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  • cute, funny, and going in the right direction

    The premise of this show (super spy computer downloads into hero's brain and he has to be kept safe by two agents one of whom he falls in love with) seemed realllly silly to me but then it is a show that can pull off silly and make it very watchable. Season 2 is much better than season 1. I found Chuck's best friend Morgan to be super irritating season one but they improved his character season two a lot. Its funny but i find shows that have outlandish premises need to have some plausibility in the characters or there's no balance, and that's what I think season two does better - more plausible likable characters. It's a very fun thing to watch when you have nothing better to do.
  • Chuck is one of the best shows on TV.

    Chuck is one of those shows that keeps the huge fans looking forward to the next episode almost obsessively. It combines comedy, action, drama, and romance into one surprisingly well-balanced package. Every actor (especially Levi and Baldwin) seems to be perfect for their part and each one brings a unique energy and personality to the show. Yvonne (Sarah) is HOT, Josh Gomez (Morgan) is hilarious, and even other minor characters like Big Mike, Ellie, and Captain Awesome bring something to the table. Add the great acting to the always-improving writing (the Jill Trilogy kept me on the edge of my seat), the never-boring Chuck/Sarah relationship, and the Emmy-winning stunts/effects, and you have yourself a reason to look forward to Monday. Let's just hope the Feb. 2nd "3D" episode lives up to the hype because with House, Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother all in the same time slot come February, Chuck will need to bring his A game. At least the constant Chuck advertisements during the Super Bowl on Feb. 1st won't hurt...
  • Seriously. I cannot fault this show.

    I think Chuck has been recommended to me a lot of times and I have heard people talk about it but I've just never got around to watching it. Boy is it a great show! :D I didn't know much about it before I watched it accept that it was vaugely about spys so I didn't know that Chuck would end up getting a whole computer downloaded into his brain. Yeah it is a silly idea but it works! Chuck's spazzy memory "flashes" from The Intersect are funny but I guess they must be perturbing for everyone one else :lol: (also kudos on the writers actually using the word "spazz" on the show I didn't think people touched that anymore but I noticed it a couple of times)
    I love Chuck because it's got just the right mix action and fun and has compelling story. The thing I love about Chuck is that he is just an ordinary sweet cute guy, the sort of guy you'd like to take to meet your family. An all round nice guy. But nice guys always finsh last don't they? And Chuck is a true underdog.
    The whole Bryce Larkin story line is so well written. In the pilot Bryce was killed trying to steal The Intersect and they even had his whole funeral after that and everything so I had no real reason to think he wasn't dead, except by this time Sarah has fallen for Chuck (about mid-way through the first season) so in the episode where she kissed him because they think a bomb is going off they are about to die, it was then I realised that Bryce had to be in that capsule thing!
    I love the romantic story line between Chuck and Sarah and the will they-wont-they get together because Sarah and Sarah likes Chuck but the whole is complicated by Bryce and because Sarah doesn't want to be involved with someone she is working with again... All this could get to much of course if it wasn't for Casey! The show would probably end up getting too slushy if it wasn't hard man Casey with a growl and his stare! lol. But I think even Casey has fallen for Chuck shown by his reluctance to kill him in season 2 episode 1 lol. (by the way why did they have to kill off the "Candyman"????? :evil: ) The lead in to that episode was in season 1 (I forget the episode) when Casey's old girlfriend comes back from the dead and it turns out he's got feelings after all!
    The writing is organic, logical often refereces popular culture and is pretty much flawless. I love that in each episode something briefly mentioned at the beginning becomes pivotal to the story later on. Whats great is that the main story of all the spy stuff and everything is always backed up by the surreal adventures at the Buy More with Morgan and co, or a domestic story involving Chuck's sister Ellie.
    I should also comment on the costuming because I love Chuck's Nerd Herd outfit! It is geeky but appropiate and short sleeves make it casual plus Chuck mostly has the shirt untucked. Also the outfit is finished off with a pair of black converse adding the right amount of geek chic :D
    The Nicole Richie episode wasn't that surprising? When I heard she was going to be in it in was like "oh for gods sake" but the fight scene between her and Sarah in the shower room to the soundtrack of The Progidy's "Smack my b**** Up"?? Come on! Genius! :lol:
    Chuck doesn't seem all the brave or very good at being a spy with all the girlish screaming and running away he does but actually he has saved Sarah's life, Morgan, Casey and Ellies lives and in fact most of Southern California several through ingenuity and quick thinking.
    On the surface Chuck seems like a blokes show because there is so much action and explosions, but its more than that because it is esentially a show about and the romance between him and a girl. I think Chuck is a popular show because most people are like Chuck, not cool or popular and they want to see Chuck get the girl.
    I for one hope they never make that Beta Intersect and Chuck is still the Intersect (cos for one that would be the end of the show).
    At first I rated Chuck as 8.5 then I was like hang on a minute, I can find no fault with this show, in my eyes it is pefect; a funny show that isn't too silly, a romantic show that isn't too soppy a great all round mix of the unlikely and the ordinary so that's why I gave it 10 out of 10.
  • Followed by a lovable sister and her "AWESOME" boyfriend, a hopelessly funny best friend, a hardcore NSA Agent, and a stunning CIA agent, Chuck Bartowski, his computer chip of a mind, and audiences are in for one heck of a ride in NBC's "Chuck."

