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  • Season 2 Episode 11: Chuck Versus Santa Claus

  • When Sarah shoots Mauser on the Christmas Tree lot, she is holding her pistol in her right hand. The shot then quickly cuts away to Chuck to show his reaction and then quickly back to Sarah who is now holding the pistol with both hands (one would presume to show the charm bracelet). The shot then cuts quickly once again and Sarah is once again holding the pistol in her right hand. Also note that the image is mirrored left-to-right; the pistol's ejector, located on the left, is viewed on the right side of the pistol.

  • When the hostage negotiator walks into the Buy More he drops his bullet-proof vest on the ground before the gate closes. The camera then shows him walking into the store (with the gate already closed), the vest is back in his hand, and he drops it again.

  • Featured Music:
    "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms (Opening scene)
    "Carol Of The Bells" (Devon works on a plan)
    "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Bing Crosby (People use their cellphones)
    "Silent Night" by The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge (Sarah tells Chuck to run to the castle and engages the agent)
    "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms (The hostage situation is resolved)
    "Ode To Joy" by Ludwig van Beethoven (Mike and Al hug)
    "Christmas And Me Are Through" by Your Vegas (Closing scenes)

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Chuck Versus the Delorean

  • In this episode Chuck states that his father left him and Ellie eleven years ago.

  • When the real employees of the building are returning to the upper floor, the elevator incorrectly shows them traveling downwards rather than upwards.

  • Featured Music:
    "My Party" by Plastilina Mosh (Chuck wants to find out Sarah's plans)
    "Oh Yeah" by Yello (The guys check out the Delorean)
    "Montanita" by Ratatat (Chuck, Sarah, and Jack out for dinner)
    "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" by Supergrass (The con is executed)
    "Women's Wear" by Daniel May (The real employees return)
    "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" by Supergrass (Jack escapes)
    "Oh Yeah" by Yello (The guys check out the General Lee)
    "Furr" by Blitzen Trapper (Jack leaves, closing scenes)

  • When the General shows Amad's online file, it shows "Sheik" misspelled as "Shiek".

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Chuck Versus the Sensei

  • On the DVD, the word "sensei" in this episode title is mispelled "sensai".

  • Featured Music:
    "New Song" by Datarock (Pursuit of the intruder)
    "Shake Your Blood" by Probot (Casey fights Bennett)
    "Don't Worry" by Love As Laughter (Chuck and Ellie talk)

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Ellie wakes Chuck up, she says the Awesomes took a redeye from Connecticut to surprise them. Airlines only operate redeyes, or overnight flights, flying west to east (i.e. from California to Connecticut) not the other way around. This is because of the time difference, gaining hours as you move into a western timezone. A flight from Boston to L.A. will take about six hours, but will arrive three hours after it left. In order for the Awesomes' flight to have arrived early (say 6AM) in the morning, it would have had to take off even earlier on the East Coast (say 3AM).

  • When Morgan goes into the Buy More break room to talk to his buddies about the Employee Of The Month program, Jeff Barnes is playing a classic Mattel Electronics Pocket Electronic Football game. This hand held game which used a 9 volt battery was originally released in 1977 and re-released in 2000.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Chuck Versus the Gravitron

  • At the carnival, when the Gravitron starts up, Chuck and Leader are pinned to the wall but Leader's gun falls out of his hand and tumbles out of sight. His gun should have been pinned to the wall too.

  • Featured Music:
    "Hot Mess" by Sam Sparro (Chuck and Jill make out in bed)
    "Knock Knock" by The Accidental (Chuck and Jill go out)
    "Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot (Thanksgiving dinner, closing scenes)

  • When Big Mike hits Leader you can clearly see his gun come flying out of his hands, but when they cut and show you the scene from the back as he lands in the pile of boxes, his gun is back in his hand.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

  • When Jill asks Chuck when they should meet at Buy More he gives her a "geek code" so Casey won't be able to follow them. Chuck tells Jill to take the latent heat of aquatic fusion (in calories/gram) and then to subtract the atomic number of the element thulium. The latent heat of aquatic fusion (the heat required to turn ice to water) is approximately 80 calories/gram. The atomic number of thulium is 81. 80 - 81 = 1. Chuck and Jill went on their date while the sun was up so Chuck probably intended for Jill to meet him at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, right after lunch!

  • When Chuck looks at Morgan's locker at the Buy More, there is a sticker on it from the San Diego Comic Con. Ironically, if Morgan had gone to it he may have seen the cast of Chuck there talking about their second season.

  • While Chuck is talking to Morgan at the Buy More, the Looney Tunes short "What's Opera, Doc?" is playing on all of the TV screens in the background. It stars Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd in a parody of opera (especially the works of Wagner) and is one of the most known shorts. This is especially fitting as part of the episode is related to opera.

  • Featured Music:
    "Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici (La Traviata)" by Giuseppe Verdi (The team enters the opera)
    "Buildings & Mountains" by The Republic Tigers (Chuck and Jill go on a road trip)
    "Keep Yourself Warm" by Frightened Rabbit (Closing scenes)

  • The note that Casey sang to open the music box and expose the hidden opera glasses was not a high C; he actually sang an E.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Chuck Versus the Ex

  • After hearing that Chuck kissed Casey thinking erroneously that the antidote would be transfer via his saliva, Jill said: "No wonder you failed bio-chemistry." Bio-chem is not a required core course for a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree at Stanford, which was Chuck's major before he was kicked out.

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