Monday 7:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jan 18, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • A rip off of Thomas

    Don;t watch this, they got about every idea from Thomas. Disney: LOOK AT THOMAS! We should copy it, cuz we will make some money!!!

    Then this.



    This show...

  • A kid's show you can watch without wanting to kill yourself.

    That's really all you can ask for with a kid's show.
  • A bad idea from the start

    This show is really stupid. Its a rip off of thomas the tank engine and the trains jump off the rails,which makes absolutey no sence what so ever. Little kids aren't learning anything. It's worst than new spongebob episodes and Jungle Junction! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS! The ratings are way too high. The show is rated in my opinion 1/10,piece of crap! IT'S THE BORINGEST SHOW IN THE WORLD! I hope this show gets cancelled soon!
  • Like The Fresh Beat Band, it tells kids that being lazy, getting bad grades, and screwing things up is good.

    If you want your kids to be a straight A student, not break things, or not be a couch potato, then I recommend avoiding this show.
  • Cool!

    Cool! Note to TheGiannigiov:This show isn't made by disney.
  • A Fantastic Kids Show

    This is one of the better shows to come out on Disney. With so much annoying programming from them in recent years, Chuggington is a refreshing change. The show follows several train-ees who learn valuable lessons through their training adventures. They cover issues such as safety, sharing, fairness, importance of listening and other values which are presented to children in a very entertaining format. All of my children love the show (ages 1 - 5), and have even taken an interest in trains. The show also uses much more realistic looking trains, that are anthropomorphized in a way that is much more aesthetic than many of its competitors. Overall this is a fantastic show for kids.