    Upon seeing Chuck, i was immediately hooked. I haven't ever seen a show that literally has EVERYTHING for everyone. The comedy, wit, action-packed scenes, drama, and romantic/sexual tension are and will continue to draw viewers in with its contagiousness. The story is fabulously put together with irony and wit and is filled with
    originality. Each episode has the ability to make me extremely giddy or genuinely upset (Chuck/Sarah issues). Not to mention, the music is a force to be reckoned with. I find myself really connecting with the characters and their situations because the music is so well placed and chosen. Each actor has something to bring to the table and ALL do an awesome job playing their roles. Each character is so well developed and the chemistry is superb, especially between Yvonne and Zach. Once again, this show has it all, and I can honestly say that it deserves much attention and longevity, for this kind of TV doesn't come around very often anymore.
  • Chuck Bartowski was an average computer nerd working at the Buy More. One day he recieved an email from his old college roommate, and woke up with the CIA's top secret information stored in his head. Now hes stuck in the dangerous world of spies.

    This show is really good. It is really funny and i love the story line; Chuck was an average computer nerd who woke up one morning with top secret information in his head. I like the idea that he is living two lives; he makes sure to spend time with his family and friends but he knows that he still has to do the spy stuff on the side. With Vulcrum closing in and suspecting that something strange is happening at the Buy More, the suspension level is getting higher and higher. We never know if or when they will finally figure out that Bryce isn't the intersect, and it makes it more interesting to watch.
  • I love this show, the characters are funny and very well played

    I LOVE this show! Finally a show which is worth watching (beside Monk).. Refreshing! It seems the show is just running by itself,I do not feel any struggling of ideas, it is light , emotional but funny, and smart , very well played buy the characters. Seems like the actors enjoy their own role. It is old times entertaining , where I can just sit down and relax!(and not cry or be sad about what I watch) I think we need more of this kind of series in today's more difficult times. I just feel sorry when the show is over, and hardly can wait what they will "cook up" next!! I just got the first season on DVD and watched almost the whole 4 cd-s in a couple of days(I missed the beginning of the tv series). Hardly can wait for the second DVD series to come out. Well Boys and Girls keep up the VERY GOOD job and Plleeeaasse, entertain us for a long ,long time with Chuck! Two BIG THUMBS UP:))
    Thanks, Anna
  • A goofy lovable show thats more than just a guilty pleasure.

    Chuck is one of those shows that kindeve caught me off guard.I never really thought id like the show but soon after i watched the first few episodes it became one of those shows that i just couldnt miss.Some people might call this show a gulity pleasure and in some respects it may be,but for me its more than that.I caught the pilot pretty much by accident one day when i was looking through my dish network dvr.Occasionally dish will throw some pilots on there before a show comes on and thats how i discovered the show.For whatever reason i watched the show and loved the tone of the show.It is a perfect blend of goofy,romantic,comedy and action.Its one of those rare shows that i would recommend to anyone that just wants to set down and just enjoy something that doesnt take its self to seriously.A lot of people might dismiss the show and never watch it but i really suggest that u give the show a chance because theres just something about it that will keep u wanting more.The cast is perfect,the writing is perfect and its just a simple but enjoyable watch,what more can u ask for from a tv show,or even a movie.Love the show and i hope it has a long life on nbc.
  • Chuck, a regular Buy More worker, suddenly finds himself as a government asset when a file holding the CIA and NSA's information is stuck in his head. Chuck is constantly being saved by his agent handlers Sarah and Kasey, in this hilarious comedy.

