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  • They ruined it :(

    This used to be one of my favorite Monday night shows. Little by little they've ruined it. Now that the brother, sister, brother in law, and short co worker guy all know Chuck is a spy, well, the fun is gone. What's the point? The spy part of the show was never all that great, but the interactions and secret keeping between characters made it kinda fun. The short co-worker who is now turned a spy himself, and become Chuck's sidekick, is so annoying to watch that I fast forward through the scenes that include him. He's getting to much air-time now and I find myself fast-forward this show into oblivion.

    Now that they've exhausted the long-lost-father storyline, I see they're moving onto the long-lost-mother.

    For any fans of this annoy-fest still left out there: enjoy it while you can, it'll flop this season and depart to the land of TV-obscurity ;)
  • Show bout a guy who works at an electronic store while working undercover to becoming a full fledged spy.

    Chuck is like a gay cop. He wants to save everyone. His martial arts is unrefined and sloppy and can only be used when he flashes which works occasionally. His dream is to be a full fledged spy because he has an intersect ingrained into his head which makes him a bad guy scanner, but here is where it gets all sesame street, in his world spies handle information, look cool, dress cool, have cool names, but do not kill people. His co-workers at the electronics store are all old and weird with no ambitions to move forward life and his sister has too many issues about leaving him alone even though he's old enough to take care of himself. Chuck finally gets a girlfriend named Hannah and things look really good for him and after sleeping with her he gets an epiphany that he still loves Sarah and breaks up with her on the same night she was going to introduce him to her parents. Overall Chuck is a loser who not purposely relies on everyone else especially John Casey to handle his dirty work for him most times and hopes and prays for a life with Sarah who he will never get with. The only well written scene I recall is from the first episode of the third season when Emmett Milbarge was shot in the eye for calling the bad guy names. Turn else where for action/comedy.
  • The character chuck does not really evolve with his age and the running of the show. He still screams like a little girl when he sees a gun.

    Chuck was one of mine favorite show to watch, until now.

    The character chuck does not really evolve with his age and the running of the show. He still screams like a little girl when he sees a gun. He still lies a lot about everything to everyone. I just wanna say grow a pair. Sarah and he are both spy's so you would think they could handle critics and the truth. Surely lying is the nature of a spy, but with each other be real and handle it together. Fight the battles together. The walking on ice around each other and lying your head off routine is getting (c)old. I would just love to see Chuck grow up to be a real man and to lose his failure @ college boy wings. I love the show and all the characters, just let them evolve with the running of the show. 3 seasons screaming like a little pig is just enough.
  • It might have been a good episode, if I didn't give up watching it about 10 minutes in. Hard to watch without the "glasses"...

    I'm sure that someone thought that broadcasting this entire episode in 3D was a great idea, but it failed miserably in my household. I never found any of the glasses, therefore my viewing experience consisted of trying to watch an out of focus, blurry hi-def broadcast. If NBC is going to keep doing garbage promos like this, they need to send 2-4 pairs of the glasses to every house in the country to make sure people have the gimmick that goes with the show. I can only hope they rebroadcast the episode without the 3D junk some day.

    There was one redeeming factor about this show, and luckily it takes place in the first few minutes. Three words will explain it perfectly, and not spoil too much... Sarah Dream Sequence :-D
  • Has its moments but lately has lost its premise

    Loved the first season, but lately has abandoned its premise. When it started, Chuck was about a hopeless geek working in a "Best Buy" type store when he was accidently pulled into the spy game when his cooler friend sent him classified files which are now in Chuck's head. To protect him, the CIA sent a gorgeous spy and a another spy (Baldwin) to protect him. The girl took the cover as his girlfriend and Baldwin played the part of an employee at the store.

    There was alot of comedy in the first season as Chuck played on the nerdiness of Chuck with the way out of his league spy girlfriend and Baldwin as the bad-ass spy reduced to minimum wage to protect hapless Chuck. Chuck was funny as an incompetent wayy over his head with the spy game and the girl.

