Cimarron Strip

CBS (ended 1971)





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  • A forgotten American Classic Western.

    One of the best westerns for tv ever made. A ninety minute episode of the American Western Lawman every week. A hero in the true spirit. A strong upstanding lawman showing the best of America's West. Marshal Jim Crown never flinching in his duties to protect and serve in the hostile territory he resides in. A small town who back their Marshal which is the only law between the Pecos and the Colorado River. A grand cast with guest star appearances of hollywood's western motif. Every young boy who watched this show waited for the theme song so with hat and holster they would ride Dad's arm chair. All though the show was for a mature audience in those days cowboys were allowed to watch it for the good moral lessons of the episode. Still today the most violent show produced with the deaths of bad dudes. Only marshal Dillon of gunsmoke might have shot more villains but not by much.