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  • chuck is the best show ever..

    cool story. perfect...Now that Battlestar Galactica has passed into history, I suggest to you that Chuck is the best show on television. There are a few highly touted premium cable dramas I have missed, so maybe Chuck is only the best show on network tv. However, I doubt any intense drama could compare to Chuck.

    Chuck is an odd blend of action, adventure, comedy and romance. Like many blended shows it struggles to find an audience. Disguised as a "Get Smart" style spy spoof, Chuck lightly addresses fundamental human issues of family, friendship, trust, love, and how these themes impact upon relationship.
  • Very Good show, just There's really bothering me...

    The concept on its basis is original in its own way - it is a typical one-person-centered series which so happens to be named after the protagonist (see also House, Dexter, Monk etc.), yet most times with this kind of series the main character always seems to know what he's doing, creating a sort of appealing sense (Even Monk - he's a genius know-it-all, how can you not follow what this guy says?) - not so is Chuck. The idea is that the "know-it-all" guy is basically locked in Chuck's head and occasionally gives out a few clues - and the unique feel is that Chuck is absolutely ordinary in every fashion - unlike House, Dexter or Monk - and also very unappealing.

    Watching the show I could really relate to Chuck - not a huge success in life, mediocre in every sense - and yet you see him getting thrust into some fantastic situations - one minute he's fixing a mobile phone, on the second he's trying to defuse a nuclear bomb.

    And he always manage to get away with it. Which is why I think that even though trying to look realistic - it just can't manage that.

    Overall - a great show, if you don't take it too seriously, which occasionally I find hard to do...
  • Chuck is the perfect hybrid series with a dash of comedy, action and romance. Chuck and Sarah have the greatest chemistry currently on tv.

    My current favorite show on television and I never miss an episode. Watch ever Monday night on NBC with my friends. This show tops Heroes(that I stopped watching last season, poor quality) but the ratings don't reflect this and the show is in danger of being canceled. Please keep this show on the air NBC. 100 minimum word count, huh? Well if I have too, not like chuck isn't worth writing 100 words about I just don't have the time right now. Okay like I said before this show is AWESOME and I love it. Started watching late during the short season 1, and loved it so much I bought season 1 bluray and watched it all. Been watching season 2 since day 1.
  • chuck has an intersect in his head. casey and sarah are here to protect him. his bestfriend is morgan. and chuck lives with his sister and sister's boyfriend, captain awesome.

    I love the show chuck! its sooo funny and good. theres sooo much action, its amazing. i especially like chuck and sarah. they look sooo good together. LOL casey is soo cool too. he can be scary sometimes but i still love him. the people i didnt like were bryce, lou, jill, and that cole guy. i dont like them because i think there getting in the way of chuck and sarah's relationship. anywhoo yeah so the bottom line is: chuck is the greatest show ever and i really hope theres a season 3!

    PS. me and my friends and family love this show. we watch it together all the time, so please let there be a season 3. please

    love, chuck-a-duck
  • A normal guy gets an email from his old college friend and then his life totally changes.. He helps stop catch Fulcrum agents and their plans. He wants to get the intersect out of his head so he can live his old normal life back.

    Best show. Amazing and funny.A normals life is drastically changed and is ok with i except the whole almost dying part and shootings. Chuck still has part of his old life but has a hard time keeping his old life away from his new one. He wants to tell his family what is going on but he is afraid of getting them hurt. He falls in love and wants to not be in love. He wants the intersect out of his head to like a normal life. He will try anything to get his old life back. He gets himself into trouble so he can keep his family save.
  • Chuck finally finds his father and its, shh...ORION! aka Scott Bacula! He may get that intersect out of his head yet, but no one expected ROARK, (Chevy Chase)! OH NO! What will Chuck do? His idol or his dad? Well you know, BLOOD's THICKER!!!

    This is the Best of CHUCK! Great plot, Chuck trying to get his life back, Terrific exposition, I Love that Scott Bacula plays Chuck's and Ellie's dad, AND ORION!!! He's Beautiful!! Hmmmm.... This could not have been cast better!! And Chevy Chase makes such a surprising 'EVIL GUY'! I did not see that one coming!!! I CRAVE more of this type of entertainment in the future! ACTION, ADVENTURE, (even if it is an EXPO!), DRAMA! The suspense is too much! I Love It!!! I Can't Wait For The Next Episode!!! Or What Happens at ellie's Wedding!!! Bring it on Folcrum, WE'VE GOT CHUCK!!!! Keep up the Good work People!!!
  • All Episodes are amazing and funny..