    Chuck is definitely one of the best shows on TV. The characters are fantastic and very well played. Chuck played by Zachary Levi is endearing and has this cute geeky charm to him. He is also quite the looker. Sarah is a bad ass and her and Chuck have the best relationship, I want them to get together so badly. They obviously love each other but Sarah being his handler is keeping them apart. The supporting cast is hilarious with all of the guys at the buy more. The show has fun comedy mixed in with spy based action. It is the perfect mix and there is nothing like it on TV.
  • Great show that is witty, fun, and sometimes even thought provoking.

    This has become my favorite show of all time. Some of it is because as a college lab nerd I find the humor relatable. The witty remarks made by all is what keeps me coming back each week. The actors all have such great connections during the show that it is seamless. Great content most of the time for high school and above family to watch. I like the use of all the characters and how they've been buildng them all up this season. Hope this stays on a long time b/c it is really what I look forward to after a long Monday at work.
  • One of the best episodes to date, for me, with also a bit of drama to keep us waiting to se hat happens next, in February (Spoiler)

    Well, I really enjoyed this episode. It'was even funnier than "Versus The Ex" which I considered until now the most hilarious (the saliva thing was a very good one). This time Casey/Baldwin loses even a toe due to Chuck's efforts. Levi and Baldwin really make a very good comedy team, with the right material, and some brief moments they remind me of another, classic, 'comedy couple' of the screen (with the due differences) of Martin and Lewis. And what about Yvonne Strahovski: she is very good and lovely as always, even more this time when she kills for love. And that's a bad guy, so she can be forgiven, eventually. Because this is still a comedy, right?
  • Chuck a Buy More employee in charge of the nerd herd falls into the magical world of the Spy business. This wonderful look at the modern nerd, and the saying brains over brawn's works too. It has plot, music, action, and weird nerdy romances and jokes.

    This is a wonderful show it can get a bit slow at times but overall it works out well. Though some of the jokes may fall on deaf ears due to it being aimed towards gamers and nerds, but that's how many "actually good" TV shows are going these days. It will be no doubt end up at the very least a cult classic like many TV shows. I hope to see more of this show in later years and pray that it doesn't end up like many shows these days ending on a cliffhanger never to be seen again.
  • Mild-mannered Buy More employee Chuck Bartowski accidentally got all of the government secrets downloaded into his brain. What happens now? Fun ensues, naturally.

    I totally love this show! Zachary Levi is absolutely adorable! Adam Baldwin is spot on! And Yvonne Strahovski is splendid! Chuck is funny, smart and cool without even trying, and as a fellow nerd I find the adventures(or misadventures), of Chuck and the gang completely endearing! My whole family loves this show! I also love Robert Duncan McNeil as producer/director! I loved it when he would direct episodes of Star Trek Voyager and I love him still!!

    Ahh BuyMorieia. What to say of Buymoreia? Obviously Chuck's awesome but where would he be without sidekick/bff Morgan? and Morgan without girlfriend Anna? And well,pretty much everyone would be better off without professional slackers Jeff and Lester loitering around! Over all this is a quality show that has lots of heart and brains to go with it!
  • Slow start, strong finish.

    I have to say that for me, Chuck had a slow start. Yeah, I watched the first couple of episodes but did I find it funny? Not really... Then again it's not like there was anything else to watch , cause of the strike and all..As soon as the strike was over I gave it up and went back to my favorite shows. A friend kept telling me that I really should give Chuck another chance and the last episodes of season one were really nice. Not the most surprising plottwists or the best comedy but still, the extra characters especially the people at the "Buymore" are really making this show great. The dialogue and facial expressions are hilarious and definately worth while.
  • the show perfectly models a world with ongoing plotlines, charcter development and most important: charme. it's post- cultural references a just brilliant!

