anna (Julia Ling, NBC's "ER").

    Hello all,
    I LOVE this show!!
    There not much to hate about this show. I mean there is even hot girls and some action. The nerd even gets a hot girl. When I first heard about the show I it was a season in. I watched the hole first season in less then one week. I just could not stop watching it. I am not starting season 2 and it just gets better. This is my new TOP FAVORITE SHOW. I say this is a must see show. If you don't believe me take a look for your self. Thanks for reading my review.
    Have a great day
  • To put it simply,chuck is the best show on TV at the moment.

    For the most part these days tv consists of dull,pointless and just plain terrible reality TV, good scripted drama's and comedies have become all to hard to find,but in chuck you have all a great TV show needs,which is a good cast and crew with funny and clever writers.Each episode of Chuck always has a moment in it which makes you appreciate what a great show you are watching.Further more an element that can not be overlooked is the great chemistry the cast has with one and other,of course the main example of this is the relationship between Zachary Levi(Chuck) and Yvonne Strahovski(Sarah).One of the main reasons I love this show so much is the great and very unique soundtrack this show has each and every episode.So in conclusion if have any interest in well writing scripted TV ,you are sure to love Chuck each and very time you watch it.
  • One of the best shows on TV

    Chuck is a very original show about an electronics store geek who gets the entire CIA spy database downloaded into his brain called the intersect, when an old friend sends him an email. He soon realizes that he has 2 spies from 2 different agencies to "protect" him. One is the beautiful Sarah Walker and the other is the brutish Major John Casey.

    His friends and family that surround him do not have a clue what has happened to him. They include his best friend Morgan Grimes, his sister Ellie and her fiancé Captain Awesome, His coworkers Jefferson Barnes and Lester Partel, and his boss "Big Mike".

    Every episode a new threat comes to town and Chuck uses the intersect that has been downloaded into his brain to flash on information pertaining to that threat. Each mission takes a hilarious but often dangerous trun when Chuck somehow gets involved in the mission.

    There are also people who are after the intersect, but do not know the Chuck is the intersect. This is why Sarah and Major Casey protect him and would sacrifice their lives for him.

    The romantic part of the show is that Chuck and Sarah are falling for each other but know it can never be as long as he is the intersect.

    This is an outstanding show and if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it.
  • Chuck is a spy comedy with a nice cast. Chuck gets a computer stuck in his head, several times, but just wants a normal life.

    Ok I like chuck, someone at work kept bugging me to watch it so I finally did. I hope it continues but the season ender, Chuck versus the ring, has me worried. It definitely jumped the shark for me. I hope they don't drop the Buy More but add more Buy More bits and figure out how to keep Ana (gorgeous) and Morgan.
    I'm not sure how the new season is going to go based on this season ending but I do think some cast changes, additions?, will be made. Looks like Scott Bakula will have a recurring role. I hope it steers clear of the tank.
  • Best Season Finale, Best Chuck

    Awesome couldn't say awesome better. Amazing episode. The writers and producers of the show have created an absolute gem and what a shame it would be if this was also the series finale. This is how tv should be done. Heck there was enough action in this episode that with a little bit of padding could have been a movie. 40 year old virgin meets James Bond, meets Jackie Chan!!! This show had everything - action, comedy and romance. The acting as always was superb. The show is so imaginative and fresh. I don't know how NBC can even contemplate dumping it. If NBC wants better ratings, promote the show like it did when it first started. It had great ratings while it was being promoted. Unfortunately the strike killed it and NBC forgot about it. SAVE CHUCK. It's the best show on TV.
  • Chuck vs The Ring - April 2009

    Chuck has never let me down. I was entirely happy with this episode as a whole. From the emotional standpoint (happiness, worry, sorrow, amazement and so forth) to the amazing acting by all of the characters involved in this spectacular show. A lot of my questions were answered at the end of this seasons finale, and a whole new spew of questions were brought forth. What will happen to Chuck and Sarah? What about this new form of the Intersect? Will it help or hurt Chuck? Is Morgan gone forever, or will we see him back as a spectacular Hibachi Chef for the whole crew? What does Sarah think of Bryce's death? Will her old feelings for him show in the next season as she (possibly) mourns?
    This season finale was everything I could have hoped for and more. I am looking forward to next season... Gob (and NBC) willing. Hats off to Josh Schwartz. What a talent that man has to create such a worthwhile show.
  • Best unique comedy action show on tv today!

