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  • Season 1 Episode 2: Chuck Versus the Helicopter

  • Featured Music:
    "Challengers" by The New Pornographers
    "Don't Make Me A Target" by Spoon
    "Gone Daddy Gone" by Gnarls Barkley
    "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop

  • It is discovered that Captain Awesome's real name is Devon.

  • It seems highly unlikely that a NSA explosive would have an audible alert to notify individuals of its presence and the imminent explosion.

  • A few minutes into the episode the camera lingers on a Nerd Herd banner with a URL. The website exists:

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Chuck Versus the Tango

  • One of La Ciudad's body guards is Matthew Willig whose character is credited as Uri. In the season 4 episode "Chuck Versus the Gobbler" Matthew Willig plays Yuri the Gobbler, Volkoff's bodyguard.

  • La Ciudad's two bodyguards firing (full auto) at the door using micro-uzi with a rate of fire of about 1250 rounds/min. After their 10 sec firing there are surprisingly few bullet holes on the wall and the door.

  • La Ciudad's identifying scar changes from a 1" trapezoidal burn in the tango scene to a 3" slash when she reappears in the Buy More plaza.

  • Featured Music:
    "Don't You Evah" by Spoon (Chuck helps a kid/The Herders stay late)
    "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" by Gotan Project (Chuck and Malena tango)
    "Duettino - Sull'aria (from 'The Marriage Of Figaro')" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Chuck resuces Morgan)
    "The General Specific" by Band of Horses (The Sun rises over the Buy More)
    "Slow Show" by The National (Chuck and Sarah have a heart to heart)

  • La Ciudad translates to English (from Spanish) as "The City".

  • When Morgan attempts to describe Chuck, he tells the hotel employee that Chuck is 6'1", when in actuality, Zachary Levi is 6'4".

  • In Madrid, the Landrover has a California plate.

  • Chuck's full name is Charles Irving Bartowski and he is from Encino, CA.

  • La Ciudad's pistol fires with a loud bang when shooting at John and Sarah through the door even though the pistol has a silencer on it. This is actually much more accurate than the silent "pfft" frequently used in films and television.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Chuck Versus the Wookiee

  • "Carina" means "cute" in Italian.

  • Featured Music:
    "Yea Yeah" by Matt & Kim
    "Wild Girl" by Matt Pond, PA
    "Fall Into Place" by Apartment
    "Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes
    "Weird Science" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
    "Shy" by Matthew Dear

  • The sentence Carina speaks in a foreign language is "Om jag slänger nycklarna till dig, kommer du tappa dem då?" which is Swedish for "If I throw you the keys, will you drop them?"

    Sarah answered in Polish: "Tylko jak rzucisz jak twoja mamusia", which means "Only if you throw it like your mommy".

  • We find out that Sarah's middle name is Lisa.

  • The video game Chuck is playing is Halo 3, a first person shooter for the Xbox 360.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Chuck Versus the Sizzling...

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Lee Cho is leaving the Chinese Consulate, he is on the phone with his sister, Mei-Ling Cho. They speak in Chinese and the translation shown on the screen has many errors.
    • Lee Cho said right before he was taken: "Na wo men jiu zhai Beijing jian le", which was translated to: "I'll see you at dinner tonight. See you then...". But the translation was supposed to say: "So we will see each other at Beijing then". And he actually said it twice.

    Mei-Ling Cho lines had even more errors. She said only 3 sentences in Chinese, but there were 4 English sentences shown on the screen.
    • Mei-Ling Cho said in Chinese: "Li, ni Xiao di, zhe mo yang", which was translated to: "Lee, little brother, are you there?"). But the translation was supposed to say: "Li, you little brother, how are you/how is it/what is it like/are you okay?"
    • "Dao na shi" is translated to: "Are you okay?", but in fact she said: "arrive where things", which is a nonsense.

  • Featured Music:
    "Women's Wear" by Daniel May
    "Private Eyes" by Hall and Oates
    "Sister In Love" by Envelopes
    "Lake Michigan" by Rogue Wave

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