    However, the new season has Chuck as a cool spy now only pretending to be a nerd now that he had a "Matrix" like training session. He now looks like a good looking guy pretending to be a nerd (like Superman). The girl has fallen for him, but the show wont consumate the relationship because its a TV staple that once the characters "do it" the sexual tension is gone and the series goes downhill.

    The show has gone to too many great lengths to keep them from getting together, and its getting stale. The show also relies on too many guest stars with beautiful women for the geeks at the store to pine over.

    They should just drop the store angle and have it become a regular spy show, since Chuck is no longer about a nerd over his head.
  • diss...apointed!

    honestly the story is going down the drain ... they should try to change the setting instead of changing or developing the characters too much... morgan should always be morgan... he shouldnt be the intersect cause he aint no chuck bartowski if you know what i mean... build the character in a way that some should not replace the lead character and i wouldn't mind if Eleanor and captain awesome become spies too...
  • Great first and beginning second season, but this show is really starting to get on my nerves.

    I have to say, after two seasons of watching (and mostly enjoying) this show, the lead character, "Chuck" is really starting to grate my nerves. It reminds me of a character from a television show a few years ago, similarly named with the lead character's first name, "Ed". While at the beginning of each show these two characters quirky (somewhat naïve) personality are endearing, neither has seem to grow from their experiences on the show and by Season Two, both characters start becoming rather annoying.

    You would think that after two years of facing "life and death" scenarios that Chuck would have developed some sort of confidence. Instead towards the end of Season Two, he's still the same bumbling and "scared of his own shadow" character that we first met at the beginning of Season One. It's sad, because throughout the show we are given glimpses of what his character could (and in my opinion) should evolve into. When he saves all of people from the deadly poison gas and then saves Sarah's life, when his ex-girlfriend is just about to kill her, I almost stood up and cheered. Then within two episodes, he's back to his same old wimpy self, who's afraid of his own shadow. I'm not saying that Chuck needs to evolve into some James Bond-like character, but please, let him evolve to have a little back-bone and dignity.
  • Chuck is a geek working a lame job. Then the accident happens...

    Ok, so the premise is sincerely, severely lame. I have trouble with the whole suspension of disbelief thing for this show, which is why I rated it so low. But Adam Baldwin is always a pleasure, and it can occasionally be cute, so I still watch it if it's on. I won't be buying the DVD's though. I think it's mostly because I can't stand comedy and this show goes for the comedy thing every time. It's not the sort of show where the characters develop over time, you know? It's got a premise and it'll stick with it. Which is fair enough - it doesn't suck as much as it could - but I still can't love it.
  • Not the world's greatest show, but still, it's a very good and original show.

    What happens when an everyday-Joe gets a super-microchip, containing some of the most important informations anout criminals all over the world? He becomes the most improbable of all secret agents. Although he lacks the abilities to overcome most of enemies, Chuck is able to come up with interesting schemes to take down his enemies, by using his brain. Helped by his best friend Morgan, and by secret agents Major John Casey from NSA and by agent Sarah Walker, Chuck just wants one thing, to survive long enough for any of the secret agencies to take off the microchip implanted in his brain, while trying to live a normal life.

    It's funny and it has action, but it lacks a thing of two. Other than that, it's really funny to watch, just to see Chuck commiting mistakes one after the other. In a scale from 1 to 10, I give this one a 7.5 for its originality.
  • Destined to be an early cancellation casualty,

    Destined to be an early cancellation casualty, 'Chuck' is one of those pilot episodes that have you wondering about the mental state of network suits. Let's not even get into the technological impossibility of transmitting thousands of images via an e-mail using a PDA to a computer, or the transfer of all that info to a human mind by looking at a screen. How about the idea that the NSA and the CIA will take action against citizens as well as each other. For a much better comedy drama that at least has some believability, try watching re-runs of 'Burn Notice'.
  • season 5 really ruins the show, morgan having the intersect is like the worst twist possiblethe only reason this show gets a 4 is because of that, thanks for ruining a nice show.


    season 5 really ruins the show, morgan having the intersect is like the worst twist possible.

    at the beginning of the show it's made very clear that chuck was special in some way and was one of the few people that could handle an intersect being uploaded in their brain.
    now because some dork steals a pair of glasses among chucks personal belongings he gets the intersect.
    suddenly anyone can handle an intersect upload?
    I really hate twists like that where someone gets something special because he cannot keep his hands of other people's property!

