CI5: The New Professionals

Season 1 Episode 11

High Speed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1999 on Sky1
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High Speed
Curtis and Keel go undercover as racing car drivers in an operation to bring a Bosnian war criminal to justice.

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    David Threlfall

    David Threlfall

    Radovan Pradic

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    Benedick Blythe

    Benedick Blythe

    Gerry Bluckner

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    Ingeborga Dapkunaite

    Ingeborga Dapkunaite


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    Adrian Irvine

    Adrian Irvine


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      • Chris: First rule, never get emotionally involved.
        Malone: Sometimes the most difficult one of all, isn't it?

      • Malone: You know, some years ago I lost a man in Berlin. The wall was still up in those days. We had a tunnel, to bring people out. One day the tunnel was deliberately flooded. Twelve people drowned I remember. About a week later they found my chap on a piece of wasteland. He'd been tortured before he died. Certainly learned a lot that day.

      • Gerry: Dad didn't talk a lot about his past.
        Malone: No, no. Men like your father never do. You know, he once told me motor racing, he said, was a little like secret service - got teams of people spying on each other every minute of the day.

      • Chris: Do you think Malone's a sadist?
        Sam: Icy stares and rubber gloves?
        Chris: No, I mean keeping us away from the fun.
        Sam: What, two sniffer dogs and a Geiger counter is fun?

      • Paul: Look, a lot of this gear is assembled in a clean air environment. Don't go walking all over it in your size twelve boots.
        Malone: Don't be a cheeky young man, just open it up!

      • Sam: Hey, what happened to your singer, Monique?
        Chris: The usual - the job, the hours. I know it's a scary thought, but do you think we'll end up like Malone, all work, no play?

      • Gerry: You'll be driving one of my McLarens. You do know how much one of those costs?
        Chris: Yeah, about a hundreth of a jet fighter and the US Navy trusted me with several of those.

      • Elkie: Don't you compare yourself to Radovan! He's a patriot fighting for a cause, you're just a mercenary who fights for money. Bought and paid for.
        Vance: We both kill to get what we want. I don't see the difference.

      • Pradic: No, it was war. I had no choice!
        Malone: No choice? It's amazing, isn't it? Do you know, for generations we've been listening to the same lie from men like you - tribal warlords, Soviet commissars, Hitler's nasty little men at Nuremberg. And you're all responsible for the final solution, the filling fields, ethnic cleansing. Mr Pradic, you are a travesty of a human being and I really do hope you rot in hell!

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