    By the end of every episode I am laughing or wanting more. The series started off a little bit slow but eventually as I kept watching it, I became addicted. The characters are amusing and entertaining to watch, I love how the show is written but I think they need to add more Casey into the show, not nearly enough of Casey in the show. This weeks episode is going to be amazing, Chevy Chase will be Guest staring as Chuck's father whom is a little....psychotic...and if anyone can play a psycho its Chevy Chase. So dont forget to watch this weeks Chuck!
  • Wonderful! Great! Amusing and the characters are terrific together.

    Monday wouldn't be a good night without our dose of Chuck!!!! LOVE this show! We look forward to Monday nights now when we didn't use to. Not all of us like reality or stupid dance shows or American Idol, yuck...never been a fan. Love Chuck, then at 10pm Castle makes it a very perfect Monday night. Anyone who hasn't seen need to for sure so they can see what they have been missing. The chemistry between the characters is outstanding. All of them are good from those at the Buy More, to his sister and Awesome! Sara loves him and it is fun to watch how he reels her in by just being Chuck. The warm, nice, funny, good guy. Then his crazy friends get thrown into the mix and then it is just scary how they could really mess him up with the General.
  • Chuck is a mix of comedy, action, romance and adventure. The elements that make it the best on tv is the action of the current plot that melts into the cracking-up comedy of the sub-plot.

    Chuck revolves around 20 something characters which all have a different role and which the audience will surely fall in love with after a few episodes or so. The model episodes compromise of the main plot which usually contains action (minimal comedy) and the sub-plot which encompasses humour. The main plot usually covers Chuck, Sarah and Casey whilst the sub-plot covers around the buy more nerds (Morgan, Ana, Jeffrey, Lester and Big Mike). Sarah and Casey are full time spies which have to protect Chuck as he is the only source of all the government's secrets after the 9/11 incident.
  • Chuck is a great show that incorporates parts of comedy and mixes it with action into one of the best shows on T.V today.

    Honestly the fact that Chuck is even on the bubble for a third season is a total disgrace. NBC should realize that this is one of the best shows that they have up right now on television. The chemistry exhibited by all the characters is infectious, and trust me you will be laughing. Even though the premise is somewhat ludicrous they manage to make the situations very plausible and you actually fell that this could be real. Bottom line is if you watch this show from the first season on there is no way you will not love it.

    The relationship between Chuck and Sarah is one of the best parts of the show because Zach and Yvonne are two amazing actors and the scenes between them are always amazing. Whether they are fighting or having one of their moments, they are always done very well.
  • Well written show.

    When chuck first started it was full of promise. And so far it has not disappointed me at all. This show has everything you could possbily imagin. Action, romance, suspense. As well as, give viewers an example of good friend and close family members. All of the characters have interesting personalities, that make you laugh, cry, and just plain enjoy the show each week. This show is one of my favourites,and i really look forward to future episodes. Additionally, i believe that orion will turn out to be Chuck's dad. That's my theroy anyway. I look forward to the future, to see if i am right.
  • Quirky, personal fav!

    I like this show. I like its quirkyness. I adore Zachary Levi and all the cast. I loved Adam Baldwin in Firefly and Serenity, wish they could have kept going for a while longer. I love Casey as a hardass. As far as I can tell Yvonne Strahovski does a great American accent. I haven't seen the second season yet but I look forward to it. Captain Awesome is awesome and cute!! He-He.
  • Chuck finally discovered that there is a possibility to get the intersect off him. Another setback for the chuck sarah relationship