  • This one didnt grab me at all.

    Part of the problem is the actor playing Chuck looks like a young Greg Brady from the BRADY BUNCH. You see, I just found out that Marsha and Jan had an affair while doing that series; before that years ago I found out Greg dated Mrs. Brady and Marsha and Mr. Brady was gay (not that theres anything wrong with that - Seinfeld). All this just totally freaked me out, so the fact this guy reminds me of all that is a big negative.

    The other part of the problem is this show reminds me of the awful Keanu Reeves film JOHNNY MNEMONIC where Keanu had information downloaded into his brain and was pursued by evil characters - just like in CHUCK - well not exactly like that but close enough. I dont even remember how that movie ended it was so bad. In this show Chuck was followed around by a guy with bolt cutters and a nail gun in a home improvement store. I stopped watching it after that scene.

    Even though I wont be watching any more of this one, its better than a reality, game, singing, talent or dancing show - so I wouldnt mind seeing it stick around just because of that.
  • Very upset of the ending!!!

    I was looking forward to the stoyline of Chack and Sarah getting a house with a white fence with a dog. Then having Sarah having a baby. I think that leaving the show at a hanger like it did was NOT a good move because now Sarah has little to no memories of Chuck and her life, Chuck has the "power" again, Morgan and Alex moving together and Ellie and Devon moving to a new job.

    I mean REALLY end the storyline that you started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasnt NOT pleased at all! I wish that the show was able to keep going. It was our fave. Sad time :(
  • Chuck has been losing fans and viewers since early in season 3. Making Chuck anything but a geek who needed saving by Sarah was a mistake. Outsourcing the intersect to a private company was a bigger one.


    Morgan's role was comic relief and to be a contrast to Chuck's genius potential. Giving Morganthe intersect makes a mockery of it and its value. The intersect'svalue iswhat the 1st 3 seasons were based upon. I always thought the worst storyline was Sarah's disreputable past - please don't screw her up worse this season. Her loyalty and devotion wouldn't have flowered with her background.

    Chuckis a comedy which was loved when it wasat its satiracal best. There is a reason it has lost its buzz and audience; that reason is the way the show has changed. I love Chuck but wouldn't if seasons 4 (and 5 so far) had been the first two.

  • Made my Vulcan gums bleed. Quick, someone hit me with a blunt object.

    McG, the McGenius behind Charlies Angels and We are Marshall makes the jump back to his small screen roots where he got his start making music videos and commercials. True to his Adman pedigree, this work which feels like an extended commercial for Best Buy and the Geek Squad (only those psychedelic Geek Squad spots were much, much cooler). The premise feels stretched so thin to fill the hour long format that at times the scenes feel engineered just to get characters from point A to B in the storyline. The characters themselves feel like escapees from an ad campaign spitting out zingers and catch phrases with alarming regularity. The bad guys are bad and the good guys are good and the boss a pernicious twit. There are no shades of gray on this canvass (which if you ask me is an essential element to any good spy show). The main character, a much too earnest every-dude, apparently suffers the same aimlessness of gen-Xers that the show is targeted to reach, but the show treats its intended audience with contempt by portraying anyone smart and possessing an aptitude for electronics, as incapable of basic social interaction with the opposite sex. The rest of the cast: the ultra-hot secret agent her ruthless counterpart populate this paint-numbers show with dull, predictable efficiency. I can almost hear the echoes from the pitch meeting where the characters were crudely outlined to producers and it feels like scant flesh has been added to these original skeletons to disguise these walking clichés as human beings. Worse, in its' desperate attempt to appear ultra hip everyone is ready with a quip and delivers their dialogue with wink-and-nod hammy-ness. Now, this is just a pilot and shows that survive their pilots often improve, but in my view this show would have to drastically change its tone to hold an audience's attention. As it stands this show evaporates from your brain in real time as you watch it. And like the lead character I saw flashes of where the show's weekly paradigm was headed. Every episode would pit Chuck's social awkwardness against her grudgingly reluctance to listen to this doofus's Cassandra like visions which operate just in the nick of time to save the day. Chuck can't tell his friends his secret and no one (not even the audience) believes their yearning will blossom into true love. Meanwhile the bad guy corpses pile up like cord wood outside the Best Buy. This is the kind of cheesey universe where I half expect Pamela Anderson could be a nuclear scientist. No McThanks. If you're over the age of 16 and require a fix for you Spy show jones, I recommend 'Burn Notice' which is escapism that also understands spy shows require a dash of reality to make the jeopardy of the characters to feel real.
  • I'm not 100% sure what I think of it.

