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  • CHUCKlesome!

    The show has a quirky blend of comedy and action with an interesting back story to keep you connected to all the characters. Devastated that the show has ended. Please bring back Chuck!!
  • Amazing

    Chuck is my favorite show of all time. This show is totally awesome. Characters, storylines, actions,... really amazing. I love this show so much.
  • Please Bring It Back!!!!

    I have watched the whole series at least 5 times! I laugh every time I watch it. It never get's old. Perfect cast of characters. Never a dull moment. I wish they would bring it back, I keep watching it because it's great for one, also because I can kind of fool myself into thinking it's still going. I Unfortunately you get to the end and it's not. I love this show, definitely one of my favorites!
  • Caution! SPOILER!

    Although this show with its ideal blend of humor, action, suspense and romance and its amazing characters is one of my favorite shows I'm tempted to lower its rating because of the awful final.

    But I choose to ignore the last three episodes and give it a 10.



    And to the writers...

    Sarah is the character with the most development in the whole show, in fact a big part of the show is about Sarah changing and evolving to the more complete person she is at the end. To delete all this and make everything that happened to her in 5 seasons obsolete for a cheap audience shocker is just REALLY BAD writing.

    And NO! I don't want to use my imagination when I watch a TV show, because then I wouldn't watch it in the first place.

    This is in my "3 Worst Finals List" (together with Dexter & HIMYM).
  • Not Covrnced

    i started watching i thought it be pretty good as watching this show i really don't think sarah was really in love with chuck it seemed to me that i would do anything to get out it and now there no way to prove me wrong cause they end the series
  • funny,romantic,thrilling,action, everything is there in this

    I have watched it 2 times .really loved it .Please Producers bring the show back want more seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Funny & entertaining even if you prefer serialized shows

    I'm not a fan of procedurals but this show was able to keep me watching even with the case-of-the-week format because of the great characters and comical aspect of the show.

    It started to get pretty stale by season 4 but the second half of season 4 turned it around and worked really well and could've ended the show a perfect note. Then, for some crazy reason, in the last few seconds of season 4 they pull a very obscure twist out of their asses to keep the show going for another season.

    While I believe that the show could've ended very well at the end of season 4, I actually like the direction they took in season 5 and it's actually one of the better seasons. Either way, it's a good watch for first time viewers or even repeaters.
  • One of the best comedies ever!

    The chemistry between the characters was some of the best I have ever seen. Chuck at the BuyMore with Jeff, Morgan, and Lester were some of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. I watched the entire show live and twice on DVD and will probably watch it again (and again)
  • I wanna watch it again

    Okay so i just finished season 5 for the 2nd time, the first time i finished Chuck was for about 2 years ago, but now i wanna watch it from the begining again only 2 days after i watched season 5

    Should i Watch it again or wait?

    i really wanna Watch it again
  • funny, nerdy, and addicting.

    just finished watching the final season. Funny show, really addicting, i recommend it for everyone! a bit disappointed with the ending though... :(
  • we need more

    there should be more in the story. it shouldn't finished like this

    Zachary Levi has started a project called "I Want My Nerd HQ 2014" He is using his NerdHQ as a kind of a test for future and bigger things. Big things! As a CHUCK MOVIE!

    Zachary Levi said in a interview 13 mars 2014.

    "Alot of fans keep asking me, does this come with a Chuck movie? Well look, my plan has always been to make a Chuck movie. But a Chuck movie will cost 5 million at least, so I need to be able show the people in power that own Chuck that, hey I can at least raise 1 million so can you trust me with trying to raise 5 million? If i can't raise 1 million now, I don't now if they ever can believe that I can go and make a Chuck movie so if you are out there and wonder why you should donate, just donate and help me".