    While I love the Chuck and Sarah combination, I'm glad that Chuck finally found a possibility to get the intersect off his head. The guys suffered enough already because of the intersect. I totally understand Chuck's reason for not wanting to move in with Sarah. Yes Sarah had her share of burden because of her job as a CIA agent. But Chuck was never trained to be a spy and more importantly as he speaks, "turn his emotions on and off" (not to mention having his privacy removed). The reason I loved this episode is because Chuck already showed some muscle so to say in the ending sequence. He finally took it upon himself to do an ala Michael Scofield blueprint to map the intersect off his head. Hoping that the show staffs continue and focus on this storyline (but of course the intersect would not be taken off because that would mean the show would end). Just a wild guess though, ORION might actually be Chuck's dad. In previous episodes, there's already references on his dad. Chuck's map of clues, diagrammed behind his poster, which was given by his father is to symbolic for me to ignore. But then again just a wild guess.
  • The excitment is building ...u can feel it. Our dynamic trio pushes onward: one protecting, one loving and one seeking the truth. Mixed in with former loves and haters the excitment grows for this absolutely delightful show!

    I absolutely loved this episode. A real nice mix of all that is Chuck. The continual growth of Chucks confidence in himself, the ongoing revelation of Sarah's true feelings towards Chuck and the softening of Casey towards Chuck. I really love the show cuz it fundamentally hits a spot that brings a smile each time it ends. I loved the cripple chasing the cripple it really made me laugh...just showed all chases do not have to be crazy and violent. Can't wait for next weeks episode.

    I was curious did Howard Busgang actually work on creating the intersect? Based on the general's final statements to Chuck regarding his no flash on the files earlier everyone who worked on creating the intersect should not be flashable...maybe I missed something?
  • The show to keep watching is here! In it's second season Chuck is certainly keeping us entertained. Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi)is a computer geek thrust into the world of espionage. Of course he can't do it alone he needs some babysitters, I mean help.

    Yvonne Strahovski is the hot new face to be looking at on NBC's series Chuck. The chemistry between Ms. Strahovski and Zachary Levi, who plays the lead role of Chuck, is hotter than a boiling pot of water. Adam Baldwin (Major John Casey),Joshua Gomez (Morgan Grimes),and Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski)lend their talents to make Chuck a watchable delight. The series is in it's second season and continues to climb the ranks. Created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, Chuck continues to deliver that comic laugh and witty nerd herd sophistication that will keep the series at the top of the "I Spy" game.
  • A show that combine action comedy and little bit of romance, plus all the hot chicks fights! what not to like!!

    A show that combine action comedy and little bit of romance, plus all the hot chicks fights! what not to like!!
    A show that combine action comedy and little bit of romance, plus all the hot chicks fights! what not to like!!
    A show that combine action comedy and little bit of romance, plus all the hot chicks fights! what not to like!!
    A show that combine action comedy and little bit of romance, plus all the hot chicks fights! what not to like!!
    A show that combine action comedy and little bit of romance, plus all the hot chicks fights! what not to like!!
  • A well crafted episode of one of my favourite shows. With an excellent little twist to the Sarah Chuck roller coaster ride. This time it's Sarah that has the love interest and chuck that's feeling just a tad bit worried.

    A well crafted episode of one of my favourite shows. With an excellent little twist to the Sarah Chuck roller coaster ride. This time it's Sarah that has the love interest and chuck that's feeling just a tad bit worried. As we all know the lynch pin of the series is the relationship between Chuck and Sarah. Not totally unrelated but a bit obscure is that the Nanny only lasted another season after Fran and Mr. Sheffield tied the knot. Though to paraphrase a scene that will bring a tear to Babylon 5 fans "She could at least boff him once."

    As usual Adam Baldwin gets all the best one-liners and is probably my favourite character, admittedly not so easy to look at as Yvonne Strahovski, I especially appreciated the outfit she was almost wearing when she captured Agent Barker.

    Jeff and Lester were a little lame on the casting couch, but then they are always lame. It's why we love them. Though one day they will get arrested. I hope the show last till at least season 7. It's a good Star Trek number. My perfect ending would be this. Chuck finally gets the intersect out of his head and he and Sarah settle down. 12 month on after Sarah has given birth to a baby chuck gets an email from Bryce Larkin "Congratulations on Fatherhood" Chuck opens it as Sarah warns against it and downloads another intersect. As chuck fall to the ground we close with the words.

    "I hate you Bryce Larkin"
  • Personally I'm a romanticist that loves a light look at serious situations. Chuck fills that.

