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    At least a movie in which Sarah gets her memories back..........they deserve it, we want it ..........othewise the other seasons have no meaning..PLEASE its a request....we cannot process the final is very sad
  • Keep CHUCK on the air!

    My wife and I enjoyed this show very much. When we knew we would not be home, we would record it and watch it when we could. We have enjoyed all the trouble Chuck has gotten himself into and the way Sara always saves him since day one of the show. We enjoy the strange romance both Chuck and Sara have between each other. We like all the action that take place in the show. Is CHUCK going to be on for another season????? We have not seen anything on TV saying it would be on. PLEASE keep this good show on the air!!!!!!!!
  • Chuck is everything that life should be. Chuck is poignant, exciting, beautiful, hilarious, spectacular, and never, ever boring.

    In a world where TV is dominated by the Kardashians (and the like), insane British people, and poorly conceived, poorly acted, and overfunded shows (cough cough THE HILLS cough cough), it is a joy to be able to sit down in my chair, go on the internet, and watch the latest episode of Chuck.
    Now, when I say that Chuck is the greatest show I have ever watched, I want you all to understand what I mean by that. I am not some 14-year-old boy who's finally discovered TV and just loves everything he sees no matter what. I've seen Firefly, Buffy, Dollhouse, Trauma (so sad it's getting axed, but it is helping Chuck so who knows), Eureka, House, Bones, Scrubs, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Arrested Development, Alias, Community, White Collar, Castle, Heroes, Lie to Me, The Office, The Loop, Multiple Star Treks, Defying Gravity, Fringe, FlashForward, Psyche, Better off Ted, Mercy, Dexter, Reaper, Mad Men, the Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, and Life, just to name a few. And while I loved all of those shows (except for Eureka, Mad men, and Sons of Anarchy; there I'm just kind of "meh"), not one of them can hold a candle to Chuck; well, maybe Firefly or Buffy, but they're still only second and third.
    Here's what I like about Chuck: #1 it has Adam Baldwin. I have yet to see him in a movie or television show where I did not just want to BE him (Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, and something else that is escaping my memory); #2 it has an incredibly talented, not to mention flawlessly gorgeous actress by the name of Yvonne Strahovski; #3 Zachary Levi is so innately charming and charismatic that it makes me wonder why lowly creatures such as I are allowed to breathe the same air as him. Now it's this next reason that really makes me love the show: #4 the writing/acting (the first three reasons where just about the actors themselves; this one's about the combination and making of the show). I'm not talking about the fact that they put funny jokes in and have awesome explosions – don't get me wrong, I love the jokes and explosions (what guy doesn't?). I'm talking about how real and lovable the characters are, how well it's written and superbly portrayed that make it so incredibly addictive. No other show keeps me up at night, wanting more and more, needing to see the next episode like a drug. It has been six months and nine days since the last episode of season two, and it will be at least another month and a half until the next season begins (it'll either start in January or March, and I'm so excited to find out which it is) but I am still as excited about it as I was before, if not more so. The characters really seem so real that it's hard to believe that I'm watching a TV show, that it's nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The love between Chuck and Sarah seems so real to me that I wonder how Zachary and Yvonne have yet to get together and start making gorgeous, talented little babies. It's the human element that has attracted me since Ellie first told Chuck to go out and enjoy his birthday party, and it's that same facet of the show that keeps me watching at 4 AM when I have an 8:30 class and a full day ahead of me.
  • Simply fantastic

    Chuck is truly unique in the fact that it combines comedic elements with fantastic action sequences seamlessly. It is a show which pretty much has it all: gripping story lines, brilliant acting, blend of lighter and serious moments and i have to mention the nice soundtrack throughout the show. The actors fit their roles perfectly and in particular i love the chemistry between chuck and sarah. I am so glad that this show got its fifth season allowing writers to nicely wrap up the story and i just hope that the show keeps on delivering entertaining episodes in the coming weeks.
  • Good bye Chuck!

    Sad, sad day has come. One of my favourite shows has ended. Now I'm crying while loughing - kinda sad ending with a twist: never give up, if you missed something, work hard and you may get it back.