    The show definitely had some interesting parts but it also had some boring parts where I was asking myself why I was wasting my time. It is definitely a show worth giving a second chance to. I'll probably watch a few more times to see if it can hold my interest. The whole Nerd Herd thing is funny making fun of the Geek Squad. It definitely had some action humor and drama. I definitely wouldn't call it one of the best new series but it does have some potential and if given a chance will more than likely find a loyal audience.
  • It's still better then Deal or No Deal

    Chuck is about a guy name who work at nerd factory, geek squad, nerd patrol whatever who learn about a government secret. The government want to kill him now so a hot looking blond is his bodyguard. When I first so the show I say ah I'll check it out it might be interesting and now that I saw I have to say it might be interesting. This show hand it ups and downs but it was somewhat entertaining. If you a a fan of another show then go watch that show but if you have nothing else to watch and you don't want to see any Monday Night Football pre-game shows then Chuck is your man!

    The episode itself was ah.
  • Slow start, strong finish.

    I have to say that for me, Chuck had a slow start. Yeah, I watched the first couple of episodes but did I find it funny? Not really... Then again it's not like there was anything else to watch , cause of the strike and all..As soon as the strike was over I gave it up and went back to my favorite shows. A friend kept telling me that I really should give Chuck another chance and the last episodes of season one were really nice. Not the most surprising plottwists or the best comedy but still, the extra characters especially the people at the "Buymore" are really making this show great. The dialogue and facial expressions are hilarious and definately worth while.
  • Utterly sophomoric and predictable.

    I don't know what I expected, but after 2 shows, someone needs to figure out how to make this show interesting.

    While some ideas are mildly good - like Chuck's keying on certain triggers and revealing plot twists - most are so predictable, it's pitiful, and while watching Yvonne Strzechowski serve up hot dogs while prancing around in a mini skirt may lend itself to watchability, it certainly doesn't lend credibility to the characters.

    I think Chuck needs to make up it's mind. Is it espionage? If it is, the producers need to be reminded that there's nothing funny about espionage, espcially a bunch of post-teen geeks parading as spys. However, if it's comedy, then the espionage has to be removed.

    I just want to know who thought this was a good idea, cause if this is entertainment, then I have a show idea about senior citizen skateboarders and the shenanigans that follow. It'll run for 6 or 7 seasons, minimum, guaranteed.
  • Try again.

    "McG" (man, what a COOOOL name!) shows with this series that he cannot provide anything that has more depth than a puddle of rain. Beside the action sequences that are strangely cut - I wonder whether this is due to the attempt to speed things up or to conceal all too violent impacts - this series doesn't deliver much to care about. The cast is okay, but both the directing and storyline are too predictable and simple for a show to deserve the rating "good" or even "excellent". No wonder, as most remarkable talent is occupied with such present or past shows as "Lost", "Heroes", "Six Feet Under" or "Pushing Daisies". With a decent entertainment value but nothing more, this show ranges between the many "averages" of this season. Too bad that other shows such as "Hostage", "Studio 60" or "Six Degrees" that delivered much more in regards to plot, cast and craftsmanship got canceled. Studio executives are obviously as simple-minded as the shows they are greenlighting.
  • This guy looks like someone who beats up geeks. I think the part should have gone to a young Andy Dick type.