    I think the last episode was great, Sarah did a very excellent acting job when Chuck blew up, I wish she had had a few more minutes to breakdown and show her loss. But it was very good none the less. I wish the boy friend girl friend aspect would get more serious before crashing again. Maybe Casey could realize he is beginning to like Sarah and a little rivalry could insue with Sarah caught in the middle, flattered but flustered. I think big Mikes romanace with Morgans mother schould crop up more often, it could really have funny consequences, Chuck and Sarah with Morgan and Anna at Morgans house with Big Mike for a dinner Hmmm. You writers do a good job. The actors are great. keep it up. Any news as to when we'll know if your contract will be renewed next year?
  • Jeffster?! Rock on!!

    I first want to say that Jeff and Lester have always been used perfectly in this series. The quips are always on time and hilarious, and they're never too much.
    Now, this was a solid ep. Sarah's reaction to the car exploding, believing Chuck was in it, was priceless. I wonder how long this roller-coaster can continue.
    I think it's time someone was else was let into the circle of Chuckness. Someone has to know about the Intersect in his social circle. I suspect down the line we find Big Mike is in, otherwise Chuck would have lost his job for all the unexplained time missed. But someone else needs to be in.
    My opinion is that it has to be Captain Awesome. Ellie would be too much, and Morgan would be a trainwreck. Having another person in would add a new dimension and a new character dynamic without adding a character. Just a thought.
    It was great seeing Chuck really stand up for himself and manning up on this ep. Was he ordered to stay in the car even once? Nice to see him stand up and not just be a victim of circumstance with no say-so. Kudos!
  • This is the best show I have ever seen...

    I had watched a lot of TV series before. But Chuck is different than all of them. It is so funny... I have stomach ache cause of I laugh so much. The cast is perfect. While I am watching the show I wish the show not to end. As a character, Morgan is my favourite as much as Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

    And I have to add a special note for Yvonne Strahovski... I love her... She is gorgeous, cute and awesome... If all agents are like her, I would like to be an agent. :)) I love her and hope to take place in a Bond movie as Bond girl. I think she will be the best one.
  • A great idea with a clever twist! Who knew suspense and comedy put together could be so fun?

    Chuck is a television show that does justice to all those nerds everywhere. The show is set in a Best Buyesque setting, which happens to be my favorite retailer. Chuck has a well rounded cast that really feeds off of each other really well. My personal favorite is Morgan, Chuck's best friend and coworker at the Buy More. Morgan always knows how to get out of or even make an awkward situation. I love the blend of nerd, suspense, and mystery themes. Chuck keeps getting better. The various mysteries that Chuck, Sarah and Casey embark on keep getting more and more interesting. Another thing I love about the show is the comic relief, which is where Morgan and other fun cast members come in. I enjoy awkward silences in shows and also completely ridiculous lines that make no sense but still add to the enjoyment of the show. If you like a good mystery or suspense but also want some good funny humor here and there, then Chuck is the nerd for you. I'm always eager to see what mess Chuck is going to get himself into next. But I wonder if Chuck will ever learn to stay in the car? Haha!
  • Chuck is one of the best shows on television right now. It has a good mix of action, comedy and drama a good script and talented cast and crew. Definitely a show worth watching.

    Chuck is the only show on television right now that everyone in my family enjoys. Our tastes vary, but our love of Chuck remains. Although I didn't start watching it at the beginning of season one, I quickly got into the show. The clever script with it's touch of spy and geekchic and dramatic, action comedic moments is handled well by it's young cast. I look forward to seeing the latest exploits of Chuck, the inadvertent intersect with a brain full of super secrets. The relationship he has with his cover girlfriend (and spy) Sarah, and of course the dry humored and straight laced coworker John Casey. And as much as I love the high sophisticated spy sequence, I also really enjoy the simple comedic moments that take place in the Buy More with his best friend Morgan. As long as you've seen the beginning episodes (to understand the premise of the show) then Chuck is probably one of the most enjoyable full hour show on television right now.
  • Never boring.

    I must say that this show is very much worth watching for the first time. I never started from the very beginning so maybe that is why I didn't rate it any higher than I what I already rated it. The show has some good plots and characters as well as some decent comedy. I find it very entertaining and they have some hot women on the show. The thing I don't really like is the fact that every single time I watch, Chuck is always complaining about not getting the blonde to like him. Overall, it is a decent show. Thank you.
  • The show that has me excited about television again.

