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  • Season 1
    • Can't Catch Koko: When Harrison breaks down, Koko volunteers to replace him on the night shift, but Vee insists that Wilson and Brewster go too. Koko protests that Brewster will slow them down and races off, but when Koko is stranded on her own, due to a power cut, Wilson and Brewster must find a way to rescue her. Wilson and the Elephant: Wilson is determined to get his Animal Transportation badge by taking Ebo the elephant to his new home in the Safari Park. But the naughty elephant has other ideas!moreless
    • Eddie Finds Time: The depot clock is broken, and the schedule is in chaos! Eddie needs to go to Old Town to see if he can borrow a part from the old clock to repair the depot clock. Brewster Knows Best: The trainees are doing a sign-reading exercise. If they work as a team and follow the signs correctly – there’ll be a wonderful surprise at the end of it.moreless
    • Wilson and the Elephant
    • 10/18/10
      Helpful Hodge: Koko challenges Hodge to a competition: whoever does the most jobs that day wins! But it has to be a secret. Hodge can’t even tell Eddie. Action Brewster: Brewster is so excited about seeing the new Action Engine movie today at the ride-in movie theatre. But Irving gives him the job of taking tin cans to the foundry for recycling. Brewster worries that he’ll never be back in time for the film - unless he can be as speedy as his Super-chugger hero!moreless
    • Wilson and Koko are having lots of fun racing each other until Wilson damages his bogie spring. He's scared of going to the repair shed to get it fixed, so he tries to put on a brave face and ignore the problem while delivering milk to the farmers' fair.
    • Twiga the giraffe is having a baby. An excited Koko is given the important job of keeping watch overnight and fetching Doctor Gosling, the vet.
    • Brewster's Little Helper: Zephie admires the 'big' chuggers, and wants to pull freight just like them. Brewster is dismissive when she offers to help him - you have to be big and strong to do the things he does. Jet Pack Wilson: The trainees are thrilled to be spending the day training with Action Chugger. He puts themthrough some intensive stamina exercises, but Wilson just wants to get to the bit where they use jetpacks and fly.moreless
    • Mtambo's Amazing Adventure: Mtambo’s in a bit of a rut giving the same old tours everyday in the Safari Park. He wants some adventures in his life so that he has new stories to tell. Brewster to the Rescue: Calley is doing emergency rescue training with the trainees. If they do well, they’ll earn a badge.moreless
    • Wilson and the Wild Wind: Dunbar has a new training device: a voice-operated storm simulator tunnel, which simulates wind, rain and fog. It’s programmed to respond only to Dunbar’s voice. Wilson and the Paint Wagon: The trainees are learning to use the paint wagon. Wilson has trouble concentrating, so while Koko and Brewster learn how to mix colours, Puffer Pete takes Wilson to Old Town for some extra painting tuition.moreless
    • Koko and the Tunnel: The trainees are heading for a lesson with Dunbar in the training yard when an underground tunnel catches Koko’s eye. She wants to explore it but Vee says she isn’t ready yet. Hodge the Magnet: Part of the track is out, and there’s chaos in Chuggington! Wilson persuades Hodge that he could do the repairs by himself and save Eddie from getting in trouble.moreless
    • Wilson Gets a Wash: The trainees’ game of hide-and-seek is interrupted for a lesson: learning how to do different emergency stops with mud, leaves, and water on the rails. Wilson is in heaven, as he likes nothing better than getting dirty! Training Time Harrison: Harrison is first to a job thanks to cutting some corners and running a red light or two. Vee sends Harrison back to the training yard to refresh his knowledge of the rules of the rails – with the trainees.moreless
    • Wilson and the Ice Cream: Wilson has been given the important job of bringing the refrigerated ice cream cars from the ice cream factory to the Ice Cream Tasting Fair. Koko in Charge: When Irving leaves Koko in charge of the recycling yard, she’s keen to show how responsible she is. In fact she’s so excited, that she doesn’t listen properly to his instructions.moreless
    • Zephie's Zoomaround: On her way to see a lamb at the farm, Zephie gets lost! Puffer Pete's Big Show: Old Puffer Pete has been working in Chuggington for 150 years and the mayor wants to commemorate his anniversary with a special show.
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