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  • Episode 16

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 12/25/09

    Sae-eun offers to give the fabric that Yoo-jin needs to complete her entry if Dae-san agrees to come back to her. Dae-san encourages Yoo-jin as she frets about her design. Yoo-jin witnesses Dae-san asking Sae-eun for the fabric and so she tells Dae-san that she will alter her design, making the specific fabric unnecessary. Dae-san and Yoo-jin put their heads together to come up with a new design concept. Yoo-jin finishes her design at last and goes to hear the final decision of the judges. Dae-san hurries to the hospital upon hearing that Chairwoman Kang regained consciousness. Yoo-jin returns the first prize on the grounds that winning the contest as an entrant from a fashion brand, which is not linked to Dongdaemun market, has no meaning to her. She then proposes that Dae-san be the recipient of the prize to study abroad in Paris.moreless
  • Episode 15

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 15 - 12/25/09

    When Dae-san says he’s sorry, Sae-eun turns on him like a rabid pit bull and leaves with tears in her eyes. When Dae-san goes to the hospital to visit the ailing chairwoman, Jae-min coldly tells him to never show his face around them again. Dae-san grimly walks out of the hospital. The butler explains to Yoo-jin why Dae-san posed as Joon-hee. Yoo-jin sees Dae-san being harassed by the shop owners at the mall and so she intervenes and tells everybody that it’s not Dae-san’s fault. Yoo-jin confesses her feelings towards Dae-san and leans on him. Dae-san sees that Yoo-jin truly cares for him and embraces her passionately. Sae-eun gets enraged when she sees Yoo-jin and Dae-san chatting and joking with each other.moreless
  • Episode 14

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 12/25/09

    Yoo-jin goes to see Dae-san with her heart aflutter but bumps into Sae-eun, who tells her that she will get engaged to Dae-san. This news shocks Yoo-jin. Following Chairwoman Kang’s wishes, Dae-san agrees to get engaged to Sae-eun but the butler looks on with concern. Yoo-jin finds Dae-san at the warehouse and congratulates him on his engagement to Sae-eun. When Yoo-jin hurries out, Dae-san wishes that he could hold her in his arms but instead he helplessly looks at her leaving. In the fashion design contest, Yoo-jin and Sae-eun are put on the same team to work on a dress. They get around to having a heart-to-heart talk. Maisan passes along information to Dae-san that Jae-min is buying up stores in the shopping mall under Joon-hee’s name. After Chairwoman Kang learns the truth about Dae-san, she collapses. The butler tries to call the police but Jae-min stops him.moreless
  • Episode 13

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 12/25/09

    The butler lies to Chairwoman Kang, telling her that Joon-hee sold clothes at Dongdaemun under the alias Dae-san. Jae-min is flabbergasted but doesn’t have anything to say that could refute the butler’s claim. When the butler suggests that Dae-san fake his death and get a death certificate, Dae-san tells him that would devastate him. Dae-san calls up Yoo-jin but angrily hangs up when Jae-min answers the phone. Dae-san urges Yoo-jin to enter the contest and win the first prize, which is a scholarship to study fashion in Paris. Yoo-jin thanks him for his encouragement but reveals that she feels a lot of pressure. When Yoo-jin goes to submit her application to the fashion contest, she sees Dae-san there and hesitates a bit before approaching him. Dae-san is overjoyed to see that Yoo-jin passed the first round of the contest.moreless
  • Episode 12

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 12/18/09

    Dae-san decides to perfectly emulate Joon-hee and begins to study management practices. Chairwoman Kang is delighted to see Dae-san committing himself to the company. Dae-san and Yoo-jin bump into each other at the company offices but Dae-san brushes her aside and leaves without a word, hurting Yoo-jin’s feelings. Dae-san visits a store with Sae-eun and sees Dae-san with Yoo-jin there. It hurts him to see Yoo-jin with someone else. Chairwoman Kang orders Dae-san to come up with a plan to renovate a shopping mall in Dongdaemun market and so Dae-san surveys the place and hands out questionnaires to the storeowners at the mall to gather data. Jae-min asks Director Shin to investigate a man called Oh Dae-san.moreless
  • Episode 11

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 12/18/09

    Yoo-jin cannot believe that Dae-san is Joon-hee, who is also the stepbrother of Jae-min. Jae-min warns Dae-san to back off from Yoo-jin because he is going to date her. When the butler gets mad at him, Dae-san says that he’ll gladly pose as Joon-hee for the rest of his life if that is the only way to protect Yoo-jin. Dae-san tells Yoo-jin that he’s sorry for not telling her that he was Joon-hee, which is actually a lie, and asks her if they can start their relationship over. Chairwoman Kang suggests that Dae-san be responsible for designing a new golf apparel line and Dae-san looks to Sae-eun for help. Yoo-jin visits the boutique and is disturbed to see Dae-san talking with Sae-eun in such a friendly way. Upon Chairwoman Kang’s urging, Yoo-jin enters a fashion design contest.moreless
  • Episode 10

