CI5: The New Professionals

Season 1 Episode 6

Samurai Wind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1999 on Sky1
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Samurai Wind
Curtis and Keel go to an island in the South Pacific to stop a deranged security expert who plans to release nerve gas into Tokyo unless the Japanese government meet his demands.

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    Patrick Mower

    Patrick Mower

    Jason Dane

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    John Carson

    John Carson


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    Warrick Grier

    Warrick Grier


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    Adrian Irvine

    Adrian Irvine


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      • Dane: I wish I could see your face, Harry, I really do. There you are, safe in your bunker when suddenly your worst nightmare becomes a reality.
        Malone [ to Tina ]: Trace this transmission.
        Dane: For those innocent acolytes around you, I'd better introduce myself. I'm Jason Dane, the man to whom you all owe your livelihood. Oh don't worry, you won't have heard of me, because I'm a prior, I'm unclean, I'm the one they don't talk about. When this is all over, you might ask Mr Malone why he is head of CI5 and not me.

      • Strieb-Griebling: Other people's mail, Mr Curtis, is sacrosanct! It's for them to open, for them to read, even the junk mail. Apparently, that's a concept that hasn't occured to you!
        Chris: He can barely read.

      • Dane: Completely by the book. It's always been Malone's weakness - predictability.

      • Tina: Sir, do you think he'll do it? I mean, really do it?
        Malone: During the Cold War, a very clever agent wrote a paper on pre-emptive nuclear strikes. You know, get them before they get us sort of thing. If he'd had his way, Moscow would have been obliterated, radioactive dust. That was Jason Dane.

      • Sam: Malone'll be thinking about the population of Tokyo, somewhere out there on the Samurai Wind. We're just a blip.
        Chris: That's the pain talking.
        Sam: Oh come on, Chris, get real! We're paid to do a job. If we happen to get blown up along the way, we'll be lucky to get a memorial service.

      • Chris: So lets go get us some potassium, sodium…
        Sam: Hydrogen cyanide.
        Chris: You know, I had a school teacher like you once, only she was pretty!

      • Chris: We take 'em out.
        Sam: Yeah, and what if there's fifty of them?
        Chris: That's twenty-five a piece.

      • Malone: That's what made you fail, that's why they rejected you. You believe in power and strength to the exclusion of everything else, everything that really matters in this world.
        Dane: And you believe in weakness.
        Malone: No, I do not believe in it. But by God, I'll defend it! To me, that is what CI5 is for - to protect those who can't protect themselves. You could never lead it, men like you should never be allowed to wield power, Jason. You're a petty little Napoleon, about to meet your Waterloo.

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