Chuggington - Season 7

Monday 7:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jan 18, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Koko's Puppy Training: Koko finds a lost puppy and wants to keep it. Convinced she can look after him and practice the new task - delivering newspapers - Koko soon runs into trouble. Bang Klang Wilson: Wilson's car breaks down and Puffer Pete comes to the rescue with his old steam driven ice cream wagon. Wilson thinks the clanky old car is an embarrassment and is sure he'll be humiliated in front of his hero Frostini.moreless
  • Wilson's Wacky Tour: Children from Chuggington School are coming to the Safari Park, and Mtambo is training Wilson and Brewster to help out as junior guides. Wilson is in over his head when he slips away and tries to give a tour to the children before learning all the facts. Brewster's Hobby: Brewster introduces Wilson to his new hobby: people spotting. Unfortunately, all this people-spotting means that Brewster and Wilson neglect their work and Koko is forced to do it all.moreless
  • Inspector Emery: Old 'Picky Nicky' Inspector Nicholas is coming to conduct Chuggington Depot's annual inspection. Emery has a day off and really wants to help. Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth: Chatsworth has had a very busy day and wants a quick snooze, but everything and everyone conspires to keep him awake.
  • Frostini's Fruit Fandango: Wilson is assisting Frostini as he creates a new flavour for the mayor's banquet: Chugstastic Chewy Cheesecake! Poor Old Puffer Pete: Brewster overhears Morgan talking about something going to the scrap yard, and then hears Pete saying how worn out he is. Brewster jumps to the conclusion that it's Pete who's going to the scrap yard!moreless
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