Circus Boy

NBC (ended 1957)





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  • I loved this show as a kid of 11 years old when it was aired and only wish I know how to get a copy of these programs now!!!!????

    If anyone can tell me if this program is available still for viewing it would be greatly appreciated. This was absolutely my all time favorite TV program as a child. I can still recall Uncle Joey (the clown) playing the calliopee in the big parades as the circus would reach a new town back in the horse and wagon days + the circus train from town to town! Wow what a great show - all the stress of broken down equipment, mired in the muddy roads and the fear of going broke as a traveling band of entertainers. After this program my sister and I put on many, many circus performances with all the neighborhood friends! Wow what memories of the way it was back then! Please e-mail me if you have any leads on if this show was lost to the film vault or is still out there some where!!!