Circus Boy

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Return Of Buffalo Bill
      Corky tries to persuade Buffalo Bill Cody to come out of retirement to help the show, unaware that the famous man holds the circus responsible for the death of his son.
    • The Judge's Boy
      The Judge's Boy
      Episode 12

      Carlton, the son of Judge Sheldon, decides he wants to leave home and be part of the circus so he runs away. It isn't until the Judge is brutally attacked that Carlton sees his proper place is now back at home.

    • Uncle Cyrus
      Uncle Cyrus
      Episode 11
      Pete is a roustabout. It's about the lowest job you can have in the circus. He panics when he suddenly gets word that his uncle Cyrus is about to pay him a surprise visit, because Pete has bragged to his uncle that he "owns" the circus.

      But all is not lost. When Pete's boss Tim finds out about the visit, he offers to change places with him to save face.moreless
    • The Marvelous Manellis

      The Marvelous Manellis are a new high wire act that Big Tim has just hired. But when the act is scheduled to show up for work, one of their members is missing.  Unknowingly, that member, Marie Manelli, is trapped in a forest fire with Corky.

    • The Dancing Bear
      The Dancing Bear
      Episode 9

      Bear trainer Karl Hofer, has an act with his dancing bear, Mitzi, and attempts to get a job with the circus. But Big Tim is reluctant to give Karl a place in the circus because of dealings in the past that labeled Karl untrustworthy.

    • The Magic Lantern
      Joey and Corky are sent into town by Tim with money to buy supplies. Instead, the two bail old friend Elmer Purdy out of jail. Purdy, an inventor who is considered by many to be a con man, wound up in jail after claiming he built a machine which displays moving pictures.moreless
    • The Clemens Boys
      The Clemens Boys
      Episode 7
      Lem Clemens now knows what he wants to do with his life. After experiencing a circus performance, he is ready to join. Only problem is that his young brother Jody wants to do everything Lem does.
    • Major Buffington
      Major Buffington
      Episode 6
      Before they can be run out of town, con man Major Buffington and his partner Spike take refuge in a circus boxcar, only to discover they are sharing it with a tiger. They agree to join the circus, plotting to steal the receipts.
    • Return Of Casey Perkins
      Casey Perkins is in competition with another company for the bid to bring rail service to a cattle community. Because the rival company has hired up all the local labor, the circus comes to the aid of their old friend to help lay tracks.
    • Alex, The Great
      Alex, The Great
      Episode 4
      Corky's parents the Flying Falcons were killed in a flying accident years ago. Aerialist Alex Conrad has felt at least partially responsible for that accident all this time. While attending one of the circus performances, Alex is seen by Joey, who tries to get him to come back to the circus.moreless
    • Bimbo Jr.
    • Royal Roustabout
    • Elmer, The Rainmaker
      In an attempt to end a serious drought, inventor Elmer Purdy, with help from Corky, spreads chemicals throughout the clouds, only instead of causing rain, the concoction pollutes the area's reservoir.
  • Season 1
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