Cities of the Underworld

Season 1 Episode 10

Freemason Underground

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on The History Channel



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    • Don Wildman: Nine of the fifty six men who signed the Declaration of Independence were members of a mysterious brotherhood, one that was behind almost every major event in our nation's history: the Freemasons. And beneath the streets of two of America's oldest cities lie the keys to understanding the Freemasons power and influence on the birth of this great nation. From a Masonic water world few know exists, to a maze of tombs and escape tunnels buried under Boston, even a forgotten death row military prison in Philadelphia seen on TV for the first time. The symbols of Freemasonry can be found everywhere around Boston and Philadelphia but the truth behind this brotherhood can only be found underground. We're peeling back the layers of time on Cities of the Underworld: Freemason Underground.