    So take out your money and start donating! And don't forget to spread the word! Because if this project is a success it's A HUGE PROOF for Warner Bros that Zachary Levi can make a movie too. 2014/x/6678810?c=pledges
  • As good as it gets

    From time to time you find a movie or show that is not only worth watching, but truly entertaining. Enter Chuck. This show puts it all together just right. Exciting and funny, Chuck puts an outstanding cast with a great story, complements them with great soundtracks and great characters. Want a show that is fun to watch but doesn't leave you with that dark or negative feeling from all the negativity and darkness? See Chuck and let me add my vote to all of those asking for more. Bring more of the series or at least a movie!
  • Amazing Show Bring Back!

    i have seen many tv shows, but this is by far the best. the endings were the worst, i am very unhappy with the last 2 episodes because the relationship that chuck and Sarah built has been destroyed, hopes and dreams and plans they have, just ruined, To be honest, the ending of the tv show should have been of them getting a divorce because that is what it is like, the writers seriously messed up. But i will continue to watch chuck Seasons (1-4) until they either bring out season 6 or create a movie. i know it may take years but i am a hardcore chuck fan. I have watched chuck a total of 5 times and will continue to re-watch it again and every time i get "emotional" because its just such a great tv show, no idea why nbc decided it was best to cancel the show, but then again its on them. So Please BRING BACK CHUCK!
  • If I wanted 'Friends', I would watch 'Friends'

    I really started to despise Chuck and Sarah during season 3, the constant and frankly ***ed back and forth made me want to hit my head against the wall.

    For 2 years:

    Chuck: 'I love you Sarah and I know we are being shot at but I really want to talk about my feelings'


    Sarah: 'Lets runaway together'

    Chuck: 'No, I want to be a spy'

    Chuck: 'I love you Sarah and I know we are being shot at but I really want to talk about my feelings'

    Chuck: 'I moved on from Sarah'

    Chuck: 'I want to be a spy'

    Chuck: 'Oh wait -I love you Sarah'

    Sarah: 'I'm going to string you along while I hook up with this other guy'.

    Chuck: 'yeah! I'm a spy now'

    Sarah: 'I don't love Chuck anymore because he has apparently killed a bad guy, which I as a spy who has killed dozens find unforgivable -furthermore I will now continue to hook up with this other spy who has probably killed more people than me'

    Chuck: 'Since Sarah is going to continue to hook up with the guy she has been hooking up with all this time I now don't want to be a spy.

    Sarah: 'oh you didn't kill the mole and thus you weren't any different but now that I know you didn't kill I suddenly love you again.

    Sarah: 'you killed someone! but since you did it to save me and not other people -it's fine and I still love

    The sad thing is I really liked the show, I considered it one of my favorites but now that I have marathoned it -I have started to see how bad and ridiculous it got after season 1.

    That whole 'will they or won't they' thing is a staple part of tv, whether is works out or bombs depends on when it is resolved and the aftermath.

    Rather than a slow progression with maybe a short regression or 2 -the people over at Chuck just dragged it it along -changing the development back and forwards almost on an episodic basis which is mind numbingly annoying.

    Chuck is the character that is able to annoy me the most on the show, I think it comes down his lack of dignity -it makes him far more pathetic than any of the other Buymore people despite what we keep getting told.
  • Chuck

    Hope we see more of Chuck - Series stopped TOO SOON - come on producers - you have a winning series here. The fans want to see many movies & tv shows on CHUCK, with all the original cast
  • tv show

    bring back, please best tv show ever
  • Top Shows

    1st season (09-13)
  • Amazing CHUCK

    This show had a heart with action, drama, comedy, action, sci-fi, family and romance, this was a love story between Chuck and Sarah (best TV couple EVER!!) I never watch the last few episodes for me the ending was when Chuck and Sarah wrote their name in their dreamhouse and Sarah said Some Day it's ours for me that would have been a better ending then the one we got now.

    The whole show was great and I don't understand why it got cancelled if you see these day's what we have to watch now there is not one action,drama serie I can compare with Chuck the shows are cold and hard no love to see NBC made the wrong discission IMO! if Chuck would still be on the air today I bet it would have better ratings then the show got in the past. We all watch shows to get a break from real life at least I do, times are hard these day's and watching Chuck over and over again give me that break.