    I don't recall ever spending time watching this show and thinking...sigh, it's not that interesting today. Every single episode has been engaging and humorous in its quirky ways. I love those small little tid bits of pop cult dispersed in the dialogue and for the geeks among us (me too) I love spotting them and having a lil chuckle. :D

    There is excellent character development and wonderful acting. I love the relationships Chuck develops with the people in his life. The balance of humour and seriousness is perfect. The madness of the Buymore juxtaposed with the deadly and serious missions that Chuck find himself on. That, and the fact that Chuck uses humour to ease his nerves and panic by making light of dire situations. Masterfully put together. Bravo.
  • there's none better

    it mixes action and comedy in perfect 40minute show! An excellent selection of actors with some great special guests. which on paper u wouldnt think would work. zack does a tremendous job as chuck, a person that many can relate to, a normal guy working a standard 9-5 whos life changes completely... for the better i would say.

    give this a go! watch the pilot its well worth it! season 2 doesnt let you down either!

    bring on season 3! it deserves it

    i never thought i would say good things about anything McG does... but he proved me wrong. hopefully he does the same for terminator salvation!
  • Best thing to happen to TV in a long time!

    Chuck is an awesome show with something for everyone with its perfect mix of action, comedy drama and romance and not to mention the various pop-culture references. The Godfather and Starwars, c'mon!

    Monday nights is now exclusive to Chuck for me and my family. This show is family-friendly entertainment, and it is smart, witty and hilarious. Just those items would make Chuck a great show, but add to that a great story with powerful dramatic scenes that make us attached to the characters and wow, you've got the best show on TV.

    The people that bring these characters to life are not to be forgotten. The ensemble of Zach Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin is full of chemistry and transition flawlessly between scenes of humor, action and drama. The supporting cast also provides great bang for your buck and the endless stream of great guest stars are just icing on this delicious cake of a show.

    The ratings may be a bit disappointing due to the tough Monday 8pm slot with Fox's House, Dancing with the Stars, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, etc, but it is still getting better than average rating for an NBC show (not that it mean much). The fans love it, the critics love it, and it just might be the greatest thing to hit TV-land in a long time. Plus it is rather inexpensive to produce and has plenty of opportunities for flagrant ad placements (ex. Toyota and Subway)without detracting from the show. NBC would be nuts to cancel Chuck, then again they did reject the House pilot and gave Leno 5 nights a week...

    Honestly, how can you not love the nerd with a computer in his head? Or his sexy handlers? Support Chuck, join the Watch/Buy/Share Campaign
  • Actually it was a 10. It just wouldnt go higher.

    PERFECT!!!!!! DEFINATELY makes me want more!!! They CANNOT leave us hanging like this!! Even if I knew for sure they were re-newing, I'm going to die waiting for the fall season!!

    Chuck, Sara, Casey, DAD!! I must know more. The wedding was an "AWWW" moment, but now that Chuck has the intersect again AND the awsome skills, to leave us in a lurch like that is just NOT cool.

    We'll have to round Casey and Sara up and go kick some PTB A*S!

    I did my part with Subway. I only hope the numbers translate into something wonderful.

    GOOD LUCK CHUCK!! I'm pulling for you!!
  • Chuck is to TV shows what Starwars was (and still is) for cinema movies, the most inovative and addictive show I have seen for years - one of the best shows ever...

    I'm coming from France where Chuck air on Sunday afternoon, we are even in the middle of the second season (what is quite rare because we usually have shows near 1 year later than the us or so...).

    Comedy, Action, Fun and Romance, very great great actors (in action as in comedy !), like 2 shows in one even if the Buy more thing is mainly here for situation, the 2 world ("buy more" and spy world usually affect each other, sometimes in a very funny way ;))

    Chuck and Sarah are probably the best couple on tv (in all terms) and what to say about their actors... Even secondary actors are huge or unique (all !).