    Although everything fell apart there is room for speculation what may happen next - Chuck and Sarah may work out new reletionship, Chuck has the Intersect back (so spy work, here we come :) ) so ending prepared for us by authors can induce our imagination - use it to make your own end of this terrific story.
  • WARNING - This show is addictive to the point where I am sure that it is has to be bad for your health. OVERALL VERDICT - All kinds of awesome!

    I started watching this show with low expectations and with little more than a desire to simply pass a quiet Sunday afternoon with a DVD borrowed from a friend. It is hard to get excited about this show until you have actually seen it; I mean lets face it, this is a show called "Chuck".

    However, I think it is safe to say that I was hooked from the very first episode. Very few shows manage to find that perfect balance between comedy, action and story (in fact I can't really think of any that achieve all three) but Chuck has really achieved something really great. The jokes are funny, the action sequences are exciting and the plot is gripping and imaginative. This fairy tale story of an everyday geek turned Super-spy/Super-hero is brilliantly brought to life through engaging writing and story-lines that literally have you sitting on the edge of your seat with excitement.

    However the shows real success lies in brilliantly written characters that you can't help but love. This show has been perfectly cast and the onscreen chemistry between all of the characters (even the comic relief characters of the Buy More) is really impressive. Whoever cast this show needs a great big pat on the back as there is not an actor in the lineup that does not seem perfect for their character. Zachary Levi (Chuck) is genuinely funny when he needs to be but is also a believable hero character when the show calls for it. Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) is the perfect leading lady who is fully believable as a beautiful ass-kicking spy and at the same time the vulnerable girl who falls for the geeky guy. They are both backed up brilliantly by a sober Adam Baldwin (Casey) and the hilarious side-kick Joshua Gomez (Morgan).

    If I had to find a flaw in this show it would have to be the will-they-wont-they relationship between Chuck and Sarah that dominates the first two and a half seasons. I am not a fan of will-they-wont-they relationships in general as they are always drawn out past the point of simply creating tension and to the point of interfering with the progress of the show. Unfortunately the same is true here, however the silver lining is that the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah is genuinely engaging and the story line never truly sours the show.

    Overall this is must watch television but I do stand by my warning that you need to beware that you may very well become addicted to this show. It can be almost painful waiting for the next episode and the constant fear of cancellation that seems to have loomed over the show since the first season is horrible to bear through. But please do watch this show, your in for a treat.
  • Perfection

    I was recommended by a friend to check out this series and I am forever grateful to him! I was instantly engaged with the first episode and the entire series is amazing. There hasn't been a series that disappointed me. Chuck is a mix of everything you need: action, suspense, romance and comedy. Sarah Walker is a kick ass agent and Chuck is so naive that it's adorable. I was heartbroken when I heard that it would be canceled after it's 5th season. However in regards to its series ending episode, it was perfection. I cried and I thought it was a fantastic way to end the series. A must watch!
  • Is the ending should be a real ending?

    Everybody of as - fans of Chuck love this series. There were some weaker moments like in every show but many more moments were amazing. The whole show is amazing(Yes I said is because for me it's still not over!) from season 1 to the last season 5.In every season we have something new, for example: First season - new series.. we could get to know Chuck and every other character.. we could see how the intersect works and also we could see and feel this chemistry between Sarah and Chuck(of course it was present in all seasons).

    In the next every season there was something new.. like Chuck with new intersect and other things which everybody knows because everyone of as watched the show.

    One thing which didn't change was love between Chuck and Sarah. It was from the beginning to the end. Of course, the situation between Chuck and Sarah was changing. They started to be together.. they got married and all other stuff, but they love each other. We remember how many difficulties they and their love had to fight through the whole show to end-up together.

    I remember these 5 years, how much they mean to me.. and if I think about that, that Sarah doesn't remember anything I mean she doesn't feel this love which they were building for last 5 years.. these years mean much less.. . I know the producers think that we can figure the ending out for ourselves but It's not the same.. I would have to see that to believe that Sarah still love Chuck, that she still wants to buy the dream house which she always wanted and move in with Chuck together.. I'd like to see how they talk about children again and every normal things which you talk about when you married.. plans for the future etc.