    I know Zachery Levi will do everything to give us a Chuck Movie he have said he is still working on it but we have to wait because the serie is still airing in some parts of the world but if we ever get a Chuck movie I be the first one in line to see it I only hope for a better ending then we had now.

  • Mixed Emotions

    This show had me hooked a few episodes in. Within a week I have finished it and I'm not sure if I liked the ending or not. All I know is that I cried throughout the last two episodes without ever really stopping and was a bit angry with the last few episodes.

    One of the things I didn't really like was how some of the characters seemed to forget that instead of looking at the intersect YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES. Which Sarah seemed to forget in the episode Quinn showed her those 'flash' cards and her (SPOILERS) her memory dissapeared. That frustated me to no end and made me so angry.

    Things had been going so well...

    And that made me frown on the ending because in my head I imagined them living in the dream house with a baby when the credits finally rolled on the show.

    But we can't all have our perfect endings.

    I love a lot of the characters on this show.

    Casey for one never stopped being awesome and hilarious. I loved him start to finish.

    On the other hand I hated Sarah for almost three seasons before my opinion swung around to the complete opposite opinion.

    Chuck of course I love. He does have his bad moments and I can't help banging my head against the wall when he kept those secrets from Ellie but as always he came through.

    Ellie and Awesome were amazing and I love them although it was the same as Chuck when the secret of Orion's computer was being kept.

    Morgan started of alright then he got really annoying and ended up close to perfect. The short period of time he had the intersect I wanted to kill him and the fact that the last season Chuck didn't have it pissed me off. I know that Chuck was still the hero but I liked the idea of the intersect and what it could do.

    Anyway the show was brilliant and I don't think it should come back. Although I didn't like the last season as much as the one before I still think it ended on a high note with nothing more left to explore.

    Thanks for making 'Chuck', NBC!
  • One of the best shows EVER!!

    LOVE the characters! Great mix of action and comedy. Consistently had me laughing out loud one minute and on the edge of my seat the next. So sad that a great show like this struggles and finally dies and crap like American Idol, The Bachelor and all the garbage reality TV continues to clutter the landscape. Would love to see another network pick it up but I think the stars have moved on. If they ever do a movie, I'll be in line opening day.
  • Bring it back!

    Really miss this show! Wish you would bring it back! Look at your rating!!!!!
  • Loved Chuck.... bring it back

    doubt it will be back after such a long period, but maybe some other network will buy and start it up again.
  • Best Show Ever!

    Im on the 4th season it is amazing so much to like here. The characters get you so wrapped up and hard to stop watching. I wish there were more seasons i hope the movie will still be made.
  • wish i'd had time to watch while it was still...

    i'm now on the fourth season and COMPLETELY addicted!!! I want to cry already just thinking about it ending in one more season :-( this is one show that should not have ended so soon and it would TOTALLY be a good one to bring back ASAP!!!!
  • oh my distaste

    I don't care to use my imagination as its normally depressed and dark. By not giving an actual conclusion, the series left me quite angry. I loved the series, but the ending makes me wish I've never seen it.
  • please bring chuck back

    Want see chuck season- 6. NBC plz plz plz bring it back.... luv it
  • i miss it

    i still can't get over the fact that sarah lost her memories, sh*t.
  • Wow! Just wow

    This show made it's way to my all time favorites after just a couple of episodes. I'm willing to ignore the series ending.

    It had everything: comedy, drama, action. And the actors were just wonderful. Thank god for Netflix. Without it I think I never would've started watching this show. I would've liked to watch at least another couple of seasons. No top scores because of the ending.

    Ah... Words cannot even start to describe how amazing this show was. I laughed, I cried. If every show was like this, I'd never leave my tv.
  • Missing the show

    just watched all 5 seasons in a week. a chuck marathon! Seeing the show again made me realize how much i missed it.