    Okay, so I guess this is how this website works. You find a show, and write about it. Neat. I could do this all night.

    Let's get some ground rules down first: my reviews are not about the show itself relative to some objective standard of quality. My reviews are my completely subjective assessment of what I think of the show. And so I find it appropriate that I write this review on Valentine's Day, because indeed, that's why I'm so into Chuck - I'm in love with the fantasy of Sarah and Chuck being in love, and I might as well confess it here.

    See, here's my reality: I broke up with my longtime girlfriend in 2006, and shortly after that went on dialysis. So no matter how many people tell me I'm a good-looking guy, I don't believe them because I keep saying to myself, emotionally, that no woman would want a guy who's on dialysis. Female friends have told me that this isn't true, that I'm selling women short, but what can I say? I don't feel attractive, I don't feel confident, I don't feel worthy of having a girlfriend. But God help me, I want one.

    I miss being in a relationship. As a good friend of mine pointed out to me, I'm a "relationship guy." I'm also very picky and shallow, so it will probably be Hella hard to find one, but I'm more like a girl than a dude in this respect: I'm in love with the idea of being in love. As my relationship taught me, so are a lot of other people, whether they admit it or not, but falling and staying in love are not as easy as it looks in the media. Today Lifetime showed CAN'T BY ME LOVE, and the last image of the film is the girl and McDreamy riding off into the sunset, kissing, on a lawnmower. You might as well have added "and they lived happily ever after" to this ending, because as far as we're concerned, that's it. He gets the girl, and our emotional involvement ends. Not so in real life at all. Getting the girl is just the beginning.

    But I digress, because I'm supposed to be talking about Chuck, a show about the guy who doesn't quite have the girl - sort of - and isn't quite able to get her - sort of - anyway. I mean, like all good love stories, Chuck is the story of two people who, for practical reasons, /can't/ be together, despite their own urges telling them they should be. Chuck, it seems, is a valuable government asset, with all kinds of intelligence secrets planted in his head, thanks to an old MIT buddy, and his girl's mission is to protect him, for which she's not really his girl but has to pretend to be (watch the show - it makes more sense that way). So she a) can't get involved with "the mission," and b) can't really reveal her true identity to Chuck anyway, and as a result, they feel it, but can't act, and it drives them crazy.

    But we as an audience eat it up.

    Why? Because stars Zachary Levy and Yvonne Strahovski pull it off, the absolute hardest part of doing a show like this. Prior to Chuck, my favorite show in this "genre" was Moonlighting, in which the chemistry between Cybill Shephard and Bruce Willis was so good that they hated each other in real life, because it's not like they were really in love - they just had to fight all the time on camera with nothing behind it. That part carried over because the love part couldn't, and Moonlighting was a mess behind the scenes, but one of the best shows I've ever seen, and easily the best on-screen romance. Chuck is not as good as Moonlighting. Chuck and Sarah don't bicker as much or as well as David and Maddie did, and while their adventures are fun, they're not as silly as Moonlighting's were. Moonlighting's later show runner was my old boss Charles H. Eglee, who came out of Stephen Bochco's camp - Chuck's creator, and I imagine, showrunner, McG, is one of these hot new action guys like Kevin Smith or JJ Abrahms or Joss Whedon. They excel at the adventure part; not so much the character stuff. But it's good enough, and it gives me my fix, and as a result, I am smitten by it.

    But it wasn't always that way. Honestly, in season one I didn't like Chuck much, because Chuck was a puss, and I could not see how someone like Sarah could possibly be attracted to him. It was a pure geek fantasy, IOW - the nerd gets the girl while remaining his usual loser self, an idea so absurd they didn't even use it in the abyssmal GET SMART! movie. But in this new season, it really does feel real, as it started to towards the end of last season, and now, I'm all in. I can't stop watching the show, I love it, and yes, I hope Chuck and Sarah will get together eventually (and I'm confident they will. I'm pretty sure I know how they'll do it too). And again, being single, just enjoying that non-relationship vicariously through Chuck gives me my fix of that emotion. It's funny how TV can do that. If you buy it - again, the make or break in "romance" shows or movies - you can actually empathize with the characters to the point that it feels real. And maybe that's an example of that "magic of television" they keep talking about. Whatever the case, I'm down with Chuck, and hope it only gets better from this point on.
  • Deep down, we are all a part of the Nerd Herd.