    This could be fix if we have one more season or movie. I know that the season it's a small possibility that it can come into existence of course it have to move to another network like CW or something like that , but The movie.. it can happen, at least I hope that. If it won't happen I'll still love "Chuck" and I'll still be watching "Chuck" because it's the best series which I've ever watched and when I get to the ending again I will think.. no.. I will know that after that kiss she remember this strong love to Chuck and that she can't live without him.
  • GoodBye Chuck!

    One of the best shows I have watched in a while. It is very sad to see this show ending but as the saying goes; everything must come to an end. Chuck VS GoodBye was beautifully scripted but I also think that Chuck deserved to be entirely happy and have the woman in his life to know and remember all they went thru together.

    KUDOS to the writers, producers, directors and all the actors in the show.

  • Chuck is hands down the best TV show I have ever watched. My entire family is now hooked along with our friends. We don't watch much TV and it is the first show thats ever hooked us. Its a shame it took till the 3rd season to learn about it. LOVE IT!!!!!

    I don't know why I had never really noticed Chuck on comercials but this is seriously the best show Ive ever watched. I have never cared about watching a TV show before until Chuck and I wish this show had more support. I really feel people just plain old don't know about Chuck. I had to be told about it by my brother, who was told by our parents, who was told by my uncle. It has a tough time slot but we now have all our friends hooked on it, but they had no idea what Chuck was when we told them about it. It seems to always be growing in popularity around us and I hope the network supports them and can see they just have a tough time slot. The name Chuck isn't something that pops out at you and as people are watching it they are all getting hooked. I know we didn't start watching Friends or Everybody Loves Raymond until many seasons in and I truly believe this is way better and has much more potential because it doesn't only take place in a house or apartment building lol. It took our friends and family till the 3rd season to discover this show and I hope that the network will see this show really hooks people once they watch it. If the network thinks they can find a replacement for this show they are seriously crazy and I can't there ever being another show that hooks me or my family and friends like this! This show is absolutely the only show I now own on DVD and the only show I have ever told people to watch. I hope there is some way to keep because it has awesome actors and Sara is sooooo hot :) Its funny and has action but is also clean so anyone can watch it. If we ever miss a night of it we watch it on Hulu and its the only show I watch on Hulu. KEEP CHUCK PLEASE!!!!!!
  • Geektastic!

    What can I say about Chuck? Chuck is amazing, and I'm not just saying that. The incredible story mixed with the geekness and the action, makes for an incredibly hilarious TV show, which is fun for all the family. Quite possibly the funniest show on TV today, Chuck mixes the blatantly hilarious physical comedy from the likes of Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez, with the incredibly dry humour played exceptionally well by Adam Baldwin. Chuck has everything anybody could ask for in a TV show, and yet it still all parts in a stable equilibrium. Chuck is quite possibly the funniest show on TV at the moment.
  • Chuck is the best action-comedy show I have ever watched.

    Chuck series has everything I could possibly want from a TV series. It has action, drama, humor, romance and a HOT CHICK. I fell in love with the show immediately from the first episode. The characters are lovable. Chuck works in Buy More, lives with his sister and her boyfriend, Captain Awesome, and spends his free time with his best friend Morgan. Sarah, a CIA operative, has to protect Chuck while he has the Intersect in his head and Casey, a NSA 'killer', has to live in Chuck's neighborhood, which drives him mad, to protect Chuck from Fulcrum, other operatives and even from Sarah.

    This series makes me happy every time I watch it and I really hope it will be on for many more years.
  • It can't be!

    God, it's so sad! When the realization of the END sinks in, it's almost unbearable. I almost cried, you know. It was like a good-buy with a good old friend.

    Brilliant show, beautiful characters (literally, in case of Sarah, yes!).

    Some episodes are better, some (Volkoff-related) are not so good, but all-in-all, probably, the best show I've seen (and I've seen a lot!).

