Cities of the Underworld

Season 3 Episode 1

City of Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2008 on The History Channel

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  • I love London.

    Its probably my favourite city in the world; full of great history. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by at least remnants, tangible remnants, of all the "stuff" in your boring school text books. But it is mostly above ground.

    The life and death that went on in subterranean London "back in the day" did not show up in any of MY high school text books, I must say, though I would have been infinitely more intrigued with the history than I was already, had it been part of the curriculum!

    Used by high men and low, to conduct their deeds not suitable for the light of day nor eyes which could indentify, the reputation of the London underground perpetuated both grim reality and myth alike. I will never look at London the same again, but I will seek out more, shall we say, "interesting" walking tours when next I visit. Every time I see an episode of this show I realize I picked the right century to live in, despite its problems!