    Don't think that the computer or nerd thing (or too funny gags) define this show... It's only the introduction and a part of it - don't turn off the show because you just see a "too heavy gag", because even if you don't like this one there are many other points (or gags) in the show that will please you.

    Try to share this show, even in showing people one of the best episode as a first (even if each episode is a good one minimum, there are killer ones !), it deserves it and is a must see/share.

    Really hope there will be a 3rd season because many of those who follow it will say it has marked TV forever and maybe too much people will discover it too late (offer the DVD ;o)
  • This is the best show I've watched in years.

    Chuck is on the verge of cancelation!
    That's right- NBC is considering canceling the best show on the screen (yes, recentlly it got so good, its better than heroes, smallville, lost, and even prison break in the days of glory).

    Its up to us to prevent that horrible thing from happening!

    go here and write a letter to the management of NBC so that chuck remains for another season (at least)!
    History shows that fand fighting for their favorite show does indeed work.
    see Jericho for example.

    every letter is worthwhile, and not writing may and will result in the cancelation of the show. DO WRITE.

    time is of the essence.
  • Chuck is a Nerd Herd computer tech, turned bumbling super-spy who teams up with govt agents Sarah and Casey to combat all things evil. Trying to balance his normal life with his new fortuitous career, Chuck embarks in hilarious and entertaining escapades.

    Chuck is fun, witty, addicting and most importantly, highly entertaining. After purchasing Season 1 (Blu-Ray)and amorously enduring what was to become a lengthy marathon of everything Chuck, I was instantly hooked. After my non-stop Chuck-a-thon for the last week or so (Seasons 1 & 2), I felt a bond of both(somehow)relevance and connectedness to the characters: a third season is now a must. Insofar as that, all, and I mean all, the characters (actors)in Chuck are highly entertaining and admirable in their own distinctive ways. From Chuck's (Levi) and Sarah's (Strahovski) great onscreen connection, to Casey's (Baldwin) tough, balancing (and often comical)persona, to Morgan's (Gomez) playful and idiotic tactics; Chuck is a blast and should not be missed out by any. In saying that, the show has progressively gotten better as it matures and finds its place. Quite possibly its best attribute would be its light, yet intriguing plot-lines and subsequently, its playful nature. The characters do well in balancing one another out and there is quite possibly someone that everyone can relate too in one way or another. A show like Chuck is exactly the reprieve that the world needs during these tough economic times. It provides a good laugh, is easy to follow, and is very light-hearted and down to earth. Like Chuck and Sarah's relationship, the show also deserves the chance to keep blossoming. One can only hope that Chuck, unlike the intersect (for now...), does not get swept away from both our minds and televisions. It is a show deserving of its time slot and according should be kept alive and kicking (literally).
  • Chuck is a outstanding show that make me want more. A third season is a must.

    This show is one that makes me laugh each and every week. I hope that this show goes on for a while. Chuck has unique twist of characters that conform into a great chemistry of actors. The plots itself is also another feat that seems to keep my tuned in. Even the names of the episodes are inventive on there own. Chuck also is a perfect person for the situation. If you have ever been to a "Buy More" or worked there. You would know that the actual store with the actual Nerd Herd People are a lot like that. There are people there that are really smart and for one reason or another work there. And it makes the show even more appealing. I really love that show.
  • Chuck is about a normal guy who got government secrets sent to his head and is not being watched at all times by his handlers, Casey and Sarah. While fighting off bad guys on spy missions, Chuck and Sarah's relationship blossom.

    What can I say, I LOVE this show. this is the first show that I have never missed an episode for, and a show that I am emotionally attached to. Chuck and Sarah (Charah), Casey's grunts, and of course the Buy More gang, make this show great. This is an action/comedy/romance (not really, just a lot of angst between Chuck and Sarah). The actors are great also. Zac Levi as Chuck really masters the whole geek/nerd thing, and Yvonne Strahovski?!? can do the action scenes as well as the emotional ones too. The details and just the little things make this show great.
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