    In tribute to the last season I've re-watched all seasons in a short time, and it was very warm and happy experience...

    Mainly, because I envy Chuck. I have no such a perfect family, no besd/chldhood friend and no "Sarah" in my life... So, watching this and sharing characters feelings created a few happy moments in my life.

    So, goodbye, and many thanks for the show! Hope there'll be something near as good someday.
  • So Far But Too Soon

    So sad to see my only true favorite tv show end. Chuck was the only tv show i actually watched, from Pilot right to Versus the Goodbye. I believe the ending was perfectly scripted but i felt it was unfair for the dedicated viewers seeing our Chuck get so hurt throughout the process when he tried so hard to get Sarah from day 1, especially the troubles he went through in seasons 1-3. From fighting over her with Bryce and Daniel too trying his best to get her to commit to their relationship. I just feel Chuck and us (the fans) were robbed of seeing him entirely happy. Even though it shows them both easily sparking up their relationship again with Chuck telling reminiscing stories about how they met & bonded i still feel a little bit unsatisfied. All of it happened so quick, i don't think i will be ever committed to another tv show again. Chuck is number 1 to me.
  • The best

    I have seen and reseen all of the chuck episodes and i wish that this show would go on longer. it truely is the best show ever. Keep it up chuck.
  • Chuck is a great Comedy Show on TV...

    Chuck can only be described with Terrific cause it is so funny, with Chuck being so protective of Sarah and saying the funniest things to Casey and her about her. Also I feel that Chuck should be just like Casey and Sarah and also Chuck should try and learn how to use a gun.Also I want Chuck to like someone else than Sarah to make Sarah jealous. Also Chuck should be trusted more by Casey and Chuck should also leave the Buy More or become Manager or Asistant Manager and should also get a place of his own. Also if Chuck moved in with Casey it would be really funny cause Casey doesn't really like Chuck that much. GO CHUCK
  • Awesome, funny, and plenty of action.

    When I first saw the trailors for this show I thought 'this looks like a show that I would really be in too' but I ended up missing the first few episodes and eventually forgot about it. But 2 years later i find myself addicted to the show, having bought the 1st season on DVD and now awaiting the arrival of season 2 DVD in the UK, I find it constantly funny and entertaining.
    Chuck is a great show and is always full of laughs and also never dissapoints on action, also the show throws in dramatic moments, which i really enjoy. Overall i reccomend this show to anyone who enjoys comedies or action shows, and I cannot wait for the third season.
  • One of the best shows to debut in quite a while

    Chuck has got to currently be one of the best shows in the last couple of years. Chuck only seems to get more entertaining as it progresses, contrary to TV giants such as House and Lost which seem to be on a downhill slope since their respective first seasons.

    One of the best things about Chuck is, under all of the over the top supercomputers and top secret CIA factions there's a genuine humanity in the dialogue. What i'm talking about is of course Chuck and Sarah themselves, there to disprove the stereotype that everyone affiliated with the CIA is an emotionless, superhuman killing machine as so many other movies and shows wish to perpetuate. We even see glimpses of vulnerablility in the ever stoic Colonel Casey.

    So in brief, Chuck = the best thing to happen to TV in a while.
  • Chuck rocks!

    Chuck is the best show on NBC. I love all the antics Chuck gets into trying to save the world. I loved Season 1 and bought it on DVD. John Casey is my favorite character. I can't believe he got a job at Buy More just to look out for Chuck though. If Casey ever has to kill Chuck I don't think he'd have the heart to. It was a total surprise that Orion is Chuck's dad. Never would've thought that in a million years. I hope Chuck and Sarah end up together in the end.

    I wonder how Chuck's new powers will effect the show.
  • Seriously. I cannot fault this show.

