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  • cinemattractions is a DVD review show that has awesome hosts, funny banter, and the best movies. Its a great way for me to save time at video store when i can't make up my mind. The show is entertaining in itself. They give away free DVDs!!!!!

    Hosted by Angie Lawing and Chris Hartman, this DVD review show rocks. Its hilarious and it saves me time at the video store! They even give away free DVDs! I've won a couple from them already. They review everything from indie flicks and documentaries to the big blockbuster releases. They aren't pretentious with their reviews like some other old fogey review shows. They even have specials that coincide with the upcoming holidays...They did a holiday giftguide, a St. Paddy's Day Special, and a Black History Month special just to name a few. The writing for the show is light and funny and the chemistry between the hosts is great.