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 12/18/09

    While selling clothes at Dongdaemun as his store, Dae-san meets Jae-min who looks at him coldly. Jae-min asks Dae-san to explain what he’s doing there. Dae-san tells him that it’s part of his on-the-job training and Jae-min remains grim. When Sae-eun goes to Dae-san’s shop in Dongdaemun to meet him, she is surprised to learn that Yoo-jin is one of the designers who works there. Dae-san gets worried when he sees Sae-eun with Yoo-jin. Yoo-jin asks pointedly what kind of relationship Dae-san has with Sae-eun. But Dae-san changes the subject. When the butler arrives, Dae-san prevents Yoo-jin from going out because she might recognize him. Yoo-jin tells Jae-min that she’s waiting for someone and leaves first. From afar, Sae-eun witnesses Jae-min running after Yoo-jin. Dae-san congratulates Yoo-jin when the clothes she designed had been sold. After getting his heart operation in France, Joon-hee returns to Korea and shows Dae-san a photo of their mother but then collapses....moreless
  • Episode 9

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 12/18/09

    While hiding from Yoo-jin, Dae-san pretends that he has chest pains and clutches his chest. Jae-min calls an ambulance immediately. While Jae-min is worried over Dae-san’s condition in the ambulance, Dae-san is frantically thinking about how to get out of the awkward situation. After barely making it out of the hospital, Dae-san calls the butler and tells him that he was able to resolve everything. Then he recalls Yoo-jin and Jae-min being together and he angrily punches the sandbag. Dae-san tries to burn the clothes that are an exact replica of Yoo-jin’s designs in front of Yoo-jin but she stops him. She then gives the clothes to people who pass by. Yoo-jin tells Dae-san to hire her as a designer for his store under the condition that he gives her freedom to design whatever clothes she wants.moreless
  • Episode 8

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 12/11/09

    After working all night, Dae-san struggles to keep up with the equestrian lessons and Chinese language classes that he has to take together with Jae-min in the morning. When Jae-min finds it strange that Dae-san is dozing off, Dae-san says that he’s just tired from studying so much. Seeing Yoo-jin carefully moves a box that holds new clothes designs, Jae-min gives her a ride. When Yoo-jin is praised for her designs, she becomes overjoyed. Jae-min realizes that he is not in love with Sae-eun. Just as the design showcase is about to begin, Yoo-jin can’t reach the fashion model she chose to wear her clothes. So Yoo-jin wears the clothes herself. Yoo-jin is shocked to find out that an exact replica of her designs was already being sold at an online clothes retailer. Dae-san attends the design showcase while wearing a mask and he looks for Yoo-jin to no avail.moreless
  • Episode 7

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 12/11/09

    Yoo-jin prepares a gift for Jae-min to make it up to him after she ruined his suit. Wondering what Yoo-jin is up to, Dae-san goes to her home early in the morning. Chairwoman Kang orders Dae-san to work out with Jae-min at and learn about the company operations from him. Thanks to Jae-min, Yoo-jin is able to get off work earlier than usual and she gives him the gift that she made to show her appreciation. Dae-san is surprised to see Yoo-jin at home so early and he quickly hides by going to the rooftop floor. When Yoo-jin suggests that they go to the store together, Dae-san calls Yoo-jin’s mom. When learning that Yoo-jin gave a gift to Jae-min, Dae-san becomes irritated and he makes Yoo-jin mad by saying something rude to her. While trying to patch things up, Dae-san just makes the situation worse. After an awkward ride to Yoo-jin’s home, Dae-san gives her the keys to the store before he says good-bye, telling her that she can come whenever she wants to design clothes.moreless
  • Episode 6

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 12/11/09

    Attending the 30th anniversary of the company, Dae-san talks eloquently with Chairwoman Kang but then he reverts to his normal way of talking and the butler quickly pokes Dae-san. While scanning his medical results on a flight heading to Paris, Joon-hee stares at his type of blood that is listed in the record. Jae-min tells Yoo-jin not to act like she knows him around the company. Dae-san shows the debt papers to Yoo-jin’s mom and tells her the truth about what will happen to her husband’s store. Yoo-jin’s mom asks Dae-san to let her daughter Yoo-jin work at his shop as a favor. While at Cheonggyecheon stream, Dae-san encourages Yoo-jin, telling her to hold a fashion show here one day. Yoo-jin doesn’t express any confidence at that suggestion. At the observatory tower, Yoo-jin proposes that they go to Paris together and Dae-san grins.moreless
  • Episode 5