    I think Chuck has been recommended to me a lot of times and I have heard people talk about it but I've just never got around to watching it. Boy is it a great show! :D I didn't know much about it before I watched it accept that it was vaugely about spys so I didn't know that Chuck would end up getting a whole computer downloaded into his brain. Yeah it is a silly idea but it works! Chuck's spazzy memory "flashes" from The Intersect are funny but I guess they must be perturbing for everyone one else :lol: (also kudos on the writers actually using the word "spazz" on the show I didn't think people touched that anymore but I noticed it a couple of times)
    I love Chuck because it's got just the right mix action and fun and has compelling story. The thing I love about Chuck is that he is just an ordinary sweet cute guy, the sort of guy you'd like to take to meet your family. An all round nice guy. But nice guys always finsh last don't they? And Chuck is a true underdog.
    The whole Bryce Larkin story line is so well written. In the pilot Bryce was killed trying to steal The Intersect and they even had his whole funeral after that and everything so I had no real reason to think he wasn't dead, except by this time Sarah has fallen for Chuck (about mid-way through the first season) so in the episode where she kissed him because they think a bomb is going off they are about to die, it was then I realised that Bryce had to be in that capsule thing!
    I love the romantic story line between Chuck and Sarah and the will they-wont-they get together because Sarah and Sarah likes Chuck but the whole is complicated by Bryce and because Sarah doesn't want to be involved with someone she is working with again... All this could get to much of course if it wasn't for Casey! The show would probably end up getting too slushy if it wasn't hard man Casey with a growl and his stare! lol. But I think even Casey has fallen for Chuck shown by his reluctance to kill him in season 2 episode 1 lol. (by the way why did they have to kill off the "Candyman"????? :evil: ) The lead in to that episode was in season 1 (I forget the episode) when Casey's old girlfriend comes back from the dead and it turns out he's got feelings after all!
    The writing is organic, logical often refereces popular culture and is pretty much flawless. I love that in each episode something briefly mentioned at the beginning becomes pivotal to the story later on. Whats great is that the main story of all the spy stuff and everything is always backed up by the surreal adventures at the Buy More with Morgan and co, or a domestic story involving Chuck's sister Ellie.
    I should also comment on the costuming because I love Chuck's Nerd Herd outfit! It is geeky but appropiate and short sleeves make it casual plus Chuck mostly has the shirt untucked. Also the outfit is finished off with a pair of black converse adding the right amount of geek chic :D
    The Nicole Richie episode wasn't that surprising? When I heard she was going to be in it in was like "oh for gods sake" but the fight scene between her and Sarah in the shower room to the soundtrack of The Progidy's "Smack my b**** Up"?? Come on! Genius! :lol:
    Chuck doesn't seem all the brave or very good at being a spy with all the girlish screaming and running away he does but actually he has saved Sarah's life, Morgan, Casey and Ellies lives and in fact most of Southern California several through ingenuity and quick thinking.
    On the surface Chuck seems like a blokes show because there is so much action and explosions, but its more than that because it is esentially a show about and the romance between him and a girl. I think Chuck is a popular show because most people are like Chuck, not cool or popular and they want to see Chuck get the girl.
    I for one hope they never make that Beta Intersect and Chuck is still the Intersect (cos for one that would be the end of the show).
    At first I rated Chuck as 8.5 then I was like hang on a minute, I can find no fault with this show, in my eyes it is pefect; a funny show that isn't too silly, a romantic show that isn't too soppy a great all round mix of the unlikely and the ordinary so that's why I gave it 10 out of 10.
  • bartowski

    i never tire of watching "chuck" my favourite .
  • Fridays are not the same

    First Friday with my favorite spies. Very sad, but still I'm happy for such a great finale. Chuck's finale was totally unexpected, and still can't move on but I'm really happy for all the fans that have written and tweeted. Thanks to the whole cast and crew. It was a great show and my wife and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!

    Please save chuck I want more of this show it can't end it's not fair. They have to get there house and have baby's pleeeeeeeese more chuck.
  • Please make a 6 th season

    I just watched last episode from the series , and since then i have this feeling of sadness,wich doesn`t go away.The way it ended it`s just something that i would of never imagined,i was just hoping it will all be good.I understand that the producers intetions were to leave it as an open ending , but instead of that it just shattered me appart.

    So like the other here i am asking you to please make another movie,or season.
  • time to move on.

    I've watched every episode of Chuck and i loved i from the beginning.

