CI5: The New Professionals

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CI5: The New Professionals

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In this 1998 re-imagining of the original The Professionals TV show, CI5 now has an international remit, being jointly funded by the governments of the UK, U.S.A., Japan, Germany and France, and called upon to deal with terrorism and espionage on an international scale.

An all-new cast features the original dynamic of two gung ho field agents (these a former U.S. Navy Seal and a British secret service man) and a cantankerous boss, but adds the dynamic of a female agent, a computer and martial arts expert who came to CI5 by way of the Canadian Secret Service.

Expectations were high, but the new show failed to capture the imagination of viewers and only one season was made.
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  • It seemed like a good idea to bring back the professionals but this effort never found its own identity, or audience

    The only good thing about this rethink of the professionals was Edward Woodward and even then he has done better. I remember being excited that one of my favorite shows the professionals was back but this effort disappoints. The origional was gritty and down to earth comparied to this. We are asked to belive that CI5 is now an international organisation not just a department of the home office anymore and thats the first of the big stretches we have to make when watching this. The show never seems to know if it is the avengers, the a-team, or mission impossible but one thing for sure is that it's only similarity to CI5 the professionals is the name. Whois backhind bringing this back would have done well to stick to the origional concept of British Ciminal Intelligencemoreless