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 12/11/09

    When one of the clothes that a model has to wear on the runway gets torn during a fashion show, Yoo-jin rolls up the torn part to fix the dress as best as she can. The fashion designer watches Yoo-jin’s skillfully handle the wardrobe malfunction. Sae-eun takes Dae-san to the fashion show even though he tries to wiggle out of attending it. When Jae-min sees Sae-eun with Dae-san, who is posing as Joon-hee, he gets grim. After the fashion show ends, Yoo-jin spots Joon-hee, whom she takes for Dae-san. She then steers him to their store so that they can get back to work. Joon-hee reluctantly follows her and sells clothes alongside Yoo-jin. Dae-san hurries to Daehakro where Yoo-jin and Joon-hee are already selling clothes. Yoo-jin finds it strange when Dae-san appears with different clothes. Chairwoman Kang’s butler tells Dae-san about Joon-hee’s situation and heart ailment so Dae-san agrees to pose as him for several months.moreless
  • Episode 4

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 12/4/09

    Dae-san gets worried when he sees Yoo-jin get a bloody nose while she’s working. So he cooks noodles for Yoo-jin. While visiting Yoo-jin’s new home, Dae-san can’t get himself to tell her about what will happen to her dad’s shop. Yoo-jin becomes overjoyed when she gets a phone call that she got the internship job at Sophia Apparel. Chairwoman Kang’s butler meets with Dae-san and asks him to pose as Joon-hee once more. Sae-eun meets Dae-san at a nightclub and takes him for Joon-hee. When Dae-san sees Sae-eun express surprise at what he says, he quickly changes his story and tells her that he’s spending time most of his time working at Sophia Apparel. Jae-min and Sae-eun look at Yoo-jin with surprise when she enters the conference room. Yoo-jin introduces herself to Sae-eun.moreless
  • Episode 3

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 12/4/09

    Dae-san changes into one of Joon-hee’s suit and then tells Joon-hee that he knows someone who can speak French and interpret for them. Dae-san then calls up Yoo-jin and orders her to come to Dongdaemun right away. Yoo-jin finds it strange that Dae-san is wearing a nice suit and eyeglasses but she does what he says because he said she’d be able to earn enough money that day to pay back her dad’s debts. Out of nowhere, a group of men in black suits seize Dae-san and tell him they were given orders by his grandmother chairwoman Kang to make him take a medical check-up. Dae-san and Yoo-jin take the money with them as thy search everywhere in Mt. Mai but they can’t find the person they’re looking for. Seeing that Yoo-jin is worried about losing her dad’s store, Dae-san gives an envelope stuffed with cash to Yoo-jin, telling her to use it to pay her mother’s hospital bills. When Dae-san’s car suddenly cuts in front of Sae-eun, she recognizes him as the person she saw at the nightclub. Joon-hee heads to Woodo Island to find her mother.moreless
  • Episode 2

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 12/4/09

    Dae-san and Joon-hee freeze, as they look at each other in total amazement because they look like twins. Then they quickly get in a car and speed away to elude the people who are chasing them. When Joon-hee sees that Dae-san is wearing the suit that he paid for but was delivered to Dae-san, who gladly accepted it, he angrily accuses Dae-san of being a con artist and thief. Dae-san becomes angry over the accusations and hits Joon-hee’s squarely on his chest. Joon-hee get the wind knocked out of him and can’t stand up. Dae-san tells Joon-hee that he would have beaten him up but will take pity on him and just settle with the one punch he threw. Dae-san then takes of the suit he’s wearing and throws it at Joon-hee’s face. Yoo-jin tries to earn money by selling clothes at a street stand but she runs into roadblocks. She can’t take her eyes off of Dae-san who tries to help her by selling clothes in Daehakro. Jae-min proposes a plan to launch a new clothing brand and asks Sae-eun to help him finance the venture. Days ahead of an important company event that he must attend, Joon-hee gets sick due to his heart ailment and so he takes out Dae-san’s business card to call him...moreless
  • Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 12/4/09

    It’s 2009 at Dongdaemun clothing market in Seoul. When the clock strikes 8 pm, all the small clothing shops will open for business. Dae-san navigates through the narrow hallway where the shops are located and he stands out among the people as he towers over them. Studying at a fashion school in Paris, Yoo-jin returns to Korea to attend the funeral of her dad who died suddenly. Dae-san also attends the funeral service for Yoo-jin’s dad and when Yoo-jin’s mom collapses, he carries her to the hospital. Returning from Paris, Joon-hee attends a meeting where his father’s will is read to the family. He leaves the meeting abruptly while his stepmother Lady Oh frowns in disappointment because her own son doesn’t get a larger share of the family fortune as stated in the will. A moneylender harasses Yoo-jin to either repay her father’s debts or hand over the store he owned to settle the debt. His men slap Yoo-jin and Dae-san rushes to protect her by punching the moneylender and his men. The store becomes a mess as a consequence.moreless
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