    It's sad that the show is over but i couldn't wish for a better ending.

    The show is over but it will still live in our hearts, but like a breakup it's time to move on.
  • Good show that could have been GREAT. SPOILER ALERT

    I love the show Chuck and was excited this year when he learned new abilities. I keep waiting for him to turn into the super spy he is capable of but the writers seem to be dragging it out and because of this and dropping the love interest between Chuck and Sarah and bringing in new love interests for both of them was really a step in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned. I am worried that Chuck is going to get canceled after this season. NBC doesn't seem to care about shows like Life and Las Vegas so why would they keep Chuck? I hope Chuck gets better this year and ends on a high and NBC brings this show back for a fourth season. If NBC decides to cancel this show I hope another network picks it up, are you listening USA? USA network loves characters and Chuck is definitely a character, and this show is worth keeping. I own season 1 on Blu Ray but season 2 is to expensive, as soon as the price drops I will be buying season 2. I sure hope Chuck survives the cuts, especially since they dropped Leno.
  • A well written show with a very talented cast that makes each episode a joy to watch.

    So what is Chuck about? Why should you watch it?

    Chuck in essence is a story about a nice decent guy who remains a nice decent guy despite the complications that fate seems to be constantly injecting into his once dull existence. But instead of just a comedy, drama or action, it's a mix of all three flavored with romance in a somewhat oddball lovable mix.

    This is one of the more original, creative, and well thoughtout shows on TV today. The attention to details in characterization and plots are deserving of merit. Add in a cast of up and coming actors Zach Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, who have all the markings of future stardom in their future, and you have a show that is enoyable and captivating.

    Each night we are drawn into Chuck to watch a good guy win the day not because of superpowers (which in a sense he does have in the form of the Intersect), not because of any 007-like gadgets, and not because of worned out time-travel story plots. Instead Chuck saves the day by his inate decency and intelligence, albeit in a quirky manner. Even though he has the Intersect in his head, his "superpower" is what usually gets him into the mess which he gets out of by what he had and what he was before he became the Intersect.

    The story also draws you in because of Chuck's romance with Sarah who is not just any girl, but a beautiful super spy who began the series as a somewhat cold-blooded CIA agent only to have her icy heart melted by Chuck not because of the Intersect, but because of who he is at his very core. How many of us would not want to be admired if not loved because the character of our heart instead of the flaws of our appearance?

    Chuck is also about growth. But growth without cynicism or sacrificing the desire to be decent and good. Chuck is about becoming more than what we were without being corrupted by the temptations of power, money, and all the things along the journey of life. We cheer Chuck and Sarah on because it makes us feel good and even though that may sound sappy, I'll bet deep down some part of you like sappy but is just afraid to admit it - don't worry, we won't tell ;-)
  • Chuck: The best show on tv? - something for everyone! :)

    Im a follower of quite a few of the major shows that have done the seasonal rotation on TV for the past few years.. 24, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break.. have loved um all, all great shows by there own rights. Chuck however is different, Chuck is special !!!

    Chuck is without a doubt the most engaging and entertaining TV show I have ever watched.. from a baseline view and to bring to the attention of people who have not discovered it; it literally has something for everyone..

    Drama - the drama of a show is really what gives something its effective edge; chuck has got its fair share of drama, the tension and entertainment of spy missions, the flow of information between people who know chucks secret and those who don't.. and more importantly those who find out, this is simply one dynamic of the shows drama, it imbeds itself in throughout the whole show and to talk about everything would need an essay!

    Action - The action is always fast paced and well framed in.. it includes hand to hand martial arts fight scenes, shoot outs, knife throwing fights, SWAT/tactical teams, the lot! The season two finale features an epic scene where a special ops team para-sales into a room from above and eliminates all the baddies inside. One of my favorite fights from chuck so far was the brawl in the cake shop this season in chuck versus the honeymooners, the choreographing of chuck and Sarah's little duet fight was so fun to watch and really well executed! Chuck is simply action packed with fighting and gun battles in pretty much every episode!