    the show perfectly models a world with ongoing plotlines, charcter development and most important: charme. it's post- cultural references are just brilliant! chuck handels the genres screwball comedy, spy- film and romance, which the show is build of, with ease, which allows to spoof with the genre expectations of the viewer. but cuck is not a parody. chuck is a beautifully created show which is full of post- cultural references (like the oc). film- and comic- quotes are everywhere, underlined with a strong choice of music (mostly indiepop). the characters are excellent created, they and their relations grow during the show, and the lonely individual fates become a dynamic collective. and the most beautiful thing is that the creators like all their characters equally. the stereotypes dissolve and you'll see that the nerd is not that different from the succesful doctor. it's maybe this friendly togertherness of the different types of characters which makes the show so loveable
  • Sarah's father comes to visit her, on her "personal day". Chuck gets caught up in a scheme with Sarah and her father, due to her fatehr being a con-man. However, this turns out to be a good thing.

    Overall, this was a great episode. I really like how they brought Sarah's father into the story, it was nice to see him and the relationship he has with her. I thought the whole story with Morgan and buying the Delorean was good, it's also good that they are showing improvement with him and Anna, i'd like to see their relationship keep moving forward. Overall, I liked this episode and how Chuck had to be a German company owner who was selling a hotel. However, the only thing that I am waiting for in the series is when Sarah and Chuck's relationship will become more than "just a cover", especially seeing how much Sarah's dad liked Chuck, and it seemed like foreshadowing when he says, "I can tell he wouldn't ever betray you". There are obviously feelings there from both of them, but no one can know what will happen. It probably will not come until the end of the show, but i hope it happens soon.
  • A geek doubles as a CIA Agent. Starring: Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Julia Ling, with Sarah Lancaster, and Adam Baldwin

    An hour long show that resembles more of a comedy than any other show on tv. Reminding me of Pushing Daisies with its comedy, but yet with a lot of drama that i love. The characters are original and the episodes are funny but have a dramatic undertone. One of the few comedies i watch now that i think about it. The cast is very talented and very good. I am actually surprised on how well the writers are able to fit the characters together and how well they overlap. A fantastic idea for a show and i love watching it every week.
  • this show always has me cracking up!

    this show is one of the best comedy shows out there. i love zachary levi, he is so gorgeous and so funny. this series has been great from the start i hope it continues for a long time. i am tired of jordana brewster, enough with the crazy ex-girlfriend fulcrum agent. poor chuck, how many times are you going to betray the same person in one episode. chuck and sarah should just be together already. i was hysterical when morgan (josh gomez) looked like he was going to cry when eli throw out the turkey and then when he was head first in the garbage can. i have known josh gomez since i was 5 yrs old, so i love to see him act. he always had me cracking up whenever he was around.
  • "Chuck" follows Chuck Bartowski, a super smart and sweet-as-can-be Nerd Herd employee who's unlucky in love and even less successful at deciding what to do with his life.

    "Chuck" follows Chuck Bartowski, a super smart and sweet-as-can-be Nerd Herd employee who's unlucky in love and even less successful at deciding what to do with his life. But one evening, an email decides Chuck's future for him-he opens the email, absorbs all of the top secret government information encrypted in it and instantly becomes the most vital tool the government has for fighting off terrorists and keeping the country safe. And, yes, he's still helping battle computer viruses too.

    Who's that?: Zachary Levi ("Less Than Perfect") plays the title character; relative newcomer Yvonne Strzechowski plays CIA agent Sarah; Adam Baldwin (of "Angel" fame) is NSA agent Major John Casey; "What About Brian" alum Sarah Lancaster plays Chuck's sister Ellie; and Joshua Gomez is Chuck's best friend Morgan.

    The "eh" factor: The pilot is almost too good…I am just hoping they can keep up the action and continue to develop great characters and stories for seasons to come.

    The verdict: It's sexy and action-packed, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. Basically, if "Chuck" were real, we'd marry him.
  • Is NBC this desperate?

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Sarah's perpetual need to remove clothes as much as the next man. But the shower scene seemed like an unnecessary attempt by the Peacock to salvage some ratings in the midst of its decline. Don't foist your troubles on the awesomeness that is Chuck.

    Ok, personal gripe aside. Trying this episode closely to the last one, with the Da Vinci Code-like pursual of LaFleur's research, is a much-appreciated attempt by the show to establish some continuity to a show with scope for a large-ranging mythology. That said, how 'Chuck' can still balance the spy stuff with comedy is amazing. Tony Hale gets kudos just because he's an Arrested Development alumni, but his straight-laced witchhunt is played for great laughs.

