Churchill's Bodyguard

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Churchill's Bodyguard

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Churchill's Bodyguard is the documentary series that looks at the life of Winston Churchill through the eyes of his personal bodyguard Walter H. Thompson. Thompson was always by his side, working to keep him away from harm for almost 18 years. The series pulls together a huge amount of archival footage, assembling it into a fresh narrative with an emphasis on Thompson's role and perceptions. An interesting thing about the story is how different the two men were, Churchill being from a very wealthy family, and Thompson the son of an insurance salesman. Churchill being an important figure against the Axis threat in WWII, Thompson a Scotland Yard detective. Thompson protected him from attacks like Irish terrorists, Nazi hit men, explosives and rockets among other threats, so Churchill could march on. Walter H. Thompson was by his side as moments in history unfolded, often using his vigilance and quick thinking to shape history himself. Join the 13-part documentary that follows Churchill's story firsthand through the eyes of Churchill's Bodyguard.moreless

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AIRED ON 1/1/2005

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