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  • Season 2 Episode 16: Chuck Versus the Lethal W...

  • When Chuck tells his sister he's not moving in with Sarah, you can for a few seconds see that the room doesn't have a roof.

  • The t-shirt Sarah is wearing as a pajama top is the same shirt Chuck wore under his white dinner jacket at the end of "Chuck Versus the Seduction".

  • Noteworthy information from Chuck's Diagram:
    1. General Beckman is officially identified as an Air Force officer for the first time, thought this has always been implied by her rank and blue uniform.
    2. Chuck labels Langston Graham as "CIA liaison to Gen. Beckman and the DoD," though, unbeknownst to Chuck, he was CIA Director prior to his death.
    3. Chuck identifies Sarah's real middle name as Lisa, though when she had first mentioned it in "Chuck Versus the Wookie", she spoke under her breath as Chuck was walking away, seemingly out of earshot.
    4. Jill's Fulcrum codename, "Sandstorm," is appended to her photo next to Bryce on the Stanford section of the diagram rather than the one next to Leader/Uncle Tobias on the Fulcrum section.

  • Featured Music:
    "God & Suicide" by Blitzen Trapper (Chuck and Sarah wake up)
    "Walks Like An Egyptian" by The Puppini Sisters (The mission starts)
    "Signs" by Bloc Party (Closing scenes)

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Chuck Versus the Beefcake

  • In the scene where Lester is taping green shirts on a picture of five women, between cuts the picture changes from one with only one shirt taped on to one with all five women in green shirts and back again.

  • Casey asks for surveillance from a NASA satellite. However, NASA is a civilian space agency and doesn't control or have access to any surveillance satellites. USA surveillance satellites are the responsibility of the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office).

  • Featured Music:
    "Tigers in the Fire" by Love Grenades (Cole Barker arrives at the nightclub)
    "Wake Up" by Mackintosh Braun (Sarah talks to Barker)
    "Airplanes" by Local Natives (Chuck and Sarah talk about torture)
    "The Brightest of the Head" by Starflyer 59 (Closing scenes)

  • On the Queen's Order to Cole Barker, "recognized" is spelt the American way. An order from the Queen of the United Kingdom would use the British spelling "recognised".

  • On the information Sarah sees about Cole Barker it says he was "born in to Jason Barker and Mary Fields", although it should say "born to" instead of "born in to".

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Chuck Versus the Best Friend

  • Featured Music:
    "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction (Opening scenes)
    "Momma's Boy" by Chromeo (The observation starts)
    "Why Do These Parties Always End the Same Way?" by Benji Hughes (Jason's party)
    "Wannamama" by Pop Levi (Sarah fights "Smooth" Lau)
    "Africa" originally by Toto (Performed by Jeffster!)
    "Africa" by Toto (Closing scenes)

  • Anna's full name is revealed to be Anna Melinda Wu, Jeff's actual first name to be Jefferson.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Chuck Versus the Suburbs

  • Morgan's mom says that he is 26 years old.

  • The phone number on the grocery list given to Chuck by Sarah is the information number (805) 555-1212 which has a California area code.

  • Featured Music:
    "Once In A Lifetime" by Talking Heads (Chuck arrives at the new house in the suburbs)
    "Fever" by Peggy Lee (Sylvia hits on Chuck)
    "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash (Chuck goes to work)
    "Fever" by Peggy Lee (Chuck gets handcuffed)
    "Freeze And Explode" by Cassettes Won't Listen (Closing scenes)

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Chuck Versus the Third Di...

  • In the scene where Achmed Gambir is attacking Chuck, the knife that came out of Achmed's sleeve has a black handle and a serrated blade. When Achmed places the knife down, it has a gold handle and smooth blade. When Achmed goes for the knife the last time, it again has a black handle and serrated blade.

  • Dominic Monaghan also played a rock star in the ABC series Lost.

  • In this episode, the singer Tyler has a tattoo in Arabic which is supposed to contain information about a terrorist plot. In reality is just a decorative medallion you can find inside a mosque that says, among other stuff related "Allah (God) in his supremacy and majesty", all of it is from the holy book for Muslims, the Qur'an.

  • At the concert Casey and Sarah communicated with Chuck using their wrist-watches and talking to Chuck on his cell-phone, but when Chuck was running away from the assassin he used his own wrist-watch-radio to speak to Sarah and not his phone.

  • Featured Music:
    "Clap Your Brains Off" by No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos (NSM PSM) (Dream sequence)
    "Good Days Bad Days" by Kaiser Chiefs (Morgan tells Chuck about Tyler Martin)
    "Try It Again" by The Hives (The grenade is discovered)
    "I Like Dem Girls" by Sizzle C (Chuck and Tyler go party)
    "The Final Countdown" by Europe (Morgan's special triathlon)
    "Out At The Pictures" by Hot Chip (Played at the club)
    Unknown Song (Chuck and Tyler dance with the girls)
    Unknown Song (Sarah and Casey come to the club)
    "Cazonetta Sull'aria" (Morgan watches Butterman and later gives him the ticket)
    Unknown Song (Just before the concert)
    "Tales Of A Thousand Fears" by Vienne (The concert starts)
    "Lost Coastlines" by Okkervil River (Tyler leaves)

  • The tattoo on Tyler's arm actually says "love" in Chinese, not "serenity".

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