    As for the revelation about Jill ... can't say it was much of a shock, but she's not really so likeable that I'd want her to stick around long anyway. But it looks like she's going to be the female Bryce Larkin - she'll pop up a couple of times each season, teasing Chuck while being a threat to Sarah (much like the reverse applies with Bryce). As long as these types of episodes don't get campy, they should be fun.
  • great show, funny and eccentric

    this show has it all, it is incredibly funny or even eccentric at times but it provides some emotional depth as well and can be pretty sad at moments (it has actually made me cry at several occastions). it is thrilling but never gets very violent but most of all, it has a most brilliant and amazing cast, down to the smallest role. to start with, zachary levi is a revelation. he is a most wonderful comedian but he's perfect in the more serious and emotional scenes as well. he's got something very sweet about him that makes his character incredibly loveable and believeable in every aspect. there's joshua gomez who manages to not make his morgan a laughingstock but a guy with a great heart and a lot of loyalty. there's the wonderful acting of yvonne strahovski who manages to not make sarah a kickbuttoughwoman agent but shows her caring and soft side in a great manner and turns the typical cliche of the damsel in distress, saved by a brave man completely upside down (this is one of the parts i like most about "chuck"). there is adam baldwin who does a great job in giving small glances at quite a heart that lies underneath a armour of indifference and the absolute will to obey all the order he's given how ever cruel they are. i just love the eccentric stuff at the buymore, i love sarah lancaster's ellie the wonderful, loving interaction between her and chuck and the great acting of ryan mcpartlin, whose captain awesome is a great guy but every now and then doesn't seem to have a clue about what is going on.
  • Chuck is just brilliant!

    I adore Chuck. I watched the whole of season 1 in 2 sittings and have found season 2 to be every bit as cute and funny. I just hope that the high quality of the humour and drama continue on for a few more seasons yet. All the supporting characters are highly enjoyable. I didn't like Casey at first but he has grown on me as I've watched. The folk at the Buy More are absolutely hilarious. I wait every week to see just what they will get up to next. Also Awesome and Ellie are so sweet.

    One of the best shows to survive the dreaded Writers' Strike.
  • Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

    Amazing this show keeps getting better and better. Loved Morgan loyalty no matter what always being on Chucks side, thats a friendship, also Sarah loving jealousy with Chuck ex on the go and Jill's fake love, couldn't see that coming!! I loved the puzzles makes it have a big twist. Also really starting to love Cassie this character is staring to be my favorite. The only thing I couldn't really understand was the title of the episode for the fisrt time it didin't match (Chuck vs which Fat Lady)Hope the season keeps up this good, can't wait for next episode!
  • chuck, a nerd, a nobody. but is he. he knows all the secrets the secret agents wish to keep for them selfs. he helps them to solve mysteries and they protect him

    a perfact show t my oppinion. it has all the factors you wish to combine. action comedy and even some romance. what more can you ask for. honestly this has become one of my favorites. it is easy to identify with chuck he is a nobody. the nobodies of this word always wish they where somebody. and chuck has been given the opportunity to be someone graet. but his personality does not suffer unther this. he is still the same man he was. his bravery is growing. he is not the kick ass agent but he solves the case with some interresting creativity. this a series i am proud to know.
  • Getting better every time!

    There are many shows out there that you would want to watch, and Chuck is one of those shows that you wouldn't want to miss. Its about this guy , Chuck Bartowski, who is sent secret government information through his 'enemy' Bryce Larkin.there is almost everything in this show: comedy, love, drama, action and of course spy humor. My favorite is Casey then Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, Ellie, Jeff and Lester. Chuck is one of those shows which you cant get enough of, not saying this like a nerd. But still the directors are not stable with the ideas in some of those episode, well that is one down side of the show. All in all I think that this is one great show to watch.
  • This show is hilarious, intriguing, and so much more. Chuck of course is my favorite followed by Morgan, Sarah and Casey.

