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  • Mixed Emotions

    This show had me hooked a few episodes in. Within a week I have finished it and I'm not sure if I liked the ending or not. All I know is that I cried throughout the last two episodes without ever really stopping and was a bit angry with the last few episodes.

    One of the things I didn't really like was how some of the characters seemed to forget that instead of looking at the intersect YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES. Which Sarah seemed to forget in the episode Quinn showed her those 'flash' cards and her (SPOILERS) her memory dissapeared. That frustated me to no end and made me so angry.

    Things had been going so well...

    And that made me frown on the ending because in my head I imagined them living in the dream house with a baby when the credits finally rolled on the show.

    But we can't all have our perfect endings.

    I love a lot of the characters on this show.

    Casey for one never stopped being awesome and hilarious. I loved him start to finish.

    On the other hand I hated Sarah for almost three seasons before my opinion swung around to the complete opposite opinion.

    Chuck of course I love. He does have his bad moments and I can't help banging my head against the wall when he kept those secrets from Ellie but as always he came through.

    Ellie and Awesome were amazing and I love them although it was the same as Chuck when the secret of Orion's computer was being kept.

    Morgan started of alright then he got really annoying and ended up close to perfect. The short period of time he had the intersect I wanted to kill him and the fact that the last season Chuck didn't have it pissed me off. I know that Chuck was still the hero but I liked the idea of the intersect and what it could do.

    Anyway the show was brilliant and I don't think it should come back. Although I didn't like the last season as much as the one before I still think it ended on a high note with nothing more left to explore.

    Thanks for making 'Chuck', NBC!