    Romance - Now to be honest I've never really been one to follow TV romance, but there is something genuinely gripping in the development of the Chuck Sarah relationship, its just so touching and is packed with feel good and heart breaking occurrences, its quite simply the most enticing relationship on TV and its one of the things I love about chuck! I must admit I have become a ..eugh dare I say this word.. a 'Charah' fan, though it has to be said I found the whole Sarah Shaw and Chuck Hannah thing grueling, hate stuff that gets in the way of Sarah and Chuck. Comedy - before anything else, chuck is a comedy, and the humor it delivers is so entertaining. Usually centered on the idiotic Buy more staff (buy morons) and the somewhat sheepish tendencies of chuck himself! This season has also seen the development of a rather mismatched friendship of Casey and Morgan, funny and sort of heart warming in a way. The humor is ever present throughout all aspects of chuck and even effectively creeps into the more serious side of things.. chucks mistakes in missions, sometimes something that makes you burst out laughing even between team Bartowski (Casey @ High C choir boy ftw!!!) something that had me in tears of laughter this season was Devons 'i was attacked by a bear' lie to Ellie, so funny! So yeah, Chuck.. great humor. Popular culture, geeky stuff - One of the things I loved about chuck straight off was the references to pop culture things, music, games, movies, fast food! I especially loved the Call of Duty references in the first two seasons, very fun!

    Music - The music in chuck is superb, both the composed tracks composed by Tim Jones (Ring theme 'the dark side' ftw!) and also the selection of songs that are mixed in to chuck are chosen so appropriately and used with great effect, songs include new and old tunes from the likes of Bon Iver, Frans Ferdinand, Frightened Rabbit and heaps of other artists! I have actually downloaded and put together a chuck collection album, about 60 songs so far.. great music, I have forgotten the name of the woman who puts the music together for chuck, but she does an amazing job!

    Great Guest Stars - Over three seasons Chuck has had some awesome guest stars, i'll list a few of my favorites here!

    - Scott Bakula - as Chucks dad who will be returning in S3 - I love this guy as Cpt. Jonathan Archer and as Steve Bartowski!
    - Robert Patrick - the liquid Terminator as an old commanding officer gone rogue from Caseys past - think they dabbled on his character from the Unit!
    - Roger R Cross - A Ring Agent - Curtis from 24!!!
    - Fred Willard & Swoozie Curtis as a CIA spy couple!
    - Dominic Monaghan - My fav Hobbit, pretty much playing Charlie's role before he got to the island!
    - Michael Clarke Duncan - as a Tough intimidating Merc highered by fulcrum - I loved this guy in Green Mile, one o my fav movies!
    - Susanna Andén - Really beautiful Swedish Model who played DEA agent Carina Miller in episodes of S1 and S3. - Nicole Ritchie - played a high school nemesis of Sarah;s in S2.
    Christopher lloyd - Doc brown from Back to the future will be in the next episode 'chuck vs the tooth' looking forward to that!

    Anyway, those guys are just a few of the really cool guest stars on chuck! Well there we are, Chuck literally has it all, combining so many elements to create one of the most entertaining shows to have been and hopefully for many more years will be on tv! Something for everyone! Role on Season Four of Chuck – Pretty Please NBC!
  • When I watched this show from the start I knew it was going to be unique. It has gotten better and better each season that has past. Can't wait for the new Season 4. I am excited to see who Chuck's new Nemesis will be.

    When I watched this show from the start I knew it was going to be unique. It has gotten better and better each season that has past. Can't wait for the new Season 4. I am excited to see who Chuck's new Nemesis will be. Now with finding his mother on his mind will he tell his sister and will she let him go back to the CIA to find his mother? I hope this series will go on for at least 2 or 3 more seasons. The creators can do a lot with this show. Please watch this show so it can get good and steady ratings.
  • Season 3's best episode! Chuck Versus the Other Guy! I love Paris♥

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    ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆ ̆

    This episode rocks the whole season 3. I hope Chuck will have more episodes like this, original, enjoyable and lovely. I only have two favorite shows, Smallville and Chuck. Chuck is my no. 1!
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