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    My memories of Cimarron Strip are not all that vivid, but I remember it being one of the better western series on TV, and there were many. It's been I think over 20 years since I've seen it, when a local station used to show reruns. One of the things I remember about it the most is the great theme music, a hallmark of many TV westerns. I also remember Stuart Whitman was great as U.S. Marshal Crown, a real lawman in the mold of Matt Dillon of a better known western. I wish I could see it again, on DVD, or on TV Land or some other channel. I don't know how much demand there is for a DVD release, but I'll be lobbying for one.

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    Some episodes of this series have been airing in the UK on the satellite channel 'Movies for Men'. So far not the whole series nor in chronological order, but each episode has had many repeats. Also airing on the same channel is 'Stagecoach West' - most of the episodes have aired and are still airing.
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