    This show is hilarious, intriguing, and so much more. Chuck of course is my favorite followed by Morgan, Sarah and Casey. Chuck is like the geeky guy in high school who you may not pay much attention but is really compassionate, funny, and just plain awesome. Morgan......what to say.....just hilarious, he comes up with the most stupidest, silliest, and very interesting things to do but i love him. He's the best friend that always gets you into trouble but you love so much. Sarah, the more serious spy, who has a past lets just say, but also compassionate and caring. Casey,...well i think he is cool. He is indirectly funny, the kind of guy who tries to be serious a lot but who you know is just bursting with laughter inside. Everyone is awesome but come on who doesn't love a story where a geeky guy becomes one, better yet the most power weapon the country has and the most valued and has so many fantastic and enjoyable missions he needs to complete because of what he is. Granted it is a bit over used, the story i mean because there are similar stories out there, but this one makes it its own. The show is very comical but this not to say that there aren't moments where it gets serious, which i think is necessary in all shows.
  • An episode for the geeks!

    The people who don't like this episode are probably not 40 year old video game junkies or Rush fans. I am, so I think it's the best episode ever! What more could you want? It prominently features one of the greatest classic video games ever, and the greatest band in the universe! I love this show, and the tips of the hat to the nerds in the audience are part of the reason it's so great.
    Fans of Rush and/or classic video games should make sure to not miss this. I hope that the ratings improve, I would hate to see another great show cancelled.
  • Follows the life of Chuck a regular guy protected by the government because of the secrets in his head.

    Chuck Bartowski used to be a ordinary man with an ordinary job that was until his birthday when an old friend / enemy ( Bryce Larkin ) sends him the intersect all of the governments secrets and when he watches it they are all downloaded into his brain and the orginal intersect destroyed by Bryce Larkin Chuck is the only one with the knowledge of the everything the government needs so he is protected by John Casey an NSA agent aswell as trained Killer and Sarah Walker a CIA operative. Chuck helps out the government aswell as battling everyday life a home with his sister Ellie and her boyfriend Devon AKA Captain Awsome. Aswell as life at the Buy More with friends Morgan (best friend) Jeff, Lester and Anna and boss Big Mike and enemy Harry Tang.
  • It's like jameas bond, but in more funnier.

    When I first saw the trailer for the new show, it had something special that wanted you to wait until the premier episode and find out what it had to offer. Now, I can't wait until monday night to see the new episode. I was surprise to see Nicole Richie playing a role in a show like that. Guess it look so hot that richie had to have a part. O wait thats Paris's line??? Anywho, eli's boytoy is really hot and morgan is too funny. i like the way it gets you wanting more after the first the first episode. (Remenber season 2's debut?) Hope it stays strong and lives long.
  • Chuck must deal with Sarah and Bryce's temporary covers as an affectionate couple as they try to retrieve a device from Fulcrum that may compromise their actual covers. When Chuck realizes that Sarah loves him he must "do the right thing."

    This episode was brilliant and in my opinion the best one yet. The way they approached the love triangle between Chuck, Sarah and Bryce with the parallel situations was just genius and it allowed us to see who Sarah really loves. This was the first episode that she really showed her feelings for Chuck and the first time that Chuck and Sarah truly connected on an emotional level and it was relieving to see that. And we get to see Chuck being the hero in a way: how he sacrifices his feelings and his chance at a relationship with the girl of his dreams in order to protect her. And as much as it broke my heart, one the best parts was when Chuck and Sarah put on their fake smiles together because it just says so much about the show in general. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski's performance was amazing and I couldn't ask for more. I know this was mostly about the Chuck/Sarah relationship but thats because I'm a big fan. :] I also loved that Casey got to crack some jokes and that Morgan had to deal with the 'Mighty Jocks'(which I might add I was surprisingly impressed with Michael Strahan's performance) I also have to say that the selection of music in this episode was fantastic. The songs fit perfectly (as they usually do). So all in all, I do believe this episode was amazing!
  • Maybe it's the geek in me but Chuck is my favorite show on tv.

    Chuck right now is one of my favorite shows on tv. Chuck has all the key elements. Some action, comedy and even a bit of a sappy love story. Not to mention a very nice looking lead actress. Yeah I'll admit the show isn't the most realistic out there. I mean nobody is gonna be able to download images to the brain and have a picture perfect memory to flash on something. And of course some average joe wont all of a sudden become Americas most important hard drive. And even if they somehow did, our government would find a way to make them forget about it.

    But even that, there is just something about the show I love. And I'll keep watching it as long as it stays on the air.
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