    Never Judge A Show by it's Pilot: Chuck. My first impression of the new NBC action comedy Chuck is that the premise, of a computer geek who accidentally becomes the government's most vital secret agent, will burn out very fast. I also don't buy Zachary Levi as a geek. Look at these Zachary Levi Photos on IMDB. This guy looks like someone who beats up geeks. I think the part should have gone to a young Andy Dick type.

    I watched the pilot. The episode opens on the night of Chuck's birthday party. Chuck's sister has invited lots of women for Chuck to meet but I don't see this guy needing his sister's help getting laid. I also don't see this guy working as a member of Buy More's Nerd Herd (a spoof of Best Buy's Geek Squad). Chuck receives an E-mail from his former college roommate. When he opens the E-mail, he unwittingly downloads sensitive government data in the form of pictures into his brain in essence turning Chuck into a computer. Events begin to trigger the data in Chuck's brain. Now agents from the CIA and NSA want that government data back. It turns out that Chuck's old college roommate was a CIA Agent that went rogue. With the data locked in his head Chuck must now use that knowledge along with his computer nerd skills to help the government stop the bad guys. NSA agent John Casey (Adam Baldwin) is now working undercover as a Buy More trainee and CIA agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strzechowski) is working undercover as Chuck's girlfriend. I really like the action sequences. I also like Yvonne Strzechowski for many reasons especially the scene when she gets ready for her date with Chuck then kicking butt on her date with Chuck. Even though there are elements that I like, I still feel that my first impressions are correct. The premise, of a computer geek who accidentally becomes the government's most vital secret agent, will burn out real fast. Zachary Levi is a very talented actor. I liked him on Less Than Perfect, but I don't see him as a good fit for this show. Then again I might change my mind because I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    The second episode opens with an extensive recapping of the pilot. Sarah is now working undercover serving hot dogs next door to the Buy More. The agents bring in the doctor who designed the program trapped in Chuck's brain. The doctor says that he can remove the program from Chuck's head but when the doctor leaves his car blows up. "The old exploding cell phone". The agents accuse each other for the murder. The data in Chuck's brain tells him that the exploding phone is an NSA weapon. There is a great fight sequence set in between the two agents at the hot dog place. It turns out that the Doctor faked his death in order to kidnap Chuck and sell him to Korean interests. While flying off in a helicopter Chuck accidentally shoot the pilot with a tranquilizing dart. The big finale involves Sarah having to talk Chuck through landing the chopper by having him recall flight simulator games.

    I still stand by my first impression that the premise will burn out real fast and Zachary Levi is not a good fit for this show.

    To quote Chuck (to himself), "Don't freak out".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Very Good show, just There's really bothering me...

    The concept on its basis is original in its own way - it is a typical one-person-centered series which so happens to be named after the protagonist (see also House, Dexter, Monk etc.), yet most times with this kind of series the main character always seems to know what he's doing, creating a sort of appealing sense (Even Monk - he's a genius know-it-all, how can you not follow what this guy says?) - not so is Chuck. The idea is that the "know-it-all" guy is basically locked in Chuck's head and occasionally gives out a few clues - and the unique feel is that Chuck is absolutely ordinary in every fashion - unlike House, Dexter or Monk - and also very unappealing.

    Watching the show I could really relate to Chuck - not a huge success in life, mediocre in every sense - and yet you see him getting thrust into some fantastic situations - one minute he's fixing a mobile phone, on the second he's trying to defuse a nuclear bomb.

    And he always manage to get away with it. Which is why I think that even though trying to look realistic - it just can't manage that.

    Overall - a great show, if you don't take it too seriously, which occasionally I find hard to do...
  • I great idea initially, but the writers forgot what made this show so interesting and don't seem to know what they are doing.

