Cities of the Underworld

Sunday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Apr 23, 2007 In Season


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  • Sources for information should be a "historan" not a "park ranger" The Nike Hurcules MSL Site (SF88 Wolf Ridge) that was shown in the underworld of San Francisco just played was a part of the ring of steal that defended the country. Poor Research!!!

    We have a great responsibility to tell the story. Not change the story and tell a revised story but to tell the true story. When the host crawls through Hitler's bunkers he was in so excited... but if he goes down a Missile Silo in the US he thinks how we could have killed every one in the world... one was a monster and one was to defend against a monster... but the way it is told it is us on his show, who is who? The men who stood the front line in the Cold War did so from sites like Wolf Ridge, protecting the sky's from mass bomber formations that would lay waste to our country before the ICBM came in to play. And after with ABM package installed it was a system that could have been the start of the first star wars deterrent. The facts about the Nike Hercules System were totally misstated and the site is not any where near in a state of readiness. It is a show site to say we were once here. Wolf Ridge had no Ajax missiles. It was an Improved Nike Hercules site. The Nike Ajax Missile had a slant range of about 23 miles fired a HE warhead. The Nike Hercules has a slant range of over 90 miles. The location of the radars and the control vans, the IFC (Integrated Fire Control) was up on the hill (Called Wolf Ridge) hence the name of the site not down at the missiles where they are today for show. The flight of the missile would boost up to burn out at about 30,000 to 45,000 feet and latter with improvements to more than 60,000 feet as the booster would fall back it would start the sustainer motor and then an initial turn would point the warhead section down range to the target under command guidance the whole way. There where three standard warheads, HE (high explosive), T-45 HE warhead weighing 1,106 pounds (502 kg) and containing 600 pounds (270 kg) of HBX-6 M17 blast-fragmentation, XS (Extra Small), and XL (Extra Large) initially W7 (2.5 or 28 KT) later W31 nuclear 2 KT (M-97) or 20 KT (M-22) An intercept at 90 miles off the coast of California with an air burst of 2 KT the destruction of a flight of bombers would be complete to include the atomic bombs they carried. The system would not let you launch an XS or XL with out a lot of red tape, release codes and national defense code 1. The two man rule was enforced at every launcher station and missile build up area that had prime weapons. Some general information is on Wikipedia. ( ) But for those of us who lived it… This was standing the wall.

    I quote from Gary Stephens short story Three Hours from Armageddon: Life at a Cold War Nike Missile Site "We ARADCOM soldiers were your neighbors; albeit ones who kept odd hours. Weekdays, weekends, holidays, everyday; we worked to protect a vital national interest far more precious than oil or any number of small countries halfway around the world: you, our good neighbors."