    We started watching this one without knowing much about the premise, and it has quickly become a favourite around here. Chuck and his cohorts make my inner geek smile. Who wouldn't want to spend a morning shopping at the Buy More and finishing off with something cool at the Orange Orange? I've loved Adam Baldwin since his days as Jayne on board the Serenity in "Firefly". His portrayal of the grunting Major John Casey isn't too far of a departure from his previous role, but we love him for it.

    Deep down, we are all a part of the Nerd Herd.
  • Chuck is your average underachieving nerd thrown into a position of saving the world. He gets into it despite reservations. Sarah (CIA) and Casey (NSA) are his handlers. Entertaining episodes of the three getting in and out of impossible situations.

    I have enjoyed this show since it first started. The first season was shortened to 13 episodes by the strike in the 07-08 season. Unfortunately the networks in general seem to be producing less than the old prerequisite 26 episodes a season on this and many current shows. They don't seem to be showing this show on a full schedule this year but at least they are keeping it in the same Monday time slot.

    Zachary Levi is great as the fallible super computer Chuck with his many emotions. Yvonne Strahovski is a beautiful and talented actress playing Sarah Chuck's CIA handler and sometime love interest. Finally Adam Baldwin (no relation to the brothers Baldwin) is his usual entertaining self as the stoic Casey. I have enjoyed his work on Firefly and guest spots on shows like Bones for many years.

    The rest of the cast of misfits are terrific especially Joshua Gomez (Morgan, Chuck's best friend) and Sarah Lancaster (Chuck's sister).

    There are a lot of directions they can take this show over the next few years. I hope this show survives the ratings wars long enough to see it through. Maybe 5 or 6 seasons?
  • Awesome show: 3D !!! Tyler doesn't look 'Lost' as the rock star. Good show!

    Tyler doesn't look 'Lost' as the rock star
    and Yvonne Strahovski (born in Poland; grew up in Australia; super star-to-be in US) is her usual cool NSA agent who teases us with her affection for Chuck.

    Liked the rock crowd passing Tyler and Chuck around like rock stars or, maybe, Lincoln Logs, heh, heh.
    The Rock crowd reminded me of old adage: "Man who stand on toilet is high on pot." Also Chuck should remember:"Passionate kiss like spider's web, soon lead to undoing of fly." Loved all the action sequences, which also reminds of this proverb:
    "Man who walk thru airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok."
  • It is Christmas at BUY MORE every one is ready for this event. But the all crew will be taken hostage including Chuck's Family.Chuck with the help his guardian Sarah and Casey and the BUY MORE crew will face the danger and save Christmas.

    One of the best Chuck yet with Buy More crew at their best and the again Sarah/Chuck impossible relationship. This why I love this show. A show with no pretention, just sit down an watch an enjoy the moment.After one season you will love chuck, laugh at Casey, sympathize with Sarah and be mad at Morgan. Everything is so unreal that you will believe it. When first looking at Chuck I thought of "Jake 2.0". But after this episode there is no comparison, Chuck is far away better. In the small island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean Chuck as at least one fan not bad for a small show!
  • An amazing TV Show

    I loved this TV Show.
    Chuck is a diferent way to make a comedy show with action, good story, amazing people.
    Chuck is a nerd who works at Buy More fixing computers and one day he received an e-mail from his college friend with top secrety informations and his mind have been worked like a computer since this e-mail. His mind now is the Intersect with all the information and secrets from the goverment. He has now two agents taking care him and he felt in love with the girl, Sarah.
    Now he has to live like a spy but he can't talk about this with his family or friends.
  • cute, funny, and going in the right direction

    The premise of this show (super spy computer downloads into hero's brain and he has to be kept safe by two agents one of whom he falls in love with) seemed realllly silly to me but then it is a show that can pull off silly and make it very watchable. Season 2 is much better than season 1. I found Chuck's best friend Morgan to be super irritating season one but they improved his character season two a lot. Its funny but i find shows that have outlandish premises need to have some plausibility in the characters or there's no balance, and that's what I think season two does better - more plausible likable characters. It's a very fun thing to watch when you have nothing better to do.
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