    For me and my friends - all former Chuck fans. This show started off being wonderful. A geeky wiz kid with two left feet suddenly has all the spy secrets in his head and is needed by those spy organisations. He was a reluctant hero - highly freaked out by the danger he was in - that many people could IDENTIFY with. However after the first season things got confusing. The writers have Chuck interested in Sarah one moment and not the next. He wants nothing to do with spies one moment and is keen to be one the next. He wants to go back to uni one second and not the next. Then half his family turns out to be spies or sought after by spies. Consistancy and an overall plan for this series and it's characters should have been established FIRST. This fly by the pants writing has turned a lot of fans away and is killing the series. It's also turned what could have been a great show into something that many of us can barely stomach.
  • If I wanted 'Friends', I would watch 'Friends'

    I really started to despise Chuck and Sarah during season 3, the constant and frankly ***ed back and forth made me want to hit my head against the wall.

    For 2 years:

    Chuck: 'I love you Sarah and I know we are being shot at but I really want to talk about my feelings'


    Sarah: 'Lets runaway together'

    Chuck: 'No, I want to be a spy'

    Chuck: 'I love you Sarah and I know we are being shot at but I really want to talk about my feelings'

    Chuck: 'I moved on from Sarah'

    Chuck: 'I want to be a spy'

    Chuck: 'Oh wait -I love you Sarah'

    Sarah: 'I'm going to string you along while I hook up with this other guy'.

    Chuck: 'yeah! I'm a spy now'

    Sarah: 'I don't love Chuck anymore because he has apparently killed a bad guy, which I as a spy who has killed dozens find unforgivable -furthermore I will now continue to hook up with this other spy who has probably killed more people than me'

    Chuck: 'Since Sarah is going to continue to hook up with the guy she has been hooking up with all this time I now don't want to be a spy.

    Sarah: 'oh you didn't kill the mole and thus you weren't any different but now that I know you didn't kill I suddenly love you again.

    Sarah: 'you killed someone! but since you did it to save me and not other people -it's fine and I still love

    The sad thing is I really liked the show, I considered it one of my favorites but now that I have marathoned it -I have started to see how bad and ridiculous it got after season 1.

    That whole 'will they or won't they' thing is a staple part of tv, whether is works out or bombs depends on when it is resolved and the aftermath.

    Rather than a slow progression with maybe a short regression or 2 -the people over at Chuck just dragged it it along -changing the development back and forwards almost on an episodic basis which is mind numbingly annoying.

    Chuck is the character that is able to annoy me the most on the show, I think it comes down his lack of dignity -it makes him far more pathetic than any of the other Buymore people despite what we keep getting told.
  • Jake 2.0 meets The Terminal Man, but they just stare at each other and don't do anything significant!

    The only difference between this and the defunct "Jake 2.0" series, is that "Chuck" has a sense of humor. As a matter of fact, it is SO funny, that it tries to make us believe that the eponymous character has completely absorbed millions of bytes of secret information, just by watching information zip by on a computer monitor! As anyone will tell you, you can't learn squat from watching the boob tube! ;)

    I also don't know why TV tries so hard to make "good" guys, such as the FBI or CIA or NSA - - or whichever other alphabetic spy agency they use - - come across as cold-blooded, trigger-happy thugs! The two agents assigned to Chuck are ruthless enough to kill each other or even Chuck, if necessary. Not that they have to, because Chuck is a "good" guy, but they don't want to take chances, so, rather than make him "disappear", they let him keep his job as a computer geek to the public-at-large. Yeah, that's believable.

    The truly sad thing about this is that the true star of the show should have been "Chuck's" older brother, who was killed serving his country, or some other country, or double-crossing between the US agencies (heck, I don't even know anymore!), and who was responsible for sending Jake the information via e-mail (okay, let's not harp on minor details such as sending trillions of bytes of information through the internet in mere seconds!). Before the brother was killed, I was genuinely absorbed by the "Matrix"-like activity he went through to get the info. Of course, his "escape" also stretched the rubber band of believability (he enters and nearly escapes from a high-security building, and nobody notices him using a highly-sensitive computer; what is this, the US Gov't?!?!), but let's not dwell on mere details!

