Cities of the Underworld

Season 2 Episode 7

Mob Underground

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on The History Channel



  • Trivia

    • Chicago has the most bars per capita of any major U.S. city.

    • In 1891, William Wrigley Jr. arrived in Chicago with $32. Today, Wrigley's is the world's largest gum manufacturer, producing more than 20 million packages a day.

    • The exterior walls of Chicago's Tribune Tower are embedded with pieces of famous buildings including Westminster Abbey, the Great Pyramid, Taj Mahal and the Arc De Triomphe.

    • The title "Windy City" was given to Chicago by New York Sun editor Charles Dana in 1893. He was tired of long winded politicians boasting about the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago the same year.

  • Quotes

    • Don Wildman: Chicago is famous for its towering buildings and scenic waterfront. But it's also known around the world as gangland. After it was burned to the ground in the Chicago Fire, it was quickly rebuilt as a busy port city ruled by mobsters, thugs and thieves. Today that secret past is buried just beneath the surface. From underground mob dens where America's most notorious criminals ruled the underworld to a hidden subway system built by crooked politicians at city hall and the watery grave of Chicago's lost fleet, even a highly classified nuclear lab where the world first controlled nuclear chain reaction shook the Earth, Chicago's past if filled with crime, corruption and scandal, all hidden just beneath the streets.

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