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Chucklevision has been on our screens since 1987 which, is a over 16 years. Back then - for the first two series anyway - the show was a lot different than it is today. The Chuckle Brothers (who are real-life brothers) presented a show about different topics including sport, travel and fashion - things they could use a few tips on themselves. From 1989 onwards, the show changed and every week we got to see the disastrous duo Paul and Barry get into all kinds of mishaps. It seems wherever they go they can do no right! You may recognise some characters that crop up from time to time. There's their brother Jimmy Patton (who is a double act with other brother Brian) playing "No Slacking". Brian himself usually appears quite often too. Its like a family reunion in some episodes! A character we hear a lot of but never see, just like Maris in Fraiser, is Dan the Van who still persists in giving the pair various jobs no matter how bad they do. The bike they ride around on is called the Chuck-mobile. Their housing has changed somewhat, too: For the fifth season (1992), they got mobile and towed a caravan behind their bike. In seasons 6 and 7 they used a converted watermill as a base for operations. Since then, their home has not been seen. In 2002, ChuckleVision had a change of direction. The series for that year was a continuous mystery serial. Of course, the unique brand of Chuckle comedy was injected into the plot. Paul and Barry carried it off very well and this has spawned shorter serials in the show in the recent series - such as the popular Purple Pimple episodes (a take on the Scarlet Pimpernel). 2004's season also held a landmark - Barry shaved off his tradmark Chuckle mousetache!!! Thankfully, it returned the following year. ChuckleVision is not the only show Paul and Barry have been in. In 1985 they made it big with a thirteen episode series called Chucklehounds, which was more of a pre-school show. They also made several series of a gameshow called To Me, To You (echoing their catch-phrase) in the late 90's. Every year they also appearing in pantomime and tour the country with their self-penned stage show. 2005's show is called Pirates of the River Rother.


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AIRED ON 12/18/2009

Season 21 : Episode 6

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  • Paul and Barry Chuckle join together to make one hilarious show: Chuckle Chuckle Vision.. Ch Chuckle Vision.. Chuckle Chuckle Vision BOM BOM! :D

    ChuckleVision is about two brothers (who are also brothers in real life), Paul and Barry Elliot (known as Paul and Barry Chuckle in the show). Paul thinks he knows everything, and often bosses Barry around. Barry, however, knows better.. Paul can be a bit dim. Not that he differs in any way, though!

    The brothers easily entertain by acting stupid and being random - that's what comedy is all about! In the show they are often given jobs to do from people (like a person who always says 'No Slacking', and so is called 'No Slacking'. Played by Jimmy Patton) and they always mess it up. A good view, if you can get up early enough to catch an episode!

    ChuckeVision is usually viewed on the CBBC Channel at 7AM, and repeated at 3PM. However, it seems that this has recently changed, so take a look at the CBBC website for times :)moreless
  • Top class!!!

    Brilliant, anything that has been on TV for 20 years must be doing something right. I am a big Chucklevision fan and I myself collect the episodes, I have gathered a rather large collection but will not be happy until I have them all. If other people also have a collection and are able to copy them and would consider trading for episodes from me, please send me a message. As I aquire more I will also contact you and give you an option of getting a copy of all my future chucklevision aquisitions.

    Hope to hear from you

  • Two words: Fantastic Show!!!

    I was 7 years old when my father first switched CBBC on and ChuckleVision was on. Since then we have both been hooked! As their profile on their website says, fun for everyone from 3 to 93!

    Alas I have not seen any episodes prior to 1995 but I would absolutely to love to see the very first episodes! My father started taping the episodes and whenever I could I would watch them back. I would sneak down early in the morning and pu the videos in. My father would come down later to find me laughing away to the boys classically funny antics!

    I am now 18 yet it is still one of my little guilty pleasures to put a ChuckleVision video in (I have 8 videos full!) and watch a few episodes while eating dinner.

    The episodes never fail to deliver what can only be described as 'rib-tickling fun' and the boys are as funny, if not funnier, as when I was a young girl.

    One of my favourite series was the series where it was one long story. The infamous story of the disappearance of Dan the Van's Gran's ruby (try saying that a few times quickly!). The outtakes always cracked me up too and was a wonderful idea!

    I would recommend ChuckleVision to anyone in need of a good giggle or a return to childhood for 20 minutes! Some say I may be childish to continue to watch it when I am now an adult but I say it is good to return to childhood for a little while every now and keeps you sane and ChuckleVision is certainly a way to make you laugh at those everyday mistakes that you, yourself may make...I can assure you they do not have such dire consequences as those which the boys find themselves in!

    All those endearing little phrases will grow on you too. Paul's famous "Ah da da da da!" in an effort to stop Barry from doing something, Barry's "Silly Me" in response to Paul's "Silly you" makes you feel sorry for Barry a lot of the time! Their infamous "To you, To me" and "Hellooooo!" among others give ChuckleVision its brilliant originality and humour.

    Of course I am a little biased as a year after first watching ChuckleVision, my father took me to see them live and we kept going back year after year and so we became friends with Paul and Barry. I am affectionately dubbed among my friends as the "Chuckle Sister" or "The Chuckle Groupie"!

    Anyway that is about all I have time to say...i could say many many things on the hundreds or episodes I have seen but I'd be here until doomsday!moreless
  • I'm afraid to say that chucklevision isn't my cup of tea it is just too cheesey for my liking. But it can make you laugh when you are in the mood!!moreless

    I think chucklevision is aimed at very small kids and I mean small. It is very cheesey with some strange jokes. They have a catch phrase "to me, to you" which I have seen kids dying on the floor laughing at it. Yes when I am in the mood I watch it over and over again but I think it is just too babyish. BBC have made a good job at making this but I don't know how it has made it for nearly 20 years. Enugh of of the bad stuff. I do think that Barry is really quite cute and that Paul is a great guy and I ould love to meet them. But my overall summary is leave this for a rainy day aand kids watch this on a school day!!!! To behonest I quite like it shhhh!moreless
  • There is only one word that can describe this show - Fantastic! it has all the right elements at all the right times, it is a classic comedy and i love itmoreless

    This is the best Childrens Comedy CBBC have ever had. it is funny, imaginative, mysterious and well worth the watch. Every episode brings a new problem and a new out of this world way to sort it out. My two Favourite episodes at the moment are Telephone Traumas and Cable Fable. I Really hope people will be saying how Brilliant it is for Years to Come!
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