    I could accept "Jake 2.0" because the science fiction premise - - nanites turning a computer geek into a superhero, not unlike "Spiderman" - - is certainly plausible, however unlikely! But, Chuck's premise is pretty far-fetched. However, as long as it doesn't take itself seriously - - which, clearly, it isn't! - - then it stands to last for a few episodes more, if not the entire Fall season (I wouldn't become too attached to it, though!).
  • With "nerds" now being commonplace in today's pop culture, it was only a matter of time until a show came along to demonstrate that.

    Computers, underground government secrets, blatant references to Best Buy... it was only a matter of time before a show like this came around.

    Chuck is your average graduate student working at the tech help center of a computer store when he inadvertently acquires the government's secrets in one nifty e-mail attachment. Choas can only follow. So far, "Chuck" seems like a pretty average, yet enjoyable, new show, that reminds me of previous "protagonists without a clue" characters such as Inspector Gadget or RocketMan. Similarly, some of the jokes, mostly delivered by the sidekick of the series, are pretty standard and expected, but that certainly doesn't make the show downright un-viewable.

    Aside from the clueless factor, the second thing that drives this show is the interaction between the straight-laced agent, Chuck, and the potential love interest and other agent. With all of them arguing over what to do with the information now stored inside Chuck, the results are your basic sitcom stuff.

    But what really drives this show (supposedly, based on the two episodes shown) are Chuck's little brain flashes, with the help of his recently gained information. With that, the trio try to stop crime before anything major happens.

    While not a complete work of genius, "Chuck" is a nice little sitcom/drama that's enjoyable. My one gripe about it is that it's an hour long; I personally think sitcoms should be 30 minutes tops.
  • Not Covrnced

    i started watching i thought it be pretty good as watching this show i really don't think sarah was really in love with chuck it seemed to me that i would do anything to get out it and now there no way to prove me wrong cause they end the series
  • Up-Chuck

    I like that something happened to Chuck and he can somehow grasp hold of information previously located in now-destroyed government security systems, I just don't much care for how it happened: looking at quickly flashing pictures. Pictures? Is this how NBC plans to catapult from overall last place in ratings? It's not a small plot hole that can be overlooked, it's the primary plot mechanism. A plot hole would be how the morning following the 'slide-show', Chuck was able to 'sense' not to take I-5 because of traffic congestion; how is it that todays traffic jams would be located in yesterdays NSA computer pictures? Are we to believe that as a result of the picture-show, Chuck now has a telepathic link to city traffic systems?

    I liked the characters, enjoyed the chemistry. Thought the idea of spy-operations taking place out of a jumbo-store's tech department was clever. The actor playing Chuck was good, though he could've been a bit 'geekier' for the story, he was believable in the role. Regardless of all that, there will always be the premise sticking out like a pocket-protector: Chuck got his powers by watching a rapid-fire slide show. Huh...?

    It won't be long before Chuck is 'sensing' a mid-season-ax.
  • Morgan should not have the intersect! It was ment for chuck to have!

    I hate that chuck lost the intersect! If it was me and i lost it i would feel like theres a part of me missing. You can tell he's upset that morgan has it now. I really do hope that Chuck gets it back cause if he dont then it ruins the show pretty much. I hate that morgan has! I just hope that chuck gets the intersect back!
  • This show is alright.

    I like a good Action show but is this a Action/Adventure show or a Drama show or both?. I liked the fact that Chuck is a computer nerd because I'm one. So some episode I hope that Chuck gets elected for Assistant Manager sense he is so good with what he does. But let me tell you a horror story about with show: This show is a copycat of that show Alias because everything I've noticed is copied for their own use for the show Chuck. Now when I watched the pilot it was okay I liked it so I rate this show Four out of Six stars.
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